Shocker IV.


Shocker IV.We dashed into our large house and immediately we ran upstairs. I opened my bedroom door and threw the electro -shocker onto my bed and the girls led me towards the bathroom. The bathroom is quite big and is done out as a wet room; as well as the usual bathroom amenities, the shower is very large and we have a sauna, too. Once inside, Becky slammed the door and leaning against it said, “Aha! Gotcha now, Thomas”! She stood on tip toe and kissed me whilst Elaine knelt down and pulled down my Bermuda shorts and as my semi erect cock sprang out she began wanking me off – the feeling was amazing! Although the three of us were soaked in piss and both Elaine’s and Becky’s hair was plastered to their scalp, my bladder was full! I pushed Becky away and down so that she knelt besides Elaine and almost immediately, I began to piss on them! I held my fat cock and twisted from side to side as a powerful jet of piss splashed on their faces and soaked their little zonguldak escort Summer dresses some more! Both girls squealed with delight as they spat mouthfuls of piss over each other and soon they were fingering each other as the jet of urine ebbed. “There”! I proclaimed, “Did you little whores enjoy that, eh”? Both girls nodded vigorously, “Oh, Thomas! You’re quite a dirty fucker, after all, aren’t you?” Said an excited Becky, reaching and grabbing my semi erect pole. She had slowly began to wank me when Elaine piped up, “Don’t make him cum yet! Remember, you’re getting the second load Becky? Let’s get showered off first, eh”? We quickly undressed and climbed into a hot shower and almost immediately, the girls started lezzing; Elaine knelt down in front of Becky and began to lick her pussy and frig her as I poured shower gel onto a sponge and rubbed Becky, Elaine and myself clean withy the soapy sponge as the hot water steamed around us! Becky cried, zonguldak escort bayan “Fuck”! as she orgasmed and squirted on Elaine’s face! I felt my cock twitch and I moved my hand down and gripped my shaft, but Becky grabbed my wrist! “Tut tut, Thomas! That’s all for me, remember? You really are a dirty boy, aren’t you”? I just laughed and nodded. “Let’s get dried off”? said Elaine and disappeared and returned with a thick towel each and we began to frantically dry ourselves. When we were about dry, Becky cupped her hand and whispered something into Elaine’s ear. Elaine’s eyes lit up as she turned to Becky and kissing her on the lips said, “What an excellent idea! I think that…” she then whispered something into Becky’s ear who smiled and nodded slowly? “Oh yes! That would be nice, wouldn’t it? How about…” she turned once more and whispered into Elaine’s ear; Elaine nodded excitedly! “Now come, you pair of bitches! You’d better tell me escort zonguldak what’s going on! No secrets”! I smiled, “Oh, but dear Thomas, if we were to tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it, you silly boy…besides, you’ll definitely like it”! Becky scooped up the pissy clothes and along with the wet towels ran down stair and put them in the washing machine, leaving Elaine and I in the bathroom. Elaine began to kiss me and then pulled back and murmered as she looked deeply into my eyes, “Now Thomas, you’ll definitely like what we are going to do…” she slowly began to wank me again and some precum slowly made its slow journey from the slit in my knob to the bathroom floor and I gently slid first one and then two fingers into her cunt and started to frig her slowly! “Just give us 20 minutes, wait in your room and we’ll have something that you’ll definitely like…” she began kissing me as Becky came back into the bathroom and grabbed her by the wrist and I gently withdrew my fingers from her hole! “Come on Elaine! We’ve erm…got to…erm…get changed, haven’t we”? She looked at me and smiling said, “And you, Thomas must go to your room…and NO wanking…your balls have got to be full”!TO BE CONTINUED…

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