The Wild Ride


Eliza stepped out of the cool, air conditioned terminal and into the sticky, humid early evening. The moisture in the air nearly took her breath away. She could feel the perspiration building on her brow, not sure whether it was from the temperature or the thought of things to come.

Eliza had never been to New Orleans but had always wanted to visit, take in the extraordinary architecture, enjoy the amazing cuisine, drink herself to oblivion. Luther had told her about a trip he had taken to the city and the wild time he had had. He had described the entire city as “absolutely debaucherous”. There seemed no better place for this weekend than a land of “absolute debauchery”.

Pulling her phone from her bag, Eliza checked the time. She was surprised to see that it was earlier than she had anticipated. They must have made great time on the flight down. Luther was not supposed to be there to pick her up for another 20 minutes. She shot him a quick message- Flight arrived early, see you soon. she fired off a second text to her husband- Plane landed, heading to the hotel to catch a nap. Love you, and decided to sit and read while she waited.

Trying as she might, Eliza was not able to get her mind into the book. With every word she read her mind began to wander. Anticipation of this weekend had been dreadful and now here she was. Waiting for him. Waiting for the weekend that she had once told him would never happen. She could remember the exact conversation.

Luther: When we have our first go ’round it will be like the irresistible force and the immovable object.

Eliza: Don’t you think you are getting a little ahead of yourself? I don’t do that.

Luther: But the fantasy of thinking it through is delicious.

And it was delicious. So delicious that conversation had planted a seed in Eliza’s mind that had grown beyond her control.

So much preparation had gone into this weekend. Between the travel, the lying, the primping Eliza was exhausted. She was not sure exactly that the weekend would have in store for her. A vague idea, yes, but so many possibilited hung Lara Travesti in the thick air that it was hard to get her mind around them all. She was positive of one thing, exhausted as she was, there would be time for sleep later. As soon as Luther arrived, she had plans for him.

Eliza managed to sink into her book. Though she hated to admit it, she was a huge fan of trashy novels. Living vicariously through the characters in the books was an escape that she so enjoyed. She giggled to herself that this weekend was hopefully going to end up like one of those novels. Eliza was losing herself in the book when she felt an odd presence, like she was being watched. Looking up slowly from her book she grinned. Pulling up to the curb was Shelby, a Kona Blue Mustang GT500. She recognized the fine piece of machinery from the pictures Luther had sent her. She was as beautiful as Eliza had expected. Eliza stared at the passenger window, unable to see through the dark tint, but knowing that Luther’s eyes were on her. A shiver went down her spine. The window slowly rolled down. Luther sat leaned back in the driver’s seat, flashed a grin and revved the engine.

“Excuse me ma’am, but are you looking for a ride?”

His lips curled into a devilish smile as the word “ride” rolled from his tongue.

Eliza stood slowly, gathering her bag and putting on her best sultry smile. She strode slowly toward the car, swishing her hips from side to side. The engine revved again. She reached the passenger window and leaned down, making sure that she gave Luther a mouth watering view of her cleavage.

“I am looking for a ride” she purred, pressing her large breasts together “but only if it is fast and hard.”

Luther leaned back further in his seat, slightly adjusting his jeans. Eliza smirked at the obvious gesture and the obvious bulge in his pants. Opening the door she tossed her bag in the back seat and sank into the plush leather seat.

“I told you I would make you scream in that seat, right?” asked Luther.

Eliza laughed nervously. “Yes you did.” she managed in barely Manavgat travesti a whisper.

Luther shifted the car and slammed on the gas, tossing Eliza back in her seat and eliciting a slight squeal from her.

“I would hardly consider that a scream.” Luther teased.

Eliza smiled nervously, her heart pounding in her chest. As they left the airport and headed towards the open road Luther shifted gears, the power of the car coursing though Eliza’s body.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” Luther asked over the roar of the engine.

Eliza could not help but wonder if he meant the drive or everything else.

“I am beyond ready.” she laughed.

Once on the open road Luther opened Shelby up. Eliza was astounded at the power and speed. It was both exhilarating and terrifying. Watching Luther handle the beautiful car was making Eliza feel warm all over. Danger had always been a turn on and the way that Luther was driving was as dangerous as it was sexy. Eliza looked at Luther’s face. His eyes were glued to the road and he had a silly grin on his lips.

“I like the way you handle her.” Eliza said, leaning in closer to the driver’s seat.

Giggling, Eliza teased “You know your way around a stick.”

Luther smirked. “I have a feeling you do to.”

Eliza placed her hand on Luther’s thigh, squeezing firmly, her hand slightly grazing Luther’s cock and feeling its hardness. Luther let up on the gas, done showing off what Shelby could do. He looked over at Eliza quickly and mouthed “Tease” then took her hand and placed it directly on his hard cock. Eliza ran her hand slowly up and down the large bulge in Luther’s pants.

“You want me to show you how well I handle a stick?” she whispered in Luther’s ear, running her tongue slowly down his neck. “Mmmhmm” Luther moaned.

Taking her hand from Luther’s crotch Eliza unbuckled her seat belt, kicked off her shoes and climbed up into the passenger seat on her knees. The leather was so soft under her bare knees.

Eliza ran her hand over Luther’s bulge and breathed into his ear “I Side travesti am going to show you just how well I handle a stick.”

She unbuttoned Luther’s pants and slowly unzipped his fly, reaching into his boxers and freeing his hard cock.

“Such a big stick too.” Eliza moaned.

She slid her hand down the shaft, very pleased at the thickness. In one swift movement she brought her mouth to the tip of his cock and let the thick purple head slide between her soft lips. Luther leaned further back in the seat, the touch of Eliza’s lips sending a shockwave through his body. He moaned softly. The sound of his moaning spurred Eliza on. Swirling her tongue around the head of his cock before sliding her wet mouth down the length of Luther’s rock hard shaft. Eliza slid her mouth from his cock, stroking it and licking her lips at the sight of a drop of precum coming to the tip. She ran her tongue over the head, tasting the sweet saltiness of him. Luther shifted his hips, forcing his cock back between her lips. Eliza chocked slightly, taken off guard by the sudden feeling of the thick cock at the back of her throat.

“Almost there” moaned Luther.

Eliza sucked and slurped his cock harder and faster. Gripping the base tightly with her hand she slid the head of his cock swiftly in and our of her mouth. Grinding his hips against her Luther pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. Baring her teeth she gently raked then up and down his shaft.

Luther panted “That’s a good girl.”

His hips picked up rhythm and Eliza felt his body tense. She slid him as deep as she could and gripped the base of his shaft hard. Luther moaned loudly and his body shuddered as the first thick rope of cum shot down Eliza’s throat. “Yeah…Yeah…Fuck yea” Luther groaned through gritted teeth.

A second rope of cum exploded onto Eliza’s tongue. The taste was divine. Eliza slowed her mouth, sucking gently, softly, milking Luther for every bit he had to give her. Luther cleared his throat. Eliza looked up at him, his spent cock slipping from her pink lips. The car was still. They had stopped moving.

“We are here.” Luther chuckled with an evil grin.

Sitting back in the seat Eliza looked up to see the valet waiting at the door of the car and shrieked.

“I told you I would make you scream in that seat.” whispered Luther, a smug look on his face.

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