Sparing with Chung-Li


Sparing with Chung-LiI’ve know Chung-Li for a while now and we’ve become pretty friendly over time. Now Miss Xiang is a world class fighter, arguably the strongest woman in the world. I’m just an amateur fighter, but I’ve been trying to get her to train with me. We work out together pretty often and today I lucked out in getting her to practice martial arts with me. She has a training room in the back of her house, so we met up there for some exercise.We got ourselves setup to practice on the mats in her training area. She was wearing that blue leotard of hers and those sexy stockings that so accentuated her legs. We started off with nearly an hour of yoga and calisthenics. She had all the flexibility, balance, and endurance I expected and then some. After a few minutes to clean up and rehydrate Chung-Li suggested some sparring so she could gauge my level of expertise. I agreed without hesitation.I wouldn’t say I’m light on my feet, but my footwork is strong and I had to make good use of it to keep up Miss Xiang. She was easily able to avoid or parry my strikes, often giggling and teasing me while she did. I wasn’t sure if she was doing this to enrage or confuse me, but I found the whole thing adorable and tried to keep my focus. She successfully struck me more time then I care to admit, while the blows I landed amounted to only a handful. Relying on boxing and karate wasn’t going to cut it, so I decided to mix in some wrestling.She seemed surprised when I shot in at her legs for a takedown, but she was able to avoid my grab. In response she snapped a kick at me, which ended up working in my favor. I got underneath her blow and flipped her over with a fireman’s carry. canlı bahis It was my turn to be surprised, as Chung-Li easily landed on her feet and spun away from me with a giggle. Back to my feet we returned to trading blows, occasionally grabbing at her wrists and legs.Eventually luck was on my side. I avoided two of her kick and snaked my way behind her, grappling her around the waist. Chung-Li was quick and slammed her hips into my waist, and if I hadn’t already clasped my fingers she would have escaped. Her firm, light-weight body was easy to throw around and I took her to the ground with a waist lock take-down. We wrestled on the ground for several minutes. I pressed my weight and strength on her as best I can, but she was still strong and quick herself. We keep fighting for position. Hands grasped and groped, legs wrapped and twisted around, the weight and warmth of our bodies pressing against each other. Exhaustion finally takes its toll. I’m loosing my strength and Chung-Li spins around into a mount. She has me pinned. Knowing she has me beat; I tap my hand on her waist signaling my admission of defeat. Exhausted and sweaty we both breathe heavily with beaming smiles on our faces. Having so much fun from sparing we look at each other smiling and begin to laugh out loud. Taking a breath from laughing we just look at each other and instinctually I lean forward to kiss her. Surprisingly she leans in as well and our lips meet for a kiss. Soon we’re making out and the grappling has turned to groping.Chung-Li runs her finger through my hair and over my thick muscles. I’m caressing her shapely ass and long firm legs with the tips of my fingers. Kissing passionately bahis siteleri our sweat and saliva mix as our tired bodies ache for each other. Already on top of me she grinds her hips into mine and I encourage her motions with my hands as I hold onto her ass and move with the rhythm. Through our clothes my hardening cock is pressing into her hot crotch. We’re both beginning to moan and breath heavy. Chun-Li starts pulling at my shirt and I try to remove her leotard.Her fingers caress over my thick, sweaty chest; my fingers pulling away at her tight clothing and exposing the flesh of her ass and thighs to the cool air. The sensation feels good on our exposed skin and we both sigh at the feeling. Her crotch exposed and not being one to miss out on pleasing a beautiful woman, I push her hips up towards my face. Chung-Li is on her knees, her crotch right over my face. My hands cup the firm roundness of her ass, as my tongue glides over her thighs toward her pelvis. I begin to kiss and lap at her pelvic mound; her hair there doing little to distract me from pleasing her. My tongue plays at her labia lips and prods her hardening clitoris. She’s moaning and grinding into my face, only making me more excited.Her own arousal and desire not to be denied, Chung-Li reaches back and rubs at my erection through my training gear. She pulls it out to the cool air and feels it flex and twitch in her hand. Pulling away from my face she slides down next to me; stoking my hard cock as we passionately kiss. Our tongues roll around in each others mouths, wrestling for position much like we were earlier. A groan of pleasure escapes my lips as Chun-Li’s strokes my cock. She giggles at my canlı bahis response, only making me more and more excited.I want to feel her weight and warmth against me again. Using my hands I encourage her to roll back on top of me. Her knees rest at either side of my hips, my cock nestled just next to her wet pussy. I kneed her firm ass with my hands, occasionally getting my cock between her cheeks and letting the firmness and warmth envelop me. I press her buttocks together and try sliding my cock between them. Chung-Li’s ass feels so good wrapped around my cock, and even she laughs and teases me at how good it feels. It getting to be too much for either of us to handle. I slide my cock into her hot, yearning pussy and we both shutter and moan as the first wave of ecstasy hits us.Chung-Li slides her arms around my neck and I hold onto her butt as I begin to thrust my hips. It isn’t long before she matches the motions of my hips with her own and we’re pumping in tandem. Kissing hot and heavy the whole time. I kiss at her neck, her ears, her shoulders. She moans my name between heaves of breath. Our thrusts become more rapid as we give into pleasure. I can feel her body shake and quiver. I hope she’s close to climax, as I am too. She’s gripping down on me hard, moaning and gasping. Grunting and groaning between thrusts I try to hold out for every moment I can. I can’t hold back any longer and groan out loud that I’m going to cum. Pulling my cock free from Chun-Li’s tight pussy, I continue to pump it against her ass. A long, soft moan escapes her lips, her body shakes with pleasure as my seed covers her ass and back. For a few moments we lay in each others arms, gasping for air and regaining our strength. Eventually Chung-Li sits up and looks down at me. “Your fighting is weak, but you fuck well.” She says, “We’ll continue to work on both.”With a smile and laugh I say weakly “Yatta…”

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