The double


The doubleCollege days were when I started to experiment more, and to be more confident about what I wanted. I knew I enjoyed having a finger in my ass while I was being fucked, or a vibrator in my pussy and a cock in my ass, but I knew I wanted to try it with two cocks. In the winter of my first college term, I got to find out what it feels like.That winter, I’d somehow got a very sore neck. I used to play squash quite a lot, and it was probably a result of twisting on the squash court. A friend of mine from the same college course, Simon, said he was sure that his friend Mark, who was studying sports science, would be able to help fix it. Twenty-something years ago the world wasn’t as connected as it is now, so Simon agreed to make introductions over a drink at a bar. So, on a cold evening in late November, I walked the short distance from where I was staying to the meeting place. Mark was a nice guy, and the three of us had a few drinks. I got out my diary to see when would be a good time to see him for remedial sports massage, but Mark said there was no time like the present so why not go back to his place and he’d see what he could do to help? And indeed, why not? Mark was in his second year at college, so was out of halls of residence and into a share of a rented house. The three of us walked there, Mark let us in and we took off our coats. Two of his housemates were watching a film in the living room, so Mark suggested we go to his bedroom for some privacy, as I’d need to take my top off for him to massage my aching muscles. Looking back, I wonder if the guys had it all planned in advance … Mark got us another drink from the kitchen, and the three of us went to his bedroom. Simon sat on a chair near the bed, chatting away; Mark asked me to take off my jumper and tshirt and lie on his bed. I kept my bra on, and lay down, and Mark sat on the bed at my side. His hands lightly touched my shoulders before tracing down to the fastening of my bra. Then his hand came to rest just below my right shoulder, and he pressed firmly causing me to yelp. “Thought that was where the problem is,” he said. “You’re very tense – the whole area on that side is clenched up. I’ll just need some massage oil.” He stood up from the bed, and I heard him rummaging in a drawer. “It’ll probably take a couple of sessions to clear this up. You might feel worse after today but that’s a good sign, it’ll show the muscles are starting to relax again.”I heard him rubbing his hands together, coating them with oil, and then they were on my back again, gently massaging around the area he’d pressed earlier, circling outwards. Soon his hands reached my bra again. “Do you mind if I undo this?” he asked. “It’ll be much easier with it undone.” I told him to go ahead – I mean, ödemiş escort I was lying down so they couldn’t see my breasts. His fingers undid the clasp, and he moved the straps out of the way so that he could massage the area more easily. Then he started working back in towards the centre of the tense area, and I winced as he worked on the knotted muscle. He had a lovely touch, and I could feel both the relief as the muscle started to relax, and a familiar throbbing between my legs in response to being touched by him. The more he worked on unknotting the muscle, the more aroused I started to get, and I knew my panties were damp.He kept on working on my tight shoulder for what must have been about 20 minutes, and by the end I was very turned on. I was also wondering if I should make a move – after all, I knew nothing about him other than a brief chat in the bar. I was still considering it as Mark’s hands were gently moving down my sides, to the waistband of my thick but still short winter skirt, and then his hands moved off me. Immediately though one of his hands was on my thigh just below the hem of my skirt.”How are you feeling now Julie?” he asked.”Wet,” I replied. I parted my legs slightly, still paid on my front, and his hand moved to press my pussy through my panties. “Looks like I should leave you two,” Simon said.”I’d like you to stay,” I said. “If you want to.” I had an inkling that Simon fancied me, and the chance of being fucked by two guys in a session was too good to pass up. I love the feeling of being entered just after another cock has cum inside me. I wanted that; and I knew I wanted more, too.Mark removed his hand from between my legs and I sat up on the bed, the bra falling from me and exposing my breasts, and he leant forward to kiss me. His hands moved to my breasts and pinched my nipples, making them pucker up, then he was leaning in to me to move me onto my back on the bed. I opened my thighs as I lay back, so his body was between them, my skirt riding up as he lowered himself. Mark’s hand moved to press against my pussy through my panties again. “She’s not k**ding about being wet,” he said to Simon. Mark moved down the bed to unzip my skirt, and I looked over to where Simon was sat watching, his cock already hard in his hand. “Make sure you save that for me,” I said to Simon as Mark pulled my skirt and panties off together, then his warm breath was on my thighs before his tongue quickly found my clit. Much as I love a man giving me attention with his tongue, I was more than ready to be fucked.”That’s lovely, but please put it in,” I said to Mark and smiled as he unzipped and pushed down his jeans. I reached down for his hard cock, gave it a squeeze to check he was properly hard, then guided him into me, gasping escort ödemiş with pleasure as he slid in with one hard thrust. He started to thrust slowly. “Fuck me hard,” I said, and he started to thrust more quickly. Mark’s mouth found mine again and our tongues tangled while he fucked me with long thrusts using the full length of his cock, pushing me down into the bed with each downward motion. When he started to slow I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him deep into me. “Please cum inside me,” I said soon he was cumming, pressed deep into me all the while his cock was pulsing.”I meant you to come too,” Mark said when he’d got his breath back.”That’s OK,” I said. “That’s the advantage of having two of you.” I turned my head to look at Simon. “Your turn”Mark’s withdrew his cock and raised himself from the bed. Simon had undressed while he was watching, and he knelt between my thighs looking at my pussy. “I thought you were going to pull out,” Simon said to Mark.”Julie was very clear that she wanted me to cum inside her,” Mark replied. “I want your cum in me too,” I said to Simon. I moved my right hand between my legs and put three fingers into my wet hole, then worked them in and out, and my pussy slurped in response. “Hear how wet I am?” I asked Simon. “It’s so hot in there. I really want your cock. I’m so close to coming too, I want to come for you”Simon he moved above me, and I grabbed his cock and put it in me. Simon kissed me and he started fucking me, as hard as Mark had, and I felt the warm glow of orgasm starting to build and then I was shaking as I started to come; and with a grunt Simon shot his cum into my pussy.”Thank you,” I said, kissing Simon when we’d both recovered our breath. “I needed that.” Simon moved off me and I looked at Mark, who getting hard again. “That looks lovely,” I said to Mark. “If you two are willing there’s something I’ve always wanted to try.””What?” Mark asked, slowly stroking his cock.”One in each hole. Could you two do that for me?” I reached down for Simon’s sticky cock. Mark moved to lie on the other side of me and his hand caressed my breasts, my belly, the inside of my thighs, while Simon kissed me. My other hand held Mark’s cock, and I stroked them both gently to get them hard again. Thankfully, we was soon ready again, as the touching and kissing had me ready to come, and both the guys were ready to go again.”Which do you want where,” Mark asked.”Simon’s choice,” I said. “For introducing us.”Simon asked Mark for lube, because he wanted to use my ass. Mark reached in the top drawer of his dresser, and handed a tube to Simon. Then Mark moved into the middle of the bed and I straddled him, lowering myself onto his beautiful hard cock. I rode him for a few thrusts then looked behind to Simon, ödemiş escort bayan who had smeared lube over his cock. I paused in my movements and Mark grasped my buttocks holding them apart. When I felt the tip of Simon’s cock against my asshole, I willed myself to relax, and then felt him enter me. Simon was taking things slow, and paused when the ridge of his glans was at my asshole, and asked if I was OK. I told him I was and he grabbed my hips to press and then he was properly in me. After just a few thrusts the intensity of the feeling, having both holes filled, was too much and I started to come, very hard this time. Mark and Simon paused in their movements until my orgasm was over and then they started to thrust, again. At first they were finding it hard to get into any rhythm, but after a couple of minutes they got themselves into a pattern of alternate thrusting. The tightness of my ass was too much for Simon, and when I came again I felt his cock twitch hard and then he was cumming in my ass.Once Simon pulled out, I started to ride Mark’s cock, our eyes locked together as we both sought the pleasure we wanted. His hands caressed my breasts while I reached down for my swollen clit, mashing it hard. Mark asked if I was close, and I said I was, telling him to please just hold on for a moment longer. And then I moaned and lowered myself down hard onto him one, two, three times and I was coming again, and as moy orgasm was subsiding I felt Mark’s cock pulsing as he filled my pussy with another lot of hot cum.We were all tired and it was bitterly cold outside, so Mark suggested that we sleep in his bed. I lay in the middle of the two guys, wrapped up in them, and slept beautifully until I felt Mark’s hard cock pressing in my back in the early morning. I reached behind me and took him in my hand, and he whispered good morning to me. I grabbed the lube that Simon had left out, squeezed some onto my fingers and spread it around my opening, then straddled Mark and leantg down so that we could kiss. Then I started to ride him, just enjoying the spontanaiety of the moment and the feeling of being penetrated. The rocking of the bed woke Simon up and he watched as Mark and I enjoyed our quickie, until Mark filled me with more cum. Simon was hard and I moved across the bed from one cock to the other, riding Simon until he came in me as well. I didn’t come with them inside me, but I was getting close. I lay between them and they fingered me and rubbed my clit and sucked my nipples and kissed me until I had a lovely sleepy early morning orgasm.Mark was right – I did need several more sessions to cure my muscle pain. Each one ended up in bed, sometimes just with him, twice more with Simon, and on one occasion with Mark and his three housemates. And I got to experience double penetration each of those times with Mark and other guys, and each time it felt better and better. It’s still something I love when I’m in the right mood. And when there are two willing guys, of course.

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