I am a male escort part 1


I am a male escort part 1My name is Bill and I am male escort. I am black, 40, 5’11”, 210, 9.5″ fat cock with big ball, shaved head and hard body. I am highly in demand. Not only because of have a good body and being well endowed, but because I treat all my clients with class and respect, unless they ask me differently.My interview was with the owner of the company and her assistant. The owner Cindy is a sexy middle age woman with big fake tits, which she likes to show off with low cut tops and dresses and a nice curvy body. Her assistant Beth is in her thirties with a swimmers built and a hot bubble ass. Part of the interview was to be inspected nude. Cindy stayed behind glass top desk and with her dress being short it was easy to see up to her red thong. I was told to undress down to my boxer briefs. I was told to turn slowly turn full circle, when I was facing away, Cindy told me to stop and then Beth came up to me a squeezed my hard ass and ran her hands over my back and wide shoulders. Cindy told me to face her and then she saw the bulge in my briefs. Beth ran her hands over my firm muscular chest and hard tight six pack. Before Beth went any further, Cindy asks me if I will have any issue being naked in front of them. I said no and then Beth pulled my briefs down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. Beth gasped and Cindy said fucking hell when they saw my fat cock and big balls. Cindy told Beth to get me hard. She starts stroking me and before I am fully erect she has to use both hand to finish. While this is happening I never took my eyes off of Cindy’s face which had a look of pure lust and her legs were opening and closing. . She can’t take it anymore, stands up, bends over her desk and says it time to see if you know how to use that baby. I pulled her wet thong to the side and slide my fat cock into her fat pussy and she feels great. She is moaning and moaning. She says fuck, I love black dick, now fuck mamma hard and deep, I want to feel it in my stomach. She is screaming yes yes, harder, give it to me harder. I was about thirty minutes before I felt cum boiling in my balls, glad I am long lasting. I tell Cindy I am going to cum , where does she want it. She tells me to shoot it on her tits and finish in her mouth. I feel my balls getting tight so I pullout and she wraps her boobs around my cock, stroked it a couple times before I am covering her with buca escort my hot load. As I am cumming I hear Beth having a big orgasm. Cindy takes my cock in her mouth, cleans and sucks me dry and then say damn you shoot a big load and it’s yummy.Five days pass and I get a call from Beth. She has a regular client that needs an escort for a award event and that I would be just what she was looking for. She said she would Email me the info that I would need. The clients name is Mary Smith, 65 years old and the CEO of a consulting agency. She lived i n the best part of the city in a penthouse apartment of the building that houses her business. I was to wear a dark suit and to pick her up at 5:00 pm. I arrived right on time and the guard at the desk says Ms Smith said to send you up as soon as you get here. He walks me over to a private elevator and sends me up to the top floor of a sixty story building.I step into this amazing apartment. Wide open a surrounded by all windows and a balcony. She comes from around the corner wearing a thin almost sheer black robe. She stands about 5’6″, 140 pounds 36DD tits thick curvy body (not fat) bright red hair and blue eyes. She reaches out her hands and introduces herself and I do the same. She says, lets get a look at you. Then she says very nice, Cindy said she was sending her best and she wasn’t lying, I said thanks ma’am. She tells me to call her Mary, so I try again and say thanks Mary. She says She didn’t expect me so soon, so have a seat in the living room, pour yourself a drink. I am taking in the view when she calls from the bedroom for me to come to her. I walked into the room and she is turned away from me and asks me to help with her dress. I pull the zipper up and step back, can’t help but to notice she has a nice ass. She faces me and asks me what I think. I can only stammer very nice. She says she was going for hot she is going to have to change and has me pull the zipper back down. After I did it, I turn to leave and she says to stay, I am just going to be calling you back.She let the dress fall and she steps out if it, leaving her a light blue thong that got lost in her hot ass and a matching strapless bra. She bent over to pick up the dress and I got a peek of her pussy. She puts it on, pulls up the front zipper, faces me and asks what about this one. I told her she looked really hot. She looks into the mirror escort buca and says fuck, you can see my bra and panties under the sheer part, I didn’t see it, but I am not wearing it. Then she shocks me. She unzips the dress lets fall to floor leaving her facing me in her underwear and then removes her bra and then thong so is nude just a foot away. I went to turn away when she says, what wrong, you never saw a naked women before, please tell me you’re not gay. I assure her that I am not gay, it is just inappropriate for me to be here when you are dressing. She asks me who is the client here. I said well you are. She goes onto say good, so if I want you to help me with my outfit you help me even if it requires you to see me naked. She you know what, I want you to get naked also. I gave her a nervous look and said what. She said you heard me get naked or leave and I give Cindy a bad review about you.Fuck I don’t want to lose this job over my first client. I turn away from her and remove my clothes, place them on the bed and then face her. She say fucking wow look at that dick, She says I have to touch it. Now with both of us nude and the she wrapping her hands around my dick, I can’t help but get hard. She runs to the bed, lays on her back with her legs spread wide and says get the hell over here a fuck me. I said what about the event, and says fuck them, they have to wait for me.I get on her and waste no time in pushing my dick into her tight cunt. She says yes baby give it to me, been so long since I got a good fucking. We went at it hard and heavy and I am about to cum, She tells me she can feel it, cum in my slutty cunt. When she feels the first blast of my cum sends her over the top and she is cumming with me, squirting on my cock and balls, he tight pussy muscles milking me dry. She says thanks baby, that was fucking amazing. We showered together, got dressed. The limo was waiting for us. The event was nice and I was enjoying being her escort. On the ride back to her place she was all over me. Pulled her dress off, pulled my pants down and gave me one of the best blow jobs of my life. Then she sat on my dick and fucked me until we were almost back. I pulled my pants up with a hard-on. Mary put her dress back on, but only zipped it up to keep the dress from falling off. Except for her nipples, her big tits were in full view. As soon as the elevator door closed she buca escort bayan pulled her dress a went back to sucking my dick. I decided I was going to take control of this. When we got to the apartment I pushed her onto her knees and started fucking her like a slut. I said id this what you want want, you want my black deep in your pussy. She said yes fuck me. I told her to beg for it and she did. Then I took her over to the window and fucked her against it. She was wild with lust, cumming over and over. I said bitch I am going to fuck this fat ass. She said no baby, I have never had a big black cock in my ass. I said their is a first time for everything. Had trouble getting the head in but when it did she pleaded with me to take it out, it’s too big. I took a chance and whispered in her ear, who in charge her bitch and she answered as I hoped. She said you are baby, I am your whore to use as you wish. Good answer slut, now take daddies black cock like a good slut should. She said yes daddy, but could you go slow until I get use to it, I said yes. I slid in her gorgeous ass inch at a time until I was balls deep in her. She say daddy I can’t believe you fit the whole thing in my slutty ass. I said baby it is a nice tight ass, I am going to love fucking it like your cunt, are you ready for it whore. Yes daddy whatever you command was her answer. I pulled it out until just the head remained and then shoved it back to the hilt. After a bit she got use to it and was begging for more and harder. She daddy i am in love with your fat long dick, please keep fucking my fat ass, my ass is yours alone to fuck whenever you want. Her ass is so tight I am going to cum soon. Slut I am going to cum and I am going shoot it deep in you tight white ass. Yes daddy please breed my ass. I start filling her ass with my load. When done I pull out of her with a pop and my load flowing out of gaping ass. We slid to the floor in exhaustion. She cuddles in my arms and says that was best she has ever had. I love being dominated even if I paid for it. Thanks so much for making this a perfect night. For the second time tonight we shared a shower, only this time she sucked me until I filled her mouth with another load. I dressed and before I left she said she wanted to give me a tip, which I refused. She said don’t be silly take it, or I will be offended. I took it, hugged her got on the elevator with her standing there still naked. I didn’t look at the tip until I got back to my car, she gave me three one hundred dollar bills. With what my pay was and the tip, I made $800 dollars. I am going to love this job.

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