Isolated with Tommy’s step mom 5


Isolated with Tommy’s step mom 5After a great blow job from Lora I was feeling like having a large breakfast. I was shocked to see Tommy looking at both of us with our hair wet wearing next to nothing and Lora screaming ” IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.” She turned to me saying ” Oh god what have we done, Tommy will never understand this I know. I have to go to him and explain. What do I tell him, that I’m in love with his friend? Oh please tell me what to say cause I just have no idea, and what if I’m pregnant, then what?” She slow sank to her knees as the tears flowed down her face.I dropped to my knees with her taking her I my arms holding her to me, as I stroked her hair trying to comfort her the best I could. I had no idea what to say to her cause I was thinking ” That little bastard going to tell my aunt or worse my mom and all hell is about to break lose,” I could see my mom hammering on the door demanding I go home with her, and calling Lora all kinds of names she don’t deserve. I mean we are two heathy people who happened to fall in love with each other, and I see nothing wrong with it, nothing at all.Lora got up saying ” I got to catch him and explain.” I held on to her cause she wasn’t thinking straight at the moment, and as she fought to get away she yelled ” LET ME GO!”I said ” Lora stop it, stop it your not thinking right now. First you can’t leave here remember and second, you don’t know where Tommy went. He may have gone back to my place, but at times he goes to the park when he’s upset and you have no idea where to find him. Lora let me get dress and go see if I can find him and I will explain how we feel for each if that’s what you want, or I can just try to clam him down if that’s what you want, you decide.”Lora looked at me saying “You can’t leave here either balıkesir escort so, maybe I should call his cell phone, but what do I say,please just tell me that? Please tell me cause I’m at a total lost on what to tell my son.” We walked up stairs to get dressed. Lora called his cell phone and it went to his voice mail so, she said ” Tommy call me please son, give me a call. I love you Tommy I really do with all my heart so please call me, I need to talk to you.”I grabbed the phone when she ended her call and called my house having my aunt pick up saying ” What the fuck are you two doing over there I ask you?” Fuck, what in the hell did Tommy say?I said ” Good morning to you too aunty. How’s your morning going?” I guess that was the wrong way to start cause she went crazy on me, screaming that she should call the cops and have Lora thrown in jail and a whole lot of other crap that wasn’t going to help or solve anything, not that anything needed solving if you asked me.I said ” Can you put Tommy on the phone, his mom needs to talk to him and so do I? My aunt said ” I don’t think it’s a good time to be talking to him right now, he’s I your room bawling his eyes out and is very upset at what he saw over there. What in the world were you two doing? Fucking in the back yard or something stupid like that?”I said ” First aunty it’s none of your business, but this is what he saw. Lora was wearing her robe and her hair is wet and I couldn’t find any clean underwear and had just walked in the kitchen with a towel wrapped around me to ask Lora where she had put my clean jockeys. Tommy was standing out side the window and added two plus two and come up with a million running away. We were doing nothing, and I would appreciate it if you get your mind out of the gutter.”My escort balıkesir aunt come back with “Oh my god, you mean that’s what he saw? He made it sound like you two were having sex on the kitchen table with the d****s open. Oh I’m sorry about what I was thinking of you and Lora. I guess I over reacted, and Tommy really did over react didn’t he. Listen I will go talk to him and get this straighten out. You know someday we will have a belly laugh over this. Listen I will talk to you later and tell Lora not to worry cause I got it covered. Bye for now.” As she hung up I turned to Lora who had a shit eating grin on her face.I took her in my arms kissing her neck as she said ” You are one cool customer aren’t you? I will have to watch out for my smooth talking man in front of me who’s trying to get me wet all over again.” I moved down to her nipples, playing with one as I used my mouth on the other making her groan. I dropped to my knees lifting one of her legs over my shoulder as I started having my breakfast. I don’t know about you but, I can’t think of a better breakfast then pussy pie.Lora had her finger wrapped tightly around my hair not going to let me tease her this time, as her orgasm came on I pushed one finger in her ass with two more in her honey hole. She give me a liquid breakfast as she squirted all over my face and down my chest. Once she caught her breathe she lowered her leg lifting me by the hair and began licking her cum off my face and chest. She kept going down until she had me in her mouth making me rise one more time this morning, soon she was pushing me back on the bed climbing on top, riding me with all the passion we both feel for each other. We must of made love for a good 20 minutes and just as I was getting ready to cum the balıkesir escort bayan fucking phone rang. Lora jumped off grabbing it saying ” Tommy is that you? Oh thank you for calling honey Yes that’s all that was going on and even if it was more you have no right to judge me, you know that Listen you always jump too yes you do and you know you do yes I will tell him your sorry no I don’t think he will do that, after all he is your his best friend ok I miss you too, and I love you Tommy ok I will and you take care of yourself too honey ok goodbye for now.”Lora looked at me saying ” How that for smooth talking and oh I’m sorry I guess I left you hanging didn’t I, well that’s pay back for what you did to me remember?” I grab her throwing her back on the bed working my still half hard cock back in her honey hole as I sucked hard on her hard nipple.I said “Just for that I am going to put a baby in your belly.” We fucked for a long time before she urged me to cum in her shooting my cum against her cervix. I can’t say I had even close to a full load for her, but what I did have she got. I stayed inside holding my cum inside of her as I rubbed her nub keeping her going. I kept sucking one nipple then the other sliding my cock in and out tiny bit as I did until she came one last time that morning.As we laid there in the after glow of our love making she said ” Your serious aren’t you? Your are trying to get me pregnant with your c***d. Well if that’s what you are trying to do, am sure you have done it by now. I love the thought of your c***d growing inside of me. We will have some things to work out but I’m sure we can but, I’m not sure others will be able to work this out in their heads. You do know that don’t you?”I said ” Lora I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks or says as long as your in my life and I’m in yours. I love you Lora and always will.” I wasn’t just saying it cause I thought she wanted to hear it, I said it cause I meant it. Lora laid her head on my chest slipping into a lite sleep. She almost sounded like she was purring.

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