Wife gives in and loves it


Wife gives in and loves itOver the last few years our sex life has been slacking off. It was always the same routine sex and getting boring. It went from almost everyday to a couple times a week to once a week to two or three times a month. My wife said I wasn’t interested in her anymore I said she just didn’t enjoy sex like she used to. We lay in bed and talked about it several times times but it never improved. I started having sexual affairs with other women over the years. I told her we need to expand our sexual horizons and try something new like including other people, doing some swinging that sort of thing to spice things up. She would have nothing to do with it. She is 5’3″ 200 with 42 DD tits, and short brown hair. A BBW yes but I was ok with it. I had sex with several other BBWs over the years. She never knew about it of course. She was a very sexually active girl in high school losing her virginity at the age of 14. She had sex with numerous guys before meeting me. She was somewhat thinner back then to and very attractive. I asked her why she wouldn’t consider swinging she said she was to fat for that and I was all she needed. This was always the same answer and she tired of me asking, and sex never was getting better. During sex I would sometimes fantasize out loud how I was another guy while we had sex and it always made her hornier and she would get into it. As soon as I would say something after sex she would say no I am happy with you. I told her how it turned me on how horny and she would get during my fantasy sessions and how she would be so much more into sex when I would fantasize aloud. She would tell me again I am to fat and other guys wouldn’t got for it. She also told me she didn’t want to have sex with other couples becasue she didn’t want to see me with another woman. I told her we wouldn’t have to involve another woman she could go have an affair and tell me about it afterwards. She said no way she couldn’t do that. Weeks would go by and I would bring it up again during sex and bornova escort she said another guy would be turned off by her size. I asked her what if I found a guy that wasn’t would she consider it. She finally said I would have to see what he looked like she wouldn’t want just anyone. After she said that we had had an awesome night of sex, and I pointed out how awesome the sex was after just talking about it and she did have to agree but she didn’t think she could go through with it. Over the next few weeks I would search chat rooms and craigslist for guys looking for BBWs and there were lots of them, but my wife would always say no not him. Finally I said you really aren’t going to say yes to any of them are you. She said she just didn’t think anyone besides me would turn her on. I didn’t give up finally on craigslist I turned to couples looking for females and I found a couple looking for a BBW the wife was thinner woman and her husband had a fantasy of doing a BBW. They were in there early thirties and my wife was 42 and myself 45. I showed her the listing and she didn’t say no. That night we talked about it in bed and had the best sex we had in our 22 years of marriage. I did convince her to let me answer the ad. I could hardly sleep and I was up early the next morning answering the ad. We didn’t hear anything until three days later. They asked for a picture of her and I sent one. They were only looking for a female not a couple. I sent a pic of her and said I would not be involved but would like to watch if I could. They responded shortly after saying they were interested and wanted more pics. They sent some of him and he was a very nice looking guy with an athletic body. They sent a few nudes and requested some back but my wife refused to send nudes. They said they really wanted nudes but would keep her in mind. After a couple weeks the wife of the couple sent a reply back saying she would like to set something up as a surprise encounter with her husband and my wife. I told my wife about escort bornova it that afternoon and she said she would do it and admitted masturbating while fantasizing about the possibility. We set up a date and time to meet the wife at a public place and everything went well Carrie was her name and she was not a 10 but was fairly pretty and very petite. It was going to be a go. We would park down from their house that Friday night. When her husband would get home from work and get into the shower she would call us to come to the back door she would let us in my wife would strip naked and wait on the bed for her husband when he got out of the shower. We agreed and did as we planned. We made out that next couple nights and talked about it and it made us so horny we caressed each other and fondled each other kissing and licking each other but my wife refused to let me have sex until this was over. It was the horniest either of us had ever been That Friday night we got there early and parked a block away my wife was shaking so bad and could hardly talk she was so nervous. We waited for the call after we seen him pull in the driveway. It was about 20 minutes when my phone rang and she said ok he is in the shower. We wen to the back door where she met us and let us in. she said he is in the shower and we would have to hurry. My wife stripped naked in front of us both which surprised me she didn’t hesitate at all. Carrie the other guys wife led my wife Jill to the bedroom my wife lay on the bed her body trembling. Carrie and I hid in another bedroom. The bathroom where he was showering was down the hall from their bedroom. We heard the shower and stood by the crack of the door watching for him. We could see my wife across the hall nervously waiting on the bed. It took him about 5 minutes which seemed for ever for him to come out. When he came out he had shorts and a t shirt on he walked down the hall and turned into the bedroom. He stopped and said what the hell? My wife just layed there and fondled her bornova escort bayan boobs and said hi to him casually. He just stood there for a minute then finally he said you are that lady we talked to from Craigslist. She said Suprise your wife invited me over to surprise you. He instantly walked forward and sat on the bed next to my wife and started playing with her boobs. He caressed them and sucked them. He ran his hands all over my wifes body. Feeling her large belly and fondling her fat ass. Finally he slid his hands between her legs, and touched her moist pussy she jerked a little and moaned when his had touched her pussy. By now me and Carrie were standing by their bedroom door watching and they seemed not to even notice. He said how wet her pussy was. He crawled on the bed further and positioned himself so his face was right in her pussy. He dove right in and he feasted on her pussy for a long time my wife keeping her eyes on me as she moaned with pleasure coming two or three times. He made his way back to her boobs burying his face in them then kissing them working his way back down kissing her belly and rubbing it. He quickly stripped his clothes off and he then positioned himself so he was on top of her pushing his cock into her pussy and saying how well fucked it was. He commented on how loose she was and how it turned him on. Eventually he had her get on all fours fucking her doggystyle her belly and boobs flopping all over the place as he fucked her. Then she had him lay on his back and she climbed on him riding him until he cried out I am cumming. She seemed to rock back and forth on him even harder as his body spasmed shooting his load into my wife. After a couple minutes she slowed and collapsed on to of him with his cock still in her. We stood at the end of the bed by now watching. His cock shrinking and sliding out of her as she lay on him. Them cum was running out of her pussy onto his cock and balls. We stood and applauded, she rolled off of him and they just lay there smiling at us. He thanked us over and over for such a good fuck. Jill and I left drove home went in the house stripped her naked and lay her on the bed I stuck my raging hard cock in her cum filled pussy and fucked about two minutes before I dumped my load in her.

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