Jason and James Pt. 1


Jason and James Pt. 1Me and Jason are best friends, we have been since school. I’m about 5 foot 8, medium length hair, skinny/twink build with about a 6 inch cock and he is slightly taller, more muscular with an 7-8” in cock. We are both 18 years old, I live with my parents and he lives with his father. We have a pretty good understanding of each others kinks and fetishes. We had experimented with our sexuality a few years ago and discovered new fantasies along the way. I’m a complete sub, I love getting told what to do and I will obey Jason with whatever he says. Jason is versatile but more on the dominant side, he knows what he wants and I like to give it to him.It was friday evening and I was heading to Jason’s for the weekend. Most weekends we meet to have a bit of fun and act out whatever is on our minds, most of the direction coming from Jason. I arrive at his house and walk in. His father, Dan, is in the kitchen as I walk in, he’s a tall man with a bald head, a beard and very muscular. Just taller than Jason. “Hey Dan.” I say as I walk in. “How’s it going?”“Hello, James, things are going well thank you and you?”“Yeah, not too bad, thanks. Is Jason upstairs?” I ask.“Yes, just in the shower. He’s been in there a while so just head up.”“Cool.” I reply. I grab a few beers and head upstairs.I enter Jason’s room and close the door, I open a beer and sit down on the bed. Jason walks in still wet from the shower, with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Hello, dude. I didn’t hear you come in.” Jason says.“I’ve not been here long, just been talking to your dad and then came straight up here.” I reply. Jason starts drying himself off, letting his cock dangle while he wipes himself dry with the towel. I can’t help but lick my lips and stare at it. “Open me a beer, James.” He asks. I open a beer and hand it to him. He sits down on the bed, naked and we both drink our beers while having a bit of general conversation.He passes me his empty beer can and I place it down on the floor. “Did you do what I asked?” He asked.“Yes I did, can I ask why?” I reply. Earlier in the week he told me to shave my entire body buca escort apart from my head, so I would be nice and smooth for him.“I have something special planned for you, thats why.” He replied, taking his cock into his hand and rubbing it. My eyes follow the movement of his hands, I can feel my cock start to twitch. He stands up, goes to the wardrobe and passes me a bag with some clothes in. “Put them on.” He orders. I stand up, grab the bag from him and look inside. Inside the bag there is a thong, a pair of long striped socks, a bralette, a tiny miniskirt and a pair of pink trainers. My heart pounds with excitement. I strip naked, put on the clothes and turn around to show Jason. “Very nice.” Jason said, “But the miniskirt needs to be higher, I don’t want it to cover anything, I want to see your cute little bum.”I pull the miniskirt higher so my ass is on show, my semi hard cock too.“Much better.” Jason says, “Now you look really sexy, like my own little slut.”“I already am your slut, sir.” I reply, “I’m alll horny and in the mood to have some fun.”Jason stands up and starts kissing me, our tongues passionately meet in our mouths while Jason’s hands caress my body, paying more attention to my ass. He pushes my down on my head, giving me a look that says more than words need to. I drop to my knees and grab his cock, taking it in my mouth. He lets out a moan as I work his cock with my tongue, cupping and squeezing his balls. I can feel him getting harder in my mouth. My cock is now fully hard, I love being his sub, the thought of me being his sissy his making me harder than ever. I start to deepthroat his cock, trying to get every inch of it into my mouth. I gag and spit all over it, wanking it and getting it nice and slippery with my own saliva.He grabs me and puts me on all fours on the bed, he pushes my head down and spreads my legs a little. He spat on his hand and started to work my cock as he tongued my asshole. The feeling was divine, nearly orgasmic by itself but I had to hold off, he hadn’t told me I could come yet.A few minutes later he stops, grabs some lube out of his drawer and escort buca proceeds to cover both his cock and my asshole, occasionally sticking a finger up my ass, teasing me. “Who’s my good little girl?” He asks.“I am, baby.” I reply as he slips his cock straight up my ass. Every inch penetrating me with every thrust, sending me into bliss. I thrust my ass towards him, making him fuck me harder, pounding my brains out, moaning loud so he can hear how good he feels inside of me. A few minutes of intense fucking goes by when I hear his father walk up the stairs towards his room, I wait until he is outside Jason’s door before I say loud enough for him to hear, “Oh yes! Fuck my ass hard, Jason!” The thrill of Dan knowing that his son is pounding me is nearly enough to make me cum, such a rush!Jason pulls out and lays me on my back, lifts my legs up and inserts his cock back into my ass. He grabs my fully erect cock and starts to wank me off as he fucks me. It feels so good, his cock fully inside me, I can’t help but moan really loud as he fucks me harder than before. “Oh, fuck! Yes! Fuck me baby!” I cry out. I could feel myself needing to cum all over my skirt, but I hold back. I can’t cum until I’ve been told to. Jason pulls out again after a few minutes of hard thrusting. “I need to cum, but I want you to finish me off. Ride my dick, bitch.” He orders.“Mmm, yes, sir.” I reply. Jason lays down and I mount him, grabbing his hard cock and inserting it into my asshole. I feel it go deep and I start bouncing on it like the good girl I am. “Can I cum too?” I ask. “Yes, baby. Cover me with your cum, you’ve earned it.” He replies. I put my hands either side of him and start slamming my ass down on his cock. I can feel it building up, I need to cum and I need to cum hard. I scream out in orgasmic bliss as cum starts shooting out of my dick. Jason sees this and grabs my cock, wanking me off, making sure every last drop leaves me. It only took another minute or so before he let out a moan and I could feel his cum fill up my ass. I slow down and collapse down onto him, grabbing his head and started to kiss him while buca escort bayan feeling my own cum on our stomachs. “That was amazing.” I say, still twitching from the hard orgasm I just had.“I agree, you felt so good riding my cock. I love filling your ass with my cum and you look so sexy in that little outfit.” He replies. “I want you to do one more thing, though.”“Anything you want, baby. You want me to clean up with my tongue?” I ask.“Not quite, I have something else in mind. I want you to rub your face on my stomach, make sure there’s a nice coating on there, then go downstairs and get us another beer.”My heart starts racing. “What if someone sees? Like what if someone looks through the window?” I ask.“Well then they’d know how much of a slut you are for me. Actually if someone does see you, you’re not allowed to cover up, understood?”Wow, I started grinning, the excitement is enough to make my cock twitch again. “OK, I understand.” I stand up, rub my face in my own cum and head to the door.“James!”I turn around, “Yes?”“Make sure that skirt is nice and high.” He says with a naughty grin.I pull my skirt up so my ass is exposed and my cock is fully on show. I give him a wink, open the door and head downstairs. I felt so naughty, I almost wanted to get caught by a passing voyeur. The excitement made my cock twitch again and I could feel myself getting slightly hard. I walk into the kitchen and head to the fridge. Upstairs, I hear a door open and someone coming downstairs. Maybe Jason was coming to check that I was doing as I was told, I better make sure the lights were on so he knew I was being good. I wait as the footsteps get to the kitchen.The door opens and Jason’s father, Dan, walks in. My face turns to terror as we lock eyes. Dan stood in front of me in a pair of tight boxer shorts, the outline of his soft cock clearly bulging which may have been embarrassing for him any other day. But I was the embarrassed one, humiliated even as I stood in front of him wearing a bralette, a miniskirt so high my cock was on show, striped long socks, a pair of girly trainers. On top of that was the fact that my face and stomach was covered in cum and I could start to feel Jason’s cum seeping out of my asshole. I wanted to cover up but Jason had told me I wasn’t allowed, but this was in front of his father! Oh my God!

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