Trip to Rio PT3 Gay


Trip to Rio PT3 GayA few minutes later Jenny and I were kissing tenderly on the bed while the shower came on in the bathroom. I looked into Jenny’s blue eyes and she looked seductively back at me as we held each other. She was still wet with sweat from the exertions of Carlos’ vigorous fucking, her dirty blonde hair sticking to her forehead, making her sexier. I was also flushed from the sexual exhilaration of what just happened.”Did you like that baby,” she asked, biting my nose and lower lip. “Wasn’t that so hot?” she kept asking between kisses while we caressed each other. I moaned back while kissing her. Our tongues wrestled. I could still taste him on her and I got so hard again.”Hmmm…I think I need a bath too,” she said. “Do you think…” she looked seductively at the bathroom door as we heard the water splash. “Do you think…I should go in there right now?” she asked, kissing me and biting my lip. I kissed her neck,”If you like…” I answered, raising an eyebrow. She looked straight into my eyes with a seductive smirk.”I think you like it baby,” she responded, and slightly stroked my hard dick under the covers. “Maybe you like it more than I do,” she added, giggling. I kissed her neck again.”Go,” I whispered.She kissed my lips again, seductively. I felt her smooth, firm, tan body and fiddled with her navel ring. Jenny never broke eye contact with me, and I looked into her smoky, seductive blue eyes as she got up from the bed. I then watched her lithe, elegant dancer’s body sway seductively as she walked to the bathroom. Her beautiful ass on display swaying right and left, I knew she was teasing me. My dick twitched as I knew Carlos was about to hit that ass again in the showers. She turned her head and blew me a kiss as she walked into the bathroom and I heard the door click.Sure enough about ten minutes later I started to hear Jenny’s sultry, desperate moans from the bathroom, over the sound of the shower. Her moans got progressively louder. I jerked off as I heard this Brazilian stud put it to my girlfriend again, this time just to the sounds. Jenny got very vocal,”Take it! Take that white pussy! Its yours! Own me! Fuck!” she kept up a stream of dirty talking. I jerked off as I heard her yell, “Fuck …I’m cumming! Cum inside me! Cum inside…” She trailed off with another whimpering moan. I almost came myself, but decided not to. I had a feeling this was going to be a long night.I got up and walked to the kitchen sink and threw water on my face. I toweled off and looked at myself in a body length mirror in the living room. I liked what I saw. While I didn’t have as much muscle as Carlos, I was well-toned and proportioned. Girls had always liked my body, and Jenny frequently told me she found it sexy. I had a handsome, boyish face and messy blond hair. I admired myself in the mirror and stretched lazily. Then I heard the bathroom door open.I could immediately see it was Carlos. His dark, tan body shone with a glow in the dim lights. He was slightly wet still, and the droplets of water on his skin made him look incredible. He looked like he was sculpted out of marble. I was mesmerized by his eight-pack abs and how powerful his legs and hips seemed. He was holding a towel that contrasted nicely with his bronzed skin. I watched, my dick hardening again, as Carlos sauntered around, his thick cock, that had been the growing obsession of myself and Jenny, swinging slightly against his thighs. He stopped at the bar area and gulped down a small bottle of water. I sat on an armchair.Carlos turned to face me. He wasn’t too far away. He was just casually toweling off.”So did you enjoy that?” he asked matter of factly. I watched as he toweled off his powerful defined biceps and chest.”Yeah, that was pretty hot,” I answered, looking at his handsome face.He looked like a more tan young Marlon Brando, maybe with darker eyes and lips, and quite Italian. I checked out the silver chain glistening on his broad chest. I know he could see I kept stealing glances at his thick cock. He was soft now but I knew just how hard it could get. Or I thought I did. My dick twitched watching him towel off, which he did in a very manly way, like he did everything.”Did you enjoy watching or listening?” he asked. He smirked and was teasing me. He seems to have been very familiar with the feeling of talking to a guy right after he had cum inside his girlfriend’s pussy though, and enjoyed it for all it was worth.”Both,” I answered.”She’s a pretty good fuck. Thanks for the intro,” Carlos said. He knew the power he had over me and that he was toying with me. I kept running my eyes over his incredible body and I guess he noticed. He dropped the towel at his feet. “Why don’t you come here and help me get dry,” he said.I wasted no time. I was at Carlos’ feet and picked up the towel as he towered above me. Although not too much taller than me, I felt weak in front of him. Part of it was the sexual power he had over me, part the fact that I was feeling submissive to this guy who had just fucked Jenny. But the other part was just his presence. Being this close to him, his body radiated heat and this combined with the smell of the soap and a faint masculine scent that was all intoxicating. And there was something else. Fear. I was physically afraid of him and for some reason this made my attraction to him even more intense. His body wasn’t just for show. I remembered how easily he could pound another fighter into the ground. He was an expert fighter, and I felt this was connected to being a sexual champion. He could break me in half, but he didn’t need to. I had submitted to him just because of his body, his attitude.I felt the rock-hard slabs of muscle as I ran the towel over his powerful shoulders, chest, and abs. He just stood there staring at me, staring me down. Then he turned around, expecting me to do his back. I toweled off his upper back, which seemed almost to be made of marble, every muscle perfectly proportioned and defined. I felt again his shoulders and traps. Then, in a familiar pose in front of this stud I sank to my knees to dry off his lower back, his steel-like glutes and his powerful hamstrings and calves. My dick was rock-hard as I was toweling him off and worshiping his awesome body. Even his calves, only sparsely covered with hair, were well-formed and seemed to shine in the dim light of the room. Then he did something that surprised me. Carlos slightly leaned forward, putting one hand on the wall in front of him for support.”You know what bursa escort to do, Tom.”And I did. I leaned forward, dropping the towel to the floor. I licked the smooth sides of his muscular ass. I put my hands on his powerful glutes for support feeling the incredible firmness in his muscles, and yet the smooth, sleek skin, and lightly teased his ass with my tongue. He said nothing, just standing there, accepting my submission to him. This was the most total submission, or so I thought. Here I was kissing this guy’s ass, literally. After licking a few times I started to French kiss his ass. The heat coming from his powerful, muscular body, the faint smell of soap, the taste of his sweat all combined again to drive me wild with lust and with devotion. What he was making me do made me feel in total awe of him.After nonchalantly letting me lovingly make out with his ass for a few minutes, Carlos turned around. His dick stood upright and hard in front of me, maybe about ten thick inches of hard Brazilian cock bobbing aggressively in front of my face. It jutted out like a weapon from his athletic, muscular hips, and I was mesmerized also by his heavy balls hanging below his perfectly proportioned physique. I looked up at him and he looked down into my eyes with a glance of contempt and lust, as I looked back into his eyes with submission, lust, and fear. He casually placed one hand on the top of my head and pulled me forward on his long, thick, brown dick sliding it into my throat in one glide.He then grabbed both sides of my head and started to roughly fuck my throat. Carlos didn’t waste any time and I could tell he was enjoying dominating me, my licking his ass having driven him into high gear. I eagerly accepted his throatfucking volleys, battering my throat so that I could hear myself gurgle, “ugh ugh ugh” repeatedly on his powerful cock. I drooled all over my chest as he fucked my mouth on his cock, grabbing me first by the sides of my head, then by my ears.Then Carlos suddenly stopped. He let me pull back and I breathed in and choked. I heard him chuckling. I grabbed his strong legs for support, and again my dick twitched just at feeling the power in his muscles. I briefly ran my hands on his shins and calves, feeling the powerful muscles there and the sparse hairs. Carlos grabbed the back of my head by the hair. This forced me to look up into his handsome face. His deep brown eyes were staring right into mine and I could tell what he wanted: I opened my mouth again and submissively stuck my tongue out. This Brazilian jock then proceeded to slap my tongue with his heavy, thick cock, making loud slaps, and to just slap my face with it.”That’s it. Take it pussyboy. You fucking little bitch. I fuck your girl, you lick my ass, you suck my dick. You fucking asslicker. You look good on your knees,” his words drove me wild with lust. I heard myself moan, feeling the amazing power in his muscular thighs. He chuckled. “That’s it bitchboy. Moan for my dick. Go ahead whiteboy. Beat your faggy pink dick while I beat my big cock on your pussy face. Gonna put it to you for real today, fag. Let’s show your girl just how much I own you, Tom.”Carlos then ordered me to suck his dick again, which, of course, I did. I slobbered all over his very thick weapon of a cock while he looked down at me contemptuously. We both knew Jenny was about to come out of the bathroom and I guess he wanted her to see this scene. I could only imagine how it would look to her, or anyone, who was there to see what was going on. Carlos, standing up, relaxed, powerful, free, his thick cock jutting out in my apartment while I was on my knees, servile, looking up at him worshipfully, worshiping his dick, my lips obscenely stretched out around it. Rather than upset me the image of how it must have looked only made me even more eager to please him and to submit to him. And that is how Jenny saw both of us when she came out, also toweling herself. Her boyfriend on his knees, his mouth stretched out by her athletic Brazilian stud’s big brown cock.I heard a squeal and then an excited chuckled and patter of feet as Jenny walked up to us. I never stopped sucking Carlos’ cock though, as he just lazily but dominantly rested a hand on my head, patting me like a puppy for Jenny to see.”Guuys…don’t start without me,” she squealed as she came up to his right. She came up behind his right shoulder, put her arms around him and looked down at me sucking Carlos’ big dick.”Don’t worry babe,” he said. “Tom here’s just being a good boyfriend to you,” Carlos said, emphasizing boy-“Hmmm, I can see that,” Jenny said teasingly. She reached over and ruffled my hair as I was going down her stud’s cock. “He’s being a very good boyfriend…” Then she moaned. “Oh my god this is sooo hot…” she trailed off and started to make out with Carlos. Carlos just unceremoniously grabbed her pussy and fondled it. Here I was, in my own apartment, slobbering over a Brazilian fighter’s cock while he grabbed my girl’s pussy and roughly made out with her. And this only made me want to submit to him even more.”That’s it baby,” Jenny said to me. “Suck Carlos’ cock…be a good boy and he won’t kick your little white ass,” she trailed off laughing. She was joking, but I’m not sure it was really a joke as Carlos continued lazily letting me pay tribute to his weapon. We all knew he could snap me in three. Images of his bloody victory in the ring flashed through my head and, I think, through Jenny’s as well, as the room became silent with lust. I sucked Carlos’ dick as Jenny caressed his broad, athletic muscular chest and played with the silver chain resting there. “That’s it, Tom,” Jenny repeated, but this time more silent, full of lust. “Get that dick rock-hard…” She trailed off again.I thought I was getting that cock rock-hard for Jenny. Little did I know Carlos had other plans in mind. Grabbing me by the hair, he slowly he drew me off his cock. I was so addicted to it that when he drew me off there was a loud suction sound and both he and Jenny giggled. Then, still grabbing me by the hair, Carlos lifted me up from my knees. He never let go of my hair but basically used the leverage to manhandle me on to my bed on my back. I didn’t resist, I would have gladly done what he wanted, but I think he enjoyed the light wrestling.In a few athletic moves, Carlos had placed me on my back and placed my heels on his powerful shoulders, leaving my ass exposed. I thought about resisting, it ran through my mind. But I was too bursa escort bayan stunned to react, and also too turned on. I also knew by now that wanted Carlos wanted, Carlos got. There was no way I could resist him even if I wanted. Carlos leaned over me, placing two fists by the sides of my head for support. He looked right into my eyes,”Y-You’re not planning to…” I trailed off. “What are you doing, Carlos,” I asked, weakly. I heard Jenny chuckle. I looked over and she was now on the bed next to us, on her haunches, languidly watching us.”I’m gonna fuck you now, Tom. Just like I did your girlfriend. And you’re going to love it, just like you loved my dick down your throat the first day we met.” His remark drew an audible surprise from Jenny. She didn’t know about our first encounter. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I’ll make you the happiest girl alive. This is what I do, Tom. Relax. I fuck girls. I fuck their boyfriends, if they’re good looking enough. I won’t lie, it’s gonna hurt, but soon you’ll love it. I’m about to show you just how much of a pussy you really are. You’re about to get owned right in front of your girl, whiteboy,” Carlos said.He reared back on his knees, towering above me. His words had penetrated my skull. I should have resisted but couldn’t, both his body and his words had put us in a trance. Both Jenny and I gasped when he revealed again his perfectly muscled body, his eightpack, I loved watching the muscles play under his lithe, bronzed skin, covered lightly by sweat. I loved the masculine smell coming from him. I was mesmerized as he now carefully lined up his cock and it found its target. I felt Carlos begin to probe my entrance with his cock, lubed only by my spit from worshiping him earlier.”Relax your pussy, Tom. When I push in, push out. Be a good girl and it will hurt less,” he said still looking down to where he was making contact. I heard Jenny chuckle and felt her fingers in my hair. I decided to try to calm my body and do what he said.Carlos leaned back over, my feet on his shoulders, basically folding me in half. He grabbed my wrists and put them over my head. Looking straight into my eyes I felt his hips move forward as he punched into me, opening my ass up wider than it had ever been. The pain was amazing and I was stunned more than anything else. Breathless at first, I managed, “Oh my god Carlos…take it out…” And trailed off.But Carlos wasn’t having any of that. He leaned over and kept me pinned down. I was absorbed by his stare, it kept me mesmerized. It was like a hunter inspecting his prey. He looked magnificent as he slowly inched his impossibly thick cock up my ass. I could tell he was amused and enjoying looking at me deal with his penetration and the change from resistance to submission to enjoying his cock. I was moaning already. His cock slowly inching its way into my ass, busting me wide open, was incredibly painful at first and took the wind out of me.But it was also the most erotic experience I’d ever had. That Jenny was there to witness my submission to this tough MMA fighter only made the whole thing even hotter somehow. As Carlos stared right into me while his cock turned me into his pussyboy I remembered again his fight night. It seemed like fucking was only another way he had of physically subduing a man. In this case he was going to beat me up with his cock. My submission to him felt incredibly erotic, knowing just how violent he could be. I looked down between us to see his muscular, sweaty abs and chest, with the silver necklace hanging as he still thrust the last few inches of his cock into my ass.Soon it was done. His hips slapped my ass and I could feel his trimmed pubes up against my asscheeks as he had totally impaled me on his long, thick cock.”Now get ready for a wild ride, faggot. I’m about to show you what it’s like to get FUCKED!”And he set about doing just that. While he had been careful and slow in opening me up, and then waited half a minute for me to adjust, Carlos was far more merciless on what followed. At first he went slow. He withdrew his cock up to the tip and then thrust it back in. The first time gently, but progressively with more force. He kept going slow but the in-thrust was getting more and more brutal. This had the effect of reducing me to a mess of sensations and moaning. On the out-thrust the feeling was decadent, left me feeling powerless, and drew a moan out of me. On the in-thurst, always more brutal, a high-pitched yelp, of pain and pleasure.I had forgotten about Jenny who was apparently watching in awe and silence. Carlos’ body, his muscles, his huge cock up my ass, and his handsome face and eyes above me had me totally absorbed and mesmerized.Soon he had sped up and was fucking into me like a cheap whore on my own bed. The bed was moving violently, slamming against the wall as Carlos fucked my brains out. He had the physicality of a warrior and athlete, which I had witnessed the day before in the ring, and he was now putting it to good use fucking me into submission. He said nothing but he was, as he put it, owning me.But pretty soon Carlos reared back again, let my legs fall off his shoulders and pulled out. I noticed my dick had gotten rock-hard from his brutal fucking. I wanted him to continue, but was too out of it and stunned to say anything. I didn’t need to. With a few athletic moves, Carlos grabbed me by the hips and body and manhandled and twisted me until I was on my belly.SLAP! SLAP!I yelped as Carlos slapped my ass twice, pretty hard. Jenny chuckled.”Looks like fun,” she said. Carlos chuckled back.I was sure there’d be red marks there. Jenny laughed as he did this. Carlos told her to throw him a pillow. He raised me up and told me to put the pillow under, leaving my ass up slightly for him. Jenny was in front of me, naked, and had clearly enjoyed the whole scene. I raised myself up on my elbows to look into her eyes. We locked our eyes as I felt the heat from Carlos’ powerful body radiate above me as he was preparing to mount me again.”You ready to become my pussy again, Tom? Here goes!”Sure enough, with my ass exposed for the taking, it was easier for him to work his cock back in, but for me it was still a shock. He worked his ten-inch cock back into me slowly, all the while as I was staring into Jenny’s eyes. She grabbed my head lovingly and kissed my lips as this Brazilian stud took me up the ass again. We had previously been in the opposite position, with me looking at her as he fucked her lights out. escort bursa Now she was the one admiring the scene as Carlos set to turning my ass into another pussy for him to conquer.I was expecting another rough fucking but Carlos took it slow at first. He slowly went in and slowly went out, smoothly fucking all resistance out of my mind and body. The feeling of Carlos fucking me up the ass was incredible and I heard myself moaning like a girl as his cock moved in and out. I could feel his sweat dripping on me and felt him lightly bite at the back of my neck. I was in sensory overload as I looked into Jenny’s eyes.”Hmm…you like that baby? Doesn’t it feel amazing? Doesn’t that big cock feel just so good in your tight little hole?”I moaned back incoherently.”Yees! That’s it Tom…you’re so cute right now. Wish you could see yourself…that’s it…give in…” she leaned over and we started sensuously making out while Carlos was fucking me from behind, and now increasing the pace. Jenny noticed that change. Frankly I never knew she was such a dirty talker.”That’s so hot Carlos. That’s it do it! Fuck my boyfriend! Fuck! Your big cock looks so hot pounding his tight little ass! Tommy, Carlos’ cock looks soo good up your pink hole. Fuck my cute boyfriend hard, Carlos!”He had his own pace though. Mostly ignoring her, he went slow, but then, as he got more excited, he started to pick up the pace. His cock pistoning in and out of my ass felt amazing. I suddenly felt his hand on the back of my neck and he pushed my head down into the mattress, I turned my face as my head hit the bed. I felt him support himself on my head with one hand as he really went to town on me. His violent pounding as he pinned my head down almost made me cum and left me an incoherent, moaning mess.Soon he pulled me up on my hands and knees, spit a few times on his cock, and started to take me doggystyle. This position must have excited him too because he increased his pounding. Every few thrusts he’d also slap my ass. I was an incoherent mess now, moaning as this Brazilian stud made me his bitch, longdicking me in front of my girlfriend. His cock in my ass felt amazing but never lost the slight edge of pain. It was a weapon which reminded me of his immense physical power. He alternated between firmly grabbing my hips while pounding into me, and slapping my ass possessively. Jenny all the while cheered him on, encouraging this sexual warrior to fuck her boyfriend silly.Carlos then grabbed me by the hair and yanked my head backwards. This forced my body to arch to give him even better access. I felt him pull back and exit all the way, and then plunge back in. He did this several times, holding me by the hair. He kept impaling and impaling me on his powerful cock, forcing a loud, high-pitched yelp every time he speared me again.”That’s it, pussyboy! Yelp like a bitch. How do you like getting punked in front of your girlfriend, whiteboy? Take my cock, faggot. That’s it! Keep it tight as I pull out…work my meat, you little pussy. Fuck yes. White pussyboy,” Carlos kept up a stream of trashtalk as he mastered my body. I could faintly register Jenny furiously playing with herself as Carlos took me down in the ultimate way a man can do to another.Carlos twisted my head to the left so I could see us in the mirror. The scene was shocking, but hot. Me on all fours as he banged me from behind while grabbing me by the hair. One perfectly muscled brown, bronzed-skinned Adonis pounding a toned, lithe blond guy from behind, spearing his ass repeatedly with his big dick. His body looked graceful and magnificent in action as his torso twisted to spear my pussy again and again with his big dick, probing me at different angles. While my girlfriend watched, entranced, fingering herself. The sight of this, and the feelings of Carlos repeatedly claiming my pussy was bringing me to the edge,”Fuck…Carlos…I’m gonna cum. Fuck…Jenny…Carlos’ fucking me is gonna make me cum…oh shit…””Not yet faggot. You cum only after I do. I’m almost there buddy. This is it. I’m gonna breed your tight little white pussy, just like I did your girlfriend’s. You’re about to turn from jock to pussyboy. Gonna make you into another one of my pussies to come into. Fuck yes. You’ll always know who owns you after today, faggot!”Carlos kept pounding me as I did my best to hold off shooting. I wanted it. I wanted him to cum inside me. And I was about to get what I wanted.”Here it comes! Take it bitch! Take my cum up your pussy!”Carlos yelled in conquest as he bent over me, putting one muscular arm around my neck. The sensation overload of his thick cock exploding inside me, his penetrating words and the whole scene made me shoot without touching myself. Images again of his fight victory flashed in my head as I came, his graceful fighter’s body in action. I moaned like a bitch coming on my bed while Carlos came inside my pussy, seeding me in front of my girlfriend, as he had done so many times to her in front of me.He had long let go of my hair so now I let my head droop in exhaustion, both of us panting with exertion, as I supported both of us up on all fours. He was resting his body on top of mine and I could feel his slabs of muscle, sweaty, panting on top of me. “Guys…that was SO fucking hot.” said Jenny, trailing off.Carlos said nothing. After a minute or so of resting on top of me, his cock deflating but still inside me, I felt him push back and then push off. I fell to the side and then rolled on my back on the bed, a complete mess. I reached down and felt my ass stretched out and Carlos’ cum was everywhere. I glanced in his direction while Jenny held my head with intimacy. He was standing, looking flushed and magnificent while sweaty, every muscle on display, and panting.”Hope you enjoyed the show, Jenny. Your boyfriend is one good fuck. Now you know what it’s like to be a pussy, Tom. I busted your cherry wide open and you’re gonna remember it. You’re gonna know I’m the man who made you into the pussy you are.”We both looked languidly as Carlos walked to the bathroom, every muscle in his back on display. We heard the shower come on and started to make out. There was only sultry lust in Jenny’s eyes.That trip ended up pretty much the way you’d expect. Both Jenny and I took Carlos’ cock in every position and every combination he could think of. And he could get creative. We frequently sucked and shared his big, virile brown cock together. We took turns licking his muscular, smooth ass while the other sucked his cock. She watched him fuck me and come inside me or on my face several more times. He loved to show off. And I watched him pump her pussy full of potent cum more times than I could count, cheering him on to knock her up.

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