The Very Naughty Girl


I have only known her a week, yet after having met her in one of the areas most popular nightclubs, I can’t get her out of my head. As I sit here at my desk remembering that Friday night, I am still in awe. She was sitting at a table in one of the many rooms of the club, with a little skinny blonde, and they seemed to be having a heated discussion. As I walked up the stairs I saw her, striking red hair, with blonde streaks, a pretty innocent face, kissable lips, but eyes that said, “If you think I’m sweet and innocent, you have another thing coming.”

She was wearing simple clothes, nothing that said, “come over big boy”: simple jeans, and a blue shirt that simply said ‘Porn Star”. Her hair was in a ponytail and she had no makeup on, odd in a meat market like that. The other one, well, she was wearing more make-up than I thought you could cake on, but the red hair, she was stunning, simply fuckable (possible keeper).

I sat here at my desk remembering how I had just gone up to her and started talking, not meaning to interrupt, but wanting to talk to this woman with such an appeal. I still don’t know where I dug up the Nerve to talk to this Earthly Goddess, but I did, and I am still in a wave of shock and happiness over it. She looked up, and in one graceful move asked me to sit down, and her friend smiled and said she would talk to her later. I introduced myself as Jason, her name was Holly, something sweet to go with the face, and she was 22, single, and had been in a argument about a date she had been on with her friend and her other roommate.

I came to find out that it had been a blind date, and the one who was supposedly hers had decided to go with the blonde that she had been sitting with, and she wasn’t mad, but disappointed and a little down about it. I told her that he was an idiot for choosing the blonde. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen (thinking to myself). She laughed, and said, “Well, you haven’t seen my big ass walking around, most people like little girls like Jennifer.” Later I found out that Jennifer was her roommate along with a brunette named Sarah.

After twenty minutes Üçyol travesti of chatting, I was still charmed by her grace and her tendency to laugh freely, and even more shocked when she stood up and I could look at her at whole. She wasn’t a thin model, the type you see on porn sites, or in magazines, she was voluptuous, and statuesque. She was shorter than me but she had a perfect shape. Classic curves, wide hips, a rounded pooch, the kind of thing that most women that don’t have it obsessed about. She had a small waist, not the smallest, but enough to look like an hourglass, and she had huge, round and perfect breasts. I was aroused when she got out of her seat to stand up.

I watched her as she went and hugged someone she knew and I thought, man, I would like to see myself with that ass in my hands and my cock buried inside her. Naughty me…. I had to think of something else to keep my cool. She came back and flashed a smile and grabbed my hand, cause she wanted to go back downstairs and see some of her friends, and she whispered in my ear that she found me interesting and didn’t want to let me go, and with that we went down the stairs.

The rest was a blur; we danced and went outside for some fresh air. Her roommates and their boys met up with us eventually and decided they wanted to leave and I didn’t want to let her go either, so, I told the blonde, Jennifer, that I would take Holly home, not to worry. We had kissed a little, I remember that much, and I also remember thinking that it would be a chaste kiss, but the unrestrained passion and pure sexuality that she exuded with that kisses made me hot, wanting to beg and pant for more. We walked around and she talked to friends, and hugged her guy friends, the more I noticed the raw sex that she exuded.

The way she walked and unconsciously swayed her hips, the way she held herself upright, like she owned the place, and I’m telling you, she did. She knew everyone, she was a Princess, she didn’t need to be crowned and have robes, she was just Royalty. And she knew it. I was completely charmed.

What happened next is still surreal to me. Alanya Travesti We went to her house and she amazingly lived near me. A large nice three-bedroom house that was a bit older than the rest of the town. Her roommates were still up and we sat there and talked with them for a while, and Jennifer gave Holly a look, and a silent communication happened that all women Posses, and they all went to bed, lucky for me, I was the only man that got to stay, the others got kicked out. Holly took my into her room…an odd mix of sophistication and college girl ideas.

What struck me was the leopard print bed that took precedence in her room. And the next thing I remember is I was on her bed, her straddling me, and I could instantly smell her arousal, warm, musky and heady, and I was hard again, painfully hard. All that was between us was our clothing, and the second I thought about having her naked, it seemed she knew what I wanted and was shirtless and there were those beautiful breasts, in my face, begging me to sucked, the nipples were huge and hard. I’m pretty sure here that they were hurting her, cause she begged me to suck her breasts. “Suck them!” she moaned.

She was whispering in my ear naughty things that I have never heard before from my ex wife. “I need to have your cock in me”, “Lick like that, yes, babe, grab my ass, I need to have you touch me.” I thought I couldn’t get any harder; I was wrong, cause I would have exploded in my pants hearing her breathy words. And with that the animal in me took over and her pants were down and my clothes were off, and all I wanted was to mount her and fuck her.

Than she said it, just as I was trying to gain control and make it last longer, she was telling me “if you don’t fuck my pussy, I will die, do you know how much I want it? How much I need your cock in me?”

I couldn’t hold out, those words pushed me and all I could do was shove my cock into that perfectly shaved muff, and I pounded that sweet gush, like an animal. I could have died right there and gone straight to heaven. I felt the warmth of the soft skin around my cock. Feeling those Konyaaltı travesti shaved lips at the base of my cock, I went wild. I pushed harder, the headboard slammed against the wall. Her moist breathe in my ear, I almost blew my cum right there, but I wanted her to cum.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I get off on her getting off, and that is when I felt that hot pussy clamp down on me, she lifted her hips higher to force more of me into her, and I could feel her cervix every time I slammed into her.

I looked at her face, she was in bliss, and the words on her lips were, “Fuck me, that’s right, give it to, HARDER! HARDER!” she moaned. I took all of me out and slammed into her, I could feel my hipbones nail her thighs, those warm, soft creamy thighs to go with that shaved pussy and those beautiful breasts. She opened her eyes and all of a sudden she wanted it on her hands and knees, and flipped so fast I couldn’t believe how much she wanted it. I took my cock in hand and worked it in her pussy, and she turned around and looked at me and shook her head. She wanted it in her ass! I couldn’t believe my luck.

She said to me “I’ve been a very naughty girl, and I need to be punished, are you man enough?” That innocent look in her face and those naughty words, and I shoved my cock into her ass. She gasped, and her ass swallowed me whole. I couldn’t believe it. The tightness was incredible!

As I eased my cock in and out her ass, she would moan for it harder, and soon enough I was pounding her ass hard. I reached around to play with her clit, and her hand was already there, she was so close, and that little jewel was huge and throbbing under her hand. I was so turned on, she was so much wetter than she had been when I had been in her pussy, and I took over, I was so close, and I still wanted her to cum too, then, she tightened up, and I could feel her orgasm, wave after wave of pulsing on my cock, and as I felt her cum on my balls I came in her ass.

And without a word we fell asleep.

The next morning, I kissed her on the cheek, she being completely dead sleeping, I looked again at the body that had given me much pleasure the night before, and left my pager number by the bed, hoping she might call me sometime. I haven’t seen her since. But my pager just went off, and I heard her sultry voice on the message, “I’ve been a very naughty little girl, are you man enough?”

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