Teenage thriller, Naked in the cinema


Teenage thriller, Naked in the cinemaMy little scenarios can lead me into risky situations, something I do on the spur of the moment, can result in becoming a full blown encounter, a brief urge that leads to a full and penetrative sexual liaison.I went to the cinema one mid-afternoon, it was a hot day so I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, ankle socks and pumps.Sitting in the coolness of the cinema, which was almost deserted, I was alone and feeling strangely hot, in a sexual way, I was one week from my periods so I guess I was feeling more interested in men because of it, and I began to feel myself, strangely enjoying my wanderings and heightening urges, as I looked around for companionship, but the area was empty.I undid the button holding the waistband of my shorts, eased the zipper down, and instead of stopping there, I pushed them over my hips, down my legs, and kicked them off.Sitting wearing a t-shirt and G-string knickers I felt so horny and began unashamedly rubbing myself beneath my knickers, a strange surge sweeping over me in waves as I brought my knees up onto the back of the seat in front, making it easier kırıkkale escort to ease the string of my knickers down, and then I took them off, and left them under the seat in front.I was thrilled because I was naked under my t-shirt and my coverings were in the row in front, a sense of indecency and exposure was overwhelming me, sitting with my knees wide apart and my hand delving in and out of my wetness.A shaft of light broke my workings and I immediately sat upright, pulling my t-shirt into place, giving me about 3 inches of covering, a difficult cover considering my long legs.I looked to my right, it was a man, my heart was beating like crazy as he approached my row, all the rows around were empty and sure enough he eased himself into the one in front, I was momentarily relieved, as I really wanted to bring myself off, but that was short lived as he made his way along the row, bent down and picked up my shorts and discard panties.He looked down at me sitting there, trying to hide my modesty, ‘I have been observing you from above’, he whispered indicating the balcony, ‘If you want these back you need to kırıkkale escort bayan join me in the back’, and at that he moved away and went into the back row, some ten rows behind where I was sitting.I thought my heart would burst, he had been watching me masturbate and undress, now he had my knickers and shorts, and I was old enough to know he would want something in return, before he would return them to me.I moved to the far end which was deserted and made my way back towards, the reason being as I walked you could see everything, as the 3 inches rode higher on me when I stood up, so I walked back to him showing my vagina and bare bum, and as I entered the back row, I could see from the illumination of the big screen, he was already masturbating something which would be handed over to me as soon as I sat down beside him.I was in a heightened sexual state, wet and hungry and as I slid down beside him, I bent over and took him into my mouth and started blowing him, my tongue working crazily around his knob, his balls tight in my hand, his fingers pulling my nipples hard, twisting them with cruel force, escort kırıkkale but instead of producing protest he caused me to produce more secretions from my pussy, and as my head came off his knob, I turned in my seat and offered my cunt for insertion, and in doing so, pulled his cock into me only to feel him release his pent-up load, as his knob went inside my opening.I turned in my seat as he raised my t-shirt, exposing my pert little breasts, his hand running down my flat stomach and following my curves into my cunt, he masturbated me as I held his hand with mine, mt hips bouncing on his fingers buried deep within, I bit hard into my t-shirt as I came with a forceful orgasm.I was naked except for pumps and ankle socks, and as he convinced me to clean my crotch with my t-shirt, he rose and left me naked in the back row, and disappeared out through the door, before I realized my knickers and shorts were gone also.I panicked and dove under the seats, and thankfully saw them lying amongst the filth a few rows in front.I relaxed and looked around again, I was quite alone and others were a good way off, I laughed inwardly to myself, fucking was so good, and so easy, and at that I pulled on the wet t-shirt and went and retrieved the other articles of clothing, time to go home, and time to do some homework, back to school tomorrow and back to being the teenage girl who was growing-up fast.

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