Young and Old…Part 1


Young and Old…Part 1Matt was what you would consider a normal senior manager from your workplace. He was far enough up the ladder to warrant a parking space and had the usual mid-life crisis car to park in it. Work was stressful but financially rewarding and at 56, had discussions each year with his accountant as to whether now was the time to cash in those share options, take the pension and go and retire to Spain. One thing however, stopped all that, or rather, one person. Outside of work, Matt had discovered XHamster and more importantly, the dating element contained within it. Over the previous year or so, he became more and more immersed in the site, checking out the content and the people on the site. As befits the mid-life crisis, Matt became interested and then obsesses with “Old and Young” porn. Watching people his age with young girls, not TV and Radio presenter young, he wasn’t into anything i*****l but young, lithe ladies with hard toned bodies really appealed, especially when he looked down at his. It wasn’t bad but too many corporate lunches and general lack of exercise meant he was, being polite, carrying a few pounds. He’d started to message some of the younger members of the site, mostly getting ignored, blocked or sometimes abusive messages in reply. One day however, his luck began to change when a gorgeous young lady replied. He had to illegal bahis work it out as some of the message was in text speak but the general gist was this young lady really liked old men and yes, she’d met a couple from the site.Lots of messages went back and forth, his long and unwieldy, hers rarely more than one line but he soon came to realise she wasn’t being rude, just that that was how young people of the Twitter generation communicated. He became more and more interested in her and eventually asked if she would meet up with him for a coffee. His message went unanswered until one day, he opened up his messages to see a reply from her. “Yeah ok, 10am Saturday in Costa, seeya” and that was it. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained he thought and come the Saturday, he dressed in his weekend attire, bright coloured Polo shirt, Boss jeans and his favourite brogues. Not exactly youthful but hey, at least they weren’t worn below his butt cheeks, now that would not be a good look. Dr****g a sweater over his shoulders he went out to his car. Sitting in his Porsche always made him feel good, stereotype maybe, but it was such a good car. Matt made a quick note to himself, don’t bore her with car stories.Arriving a little early, Matt sunk into one of the sofas and started reading the paper. A hand pulled it down, and he looked up annoyed as it was illegal bahis siteleri a great article of yesterday’s Test match at Lords. That annoyance soon turned to a smile as looking at him was the lovely face of Helen. He couldn’t believe she’d actually turned up but glad she had as she was gorgeous. Long dark hair framed her pretty face, dark eyes that glinted with fun and mischief, a full mouth, sharp cheekbones and a cute nose completed his assessment. “Can I get you something to drink Helen?” he stammered, suddenly struck by nerves like someone 40 years younger. “Thanks, but I’ve already ordered, they’re doing it now” and with that she turned round and walked to the counter. Matt thought she must be walking like that deliberately, her pert backside sashaying to the counter, her tight pencil skirt accentuating her great figure. Coming back, she put the cup down and threw herself down onto the sofa. It wasn’t in the first flush of youth so it sank enough for them to embrace each other. Matt had a smell of her hair, a subtle coconut smell mixed in with her perfume. “What perfume are you wearing?” he asked; “D&G Light Blue” she replied. “”It’s very nice” thinking as soon as he said it that that did seem a bit lame. “Not sexy?” she laughed…. “Oh yes, but didn’t want to be too forward and sound like a dirty old man”. “Oh I like dirty old canlı bahis siteleri men, in fact, I love them and dirtier the better”. Matt didn’t know what to say but could feel himself going bright red. “Hey that’s cute for an old guy and I like that you get embarrassed easily, I can have some fun.” The time flew by, she was fun, flirtatious and intelligent and he was charmed by her. Looking at his watch, and the rumble in his belly, it was already lunchtime. “No more coffee, how about lunch?” he asked. “Yeah why not, hold on” and a quick few minutes on her phone and she was free for the rest of the day. Lunch came and went, as did a bottle of wine. A quick app on the phone meant the car could remain where it was without danger of a ticket and it was time for a taxi. “Yours or mine” Helen asked with a huge grin on her face. “We can go back to my apartment if you like or I can drop you off on the way as I don’t want to assume anything. I’ve had a lovely day, you’ve made me feel great”.Back at the apartment, Matt opened up the doors to the balcony and Helen, wine glass in hand, stared out and took in the view. Matt did likewise but that was much closer to the horizon, her backside was really great. “I can feel you undressing me” she said, “so why don’t I put you out of your misery?” as she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her sexy bra and cleavage. Matt went a much brighter shade of red, especially as the zip on Helen’s skirt came down to reveal seamed stockings and thick straps of her suspender belt. “You like?” she asked, the smile on her face showing she knew the answer…..Part Two to contain the dirty stuff!!!

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