White Prison Bitch


White Prison BitchI’m a white guy that loves Black cock and this is the story of how I found that out. This is a true story and it is me that this happened to. So enjoy.Me I was 18, just got outta school and got into trouble. And was sent to prison. Now up to this point I was straight or at least I thought so. I was very white with a small dick and a pretty nice sized ass. Well for the first 2 days I steered clear of the showers because of the stories I had heard. On the 3rd day I got up early and the was a huge shower room in a bay of 50 guys. There were only a few guys up at that time. So I went into the shower room.I was all alone. A couple minutes later 3 black guys came in. And started taking a shower. When they took they’re towels off I was stunned. All 3 had huge cocks that hung at least half way down they’re thighs. At the time I didn’t understand it. But my little cock got hard. and I couldn’t take my eyes off these lovely huge black cocks. I started soaping my ass for some reason and kept bending over when I did so. And it was getting the proper response I was looking for because all of they’re cocks got bigger. They were so huge. he one guy smiled at me as he was soaping up his cock. he started stroking it and signaled for me to turn around edirne escort and show him my ass again. And I did as I was told.Then one of the other guys told me to spread my ass cheeks so he could see my hole. And I found myself obeying. When I did he said “damn thats some nice white ass”. and I swear I blushed. The first guy came over to me. The third guy went close to the shower room door and was looking out to see if anyone was coming. The first guy said. Ever suck a cock before. And I said no. He said well you can’t take your s eyes off it. Go ahead and touch it. And I did. It was so big and hard. I was in utter amazement.He looked right at me and said now get on your knees and put it in your mouth. I didn’t even pause I did as I was told. I put the tip in my mouth and tasted the pre-cum. And it tasted so good. Next thing I knew I was sucking the shit outta that big black cock. And loving every minute of it. While I was sucking it I heard another voice telling me to get on my hands and knees. Now this scared the shit outta me. because when I looked around.The guy behind me’s cock was at least 12 inches of rock hard cock. But I got on my hands and knees because he said he just wanted to rub it up and down my ağrı escort ass. He rub it up and down a couple times and then I felt the tip enter and I went to get up. I got slammed to the floor on my stomach. He had his full weight on me. And said. Now don’t move. the more you move the more it’s gonna hurt. I was so scared. but at the same time my tiny cock was rock hard. I felt the tip slide into my ass. God it hurt so bad. And then He slowly pushed it in it felt like my ass had riped apart I was in so much pain.When I felt his balls smashed against my ass cheeks I knew he was balls deep inside my virgin ass. And he kept it there for what seemed like ever. After awhile he slowly pulled out some and then back in. The pain started going away. And it was at that point I knew my life would never be the same. He fucked my white tight virgin little ass for what seemed like ever and it got so hard inside my ass. With one last ram he shot a huge load of cum deep inside me. and I was in heaven. He said now My friends are gonna fuck you too. He was holding me down for the next guy and I told him he didn’t have to I would let them fuck me without a fight. And he said good little bitch. I got up on my hands and knees and the next ardahan escort guy got behind me. and stuffed that big beautiful black cock inside me. It felt so good. I looked up at the other and told him I wanted to suck his cock while his buddy fucked me. and he got down in front of me and I sucked his cocklike the starving little white fuck toy that I was. While his friend assaulted my sore asshole with his wonderful black cock. But the time I was done all three of them had fucked me and shot they’re loads deep in my asshole. And the first guy even came again in my mouth. I walked in that shower a Straight white guy that was 18. I walked out a white feminine black mans fuck toy. And knew that I had found what I had been missing all my life.After that I couldn’t get enough black cock. And my new friends help supply many for me to have. When I got out I continued with my craving for Black cock. White men no matter what size they’re cocks are cannot fuck like a black man. Black men are dominant and sexy as fuck. And have made me realize that I may have a dick but I’m truly a women. My dick is just a large clit. And my ass and mouth were made to serve a black mans cock.Any white man that feels he is lacking something in his life should find a black man to fuck him just one time. And I guarentee that Once you’ve been fucked by a big black cock you will feel complete and will want it again and again. You will not be able to get enough. And there are plenty of black men out there that like nothing more than a juicy white ass to fuck

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