The sunflower field.


The sunflower field.This is a true story also and took place before the earthquakes in April 2009.It took place in a sunflower field near my home in Central Italia. I remember it well and also in the after days of it happening wrote about it on my HD.That is why it is quite detailed. I tend to write the memories and rate the places out of 10.We went for a picnic the weather was sunny but only a little warm. Its the best thing fields and fields of sunflowers and red poppies here in Toscana. I love them they are my favourite flowers. I had spent the morning preparing the food for our picnic. The champagne was nice. The bananas were yellow skinned. The strawberries were washed and sliced nice and thinly. The apples were uncored and sliced into rings. The peaches were ripe and juicy. The sandwiches were fresh and delicious. And the big blanket was nice and soft to sit on. Everything was perfect. We didnt need a lot for the picnic. I wore my favourite white cotton knee length dress and white flatsole sandals. I had pony tailed my hair. How my baby likes it best. I had my sunglasses and my little white back pack. And a huge smile on my face. We walked hand to the car got in and started the journey.It takes about 20 minutes to get to this field normally. But this day we needed to get something else from the supermarket. And the traffic`there was crazy with congestion. It was a right game to get there fast because every traffic light seemed to be red. And it seemed to take forever to change. Honking the horn as most italians do did no good what so ever. So patience was just to sit it out. But of course as sit it out you can guarantee it starts to get hot. The car starts to roast with the sun glaring through the windscreen and the hot starts to take effect on you.My honey looks so yum sat in the passenger seat and of course I was with lots of time to check him out hehhehehehehhee. We shuffled along in the queue of traffic. And then hit a road where could just about move every 20 minutes. It was the worse I ever knew. I wanted to get out of it but was stuck in the middle. So had to bear it. Andi decided it would be good to start looking at me in that way that he does. He smiles and it makes me crazy. I saw him check me out in the corner of my eye and when I looked at him he looked away grinning. I smiled and shook my head. Then sighed. The next time I caught him looking at me I stared intensly at him. This makes him melt. He gos bright red blushing. Hehehhee. Poor baby. nevşehir escort I licked my kips and looked ahead again. Then I just started to lose the plot. This car was cooking. Even with air conditioning. It was too hot. I found my hands wandering to my neck. Just to stroke the moisture of starting to perspire a little off my neck. My hands then got a mind of their own. I looked at my baby again and started to get quite distracted. I started to lose the concentration of driving and started to wonder how would be if got on top of him there and then in the middle of the road in the car. The traffic moved very slowly and my mind became more interested in what I was going to do in this picnic. We had all the nice food fruits and things but I was more interested in the fruits what wasnt in the basket. Hehhehee. My hand went down my body contour to reach across to him. I put only one finger in his mouth and gently played with his lips. He nibbled my finger gently and sucked just the first joint. Then I got it back. I looked at him and closed my eyes for just a second. Opening them and looking intensely at him. This sign is one he knows well. It means I want him. I want him badly. I always do it. And he can read it like a book. We drove on a little more. Then I decided to gently take his hand nearest me. (His left hand because my car is left hand drive. So my right hand would take his left hand). And I put it on my breast. On the outside of the dress. But on my breast. I let his hold it there. (The windows of the car arent totally clear glass so its like smoked and so not easy for those outside to see in easily). I then held gently the hand and moved it slowly down my body to my tummy and then I started to drive again slowly. At the next traffic light as the car stopped I leaned across and whispered “I am without panties honey”. Then looked at him and smiled. Raising my eyebrows. He laughed. I saw him look down at my legs. I think he was trying to see if was true. So the next traffic light we stopped I put his hand there. As I put his hand there his finger felt my delicious warm vagina without the panties. I shuffled my bum a little in the seat to make it better for his hand to be near there. Then drove again. As we were driving slowly his hand was making my mind race even more. I now had his fingers there where I wanted them and so I told him put them in a little.So because was driving soooooo slowly it was easy him to put them in until just past his finger escort nevşehir nail. Without distract my driving too much. However my mouth started to water. And my body started to get excited. But I was still driving. Slowly but surely we would arrive where we was heading for. I had to stay calm. But yummy sensations were taking my mind away.At the next traffic light I lost control. I couldnt take anymore non contact from me to him. So I leaned across and kissed him. Tempted to climb on him and have him there and then I presevered. We crawled around the corner to the next junction. The thing holding the traffic up suddenly turned off and went down this road and so we were able at last to start to really drive. Not at speed but over 2 kms per hour or whatever it had been until then. He had to take his finger and hands from between my legs then. But it didnt last long. We arrived finally about 2 hours after setting out to the sunflower field. Got out the car and grabbed the basket and blanket. I walked hand in hand with him smiling dancing around and generally feeling extremely happy. We got to the middle of the sunflower field and put the blanket down. All the sunflowers around us covered eyes from see us. It was perfect. I was hot. And I wanted him now. We kissed and then kneeled down. I sat in his arms. As we fed each other the sandwiches. Licking each others fingers. We opened the champagne. There was some icecubes in the ice bag of it. But they wasnt too huge. But they made the champagne cold. Just enough. As I fed him the fruit pieces I kissed him slowly. Taking various pieces back from his mouth with my lips and teeth. Its a very yum way to kiss. I love it. I took the fruit and then some of the peach juice ran down my chin as he fed it me. It ran down my chin and dripped into the dress between my breasts. So he decided to sit me in his lap and take the straps of the dress off my shoulders and start to lick the juice of the peach back up to my mouth from just above my breasts. So I helped him pull the dress down to my waist and then helped him unhook my bra. There he licked the juice that had got to there away. His mouth and tongue only needed a little motive to meet my skin. And I gave it. As he sucked my breasts and licked them I held my head back and climbed onto him. Without panties I rubbed my vagina on his thigh and felt his penis start to get excited. I kept rubbing him slowly. I made myself even more crazy for him. He kept feedng me nevşehir escort bayan peaches so they would continue juice run down my chin and fall there. My mouth was well and truly watering now. And my vagina was getting the same way. Hehhehe.So what did he do next?. He lay me back I lifted up my bum and gently pulled the dress off. My body just lay on the blanket and his mouth went to mine. We kissed a lot. Then his mouth and hands slowly strated to explore all my body. Head to toe. Sucking. Licking. Nibbling. Caressing. Tasting all of me. He junped my most wanting area to return later with a piece of strawberry. Where he inserted it gently just inside my vagina. There he licked up and down the lips and all over the area before nibbling gently the strawberry until he had ate it out of me. Then he did it with more. Until nearly all had gone. I then fed him some of the strawberries. And then proceeded to undress him. I ripped off his shirt and his trousers. Then his shorts. Then I just sat on him kissing him slowly. We had as long as we wanted and I wasnt going to rush it.Dusk fell and the field became dark. Just us there with perhaps some wild a****ls. Owls mice and that kind of things. I got the last fruit apples and gently placed them on his penis through the core hole. Like a hoop on a spike. Then I decided to nibble and lick each piece off his penis. As I nibbled and uncoovered his penis I licked it and kissed it. Until all the fruit had gone then I just devoured him. Slowly I sucked his penis for ages. And rode him all night we made love all night in the middle of the sunflower field. And it was heaven. So blissfully wonderful. It didnt rain. The sky was quite clear. And the stars shone romantically. It was the most wonderful night in the sunflower field ever. It was our first time there. We will probably do it there again of course. I am quite naughty. And it was so wonderful it has made those clothes I wore my favourite that have only accompanied me on my honeymoon this month. This dress and sandals are the only clothes I have brought with me. They are so special. And the sunflower field was a big impact on my new home designed with one inside it. Now we have a sunflower field in our home so dont need worry about drive slowly like that day. Memories like this are full in my head and my HD. Its a wonder my screen doesnt melt. Hehehehheheehhehehehehhee. My amore is the most wonderful person in the world. I love him with every heart beat. And am blissfully happy I got to marry him. Next story is going to be in a few days and will be about my honeymoon. This might get very hot. Im going to love my baby now while watch a film here.I hope my true stories make people happy. They made me happy remembering them.

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