Shannon’s Paybacks Ch. 01


Shannon’s Paybacks Ch. 01Shannon’s Paybacks Ch. 01Shannon smiled to herself. Not just any smile, but a truly devious and lust filled smile that only she knew the true origins. She thought back on the way Josh had this uncanny knack of teasing her. His stories and their conversations made her horny and extremely wet. Not that she didn’t mind, but damn, it seems those thoughts were coursing through her mind more and more often, and all too often at the most inopportune moments.She thought back to a recent conversation when Josh teasingly told her to get the dust and cob webs off her sex swing. As well, Josh had been his usual teasing self, keeping her wet and aroused – and distracted. So much so, she thought it time to turn the tables. Yes, it was time for paybacks.Picking up her cell phone, she dialed Josh knowing it was a time of day he would not have the privacy he would want. That just made the set up even more to her liking. “Hi sweetie. You busy? Have time to talk?”Josh smiled immediately upon hearing her sexy voice.”Hey sexxxy lady. Always want to talk to you. Have the time, but not all the privacy in the world. What’s going on.”.Shannon grinned to herself before beginning her well thought out tease.”Just wanted you to know how wet I am. I am soaking wet in fact. I re-read one of our stories this morning and it just won’t leave my mind. Makes me hot just thinking about it.”Josh quickly glanced around to see who might be in earshot before answering, noticing some of his employees just outside his open office door.”Oh, OK Shannon. That’s great to know. Wish I could talk about that with you in more detail. But, as I said, I don’t have all that much privacy right at the moment.” Trying to hold back an impulse to giggle, Shannon continued.”Poor baby. That’s OK, you just listen and I’ll talk. I had to play with myself before I finished the story. I used the Rabbit we discussed, wishing it were your cock. Then I thought of your tongue licking me, sucking my clit and pussy, while your fingers played with my pussy. I was so turned on, I even wanted your fingers in my ass just like you did last time. I couldn’t believe you had worked three of your thick fingers in my ass. It was so hot!”Shannon knew the last part would really get to Josh. And from the low moan she heard over the phone, she knew it was working. Shannon continued her teasing phone seduction.”I was a really naughty girl. I wanted you so bad, I had to have something there, and so I slid one of my smaller toys into my ass. I thought I was going to explode. It felt so great. The Rabbit in my pussy was hitting my clit and the other toy in my ass was exciting so many new nerve endings I didn’t know were even there. I came so hard. And now I’m still wet and wanting you even more. Do you want me? Is your cock as hard as I hope it would be for me? I wish I could see it right now, feel it, taste it and feel it in me.”Josh was almost whispering as his cock swelled in his pants.”Oh damn, Shannon. You’ve got me rock hard. I’m afraid to stand up. Damn.”Again Shannon had to work hard to keep from giggling before she continued her tease. “Oh, and I did as you suggested. I got all the dust and cob webs off the sex swing. I think it might come in handy some time soon. Well, I need to go. Call me later.” As Shannon was about to hang up, she could hear Josh moan into the phone. Her smile only broadened as her mind thought what to do next. She was going to tease him all day – make him ache for her – make him want her so badly he will do anything for her. And THAT is exactly what she wants. This is payback time, and they are both going to enjoy this payback.Just before noon, Shannon called again. And just as before, she knew Josh couldn’t speak freely.”Hi sweetie. I had some time on my hands and thought I’d call to see how your day has gone. Are you still hard for me?”Just hearing her voice, Josh’s cock was already swelling even more than before. Looking around he saw people milling just outside his door. “Hey Shannon, in answer to your question, you know I am, damn it.”Shannon tried not to giggle as her tease continued. “Goodie. Don’t waste it. I want it all. Want to know where I want it? Do you? Then ask me. But ask me properly.” The swelling in Josh’s cock was getting rather uncomfortable. He had to adjust himself before he answered.”Baby, you are making me nuts. Where do you want it baby?” In her most profound pouting voice, she became insistent.”No, I said ask me properly. Where do I want WHAT?” Josh was obviously aroused, but at a most inopportune time.”Damn Shannon.” She could hear Josh begin to whisper so others couldn’t hear him.”Where do you want my hard cock baby? Continuing her tease, Shannon baited him further.”Not just your cock. Now ask me again and speak up, I can hardly hear you.”Josh answered quietly as he had asked one of his employees close his door – but knowing “the walls had ears”.”Tell me, baby, where do you want your cock and my cum? And where do you want my lips, tongue and fingers?” Fighting off her urge to laugh aloud, knowing she had him right where she wanted, she could imagine Josh almost squirming in his chair; thankful the desk hid his swollen cock. She d**g out the tease even further.”Well, that’s better. But still hard to hear. Tell you what. Ask me again so I can hear you, and you might just get your wish and fuck my hot ass tonight.” Speaking as loud as he thought he could while he turned his back away from possible too close ears, Josh again tried his best.”Damn you’ve got me so damn worked up. My cock is about to burst through my pants. Where do you want this hard cock of mine? You know it belongs to you. Where do you want my lips, tongue and fingers? They too belong to yo. I am yours, all of me. You had me from day one.”Shannon almost cooed her retort. “Oh Sweetie, I so want you right now, but we’ll have to wait until later. I want to feel that hard cock teasing my pussy. I want to feel it deep inside me. I want to feel it explode in my pussy. Then I want your lips and tongue all over my pussy and clit to clean me up. I want to watch you suck our cum out of me. That is just so hot to watch. And while you do, I want you to tease my ass with your fingers. Work them into my ass and tease me while you lick and suck our cum form my pussy. But don’t stop. I want you to eat me until I cum again and again. Keep going until I cum at least 3 times with your fingers fucking my ass as deep as possible. Think you can do that?”Josh could only moan.”Oh baby!” Shannon beamed when she heard Josh moan into the phone. She could picture him so turned on that if she were there she could just touch the tip of his cock with her tongue and he would explode in her mouth. “Sweetie, I’ve kept you long enough. Call me later, about 4:30. Bye sweetie.”Shannon didn’t wait for an answer. She just smiled and hung up. The word smile doesn’t do her current expression justice. It was more like the cat that ate the canary. Only it wasn’t a canary she had in mind eating or being eaten.Shannon took a late lunch and rushed home. After letting the dogs out, she d**g out her sex swing. With a little effort and her tall stepladder, she was able to secure it nicely to the beam between her dining room and den. Once in place, she adjusted the height of the darıca escort bayan seat so that it would be right at her pelvis level with Josh laying back in the swing. Quickly, she went to her bedroom and retrieved a scarf that would make a suitable blindfold. As well, she found some leather belts that could do well as restraints for wrists and ankles once she had Josh in the swing. Just to make sure, she also went to the garage and found some soft cotton rope. Thinking back to their previous phone conversation, Josh had said he was hers. Well, tonight Josh was going to be hers all night – he just didn’t know to what extent he was going to be hers. Again her smile only broadened even more. After getting the dogs back in and glancing around to make sure she had things pretty much laid out, she set the alarm and left for her office again. On the way, she called an old girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend, but one she knew was just as wild and kinky as Shannon has become. She called Carrie. Shannon explained over the phone she needed some help in picking out some special toys at Priscilla’s after work, and asked if she could help her. Shannon knew as kinky and wild as this girl was, her answer would be yes. And of course, it was. Carrie tried to get Shannon to elaborate over the phone, but Shannon put her off until they met at Priscilla’s.About 4:15, Shannon wanted to beat Josh to the punch, so she called him.”Hi sweetie. I know it’s not 4:30 yet, but wanted to let you know that tonight is going to be special – really special and extremely HOT! Can you be ready to be picked up at 7pm sharp?”Josh’s answer was immediate.”You bet. Anything for my sexy lady. So what’s so special for tonight?”Shannon knew she had him – hook, line and sinker. So she cut him short to keep his suspense at a heightened state.”Never you mind. You’ll find out soon enough. I will let you know that my girlfriend Carrie will be helping me with part of it. So, be out front and ready at 7pm sharp. See you then sweetie.” At that, Shannon just let him wonder as she hung up. She didn’t give Josh a chance to reply. She knew he would be squirming the next few hours. Shannon thought her mention of Carrie might get his mind going in an entirely different direction. She could see him thinking this was going to be a female male female threesome. But even more, her sudden ability to have this ability over Josh was invigorating. She was beginning to like being in complete control of the situation.A few minutes later she was able to get out of the office a little early. Like a flash she was at Priscilla’s and went inside. She knew Carrie would recognize her vehicle parked outside and would come in to find her. Shannon went back to the toy section and started to look around. She kept in mind toys they both could use – especially toys for Josh’s ass that she planned to tease unmercifully tonight. Of course, deep down inside, she knew Josh would probably use the same toys on her ass to tease her at the first opportunity he had. And as well, deep down inside, she wanted him to do just that.As she continued to look round, a familiar voice almost yelled across the sales floor. It was Carrie. They hugged and exchanged pleasantries. Shannon finally began to explain this was new territory for her. She went on to explain that her new lover had mentioned to her that he had a long time desire and fantasy to loose his anal cherry, and that he wanted her to be “The One” to pop his cherry when she was ready. Shannon also mentioned she knew Carrie did the girl on guy strap-on thing on a regular basis with her current love interest. As well, Carrie knew other girls, especially Clare, who really got into strap-on fucking guys. Or at least she did the last time they discussed their sex lives over drinks one evening.Carrie was almost giddy. She told Shannon not to worry, she knew exactly what she needed to get. As Carrie’s mind went into overdrive, she began with her helpful suggestions. “First you need some small toys – say like this one. It is to just tease him and get him excited so his ass begins to loosen for you.” Carrie then found another toy just a bit larger and longer for the next step in the process. By the time they had went around two aisles, she had picked out vibes and toys including the last one that was about 9 inches long and about 2 and a half to 3 inches in diameter. Carrie cocked an eyebrow as a very wicked smile spread across her face before she inquired more of Shannon. “So, do you want to really fuck his ass or just play with it and tease him until he can’t stand it?”With a beaming smile Shannon almost screamed out her answer.”Both! But in reverse order.”Both laughed and went to the next aisle. The wall display was filled with various strap-on harnesses and various cock shaped dildos for use with the harnesses. Again her girlfriend helped Shannon pick out a corset styled harness so her pussy and ass would remain unfettered. Next she found her idea of perfect cock shaped dildos for the harness. Each one was double headed of sorts. A short bulb shaped end that curved upward to slip into Shannon’s pussy while the longer cock shaped end would fit through the O-Ring in the harness to be held in place. With that same wicked smile, Carrie began to explain the “ins and outs” of strap-on dildos.”These styles are best. That way while you fuck his ass, the curve rubs your clit and the pressure of the fucking pushes the bulb shaped end deep into your pussy. It can get you off as much as it gets him off. Plus each of these has multiple cordless vibrators imbedded in them. With a flick of a switch, you both will be rocking and rolling.”Carrie looked with intense scrutiny at the different styles, shapes and sizes on display. Shannon just watched as one by one, Carrie picked out what she thought Shannon needed. Carrie turned and as she held up each one, she explained further.”These three should do you quite well. I have all 3 myself. Well, I started with these three but have many others now – most are even bigger than these. The smaller one has a ‘business end’ that is about 6 inches long and only a little over an inch in diameter. This second one is about 8 and a half inches long and just over 2 inches in diameter. And this big baby is all of 12 inches long and almost 3 inches in diameter. That’s a foot of mean fuck meat. Guaranteed to make him squirm and still beg you for it. After you get him broken in with these, he should be ready for someone like Clare and her Big Guns.”The mention of Clare brought even more wicked thoughts rushing through Shannon’s brain. After giving the situation some thought, she then asked Carrie a surprising question.”Look, I want this to be really wild tonight – REALLY WICKED! Do you think Clare and any of the other strap-on girls might be able to join us? I know it’s kind of short notice. But ….”Carrie began to bounce up and down in glee and almost squealed her reply.”Oh my God, Shannon. You are such a tart tonight. Hell yes, I am sure at least some can make it. Should they bring their favorites?”Shannon beamed as she answered.”Yes. I want this deflowering to be really special. And if Clare can make it, tell her “the bigger the better.”A “Well Duh” light bulb wet off in Carrie’s head as she remembered escort darıca the earlier beginnings of their conversation.”Deflowering? Oh my God. I forgot your lover has a virgin ass? This is going to be so HOT!”HOT is exactly what Shannon wants for tonight. But just to be sure Carrie understood the importance, she once again explained.”Yes, this is what he said he truly wanted. It is his all time biggest fantasy. He asked me to take his anal cherry when I was ready to go there. He says I am special to him and his cherry is his gift to me. And I want to make it come true for him. As well, I have been teasing him all day, so I know he will be horny enough for anything tonight. And the addition of you, Clare and any other of the girls will guarantee he will NEVER forget the night he lost his cherry! And you can be sure, I will NOT be one to let him forget either as I will remind him OFTEN.”Carrie quickly pulled out her cell phone and began making calls. In no time flat she had at least 4 girls, including Clare, ready to meet them at Shannon’s house. And they were bringing all their favorites. When Carrie mentioned it was a deflowering of a virgin ass, they each and every one squealed over the phone. Carrie was again bouncing in anticipation as she relayed the good news to Shannon.”It’s set then. Clare and three others will help us. There’s Phyllis, Mandy, and Jamie. They all like the girl-on-guy strap-on play. And when they heard this was going to be a deflowering of a virgin ass, they all got really excited and promised to make this really special for you and your lover. Especially Clare, she is as wicked as you are. She’s bringing her 14″ and 16″ monsters.”Shannon smiled a truly wicked smile and looked down at the assortment the two of them had picked out. She blushed a bit thinking of wearing the harness and strap-on dildos. But that crimson blush was soon replaced by an even broader smile as she thought of her erotic plan. Carrie interrupted her erotic thoughts.”If he still wants you to continue fucking his ass as part of your regular sex play, and based on what you have shared, I have a feeling he will, then I’ll help you pick out the next 2 to 3 to use. Now, for tonight you still need lube, LOTS of lube.” Carrie became the excited “professor of lube” as she looked at one then the other and so on until she found exactly what they should get. She then explained the details of each lube to Shannon. “Hmmmm let’s see. Get this mint flavored one for the start of your play. If you’re as oral as I am, then the mint makes oral anal play more fun. The mint will also add a slight tingle to his ass while you play with him. The tingling mint will further excite his ass and get him to open up quickly for you.” Carrie continued as she held up the next large pump bottle of goo. “Oh, yeah. Then use this unflavored one for continued play. See it has a much thicker consistency and stays really slick for long periods of time. It is really good for larger toys and for the first two dildos we selected. That way you can get him really slick, worked up and spread open for what comes next.” As Carrie held the last lube bottle, her eyes glanced at the 12-inch dildo in the top of Shannon’s basket. Taking that dildo in her other hand, she continued her oration on lube.”Here it is. Get this warming lube when you really want to drive him crazy while you fuck his ass. It is my favorite when I use my bigger strap-ons. The warming lube just intensifies everything for him and will drive him absolutely nuts while you ravage his ass with this big one. He will especially appreciate this warming lube in preparation of Clare’s monsters. Plus, they are all water based for easy clean up and no harm to toys.” The last sentence was added as a little Susie Homemaker remark that caused both girls to giggle. Then Carrie concluded:”OK Shannon that should do it for starters. You do this right and he’ll be begging you to fuck his ass on a regular basis. And I mean he will BEG you like clockwork! That is, if that is what you want. Just be careful. If he is into anal as much as I think he is from what you’ve told me, he’ll want to turn the tables on you as well. And you might find yourself begging him to fuck your hot ass.”Shannon felt a blush rising up her chest and across her face. Her girlfriend was right. Josh would definitely turn the tables. In fact, she feared she was already there; ready to give him her ass on a regular basis. Josh didn’t know, but her teasing statements of earlier in the day were true, not just a tease. She had thought of Josh fucking her ass while she had played with her Rabbit and another toys earlier. She had never cum so hard as when that toy was in her ass. And she was afraid she would begin to really enjoy the way he teases her ass. So much so, she also knew she would in fact become addicted to anal play as much as Josh is and would be begging him to fuck her ass on a regular basis as well. And yet, what really embarrassed her was the fact that deep down inside she truly wanted to get to the point that she did beg him to fuck her ass. And now just as badly, she wanted to hear him beg her to fuck his ass.Carrie noticed the spaced out glaze on Shannon’s face and nudged her arm.”You OK Shannon? Was it something I said?”They both laughed. Shannon thought a moment and then had to ask something else of her girlfriend.”OK, this is all new to me. I know sort of what to do, but I’m not sure. Is there anyway you can give me some pointers.”With an evident gleefulness in her voice, Carrie quickly answered.”Not to worry honey. Clare and I , as well as the other girls will help you work through this without a hitch. He’ll be putty in your hands. And by the time the evening is over, he’ll be cumming for you like crazy while we all take turns fucking his ass. I mean this is THE evening to take his anal virginity isn’t it? This is a special time for both of you. If everything goes well as I expect it will, the entire evening will be super fantastic and erotic as hell for both of you. So let’s get out of here so we can get ready.”With a new smile and a squeeze of Carrie’s hand, Shannon leaned to her girlfriend and kissed her lightly on the cheek.”Thanks Carrie. I needed the help, and the pep talk. Let me go pay for this and we can get out of here.”After blushing lightly while paying for all the new toys, Shannon turned toward the door. As she and her girlfriend opened the door to leave, they heard the sales girl say rather loudly.”Have a great evening and please come again soon.”The two looked at one another and laughed at the salesgirl’s comment. If she only knew!Once home, Shannon nervously watched as her girlfriend opened all the toys, ran them under scalding water to make sure they were clean, dried them and then laid them out on the towel Shannon had spread on the table next to the sex swing. Once they were laid out, Shannon was almost mesmerized by the display – all the different shapes and sizes. Then she saw the last item her girlfriend brought over. Shannon didn’t remember seeing her place that one in the basket, and she really kept her eyes diverted away from the sales girl while she was ringing all the items at the register. Shannon picked up the black rubber almost acorn shaped toy and examined it. Damn, darıca escort it must be 4 inches in diameter at the widest point. Carrie noticed the inquisitive look on Shannon’s face and offered a quick explanation.”That’s a butt plug. If all goes well tonight for you, you’ll want to slip this in his ass after he’s been fucked really well. It will keep his ass dilated while you both take a break. Then when it is removed, his ass is immediately ready to continue the all night fuck fest.”Carrie thought a moment and offered a last bit of encouragement.Also, keep in mind girlfriend, if he is anything like the men I have known who enjoy this pleasure, once he gets a taste of you fucking his ass, he’ll want more. And if you’re as kinky as I am, the sense of erotic power and sensual control you will get from this will make you want to do it again as well. Especially if he comes to you with one of your strap-ons in his hand and begs you to fuck his ass again.”Shannon saw the glint in her girlfriend’s eye and the evil smile on her face. They both then laughed. Yes, Josh would probably beg her sometime in the very near future to fuck his ass again, just like Shannon was afraid she would be begging Josh to fuck her ass.Shannon excused herself to go hop in the shower. She made sure to wash her ass and pussy extremely well as she had plans for Josh’s tongue tonight. After getting ready, she walked back into the den. Her girlfriend gave her a wolf whistle. Indeed, Shannon did look hot. Low cut top, lots of cleavage, short skirt that barely covered the tops of her sexy fishnet stockings, and a pair of “come fuck me” heels. Underneath, Shannon had only a garter belt – no panties and no bra this time. Looking at her watch it was almost time to leave. She grabbed the scarf and placed it into her bag. One more look around and she was ready to go. She quickly turned to Carrie, imparting with some last minute thoughts.”Guess I’m off. We should be back in 30 minutes. I’m leaving the front door unlocked and the alarm off. Call the girls and tell them to get their butts over here before we get back. When we get back, I’ll need just enough time to get the dogs back out, and then I guess the games begin. And make sure the girls keep quiet. I do not want him to know anyone else is here until I give the queue.”Carrie gave a mock salute and then went on to reply.”Well, don’t start without me. I’ll be here ready to get this show on the road. I’ll make sure the other girls get here pronto. Oh wait! Do you have a digital camera? Something this important only happens once in a lifetime. You need to capture the moment when you take his anal virginity. Men are visual a****ls. Believe me, he will be most appreciative afterwards. And just think of all the nasty emails you can send him reminding him of this evening. After a few hot emails with pictures attached as a reminder, he’ll be begging you to fuck his ass again in no time.”With a wink and a small smirk, Shannon nodded toward the desk.’Well how about that! There’s three right there on the desk with freshly charged batteries. I think they should do nicely, don’t you?. Thanks for reminding me. Now I’m off. I have a virgin to deflower. His ass is going to be all mine. Ooops – mine, then OURS!”Both laughed as Shannon closed the door behind her. Yes, she was going to take Josh’s anal virginity tonight and he had no idea what was coming. Her mind was racing through the details of her plan as she backed out of her driveway. Subconsciously, her hand made it’s way down between her thighs where her fingers began to lightly encircle her hard little clt. Driving down the street, Shannon thought to herself:”Yes, this is going to be a very special night. I bet Josh still thinks it is ging to be a threesome with Carrie. Well, in a way, it is I guess. But more like a moresome. But not like the one he probably has in mind.”Shannon began the short journey to Josh’s knowing this was just the first step in a long journey for the both of them. Her smile broadened at those thoughts as she drove across town.Soon Shannon was pulling onto Josh’s street. Sure enough, he was standing outside with a huge grin on his face, and a very noticeable bulge in his pants. She could tell he had difficulty walking over to the car. Especially when he sat down, he immediately had to adjust his swollen cock just to be semi-comfortable. This just caused Shannon to smile even more.Josh was almost in a trance as he gazed up and down Shannon’ body. She was hot, REALLY HOT! His breath was quickening just admiring the way she had dressed tonight. Shannon smiled and did not wish to let him know how much she appreciated his longing gaze. This was all part of the tease and build up. Looking into Josh’s eyes, she smiled and gave him his initial instructions.”Good boy. Ready and waiting just as I instructed. Now buckle up as we neither one need a ticket, especially tonight as I have plans for you tonight – all night. And don’t forget, Carrie might have a few ideas later in the evening as well.”Josh’s smile broadened as he strapped himself in. Once he was buckled up he leaned over and their lips met. There was instant heat and passion in their kiss. Their tongues intertwined just instilling more lust in them both. As their lips parted, Shannon started the vehicle and backed onto the street. At the first stop sign, she looked behind her to make sure no traffic was coming and then placed the car into park. She reached into her purse and pulled out the silk scarf. Josh watched as she folded it accordingly, and then laid it on her right thigh. Shannon turned and gave her lover a wicked smile before letting him hear her next set of instructions.”Here, I almost forgot. This is for you. Now I’m going place it around your eyes and tie it really tight. And it is to remain in place until I remove it. Is that clear?”As Josh nervously nodded, Shannon placed the rolled scarf around his head and secured the make shift blindfold snugly in place. As the blindfold was now in place, her games began. Her hand reached down and took time to teasingly stroke his hard cock, using her fingernails to trace it length through his pants. She could easily see the damp spot forming at the tip of his cock and beginning to soak his pants. She smiled and licked her lips knowing Josh could not see her impulsive actions, then she began another tease.”Hmmmmm, I see you’re getting as wet as you make me. You’re starting to soak your pants the way you make me soak my panties. Oh, did I mention I’m not wearing any tonight?”She took Josh’s hand and slowly slid it along her fishnet stockings, across the flesh just above the stocking tops and then guided his fingers to her soaked pussy. Josh moaned as he felt that exquisite nectar he had grown to love. In fact he had become addicted to the sweet taste of Shannon’ pussy nectar. Seeing he wanted more, Shannon pushed him back into his seat. Just to tease him more, she used the most stern but teasing voice she could manage.”Down boy. I have to drive and don’t want to wreck. You’ll get more later if you’re a good boy and do EXACTLY as you’re told.”Shannon beamed as she saw the frustrated look on Josh’s face. She had him yearning her – no, he was lusting for her now. In fact, if she could, she’d let him fuck her right now as she was really turned on. The thought of Josh then licking their cum from her pussy as they drove down the road was exhilarating, but not practical as she really would have a wreck for sure. “Later, later.” She had to remind herself.

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