The Pee Party


The Pee PartyFbailey storyAshley thought that she was so cool. She had cool friends and she hung out at the cool table during lunch. That was just a bunch of bullshit. They were just like the rest of us, only worse.Ashley was sixteen years old and I was fifteen years old.Ashley always hung out with her four best friends forever. Amanda, Anita, Abigail, and AnnMarie were also sixteen years old. They were all born in September too. They called themselves the five aces. I called them the five asses…but not to their faces. I could take my sister in a fair fight, but together they never fought fair, they only fought to win.Between Halloween and Thanksgiving Mom and Dad decided to go on a vacation without us k**s. Big mistake! Plane tickets were cheaper during the week than on weekends so as luck would have it they could leave on a Thursday and return two weeks later on a Wednesday. That gave them plenty of time for what they wanted to do. It also gave us two full weekends without them.Mom and Dad were gone before we got home from school so Ashley called the rest of her click and then ordered pizza for them and ordered me to my room. I overheard them planning and plotting. They were going to throw a party that Saturday starting at noon and ending, who knew when. I listened and heard them telling their boyfriends to get their hands on some booze and to be at my house by noon. It sure was strange listening to five different cell phone conversations at once.Well sure enough they arrived right on time loaded down with booze and ready to get shit faced.I took a little walk around the neighborhood. I saw Mrs. Brown taking her groceries out of her trunk and offered to help. While I was helping I was telling her that my parents were away for two weeks and that my sister invited a bunch of boys over to party. I told her someone should do something about it before someone got pregnant.I saw old man Wilson walking his dog and said something about all of the cars parked in front of our house.Then our neighbor called to me to come closer. She asked what the occasion was and I told her too.I had done my job so I slipped up to my bedroom and waited for the fireworks to start. You see in my neighborhood everyone knows what everyone else is doing, so word spread like wildfire.Neighbors were calling illegal bahis about the loud music. The police were called about all the cars. Even Dad called wondering what to hell Ashley was up too.The music was turned down, the boys moved their car back into their parent’s driveways, and Ashley was told in no uncertain words that there were to be no boys…other than me.By then the girls were pissed off and they started drinking. They played truth or dare like they always did. Someone got the bright idea to see who could pee the longest and the most. Soon there was a knock on my door. Ashley was asking me to come down and judge a peeing contest. I had to bring my stopwatch and a clipboard with me. I also got a measuring cup from the kitchen.AnnMarie was the first one to say, “I can’t pee in that. It flies all over the place.”I then got out a big stainless steel mixing bowl.AnnMarie really had to go so when I told her that as the judge I had to watch her pee so that she wouldn’t cheat, she agreed. She grabbed me and dragged me into the bathroom. She lifted the seat, placed the big bowl in the toilet, and then closed the seat down on it. She dropped her pants and her panties to her ankles and sat down. When she peed it sprayed all over the place. She spread her pussy open showing me six rings that were pierced through her inner pussy lips. They sent that stream out in a fine mist. Apparently all of the five Aces had them. But why six rings then? Simple a girl named April that had been a senior last year suggested it because she was going to become a certified piercing professional. She did all five girls but when it was her turn she quit the group, graduated, and went off to piercing college. No k**ding!One at a time the girls came in, dropped their pants and panties, and then peed for me. I kept track of how long and how much. When AnnMarie turned out to be the winner they wanted a rematch.Those girls drank booze, juice, and even water to get their bladders full. Then they waited and waited until they had stomachaches before going into the bathroom with me. I had to help my sister get her pants and panties down, then I removed them, saying that I had seen them all and that they had nothing more to hide from me. Ashley covered her breasts even though she was wearing a bra and a shirt. illegal bahis siteleri When she was finished she told me that I could fuck her if only I would let her win. I told her to remove her top and bra if she really wanted me to consider it. She let me remove them myself. The funny thing was that they all offered me the same thing, even AnnMarie and she had already won both categories. All five girls were nude when I suggested that instead of five or six small contests that I just keep a running score until midnight. Besides Anita and Abigail both had smaller bladders and peed more often. It was settled.That evening I got to see all five girls fully naked and I got to watch them pee too. As they got more drunk I convinced them that if I pinched their nipples while they peed, more would come out. I also convinced them that if I played with their clits while they peed more would come out. That worked great until I tried to get them to suck my cock while they peed. They seemed to know better.However, I did convince Amanda that if my cock was in her ass banging up against her bladder that more would come out. Actually she was already convinced. She was not a virgin and she had let her boyfriend butt-fuck her once. He hit her bladder and she had peed all over her bed, soaking into the mattress. She almost got caught and wouldn’t give him anal sex after that. But she gave it to me as long as she was over that big mixing bowl.I started asking questions of the girls when we were not in the bathroom. All five girls had given their virginity to their boyfriends although none of them were still with that boy. They all sucked cock but AnnMarie wouldn’t swallow. Only Amanda and my sister had done anal. Only AnnMarie had been fucked by a dog.I could write a book on what I had learned that night. In fact I had been writing it down on my clipboard. I had the names of every boy that had fucked them, including which holes too. I knew their bra sizes, cup sizes, and when their periods were due. I knew that they all Jill off, use dildos, and that they even sleep with their favorite dildo in them at night.At midnight I told them that I would add up the scores and tell them in the morning. Then I watched as they slipped their favorite dildo into their pussies and then put their canlı bahis siteleri panties back on.I went to bed with one hell of a hard-on.In the middle of the night I received a wonderful blowjob, the girl swallowed, and then left without a trace. I knew that it couldn’t be AnnMarie because she didn’t swallow. I slept soundly the rest of the night.When I came down the stairs the five girls were still topless wearing their blue jeans. I looked at them and asked, “Can I live if I tell you that it was a five-way tie?”My sister looked at the other girls and the mutual decision was that I could. However, each day after school they would meet at my house for one round…winner to be announced. Okay.Sunday night when we were all alone I asked my sister if she had given me a blowjob very early that morning. She had not. Then she said that her boyfriend had been grounded for a month. She thought that it might have been my fault. So my punishment was to fuck her before bedtime and to make sure that she had at least two orgasms.She got in my bed because she didn’t want my cum all over her precious sheets. Hell, it was all over my sheets and she didn’t seem to mind.Fucking your own sister is something that I highly recommend to everyone. The fact that she is your sister sets it apart from every other fuck that you have ever had. Knowing that she is always there for you even when your girlfriend isn’t, is special. That was why when her boyfriend couldn’t be there for her I was. I was looking forward to a whole month of fucking her and trying to figure out how to get him grounded again.Anyway my cock slipped into her as if we were made for each other. I enjoyed every inch of it, just as much as she did. Giving her two orgasms was not a problem. I gave her three before I cum in her tight love tunnel.My sister’s boyfriend was not the only one that got grounded. They all asked me to fill in and I gladly accepted. AnnMarie eventually confessed to being my middle-of-the-night blowjob and that I was the very first boy that she had swallowed cum from.I confessed to a lot of firsts too. AnnMarie gave me my first blowjob, Amanda was my first anal, and my sister Ashley was my first vaginal, meaning that in reality she got my virginity.Mom and Dad had a great time and were pleased with the way the house looked when they got home. Ashley apologized for the boys and said that it would never happen again.After that I was a full fledged member of the Five Aces, the girls slept over often, and Mom and Dad took more vacations…usually just on weekends.

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