Chad The Babysitter Part 4


Chad The Babysitter Part 4I knew that Trish got back alright as I could hear lots of chatter and giggling coming from the flat upstairs which made me think that Tams had enjoyed staying over, I certainly enjoyed having her (pardon the pun) and hoped that this weekend would open the door for more to follow, only time would tell on that one.I relaxed for the evening sitting in my chair with a few cans of the amber nectar and was feeling quite pleased with myself, I even had the opening of my boxers unbuttoned as I relived Tammy’s awesome body, my cock didn’t take too long to respond.My self-pleasuring ‘alone’ time was soon interrupted when there was a knock on the door and quickly making myself decent albeit a conspicuous bulge out the front I tentatively opened the door to see the lovely Trish standing there with a basket of washing, “Oh hi Chad” she said softly, “My washing machine has stopped working and I cant get an engineer out until tomorrow, can I ask a BIG favour?” she continued with sad puppy dog eyes, how could I refuse such a pretty face, “Of course, come on in” I replied as I ushered her into my open plan lounge.“Oh, you’re not dressed, were you just off to bed?” she asked with a hint of embarrassment as she looked down at my boxers, I had to reassure her that it was fine as I often dressed like this around the flat, she giggled as she handed me the basket.Trisha looked nice and I had always though I would be punching above my weight with her plus if I had dated her and it went tits up which my relationships invariably do it would be awkward living like we do so I had always kept a safe distance and let my ‘imagination’ run wild.“Fancy a glass of wine?” I asked and was surprised at her response, “Sure, why not” she replied, Tammy is in bed so I have time” she continued although even she wasn’t exactly dressed for a first date wearing just a robe that came just above her knee, I had no idea what she had on under it, if anything!I had a good bottle of white and poured us both a glass while I put the wash on for her, I guess being away for a few days she had accumulated a few items which with her being in such close proximity I couldn’t give close attention to but my eyes did light up seeing a couple of thongs on the top.“I hope Tammy behaved herself” she said softly as she sipped her wine, her face grimaced at the strength, “Wow! this has a kick” she said giggling. I told her that Tams was no problem at all and it was a pleasure to help out, I worked on the assumption that mother knew nothing about her daughter’s exploits.I sat at my desk and agreed that the wine had a kick and we had a bit of a laugh about her weekend away, I did notice that her eyes kept dropping and wondered if my boxers were appropriate attire however she didn’t make any comments.We were on our second glass when I felt that Trish was loosening up and jokingly suggested she recline the chair to make herself more comfortable, she wasted no time in taking up my suggestion and giggling she said how comfortable it was, “Indeed it is, Tams fell asleep on there every night” I told her with a laugh and she was quick to agree.The good thing that I had noticed with my recliner was that in the reclined position the angle from my eyes was directly in line with her thighs and bingo she was wearing red panties which became visible, Mmm.Trish and I had always had a good rapport between us even if there was an age gap, afyon escort I think she was so career minded that boyfriends were very much secondary and it was commendable that she put her daughter first, she had a great smile too.As the evening wore on we were on the last glass of wine with me having given Trish the lions share, bad me! I could see it was starting to have an effect and the chat got round to boyfriends and girlfriends, “Why are you still single Chad?” she asked smiling, a question I had asked myself many times but tried to brush it off albeit her inquisitive mind did get the juices flowing and I could feel my cock waking up under my shorts.“Haven’t found the right one” I replied as the only answer I could think of and if body language was anything to go by I got the impression there was interest on her part, her legs seemed to be drifting apart which only enhanced my arousal, she was teasing and I was biting.“You know Chad, you’re pretty fit for your age” she remarked with a girlish giggle as I was checking the washing, I spun round to face her with my hands on my hips, “You really think so Trish?” I asked and my arousal was now quite obvious, her eyes widened as she focused in on the bulge in the front of my shorts.“OMG Yes!” she sighed looking directly at while at the same time subconsciously widening her legs, her panties were much more in view now and I could easily make out the thinness of the material, her dark pubes were visible with a few escaping out the sides, Mmm.I walked over to the end of the chair looking down at her smiling face, her eyes did look a bit red from the wine and her robe had loosened a bit and I could just make out that her little red panties was all she had on under it, her perky 34b’s were fast coming into view as I looked down.“I bet you look better without those boxers” she said jokingly and seeing as though she asked so nicely I decided to let her decide if I did or didn’t, “Only you can decide Trish” I said laughing and slowly dropped my shorts to the ground, her eyes immediately lit up and her smile went from ear to ear, “OMG Chad!, I really didn’t think you would do that” she said enthusiastically as I stood there in front of her with my tent pole looking her in the face. “WOW!” she sighed, “Definitely better without” she continued as I continued to look down at her smiling while she stared at my throbbing member, I reached down and took hold of her robe tie waiting for a reaction as to whether to pull it or not but she was too busy surveying my erection so I just tugged on in which opened up her fluffy robe, “WOW” I sighed softly as her perky little titties came into view as did her tiny red panties which she displayed more of as her legs widened even further.Trish closed the recliner moving to the edge of the seat and reached out taking hold of my stiff member and in doing so widened her legs allowing me to get closer, she looked up at me as she moved her head closer and teasingly started to lick around the exposed head, OMG her warm touch sent shivers down my spine as she then cupped my balls and licked up and down the shaft. I stoked her short hair gently massaging her head as she reached round grabbing my arse cheeks pulling me closer, my cock slowly disappearing from view inside her warm mouth.Trish was very attentive with her tongue swirling around my shaft and soon I felt the tightness of her throat as her tongue flicked escort afyon my balls, OMG this woman knew how to deepthroat and had great gag reflex, she withdrew rubbing her saliva all around my erect cock making me squirm with her technique as she worshipped my tackle. She went at me with gusto which told me that as beautiful as she was she probably hadn’t had any cock in a while and I was benefiting from her frustrations, as I looked down her nipples were like little bullets which wobbled as she bobbed her head. I knew I was there, my body tensed as I tried to hold it for as long as I could but it was a struggle because she wanted my juice and she wanted it now, I wasn’t going to disappoint.My breathing increased as she grabbed my arse cheeks tighter, my cock started to pulsate and my yells of “OH GOD!” went unheeded as my cock exploded in her mouth, I held her head tightly so she had no choice but to swallow the whole creamy load, she didn’t bat an eyelid as she feasted being careful not to spill a drop. She was so attentive cleaning up and sucking my softening cock clean.She looked up at me as she pulled away and holding my wrists she pulled me down to my knees positioning me between how outstretched legs, Mmm I could see her panties were wet and waiting.I reached out placing my hands up under her arse and immediately realised she was wearing a thong, I had both hands full of the creamy flesh of her arse cheeks, I gave her a gentle squeeze as I pulled her right to the edge of the seat simultaneously bowing my head towards the bulging red triangle before me. OMG the musky aroma hit me an inch away but I persisted straight down to my target, my tongue hitting the gusset as I pulled her close.She laid back in the chair while I gave her a similar experience to the one she gave me; her panties were wet and tasted so sweet as my tongue explored every inch of the red fabric even following the little thin string that disappeared into her arse crack.She tasted good and I savoured every second even nudging her panties to one side exposing her bushy mound of black pubic hair, I do love a hairy pussy and took full advantage of her protruding labia lips which glistened in the light. I forced her lips apart with my tongue pushing my tongue inside her wet hole, she gasped and sighed as she gripped my head, “OMG CHAD!!!, OH FUCK YESSSS!” she cried out, good job Tams was a heavy sleeper as her mother was not the quietest.I decided on a double fronted attack as my fingers searched out her crack, the juices that were running out of her made her little arsehole moist and ready to be probed.I pulled her cheeks wide as I tongue fucked her hairy hole forcing my finger to probe and open up her back door, I felt her whole-body spasm and shake as my finger inserted, my face wet with her squirted juices and I just thanked my lucky stars there were no cobwebs down there. My cock sprung back to life and was ready but I was having too much fun with the two holes I was already working on, she seemed to like her arsehole being fingered and when she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my back I knew she liked the oral attention I was giving her.She had me trapped with my finger up her arse and my tongue embedded in her soaked pussy, she was gasping for air unable to keep up with the shuddering orgasms and when I felt her grip on my back loosen I saw a window of opportunity to pull back taking my afyon escort bayan cock in my hand, I saw a look of disappointment on her face until she saw the weapon in my hand, loaded and ready to go. “Oh yes!” she sighed in anticipation as I offered the swollen glistening head up to her wet and willing hole, “Fuck me Chad” she sighed as I slowly inserted myself inside her.She flung her head back looking up at the ceiling as I slowly pushed my rod home, I could feel her tighten her cunt muscles around the shaft and boy did she have a grip, she was virgin tight as I slowly started to thrust in and out and with each forward thrust came her cries of glory, she didn’t hold back and as I got into my stride as her shaking lubricated me more. Her legs came back up gripping my back, the squelching noises increased the harder I fucked her and my hands were still gripping her cheeks however I couldn’t keep my finger where I and she probably wanted it.I was getting breathless as the pace increased and I knew that with her grip on my shaft I was going to blow, she knew it too as she braced herself for the inevitable. Her cries increased and so did mine letting out an almighty “OMG” as I felt my cock pulsating shooting another load of hot creamy cum into her belly, I thought she was going to faint as the hot feeling hit her midriff.As we both calmed down searching for air I looked down at Trish’s contented face, no regrets and I think that she needed a good fucking, well she certainly got one tonight.I was absolutely shattered as this albeit enjoyable was not how I expected to end the day, the nympho sisters had physically drained me. Trisha smiled and made no effort to cover herself up which is always a good sign that she felt comfortable and without guilt, maybe this had been boiling for months, years even. I didn’t have any more wine but she did accept a can of beer while I put the washing in the dryer but this time I did pull out a pair of her panties and take a good look at them, Mmm they felt nice albeit wet.“Hmm, you like panties huh” came the giggly voice from behind me, I couldn’t deny it as I was busted, I turned towards her panties in hand and held the damp fabric to my face which caused poor Trish to have a fit of laughter but when she saw the reaction it was having down below she soon stopped her giggles, “OMG Chad, you do.. WOW!” she said changing her attitude to one of excitement.I placed the wet washing in the dryer, “Sorry I laughed” Trish said trying to keep composed, “Those panties were Tammy’s” she continued which somehow made it even more exciting.It was getting late and we both had an enjoyable evening and Trish said she would collect the clothes in the morning, as she was about to leave she turned to me, “Why don’t we be fuck buddies Chad?” she asked which took me by surprise, “No strings, no ties” she continued and to be honest I was totally gobsmacked at her suggestion, she continued to sell the idea, “We are both adults Chad and we both have needs although neither of us want the commitment, it’s perfect” she went on to say and thinking about it she was absolutely right.How could I refuse such an offer from someone who I had considered way out of my league, maybe I should start giving myself more credit. As I went to bed thinking about her proposal I had to admit that Trish ticked all the boxes, she was fun, she was beautiful and she had a hairy pussy that men would die for and on the plus side she had a fucking hot nympho daughter.They would probably end up killing me but I can think of a lot worse fates and lying in bed I ended up with a boner thinking about the ‘nympho sisters’.To Be Continued…..

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