What are friends for !


What are friends for !Well my buddy and I hooked up again but for the last time… When I arrived at his place to help him with his computer. as I was working on the problum another one arose. as he stood next to me his crotch was close to my face so close I can smell the musky smell from him. so raw and sexual as I was waiting for the program to load my wanting his cock was loading also. after a few min. as he watched what I was doing I reached out and reached up his shorts and rubbed his soft cock. he took a deep breath but didn’t kaş escort move away, he just stood there and let me play with it. in a short amount of time his cock grew hard and I told him to pull his shorts off. He said the last time he didn’t feel to comfortable stroking my cock but love the blow job… so I told him not to worries I will take care of him but he had to watch me jack off afterwards. He agreed so I got up out of the chair and he pulled off his shorts and sat down his now semi hard cock inches away from my face. escort kaş I too took off my shorts and rubbed my cock as I took him into my mouth. he started looking at lesb. videos on the internet as I swallowed his cock he said if I waited 30 mins after he shoot his load he would be able too do it again. Well I was slow sucking his cock he started moving his hips to meet my thrusts in about ten mins he blew his load into my mouth. savoring it I didn’t swallow it I sucked his cock with his cum in my mouth for a few more mins and swallowed kaş escort bayan and licked him clean… then I joined him watching porn… about 20 mins of rubbing his cock slowly he was hard again and I was cum hungry and went for it again… but this time after a few min’s he stood up grabbed a hold of my head and fucked my mouth for all it was worth sometime’s I could not breath he was so deep in my mouth and finally slams his cock back into the back of my throat groaning very load I never even got to taste it.. it was gone. A few days later he told me what we were doing wasn’t right and it can’t happen again. and now he’s moving to far to hook up even if he changes his mind. So now I guess I need to find another cock to Suck.. !

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