The Good Wife: Part 1


The Good Wife: Part 1Kay checked herself in her jeep mirror as she sat impatiently waiting for eighteen wheeler. She looked around and wondered what the truckers thought of her sitting in one of their extra large parking spots. She gripped the steering wheel and looked over at the entrance of the parking lot as she wondered where he was at. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine his body against hers. Kay opened her long over coat revealing her lack of pants then wriggled down lower in the seat and spread her legs as she thought about his gear shifter rubbing against her slit. Her hands slid down between her legs and began to massage her clit.A flash of lights and a loud rumble from two chrome stacks brought her out of her fantasy and she looked up to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri see that black Pete that she had longed to see. It circled the parking lot and pulled into the slot beside of her. Kay quickly closed her coat and checked herself in the mirror again before getting out and hurrying over to the trucks door. She took a deep breath then knocked on the door. The window rolled down and B stuck his head out.”Can I help you,” B asked. “Do you need some company,” Kay asked back. “I’m not sure I should, I’m supposed to be meeting my wife.””Hurry up and let me in B before someone calls the cops on me. “He opened the door and she climbed up and in nearly tripping herself on the way up on her coat.inside the truck güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri B had moved to sit on the bed as Kay closed the door and pulled the curtains. Once Kay was sure that everything was secure and private, she turned to B and let her coat fall back on the great shifter. B’s eyes got big as he came to the realization that his beautiful wife was standing in front of him with only a silky red nighty on. She moved towards him pushing him back on the bed as she straddled his lap. Her flip flops fell to the floor and her hair fell around their faces. She looked into his eyes and smiled as she turned her face and pressed her lips to his. Her hands locked into his on the bed and she brought then up above his güvenilir bahis şirketleri head. Beneath her she could feel his presence growing almost perfectly along her slit. Wanting to make sure he was fully hard she began to writhe her body against his. Her breasts grinding against his chest. Her hips surging back and forth. Her pussy grinding against the tent in his jeans. When she felt that he had had enough she sat up on B’s lap and eased back onto his knees. She moved her hands over his body until she reached his jeans. Kay traced his stiffness with the palm of her hand and B let out a groan. She unbuckled his belt and then unsnapped his pants, revealing a mound in his underwear underneath. Kara lowered her head down and kissed his cock thru the clothe. B let out another moan. She ran her mouth along the length of him as she moved her hands up along his chest. She moved her hands down to his waste and pulled his underwear down far enough to let the head of his cock peak out. She pressed her lips to it and kissed the top then allowed just the tip to slip inside…

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