From Straight to Gay!


From Straight to Gay!Three times a week, I go to a gym after work — one, to work off stress of the day and two, to keep in shape.One night after work, I stopped by the gym and went through a serious workout. The first half, I worked on the lower part of body and the second half on the upper.After the workout, I was soaked with sweat to I decided to take a shower there before going home. I always try to keep a change of clothes in my locker for such occasions.The water felt great so I just stood there for about 10 minutes before actually lathering up.I was about halfway through and was trying to get my back. Without a back brush, it’s kind of tough to get at certain parts.I thought I had achieved success when the bar of soap slipped out of my hand and to the floor and slid over to a guy I had never seen before. As he handed it, he said that he noticed I was struggling with my back and asked if he could be of some assistance.I thought it was a come on and politely declined and started to work on my back — struggling as I had been earlier.He then walked over, took the soap out of my hand and said, “You’re never going to get it,” and proceeded to wash my back.Since I no longer had possession of the soap, I conceded and let him work on my back. After a few minutes I was starting to get aroused and had him stop. I thanked him, rinsed off, dried myself, got dressed and headed home.For the rest of the night, I tried to clear my mind of what happened in the shower. I had never, repeat NEVER, had any interest of doing anything with a guy and was sure I didn’t want to.After a couple of hours of trying to clear my head, I turned on the television and decided to watch the news. That seemed to work as I was getting tired and headed off to bed.However, the minute my head hit the pillow my thoughts were back at the gym. And the more I tried to think of something else, the harder, no pun intended, it became to forget about it.I finally decided to head to the bathroom and jack off, thinking that might ease the situation.After I came, I laid down and closed my eyes. Back to the gym my thoughts went. After about 2 ½ hours of this, I finally dozed off.The next day at work was miserable, having only gotten three hours of sleep. After work, I headed home and laid down. It didn’t take me long to go to sleep.This happened on a Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday was my day at the gym. I couldn’t go that day. If I saw him, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and no telling what might arise.I couldn’t think of anything to do to occupy my time. Three times a week, the gym occupied two hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.It took about two months before I returned to the gym. I had to because the lack of exercise was beginning to take effect.It was a Monday and I nervously walked through the doors. I glanced around the gym and didn’t see him so I proceeded to go through my workout. After the workout, I headed home.On Wednesday, I returned to the gym and he wasn’t there. I was beginning to wonder what I was so nervous about. I was relieved.So for the next two months, life went about as before – work 9-5, go to the gym three times a week, an occasionally shower. The one day…I saw him walk in and I tried not to make eye contact. He looked at me and just walked by. I thought, “Maybe he’s forgotten about me.” After my workout, I went home.Two weeks later, I finished my workout and decided to take a shower. Halfway through, he walked in. I was embarrassed and turned away. Then I said to myself, “What are you fucking afraid of?”I finished my shower and went to get a bite to eat, then home.The next time I went to the gym, he was there again but I paid him no mind. During the workout, he came and sat at the bench next to mine.We were going through several apparatuses when he stopped and asked, “Aren’t you the guy that I helped out with that back problem?”I nearly dropped the bar on my throat. I didn’t look at him but I admitted to him I was. He stuck out his right hand and said, “Name’s Marty.””Adam.”We continued to work out and even spotted for each other. Afterwards, I headed to the shower and thought he was headed home. After a few minutes, Marty walked in and over to the stall next to mine.When it came to me needing to wash my back, Marty offered his assistance. I held onto my bar of soap but he used his.Once again, aliağa escort after a few minutes I started to get aroused. This time, Marty kept going and I was getting harder.All at once, he reached around, lathered hand and all, and grabbed my cock. I swore I jumped 15 feet in the air. I pushed his hand away but he returned it and began stroking.Then something happened that I didn’t expect. I just froze and let him continue. I swear my cock got harder and harder, and his stroking got softer and softer.The more Marty continued, the more I relaxed until I caught myself leaning into him. He ran his other hand across my forehead and pulled my head into his.I could feel him getting hard against my ass so my curiosity took over and I reached down and grabbed his cock. It felt gigantic and for some reason, I began stroking him.”Yes, yes. Feels good doesn’t it?” I just moaned and he picked up the pace.I felt myself getting close to losing my load when he must have sensed it and stopped. It was like jumping into a cold pool of water.I whipped around and must have had a “what the hell” look on my face.”You’re not ready for this,” he said. And with that, he left.I stood there stunned. I couldn’t believe he could just stop like that much less me wanting him to continue.I dried off and headed out of the shower into the locker room — but he was gone. I was so pissed and thought “The next time I see him, he was going to hear it.”A month went by, then two then three. What happened to Marty?I couldn’t believe there were times I was missing him. Or was it the experience I was craving?Then one day, Marty was there. I asked him where he’d been. He said his job takes him out of town for months at a time and he had just returned.After we worked out, I asked him if he wanted to go get something to eat. He switched it and asked if he wanted to go to his place for drinks.Wow. His place for drinks? And what else I wondered.I agreed to his place and we picked up a pizza on the way.He lived in a three bedroom, two bath colonial that looked right out of the 1920’s. I entered the living room and he directed me to the sofa. He came back with a bottle of vodka and two glasses and an ice bucket.He poured the drinks and turned on the TV. There was a movie on I had never seen before so I got interested in it.We had been watching the movie and drinking vodka for a while when I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I asked him where it was and he pointed down the hall.When I stood up, I nearly fell back down. I didn’t think I had drank that much. What I didn’t realize was Marty had given me a “bottomless glass”.Marty put his hand on my back to steady me and I headed to the bathroom. I was standing there and noticed myself swaying. I didn’t think I was that drunk but I was drinking on a fairly empty stomach.I made my way back to the sofa and told Marty enough with the vodka.”If I have much more, I might not be able to control myself,” I said.”Really?” he chirped back.”Oh shit,” I thought. “Wrong statement to make.” He just laughed.So I laid my head back and continued to watch the movie. Soon, my eyes were getting heavy and I closed them. Then I felt Marty’s hand rubbing my crotch and getting me hard.I just laid there and let him do what he wanted. Once he got me hard, he opened my fly and extricated my cock.He had me rock hard in what seemed like seconds. A few minutes, precum oozed out and he smeared it all over my cock — and there was a lot of it.Marty then brought his fingers up to my lips and rubbed them with some of my precum. I had never tasted myself and it wasn’t bad.But Marty just kept running his finger across my lips. So soft. I couldn’t believe I open my mouth to allow him to put his finger in.He began to run his finger in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my mouth with his finger, and I was liking it. He was also scratching my tongue with his finger nail — what a turn on that was.As he tried to pull his finger out, I grabbed his wrist and began sucking on his finger.”Oh. I found something Adam likes,” he said.I just smiled then continue to suck his finger.He then laid me down across the couch and began taking off my pants. From one year ago to know, I had gone to not even considering doing something with a guy, even thinking it was disgusting, to having a guy wanting to hurry up and get my pants escort aliağa off, and his too.Once I was naked from the waist down, Marty lowered his mouth onto my cock. It was awesome and he took his sweet time. Up and down, licking and sucking — even scr****g his teeth along the shaft. Every time he did that, I shuddered.It wasn’t long before I was close to cumming and let him know. He then started running his finger inside my ass crack.What he did next caught me totally off guard. He pushed the tip of one of his fingers inside my hole. Slowly, he pushed it further and further in until he was in all the way to his palm. He waited and then began to pull it out, but stopping just short of full extraction.Meanwhile, he kept working his magic with his mouth. I had finally had enough and grabbed his head and pulled it down on top of my cock.He stopped.”I’m in control,” he said. “You just lay there and enjoy it.”With that, he began to push his finger in and out with a little more speed. I was getting finger-fucked by a guy and loving it.Every once in a while, he would curl his finger and run it along my prostate. That was awesome. I swear my cock would shudder when he did that.Then he asked me if I was ready to cum and told him yes.”Tell me to make you cum.””Marty, make me cum, please?”With that, he began to thrust his finger faster and pull on my cock harder. He had his timing down to where every time he pulled on my cock, he pulled on his finger. Pushed down on my cock, pushed the finger in.I was in heaven. I wanted him to go on forever. I had never had anything done like that to me and I was loving it.He then began to go faster and I knew it wasn’t going to be long. I tried to hold back because I knew when I came, I was done for about 20 minutes.”Cum for me,” he said.And I did. I must have sent out five gallons of cum. I had never cum that hard in my life, or that much.Marty didn’t even try to catch it. He let it spray all over the place. I mean on the sofa, on my shirt, on him…everywhere.He managed to get some on one of his fingers and brought it to my lips. I just looked at him with a “What’s that for?” look.He rubbed some on my lips and I instinctively liked my lips. A bit salty, but not bad.He kept scr****g more cum up and feeding it to me. And I kept licking it up. My cum, I was eating my cum. And it was good.Then it hit me. I had just been finger-fucked and given a hand job by a guy. A GUY! AND I WANTED MORE.I then noticed his finger was still in me and still going through the motion but it felt a little different.Wait a minute. It wasn’t one finger any more. It was two and it felt slick.”What’s on your finger?” I asked.”I’m putting back in what you pushed out.”He had taken some of my cum and was rubbing it all over my ass hole, and inside.And I was getting hard again. Just five minutes and I was getting hard again. How is he doing this? I want to know his secret.He then lifted me up off the couch and sat next to me. Marty then took my hand and place it on his cock. I had felt it that one time but never saw it. It was about 6 inches in length and 1 ½ inches in diameter.As far as cocks go, it was very nice looking, remembering I have only seen my own up this close.I was just staring at it with my hand wrapped around it. Then it started to stir and grow some more.I drew my hand back and Marty grabbed my hand and put it back in place.It was so soft. I don’t know what possessed my to do this but I started to stroke it.”That’s it. Nice and soft. Slow and even,” he said.”I didn’t know it could feel this way,” I said. “I had never even thought about doing something like this with a guy. Matter of fact, I had even thought it disgusting.””I could tell you had never had a guy touch you before that day in the shower,” Marty said. “The way you started getting hard just by me rubbing your back let me know. I just had to be careful not to go too fast.”By now, his cock had grown to 8 inches and 2 inches in diameter. A small drop of precum had oozed out of his slit. I looked at it for a second or two then leaned over and licked it off.I had just licked a guy’s cock. Oh what the fuck.I lowered my mouth onto his cock. Marty pulled my head up.”Are you sure you want to do this?”I just nodded.”Okay.”And with that, I took him in my mouth and began licking him all over. I tried to go all the way aliağa escort bayan down but I began to gag.”Take it easy,” he said. “You can’t just go all out at once.””How do I do it?””Relax your tongue, like this,” he said. He opened his mouth and showed me his flat tongue.”Like this?” I made my tongue as flat as I could get it.”Try it and see.”I lowered my mouth down and got further than the first time. Marty then put his hand on the back of my head and shoved it down.I thought I was going to suffocate. He wouldn’t let me up. I was having trouble breathing. Then all of a sudden, he was all the way in and I was OK.”That’s it Adam,” he said. “Sorry I had to do it that way but it worked.”I was deep throating him and enjoying it. I licked him all over, sucked on him and even nibbled.He was caressing my head now and twirling my hair. I was oblivious to it. I was loving his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of it.I hadn’t even considered what would happen if I kept this up, and Marty wasn’t about to tell me for fear I would stop.Well, I soon found out. I felt his cock in my mouth swell up and it was then I realized it.He began shooting his cum and filling my mouth. Even powering his cum down the back of my throat. I tried to get my mouth off him but he held me tight.Fortunately, for me, he didn’t cum for long. When he finished, he let me up. I was pissed.”Why didn’t you tell me you were going to cum?””You were enjoying yourself and I didn’t want to spoil your fun.”He then asked me if I had ever had a girlfriend use a dildo on me.”Once, in college.””And you had never thought of doing something with a guy?””Nope.””Well…did you like it.””It hurt at first, then it got better and I enjoyed,” I said. “I even came without touching myself.””Do you want to know what the real thing feels like?””That enormous thing?” I asked. “Now way.””I’ll be gentle,” he said. “I promise.””Yeah. Just like warning me you were about to cum.””No, I really promise,” he said. “If I go too fast, I could do some damage.”I sat there for a little bit, grabbed the bottle of vodka and took a big swig.”Okay.”So we went to his bedroom and took my shirt off, laid me on my back and pushed my legs up.”Pull your legs back,” he said.So I grabbed behind my knees and pulled my legs towards me. He then opened up a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a jar of Vasoline. He put a big dab on his finger and worked it into my hole.”That’s a little cold,” I said. He just snickered.”You ready?” he asked.”I guess so.”He put the head of his cock at the entrance and pushed a little. Nothing bad. Who said it was going to hurt.He then began pushing a little harder and his head popped in.HOLY SHIT. PAIN…MAJOR PAIN.”You okay,” he asked.”Fuck it hurts.”He stopped and just stood there with the head of his cock in my ass. Slowly the pain started to recede.Every time he pushed further in, the pain returned and every time he stopped until the pain subsided.Before long, I felt his ball sac on my cheeks. He was all the way in. All 8 inches.”Well, how does it feel?””I feel full.””Okay, I’m going to start pulling it out,” he said. And with that he began. Still a little painful but not as bad.He got all the way to the end and began pushing in again. The pain was now being replaced with a pleasurable feeling. I closed my eyes and was moaning.”Your going to enjoying this now?””Yes,” I said. “Starting to feel good.”He was now picking up the tempo. And I was trying to meet his movements. My cock was also rock hard — so hard it wasn’t moving.Now he was going faster and I was having a feeling like no other. I was getting fucked by a guy and was in absolute heaven.He kept it up for what seemed like an hour but it was only about 10 minutes. I could have stayed attached to the end of his cock for the rest of the night.I felt my cock stirring so I grabbed it and pointed it towards my mouth. But Marty lowered his head and took it in his mouth.The second the head hit the back of his throat, I exploded. I came and came and came.Within seconds, he pulled out and began cumming on my stomach.I watched the cum shoot out of his cock and it was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen. I wanted to watch it all night long.When he finished cumming, took a break. Before we got up off the bed, he laid on top of me and swished around, rubbing his cum all over both of us. He rolled off me and we just laid there. I fell asleep just like that.When I woke up I could Adam’s cock had the morning wood effect as my hand start to stroke Marty cock, he open his eyes and ask I see your ready for round two.

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