Our First Swinging Adventure


Our First Swinging AdventureCirca 2002I was in the Marines stationed in Miramar near San Diego. Everyone had returned home from deployment after 9/11 and as a result everyone was very horny. My Korean wife whom I shall call Susan for this story, just finds out she is pregnant. One night at a party she begins chatting for the first time with one of my friends, whom I shall call Adam. As the night wares on I noticed how she is looking at him, that look of interest and arousal. After we arrive home I ask her while we are having sex if she wants Adam? That is the best time to ask her questions like that. Her guard is down and she admits to much more than she does any other time. As I suspected her answer was yes.Several months later I win two free tickets to a basketball exhibition game between the L.A. Lakers and a local college team. I feel this is a great opportunity for the two of them to have some time alone without me and talk some more. It would give him a chance to relax and be himself and maybe ask questions he wouldn’t ask with me there.Now I have a deadline to approach Adam about the matter of having sex my wife. I knew if I were in his position I would consider an offer like that from out of nowhere to be too good to be true and not take the bait. Taking this into account, I take some Polaroids into work and as I breech the subject with him I hand over the pictures at the same time. I have never seen eyes so wide as he looks to see what has been handed him. I ask him what he thinks of Susan and he kind of stalls and stammers as he looks at her pictures. I stand there with a large smile on my face, enjoying the scene playing out before me as I wait patiently for his brain to reboot.I can tell he needs a little jump start so I ask him if he is busy the night of the game. He snaps out of his stupor and tells me he is not busy and would very much like to go with Susan for the evening. Since he does not have a car on base I tell him Susan will pick him up at 6:30 and they can ride to the game together giving them a chance at privacy.Game night arrives and Susan leaves to pick up Adam while I remain home and straighten up the apartment. I receive a call from Susan around 9:00 informing me that the game was boring and they are coming home early. This heads up gives me a chance to order a pizza and it arrives mere minutes before they walk in the door. While eating a couple slices we are engaged in idle chit chat but I can see Susan and Adam eye banging each other rather fiercely.Finally, my horny wife decides to go take a shower before the nights main event while Adam and I remain and eat some more pizza. The bathroom is adjacent to and behind the living room which is where we are eating. I notice two things canlı bahis siteleri almost simultaneously. First, the shower sounds louder than normal and the other is Adam keeps looking back over his shoulder about every 10 to 15 seconds. I turn around to see what has his attention and I see the bathroom door is wide open and the shower curtain is not fully closed.After watching this myself for a solid 10 seconds I decide this is uncomfortable and just pick up my chair and turn it around. Adam sees me do this and promptly does the same. The two of us are sitting in the living room watching Susan in the shower like it is some kind of peep show. I look over at him and smile. He looks over at me and smiles. We clink beers together. We resume watching the wonderful show before us.Susan finishes her shower but surprises me by reaching out to grab her towel and not just stepping out and drying off. I ask her later about this and she claims she did not know about the curtain but left the door open to let out steam.She exits the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her and I stand and invite Adam into the comfort of the bedroom which is just opposite the bathroom door. We enter the bedroom and I gently lay Susan down on the bed with her head towards the edge and her feet away from us. With Adam frozen in position I pull one side of the towel open revealing her right breast. I reach over and pull the other side of the towel open revealing the remainder of her supine form.I hear Susan softly moan as she sees Adam’s reaction to her sudden nakedness. That seems to be the trigger he needs to lean down and start passionately kissing my wife. As the two are kissing he begins softly squeezing her breasts which are swollen and sensitive from being 3 months pregnant. I am sitting on the bed next to them rubbing her pussy and trying not to interfere. I can tell he is still nervous and a little skittish as he runs his hand down over the gentle swell of her belly and feels my hand between her legs and jerks back like he is doing something wrong. I now slide back a little further giving them more room, letting him know to just enjoy himself.Adam breaks the kiss and glides his lips down her neck and across her chest, locking onto a very erect nipple. This elicits even more moaning from my wife making him even more adventurous. He is now sucking very hard on her nipple while aggressively rubbing her clit.I step over and grab her wrist and place it on Adam’s crotch getting her involved in this. He is still fully clothed and after about a minute of her rubbing his dick through his jeans I tell him “That would feel much better if you took your pants off.”. Without letting go of her nipple, he removes his pants and Susan’s bahis firmaları hand flashes back to his very ridged dick. This is the first time I have seen what she is about to enjoy. He is roughly seven inches long, maybe more, and decently thick. He has about an inch on me and I know Susan is going to love this.This change of position places Adam’s cock mere inches from my wife’s face and she pulls him into her mouth. As she is bobbing her head on his dick from underneath, he begins kissing his way down her belly and shortly the two are locked in a sixty-nine. I stand back and simply admire the view before me. My pregnant wife being eaten out by a guy she hardly knows while sucking his dick.Since we Adam and I are in the Marines and tested regularly and Susan being pregnant was just recently tested we decide not to use any condoms. She is already pregnant after all.Eventually, the two of them come up for air and he positions her doggy style to begin fucking her from behind. He has moved her so she is facing the foot of the bed and I naturally take advantage of this and walk around and slide my dick in her mouth. I have just now discovered that my sweet wife goes absolutely ape shit when she has two cocks at the same time.She is bucking and humping back at him while trying to suck my nuts out through my urethra. We start trading off on which end we are in and promptly resume spit roasting Susan.I tell Adam that Susan is also into anal and on the next rotation tries to ease his dick into my wife’s ass. Unfortunately, he didn’t use any lube apart from the copious amounts produced by Susan’s pussy. She flinches a tiny bit and he panics again and just goes back to fucking her pussy. I ask Susan later about this and she tells me she is quite disappointed that he gave up so easily. She really wants him to fuck her in the ass. I presume while sucking my dick at the same time.While taking her from behind Adam leans back and pulls Susan back with him. She is now laying on top of him with his dick still inside her. She is disappointed again that she no longer has a cock to suck in this position because I do not get on the bed and straddle Adam’s face. My balls would be or nearly be rubbing across his nose.Instead, I position myself between their legs and experience the most wonderful view in all of existence. A perfect sight of Adam’s cock working in and out Susan’s well fucked pussy. I have the bright idea that if I grab one of Susan’s vibrating eggs I can give her even more stimulation and make her night even better.The room is dark so I lean fairly close to see where to place the egg and about two seconds after I touch egg to clit Susan spasms and her cootch clamps down on Adam’s dick. Adam can’t take bahis firmaları this added stimulation and quickly flips his very wet dick out her sopping pussy. I immediately realize just how close I am when his dick nearly boops me in the nose.I am frozen in shock for a few seconds as I replay in my mind what just transpired. It slowly dawns on me that I almost ended Adam’s night early and I begin to giggle to myself.After the two calm down, he flips Susan over and resumes fucking her from underneath while facing each other. I stand there enjoying the new angle when I notice him looking at me waiting to catch my attention. I watch him reach up and spread Susan’s ass cheeks apart offering me my own wife’s ass to fuck at the same time.I can’t resist such a gracious offer and immediately climb up behind her and, using my own precum as lube, slowly slide my dick into her ass as he is still holding her cheeks apart. When I am balls deep I hold very still allowing my wife to adjust to having a dick in her butt and having two dicks in her at the same time. While I am holding still Adam begins thrusting in and out.That is the most amazing feeling I have experienced to date, feeling another man fucking my wife. At this point I have been worked up so much the nights preceding that I know I will not last long, too much mental and physical stimulation. Too few minutes after having just started double penetrating my wife I get that all too familiar feeling in my balls and I know I am past the point of no return.I start slamming into Susan’s ass and grunt and moan very loudly. That triggers Susan to start doing the same with her own orgasm. This in turn sets Adam off which gets Susan going even harder knowing she is filled with cum in both holes at the same time. Hearing and feeling her going harder prolongs my orgasm and as a result keeps her at her peak. It was a cycle that lasted several minutes.When we finally crested and came back down we slowly disengaged. Adam looked completely spent and Susan was a complete mess. We laid there, with Susan in the middle, slowly recovering our strength. She loves being between two men and has a completely contented look on her face. I swear as we are laying there, rubbing her body, I can hear her softly mewing.We eventually get up and Adam and I dress while Susan remains splayed on the bed. It is now a little after 2:00 AM and I have to drive Adam back to the barracks. I cringe when I look at the clock because we both have a PFT (Physical Fitness Test) in 4 hours. As we leave, Susan while still spread on the bed, says good bye and thank you to Adam.On the drive to base we talk about the amazing night that just transpired and recount our favorite parts.I return home from dropping Adam off and I find Susan in nearly the same position as when I left. I can’t take this and very quickly strip and mount my sexy, sweet, pregnant wife, feeling another man’s cum still in her pussy.This was the worst PFT I have ever run and it is totally worth it.

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