The Night My Wife Got Blacked While I Watched!!


The Night My Wife Got Blacked While I Watched!!I want to thank you for the great memories that I have when you gave my white wife the fucking of her life. Watching your BBC giving her orgasm after orgasm was almost more than I could stand. I am posting this because I am hoping that maybe you will read this and want to give her again the fucking of our lives and that any other hot black well hung professional type businessman would be willing to put in the time to do the same. As you know my wife is a classy older married white conservative women that you met as we were sitting at the bar in the nightclub off Hampton is southwest St. Louis.She had several glasses of wine and was getting a little flirty with me and ask me ( her husband) if I wanted to dance. I am not much of the dancing type but when one of her favorite dance songs was being played by the band there she ask me again if I wanted to dance and again I said no. You were standing by the bar drinking your drink nicely dressed and looking like you were there for a good time. I told my wife why don’t you ask that black gentleman to dance so she immediately went up to you and ask if you would be so kind and of course you did and must of knew that I wanted this also because you bumped and ground up against her the whole time getting feels. When the dance was over she came back to her bar seat next to me all out of breath saying that was hot. The next dance was a slow on which you ask her to dance again and this time you got more playful with her with a lot of the patrons watching the show with my white wife. She came back to the bar again next to me and said that she could feel your hard cock pressing up against her. Next thing I knew you were edirne escort standing right behind us at the bar and bought her and I a drink. I then heard her say “OH MY GOD” !!! HONEY IT’S HUGE!!! I looked down and she had your Big Black Cock in her left hand wrapped around it pulling and stoking it right there in the bar. I damn near shot my load in my pants right there especially when I saw her wedding right shining against the dark black skin of you big cock. I knew she was going to get fucked by you that night. You said you would follow us home to our house to fuck her brains out in front of me.When we got in the house she ask me if I would get all three of us a drink which I immediately did as I watched as she stood in the living room in front of you and took her top and bra off. As you sat down in the chair your dropped your pants and out popped that magnificent BBC that she earlier had in her hands. As I sat the drinks down I heard you moan and your head laid back on the chair as I saw my wife’s perfectly red lipstick lips wrapped around your BBC head. She sucked up and down your shaft foe a few minutes and said to you that you black men have such huge cocks and I love it then she went back down on your cock again and again you moaned and through your head back. If you remember while she was continuing to aggressively suck you off you looked over at me and pulled her blonde hair back so to make sure I got a good view of your BBC in my wife’s mouth.You kept asking her if she loved your BBC and she kept saying yes she loved your BBC. She then got up from sucking your cock and said I have to have that BBC in my pussy as she pulled her skirt down and off and ağrı escort laid on the living room floor totally naked with her legs spread at which time you got on the floor and began to eat her married white pussy. I knelt next to her jacking my dick and you told me. To move up next to her and stick it in her mouth. She sucked me for a little while as you continued to bring moans from her while eating her pussy. She could take it anymore and shouted out in need that BBC in my pussy.You then got between her legs with that massive BBC of your and started to get ready to put it in her when she told me honey please go in our bedroom and get the lube as I told you that my wife’s pussy is very tight. When I returned you had your BBC in your hands stroking it ready to fuck her. I squirted lots of lube in her pussy and I finger fucked her to get it really lubed up and you took some and stroked it well onto your cock. Your then took it and pushed the head into her married white pussy and I heard her give out a huge gasp and you leaned over onto her laying on top of her. I immediately got up and went to the rear of you guys for a better view and omg what a view. What I saw was your huge black cock stretching my wife’s pussy to the max. I could do nothing but jack my disk to this wonderful sight. I heard you tell her that you love her married white pussy and she telling you she loves your BBC as well. The sounds I heard coming from her that night were a****listic and sounds I have never heard come from her before. I counted 3 times as she hollowed out OMG I’m cumming again!I watched as your muscular black ass moving up and down as I watched you drive your huge black cock into ardahan escort my wife’s pussy all the way to your huge balls and then pull all the way back out and in again. I had stop jacking because I was about to blow a load. I looked around you ass and at my wife’s face and omg she was flushed red mouth open and her eyes rolled back in her head screaming I’m cumming again at which time you hollered that you were going to cum. She then screamed for you to give her your load give me your load please give me your load. You pulled your big cock out and started stroking while I tried to move up by her to see the show and your grunted and shout a huge load all over her pussy, stomach, tits and some in her face. It was so massive that I felt some of your cum hit my arm. Your then got up and told me you were leaving so I could be alone with her.You then got dressed and left. My wife and I were both laying there naked and exhausted but I soon began to eat her pussy to orgasm again and then fucked her very loose wet swollen well fucked pussy until shot my load. I tell you this to let you know what happened after you left and from my point of view. This has been a little over two years ago and that is all that has been on my mind watching that over in mind over and over. If you do read this please respond and hopefully you would love to do it again or any other hot black business man type that is willing to seduce her like he did. She doesn’t like to be set up but bing hit on by a hot black man I believe she would love to relive this again. She has told me she felt a little bit of regret because she felt funny that she was cheating on me and I told her that is not cheating when your husband is allowed to watch. That I got as much please out of that fucking as she did. So please send me your stats, profession, your passion for white married women and cuckold husbands. If your well built, black, very well hung and want to meet with me to discuss this setup please get back with me soon.

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