Saturday Night


Saturday NightI had worked 29 of the past 30 days, and finally had 2 days off, so I didn’t want to do anything except sit on my ass, and vegetate. My wife on the other hand, wanted to go out to dinner, and maybe a movie, or maybe even some dancing, or drinks at a local bar. I told her I have been on the go for almost a month, and wanted to just unwind quietly at home.She kept bitching at me to go and I wanted no part of it I finally told her “IF you want to go out, you know the rules” In the first years of our marriage we had made it a rule that if she wanted to go out drinking by herself and maybe have some sex I wanted a blow job and a creampie when she returned.It had worked out to both of our advantages, she got her sex, and I got to rest. Most of the first years we were married I worked an odd shift at work where I had to work nights one week a month and overnight one week and days for a week with the 4th week off. So sometimes she would go out and allow herself to be picked up and spent the night with him in our bed (since I wasn’t there) and would have a freshly fucked pussy when I got home, or on the nights I got off at midnight she would come home after 2 a. m. either with a guy in tow, and we would have a threesome, or with a freshly fucked pussy.I love pussy. and I especially loved a freshly fucked one. There is something special about a freshly fucked pussy, the taste, the feel, the swollen lips, the engorged clit, all in all, ‘What’s not to like?’Unlike many men I never viewed my wife as “property” If she (or I) wanted to fuck someone else we just did it with a few rules to keep us content. We never held secrets we ALWAYS told each other when we were going to go fuck someone (or attempt to).This brings us back to that Saturday night, She told me she had mardin escort been a good girl, and hadn’t been with anyone else, for 3 weeks and she was near her period, and she was HORNY!I said she could go out, but she had to remember the rules! She was elated! she showered and shaved, fixed her hair, and with a kiss and a “I LOVE YOU”, she was out the door.It was about 8 p.m. so I fixed me a light meal and sat down with the remote and watched some television. I didn’t realize that I had fallen asleep until it was after 10 and the news was on. I watched the news and went to bed, It was sometime after 3 a.m.when I felt someone pulling on my cock, and I just assumed it was my wife, I didn’t open my eyes, and just relaxed to enjoy the feelings that were coursing through my body, she really does suck cock well.I didn’t want to break the mood, so I said “Come here and give me my creampie” I had thought there was something different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t open my eyes due to the harsh light going on, but the next thing I knew, there was a pussy oozing cum on my face, and I was off to the races slurping and sucking. It wasn’t till a few minutes passed that I realized what was wrong, here was a wet, freshly fucked pussy on my face, and I was getting a first class blow job, but it dawned on me, THIS pussy has HAIR! The wife is clean shaven!Before I could ask any questions, I felt the other side of the bed sag, and then start to rock, so NOW I was curious! I tried looking around the thigh that was next to my head, but couldn’t see anything, so just relaxed, and started to enjoy the blow job I was getting, I rubbed the girl’s back, and slipped my hands down to breasts, and felt them as well, not bad size and weight, and had small mersin escort sized rings in her nipples. I was trying to think of someone we knew that had good sized nipples and rings and kept coming up blank.the girl above me started to breathe faster, and I could sense she was about to cum, so I doubled my efforts to lick her all over, inside and out, and even took a swipe or two at her rosebud, that sure got a rise outta her! Seems every time I licked her asshole, she sucked me much harder, and I felt like she was trying to suck the cock off my body! She started to really get juicy and as she finally reached her summit I was treated to a flood of female juices, mixed with the remainder of the cum that was still in her pussy, and I didn’t let a single drop get on the pillowcase.As my girl relaxed, and stopped sucking my way too hard cock, she moved around to kiss me, and it was then that I saw my wife being fucked right next to me. I didn’t recognize the girl who had the sweet pussy, nor did I recognize the guy fucking the wife, but that happens in situations like this, so I just went with the flow.The girl kissing me whispered in my ear “Wanna Fuck?” so I may be slow, but I knew this woman was hot, and I had a iron hard cock!So I scooted over and she opened the gates to heaven and I climbed aboard, and slipped my cock into her, as I was enjoying the feel of her pussy around my cock, she put her feet on my ass, and screamed out “FUCK ME!!!” So never to be one to keep a woman waiting, I plunged my 8 inch hard cock into her silken pussy,and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head, she had the look like someone had hit her pussy with a hammer! Then I started to gently saw my cock into and out of her but she wasn’t having any of escort bayan it. She demanded I fuck her hard and quick! The wife almost always is quiet when we fuck, but this girl was very vocal and demanding. I fucked her like she wanted to be fucked, and when I hear the guy with the wife holler “I’M CUMMING” I knew I was gonna have some dessert, but right now I had the task at hand to deal with. Before I could even be introduced to the mystery man, he got off the wife, wiped his cock off, dressed and left. I thought that was rude but, he was just a ‘milk man’ (bringing the cream), so what did I expect? I was fucking my girl at a blistering pace, and she had so many orgasms, she was almost delirious, and as I felt my cum roaring out the end of my cock, she had the mother of all orgasms and passed out!I soaked it in her for awhile and pulled out and looked at the wife and told her I would be there to eat her in a minute just as soon as I catch my breath, it was then that the girl I had just fucked awoke looked around and said “Damn, I had NEVER been fucked like that! THANK YOU” I was embarrassed at the praise and was going to say something stupid when she looked at the wife and asked “May I?” and pointed to her pussy. The wife just smiled and nodded, and in a flash she was between her legs, sucking her pussy dry of ‘whatshisname’s’ cum!So I got behind her and sucked my own very good tasting cum, from her well fucked pussy.After we all calmed down, my wife introduced the girl as Julie, the guy was named Tom and she had never seen him before, and it was Tom’s cum that was in Julie’s pussy. The wife had told Julie while they were chatting at the bar, about our “RULE”, and she was curiously excited to think of someone wanting to eat her pussy after it had been fucked. Julie had been with Tom before, and she said he was always a “Wham Bam, Thank Ya Mam” type of guy. He had a good cock, just that it was connected to an asshole.Since that night Julie and I and the wife, have had many exciting encounters, and I will write of some of them later.

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