Office Play


Office PlaySo I work in a pretty conservative environment, very professional. But there are two women here named Lisa and June that I have always had a thing for. They are polar opposites body wise, Lisa is thin, some guys would say too thin, with an okay face but her body is hard and her ass perfect and her tits A cups with big nipples. June is thicker but not fat with huge DDD breasts she keeps restrained but cannot hide, great cleavage and very pretty. We’ve all worked together for a long period of time, they are both just under 40. Lisa and I have been heavily flirting for over a decade, April just the past couple years and the two of them are very close and they socialize with their families on the weekends. They both talk about me together and they tell me when they do, so there isn’t really jealousy going on just playful fun this is what happened kind of a thing. So it was all harmless fun, Lisa would “accidentally” lean over my desk and her bra would open up because there is nothing to hold it closed and show me those perfectly shaped little tits and hard nipples which would drive me nuts. April would just make sure her cleavage was in full display when she came into my office and they both loved hearing how hot they make me. So every year we have a company dinner for management and salaried employees at a local restaurant and we all have a few drinks and have a great time. I always sit with Lisa and June and this year we had a great time and as usual I got up to leave around 9pm and let the remaining employees continue their drinking without me. As I was making my way to the car Lisa yelled for me to wait, she said she didn’t want to go home yet and how about we go get a beer niğde escort at a bar on the way home. Of course I said yes, she said follow me!I pulled in behind her at a darkly lit bar and parking area. She out of her car and came over to my SUV. I had a bottle of wine in the car I had bought to bring home after work. I told her we could just drink that, she agreed quickly and I got the opener out of my center console. As she got into the car her blouse was falling open naturally and I guess you can blame it on liquid courage, I reached in and cupped her perfectly shaped little tit down her bra and gave it a squeeze I’d been waiting to feel for over a decade. That bottle of wine never got open.She looked at me with surprise but leaned in to kiss me immediately, the passion of these kisses made each of know we waited too long to do this. I had her shirt off in a second and she took her bra off, I started my vehicle and moved it to the back of the lot under a tree in complete darkness and turned it off. I told her how I could close my eyes and see her perfect ass walk out of my office and now I need to see and feel it, she climbed into the back seat and I pushed the buttons on each side to make them go all the way down with her shifting for seat to seat as I did so. I was just going to climb over and she told me to wait and take off my shirt and pants. As I did she slide off her pants and turned over so I could see that ass with the tiny underwear high on each cheek. I climbed over already hard as a rock and slowly slid her underwear off and put my face right between her legs, I gave her tiny asshole a quick lick and she shivered. I turned her over and pushed her up so I could lay escort niğde right between her legs and she grabbed both sides of my head as I slowly drifted down and gently spread her pussy apart, her labia were dark and shaped like little elephant ears, not too long or short and her sweet hole and clit peaking out under her hood were bright pink in contrast. I sucked on each of the labia as she squirmed and her juices started to flow, after a few minutes I turned my attention to her clit, it took about 3 seconds from the time my tongue reached her mostly hooded pink clit till that dime sized clit was at full attention, hard as a rock. I inserted a finger up into her pussy and rubbed the upper inner supposed G spot area while sucking on that very hard clit, she came in less than five minutes and I did not relent even as she said her face and arms went numb. She seemed to almost levitate as I put my thumb in her tight ass as she came to her most powerful orgasm. My mouth was full of her cum, she must of squirted ten times, I swallowed all I could but the rest dripped down my neck and on my chest, I was exhausted, my mouth was numb and I had no idea how long I’d been down there and she said she had no idea how many times she came but she’s never experienced anything like it!I crawled up to lay next to her, she couldn’t talk yet but we laughed and she turned to me and just looked into my eyes finally saying to me “how did you learn to do that?”. I said many years of practice but its something I could always do, and I love doing it, watching her body move in tune with my mouth and hands. She said she had never let anyone put a finger in her ass, she was afraid it would hurt. I said niğde escort bayan she was so wet her ass sucked my thumb all the way in. We laid there for a few more minutes and she said “so what do we do now? We don’t have a condom”. I said well you can’t get pregnant so I’m just going to take your ass, she said she’s too exhausted to blow me but I made her promise that would be a rain check for my office and she said that was hot. She said I could try her ass and she trusted me to be gentle.I turned her on her side and kissed her while fingering her pussy and getting her ass as wet as it was before, she said she was nervous but I kissed her again and slid the head of my cock into her perfect tiny asshole, it was very tight but also very accepting, I pulled back looked into her eyes and slowly pushed it all the way in watching the disbelief on her face that this was happening. Her body tensed, there was a split second of whether she was going to say pull out and then her body went limp and I began to slowly thrust. She moaned and said she couldn’t believe this was happening, it was so tight wet and hot and the look on her face so incredible and as I quickened my thrusts she started to meet them making it more than I could handle. I said I was going to cum in her ass very quickly because I couldn’t take how good it felt, I exploded in her, she muffled her scream in her arm and I pulled out with her ass gaping and dripping cum. It was a beautiful sight that I will never forget. We laid there for about fifteen minutes and she said she had to get home and I said me too. We cleaned up as much as we could, I put the seats back up an we got out, hugged for a long time and went our separate ways. The next morning she came into my office closed my door and thanked me for the most intense orgasms she ever had and that I could have her ass anytime I wanted from this day forward. Life is good. And June was next up…..TBC

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