OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty MILF’s


OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty MILF’sVelvet: We were all staying out at our country home, when my mom and I were finally released from the hospital. My dad, Mikey, and my brother, James, had set up a nursery in a spare bedroom and both of our little girls were sharing the space. My mom had named her and Hondo’s baby, Neesha, and my little girl was named Denise. They were both such beautiful babies and they would probably grow up like sisters. It was amazing that we had given birth on the same day and after a bit of private discussions with my mom, I had found out that both of our labors had been brought about by having sex. My bother, James, had been fucking her when she began her contractions and I had been fucking one of my co-stars after shooting a film. It always seemed like our lives were surrounded with sex and as I thought back upon the pounding I had received in the car that day, I smiled and thanked my lucky stars that I enjoyed it as much as I did. My two older brothers and sister had come to visit for a couple of days, but they had all left, giving their congratulations after hearing the details of the soap opera that had been our lives for the last two years. They didn’t agree with our choices, but they were family and understood that it wasn’t theirs to change. Hondo and my mom were staying in one room and Mikey and I were staying in what had once been my parent’s Master Bedroom. It felt so natural to go to bed with him and lie next to my lover. He was my baby’s father and I loved him dearly. My sexual urges were still raging, but they came and went unexpectedly, and although my doctor had forbid intercourse for a few weeks, that didn’t prevent my mouth from devouring Mikey’s cock when I had the craving. After the first week at home, my ass became a constant reservoir for his semen as I took him anally when I was horny. I didn’t know how long I could wait to feel his prick inside of my vagina, but he tried to keep me from acting upon my sexual impulses. I breast fed my daughter and it kept my breast fully engorged and I hoped that they would stay that way when I began back into my porn career. I’m sure my fans would enjoy seeing my much larger, naturally enhanced breasts bouncing as I got fucked by my multiple partners or watching me lactate for the men that milked me. The thought alone made me horny and once I put my little girl down for a nap, I found Mikey out on the deck and led him back to our room for some afternoon sodomy. OHGirl:I pumped the big black cock in my mouth and soon I had milked it for it’s creamy treat. I swallowed down each blast as it hit my tongue and the back of my throat, savoring the flavor of a taste that I had loved for my entire life. I had been stuck in the house for over a week and although Hondo had been very sweet and caring as we took care of our new c***d, I wanted my husband’s attention. Every time I would try to steal him away, he was busy with our daughter and their new baby. I wasn’t jealous, but maybe envious that she was now sharing what used to be our bed in our house. She was having cravings like me too and each time I would try to get Mikey’s attention, she would soon be leading him off for their own private time. I had to get away and I had left my c***d with her sister while I went into town to Shawn’s place. Hondo was in school and I wanted fucked hard. I had waited nearly two weeks and although most doctors had always given me a time frame for resuming my sexual activity after giving birth, I had always returned to my normal relations rather quickly. When I had arrived at Shawn’s apartment, he wasn’t home, but a customer of his had seen me on his doorstep and invited me to his car to talk. I had joined him in the front seat and after a bit of negotiating, he had agreed to pay me $15 dollars for a blow job. His cock was going limp as I kept sucking on it, while my head worked his lap as I knelt in the passenger seat next to him. He was finished and I had enjoyed his mouthful of cum that he had deposited, so I took my money, got back into my car and drove to my condo. On the way there, I called Marvin and asked him about resuming my cam schedule. He wasn’t at home either, so I left a message and frustratingly entered my condo wondering what to do next. I made a few calls to my regular clients and left messages about my availability and began scheduling some work days. I needed to get back to being a regular escort and earning money again. I had given my pussy and my services away cheaply for too long. I slipped out of my clothing and climbed into my bed, reaching down to get my pink rabbit dildo. It was soon deep in my wet cunt, vibrating at high speed and causing me to writhe in ecstasy while I masturbated for the next hour. I came 5 times and after cleaning up, lit up my first cigarette since giving birth. I sat on the balcony in a robe and just relaxed until I heard from someone that I had tried to contact. I wanted some cock so bad and I was getting impatient. Who would have thought that such a prolific hooker as me would be going through such a difficult time getting laid. My phone began to vibrate and it was Marvin. I would invite him over to discuss a new shooting schedule and hopefully his cock would satisfy my current craving. “What? Why the fuck would you do that without my permission?” I asked Marvin after he told me that he had put the cam site on hold until he had heard from me. He had nothing planned and no volunteer actors set up for any shoots in the near future and he also informed me that he had a new girlfriend now and that he would no longer take part in my after video sexcapades or be able to hook up with me as we once had. I wanted to explode, but I just told him that he needed to get working on the situation and that I was ready to get back to work myself. He seemed a bit surprised by the quickness of my return to amateur porn and prostitution, but he didn’t ask any questions, since my regular sexual antics had allowed him to pay for his schooling and living expenses. I lit up another cig as I hung up my cell and tried to contemplate another idea. I got dressed and returned to Shawn’s place for another visit, since his phone was not taking messages or he just wasn’t returning them. When I arrived, I banged on his door before his neighbor came out to greet me. “Hey baby girl.” he said as I looked over at him. I had fucked him and his roommates and friends nearly two years ago and now the thought was running through my head again as he told me that Shawn had been arrested. Apparently the DEA had raided his apartment a week before and Shawn’s luck had finally run out after all of his years of selling d**gs and pimping. He had gotten busted with a shit load of dope, money, guns and a couple of prostitutes according to his neighbor. I felt a little sorry for him, but I was more sympathetic to my own needs at the moment as I walked over to his neighbors porch and entered his place for more on the story. My mouth and my cunt were being fucked at both ends as Shawn’s neighbor and his roommate took turns in front of me and behind me. It felt so good and I shivered as I felt the first load pumped into my twat in over a week. I kept sucking my current partner off and I was rewarded with a gooey blast in my mouth after about 10 minutes. I swallowed it all and licked his ebony shaft and balls, hoping that they’d want to play more. They both sat back and got high as they turned up some music and I danced naked for them, giving them both lap dances while they smoked pot on the couch in the nude. One of their erections returned after about 20 minutes or more and I was riding it hard soon afterward. I bounced on his lap for quite some time before he picked me up and bent me over to enter my ass. I moaned out as he slid in with his wet, cum coated cock and let him stroke away until he exploded inside of me. I slid off of his black rod and took him back into my mouth, bahis siteleri working my way to his cum coated testicles and taking each one into my mouth to suck clean. He grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face further down as he lifted his asshole up to my mouth to tongue. My tongue snaked it’s way between his butt cheeks and soon I was rimming his hairy ass. His roommate came over for some too and soon my salad tossing skills had brought about another erection for him and he was soon fucking me on my back with my legs spread wide. I screamed out as he drove his cock into my sore hole and wondered if maybe I hadn’t overdone my first sexual encounter since giving birth. He pulled out after a long while and pasted my face with a huge load of jizz that I happily licked up. I laid on the couch and smoked a cigarette as they sat talking to me and continued to get high. I got more info about Shawn’s arrest and decided to get dressed and head to the police station to see him. I hated to see my frequent lover behind bars, since he was the father of my son and his cock had kept me happy and satisfied for many years. I got up to leave, but one of the guys told me that they had more friends coming over to party. I told him that maybe I’d stop back later, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer as he pulled me back onto the couch and mounted me. His cock slid easily back into my gaping wet slit and was soon stroking me hard as he laid between my wide spread legs. His friends arrived while I was getting fucked and a couple of them came over to feed me their cocks as my pussy took a pounding. I grimaced and grunted with each thrust, but I kept sucking their hard black cocks as I moved my head from one to the other. I felt a cum shot fill me deep inside and then one of the other guys mounted me. My pussy was raw and sore as the newest young male began to drive his long pole into me with deep hard thrusts. I was grunting loudly around the cock stuffed in my mouth as my oral lover choked me with his thick penis, forcing it deep into my throat. After another load filled me, his soda can sized organ found it’s way into me also. I begged him to fuck my ass after about 10 minutes and soon I was on all fours as he split my rectum with his giant round pecker. He gave my asshole a serious pounding and then pulled out to cum on my face. “You’re a good whore.” he told me as his jizz blasted onto my face, filling my eye socket and squirting up my nose as he ejaculated in thick, abundant streams. I held my mouth open, but most of it found it’s way to my forehead, cheeks, nose and into my hair. More men had arrived while I was finishing off my last partner and I was informed that everyone would be getting a piece before I could leave. “I really have to go now!” I said as I was cornered in the far end of the room. I had gotten off the couch and forced my way from two other guys who were feeling me up as they got undressed and I had tried to grab my belongings and run to the door before they had trapped me against the far wall. “Come on baby, we just want to party a little more wit you. My boys came over for a good time girl.” one of Shawn’s neighbors, that had fucked me earlier, told me as he kept blocking my way out. “No. That’s enough. I have to go. Now let me leave.” I said with authority. He stepped out of my way and as I passed him his arm grabbed me around my waist and he began to drag me up the stairs to the second floor. I tried to yell out, but his hand clasped over my mouth and three other new party members grabbed my flailing arms and kicking legs as they carried me into a bedroom on the top floor and tossed me onto the bed. I rolled over and tried to make it off of the other side of the bed, but I was pulled back and eventually I was being held down by four or five guys while about 3 or 4 more entered the room behind them. They closed the door and soon my legs were spread and held open by strong hands and arms while they all took turns fucking me. I squirmed for a while, but it was futile as one cock after another slid into my well used hole and pumped me full of semen. After the third guy had cum in me, I had given up struggling, and I was soon being fucked in my ass and fed cock by a few more males that had entered the room during that time. One after another all of Shawn’s neighbors and their friends fucked me that evening, cumming in my ass, my pussy and my mouth. At least 13 different men had penetrated me in one form or another, often times double penetrating me as they pulled their gangbang train on me. Once they were all done, I laid on the bed, cum oozing from my openings and covering my face, hair, breast and ass. “See baby, wasn’t that fun?” one of the guys said as he dressed and watched me lay there in a daze, cum running down my face and onto the sheets. He had exploded in my mouth after pulling out of my ass and feeding me his dick. He came quite a bit as he jerked off over my face and continued to spray his baby batter on me. I was licking my fingers and my lips as I listened to him tell me how great it felt to tear up my ass. It was a instinctual thing to do for someone that had always done so after sucking off a lover. The cum tasted good, but I felt like a used up whore and I was in pain from the multiple partners that had fucked me over the evening. “I remember fucking you when I was about 16 years old and had stopped by Shawn’s to get some pot. Everyone called you BP back then and I remember tappin’ that fine ass one night. You were my first hooker I ever banged and I fucked you a few times when I was buyin’ my stash during that time. I always wondered if one of your babies wasn’t mine.“ he told me as he put on his shirt. “You had a couple babies during that time and everyone always joked who BP’s baby daddies were.“ he said before walking out the door.I had pushed my luck and now I was lying in bed in the fetal position as I wondered if I would be able to walk out. My cunt was throbbing and was on fire and blood was in some of the semen that dripped out of me. My asshole was sore to, since all of the guys had fucked me without lube and had really drove their cocks into me as hard as they could. They had used me like the slut that I was and now I was paying the price for being an easy whore. I cleaned up in the restroom and dressed before slowly walking down the stairs. A few of the guys were still partying and a couple of them yelled for me to stay longer. I ignored them and left and soon found myself back at the condo and in a warm tub trying to relax. I had been gone all evening and most of the night and it was early morning as I laid soaking in the warm water hoping that I was ok. I drove back home after I dressed and found my daughter playing with her sister and her c***d. I picked up Neesha and breast fed her while we made small talk about my night out and then I took a nap with my new little girl and hoped I felt better when I awoke.Velvet: My mom looked horrible when she came home early the next morning. I had watched my new little sister while she was gone and I could tell that my mom had been fucked hard by the way she walked and how she was acting. If she had engaged in sex this early it was probably the cause of her current problems and I felt bad for her, because I knew the cravings that she was going through. I had wanted sex just as badly also, but my father had warned me that same evening when I had begged for his hard, white cock. Now that I saw my mom and her predicament, I was glad to have taken him anally once more. I should probably at least give it another two weeks before I break down and give in. Rudy had sent a text wondering about my availability in the near future and I had yet to answer. The thought of doing porn was running through my mind though and I really wanted to get back to work. Mikey was sucking on my breasts and squeezing them as my milk pour from his mouth and down his bahis siteleri face. I loved when he sucked my engorged and sensitive tits and it really got me wet as we messed around that afternoon, after I had put Denise down for a nap. His cock was lubed with my slobber and breast milk before he titty fucked me and blew a load on my face. I licked it up slowly and let him watch me eat his sticky offering, teasing him to another erection as I jacked his cock with my hand. If only I could feel him in my twat, but again, my ass took him with ease, while I screamed as he pounded me hard. He was one of the rare few that could make me come with anal sex alone and my juices flowed until he busted a nut in my ass. I was going to call my doctor the next day to complain because he just had no idea how badly I needed a long, hard prick. When my mom woke up, Mikey and I had just emerged from our afternoon tryst and she was looking a little better. She had called up James and then explained to both of us about his father, Shawn’s, arrest. She and James took Denise and they left to go to the local jail while Mikey went to work and I watched our c***d. I was a mom and I was loving it as I fed and cared for my new little bundle of joy. I couldn’t wait until I had another of Mikey’s k**s and had already been planning on letting him know that I wanted to start a large family early, so that I could continue my porn career when I got older. I cleaned the house and got dinner ready and then sat on the deck with the baby monitor and answered messages on my WebSite. I was almost half way through with my work when I saw Gerald coming up the stairs to visit. He sat across from me and we talked about my mom and I having our c***dren and he actually congratulated me. He had told me that when I had gotten pregnant that he had worried that the baby could have been his. I laughed about it, but then again, had I not been exclusive with Mikey for the two months prior to my test, I may have wondered too. I did have unprotected sex with almost all of my lovers, so I could have easily ended up like my mom, with 6 c***dren, all by different men, some unknown. We were laughing and joking for a while before he came to look over my shoulder at my website. My videos and photos were making him horny and he told me so in a very blunt, Gerald-like way. It made me wet to know it and I soon found myself sucking his cock as he leaned back on the lounge chair. He pulled off my shirt and began playing with my full breasts, then he slid off my panties before I ended up straddling his lap and rubbing my wet labia against his stiff prick. I was so excited as my slippery lips moved back and forth along his hard shaft. I told him that I couldn’t have sex yet, but I couldn’t help myself and when the tip of his cock had pressed against my opening and I slid all the way down on his throbbing cock, I sighed in ecstasy. I slowly began to bounce on it and soon I was cumming and moaning out obscenities as Gerald thrust his cock up into my birth canal. It felt so good and I just kept riding him until he spewed deep in my cunt. I quickly slid off his cock and went down to lick up his sticky jizz as it ran down his pole. I devoured his prick and deep throated him until he nearly pushed my head out of his lap from his sensitive dick. I then sat back on his erection and continued to ride him until he once again filled me with more of his baby batter. He lit up a cigarette after he had put his pants back on and handed it to me for me to take a drag. It tasted so good as I inhaled deeply and blew the smoke out. I couldn’t believe that I had just fucked my neighbor once again and this time breaking my own rules of not waiting until my doctor said it was ok.I was still naked, with Gerald’s cum dripping from my slit, as I went back to work on my website. I must have fallen asleep, because the sounds of Denise crying on the monitor woke me up and I went to get my little girl. I was still nude when my mom and James returned to see me sitting on the couch and breastfeeding my daughter. My mom came over and took her from me and looked down to nod at my cum filled hole, telling me to go get cleaned up as she cared for her new granddaughter and got the dinner on the table. I’m sure that she was fully aware of what I had been up to while they were all gone, but she never said a word as Mikey came home and we all had dinner at the kitchen table, as a family, for the first time in years. Of course, we were now joined by my daughter, my father and baby daddy, my brother and lover, and my mom and my new sister. My mom was now a grandmother and a mother once more and it just couldn’t have been any more messed up unless we were on Jerry Springer. None the less, we all enjoyed our dinner and relaxed in the movie room, having popcorn and soda as the night grew late. It was so nice to be a family again and I let Mikey know as I slid into his arms that night and fell asleep with him by my side. OHGirl: I took a week off and recuperated from my unplanned gangbang after seeing my doctor and getting treated for participating in sex so soon after giving birth. I felt foolish as he reprimanded me, but he had been my physician since I had become a hooker. He knew my profession and had also been one of my regular customers at one time. He had treated me for other things in the past and even though I hated to admit it, fucking over 11,000 different men without protection did come at an expense on rare occasions, especially when many of the men I fucked were street thugs and d**g addicts. I had been diagnosed with a few STD’s over the years, but I had always gotten treated quickly and efficiently by my doctor. Luckily nothing was life threatening, but the dangers were what pushed me to the edge of my sexual addiction. I was still very horny after a couple of days, but after rewinding and seeing what had occurred the previous week, had kept me from following up on my instant gratification until it was time. When I was finally ready, Hondo was there to pump me with his huge white prick. I begged for more and he fucked me multiple times over the evening when we had finally broken down and went for it. I was now ready to start doing amateur porn again and had three new cam shows set up along with a full schedule of escort jobs that I was looking forward to doing. My new little girl was the only thing that prevented me from going back to my business full throttle, but luckily her daddy helped me out a lot. Hondo loved his baby and I was happy for both of us, although I still longed for my husband’s touch. It had been nearly a month since our last affair, when I finally ran into him at the house and seduced him. His tongue and fingers brought me to multiple orgasms before his stiff white cock pumped me to another two gushing vaginal spasms. We fell asleep in our own bed, like old times, and the fact that Velvet had flown back to Vegas, to shoot her new series of films, wasn’t lost upon me as we continued to fuck regularly while she was gone. I missed and loved Mikey so much, but our relationship was much different now that he was raising our daughter’s new c***d and I had my own baby with my young lover. Mikey was making our breakfast as both babies lay in their chairs after just feeding. I was nude when I came up and wrapped my arms around his waist as he made our Belgian Waffles. It had been like old times each morning when Hondo was at school. I woke up with Mikey and after making love we got the k**s up and fed. It reminded me of when we were younger with our c***dren. I reached down into his sweat pants and stroked on the cock that had been in my wet pussy just an hour earlier and then I went down to my knees and sucked it while he continued to cook. I told him that I didn’t want any syrup on my waffles, just a load of his hot spunk and when breakfast was almost done, he stopped to concentrate on my canlı bahis oral services. When he was ready to explode, he held the plate with my waffle before him and I jerked his cock on it, spraying his jizz over my food. I ate my breakfast voraciously in front of him, letting him know how much I loved his cum and hoped that my seductive antics would get his big cock hard again while we showered. It did and that morning he fucked me three times before we both left for work. I was so in love with my hubby and I would never let him go again. I’d still fuck other men and have lovers, but no one could fill his space in my heart. That night Hondo didn’t come back out to the country house, so as I lay next to Mikey, after a strenuous sexual session, I asked him if he’d like to have another c***d with me. I explained how the procedure had worked for Hondo and I and told him that I wanted another c***d by him. Hondo had been bringing it up again recently and it brought to mind my idea to have another baby with my husband. I was extremely excited about the thought. The next morning, as he made breakfast, while I breast fed my c***d and gave a bottle to my granddaughter, he informed me that he wanted to follow through with my idea. We had an appointment with a local specialist the following week and kept all of the details secret from Hondo and Velvet. She was still traveling between Vegas and LA and her boss Rudy had talked her into sticking around for a local sex expo in Vegas, so we had more time alone together. After another week, I had some of my eggs removed and Mikey gave a couple of samples of his sperm for fertilization. Velvet had finally returned home after three weeks had passed and she an Mikey resumed their relationship. We still met secretly during our free times away from Hondo and our daughter, making love and planning our invitro fertilization procedure. I wasn’t sure that this was the smartest thing in the world to do, since we were both in our 50’s, but my mind and heart were being overwhelmed with the sex that we had been having and it was rocking my world once again. The thought of giving up hooking had crossed my mind much more lately and I was reevaluating my future and life with my husband. That didn’t stop me from continuing to fulfill my escort schedule or my gangbang cam shows, but I was still giving it some serious thoughts. Velvet: I had been gone for three straight weeks, working in LA and Vegas on a new series of films. Rudy had been fucking me, my costars in the films had been fucking me, especially my new black lover, Darrion, I had hooked up with a handful of rappers and actors in Hollywood and had even done a few escort jobs while I was in Vegas at the local sex expo. During my time away I had fucked over 75 different men and my mind was now back on my work. It was great to be back home with Mikey and our c***d, but I was always thinking about my future contract films that Rudy was constantly setting up. He would have me getting fucked by 20 guys every day if it were up to him, but since it wasn’t, I tried to keep the number of jobs to a reasonable amount. I was going to be home for two weeks before I flew back out to LA to do another three films and party with some friends. I hadn’t got to celebrate my birthday like I wanted to, when I had turned 21 years old, since I was having my baby that week, so I was going to celebrate hard while I was back in Vegas and LA. My gang members wanted to see me again and my new boyfriend Darrion wanted to take me out too. I just wanted to enjoy my youth while I had the chance before I brought up having more k**s with Mikey and we proceeded to do so.I took care of my baby and hung out with Mikey while I was home and I never did bring up the subject of more c***dren as we made love every night. It felt great to be with my lover again, but I was so excited about my career once again and my trip back to LA. I kissed Mikey and my daughter, Denise, goodbye at the airport and soon I was flying out west again. I was meeting Rudy at LAX and I was spending the week at his place as I shot my first film locally. He was very excited to see me again, since his texts were very sexual and that night he and I fucked for nearly two hours before he filled me with his jizz and we fell asleep. I had a 5 man anal gangbang planned the next day and I was horny just thinking about it while Rudy pumped me like he probably fucked all the girls, back in the 70’s, when he was a porn star. For a guy in his late 60’s, he could really fuck. I sat on the edge of the couch, my legs spread as I squeezed my anal muscles, to push out the cum that had been ejaculated into my asshole, by the five co-actors in my movie. They had penetrated me in every possible way and then took turns emptying their dicks into my behind, one after the other. One of them held a plastic champagne glass under my butt and caught the cum as it poured from my rectum. It was nearly overflowing as I was given it to drink for the camera. The spunk filled my mouth and I blew bubbles and gargled with it before gulping it all down. My fans loved seeing me gangbanged and my cum whore antics were becoming notorious in the business. The next day I was doing a 10 man bukkake and I was already thinking about all the sticky sperm that I’d be swallowing as they sprayed my face and filled my mouth. I finished my first film at the end of the week and then took off with my lover Darrion. We spent the weekend on Malibu at a director’s house, whom I had met and fucked during my previous filming. He had a place on the beach and had given me a set of keys to visit any time I wanted. He was gone to Europe for a film festival that week and my boyfriend and I used his place for our love pad. His big, black cock stroked every one of my holes all weekend and the fact that we were both porn actors made for some great sex. I loved feeling him explode deep in my cunt each fuck session and his reputation for ejaculating in large quantities kept me filled up both internally and hunger wise. After our little time together, I began my new film and then afterward, celebrated my belated birthday with my gang, when I got back to Vegas.I was so caught up in my job and raising the baby that I didn’t even realized that I had missed my period until nearly a week past it’s regular time. I stopped to get a pregnancy test at the local pharmacy and the test results came back positive. What was I going to do now, since I had no idea who the father was. Since my first bout of intercourse with Gerald, through all of the sex that I had participated in over the last month and a half, I had fucked well over two hundred men whom had all cum in me or on me. I was sitting on the deck working once again on my website when Gerald stopped over as usual. I was watching both my baby and my sister that afternoon while my mom and dad worked and it began to dawn on me that my pregnancy could be due to my last encounter with our neighbor. I was so nervous that I asked Gerald for a cigarette, when he sat down, and smoked it as we talked. He was flirting with me as usual and had just blatantly asked me for a blow job when I told him that I was pregnant and that he might be the father. He thought that I was joking and had his cock out and in my face before I looked up at him and told him that I was telling the truth, while I took him in my hand and stroked him before licking his shaft. He stared at me intensely while I sucked him off and I could tell that he was still not fully sure of my story as he pulled me to my feet and then bent me over the metal table on the deck. I let him slide into me from behind as he talked to me about the consequences of his wife finding out. He pumped me hard as he thought about it and then shot his load into my hole and laid across my back, sweating and panting from the fucking he had just given me in the afternoon sun. “If my wife found out that I was fucking you two whores, it would ruin my marriage and break up my family. If it is mine, you need to get an abortion.” he told me. I nodded to him as I sunk to my knees to lick him clean and then watched him go. What was I going to do now?

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