Unboarding the plane, I walk through the terminal with sweaty hands and a fluttery stomach. This isn’t something I normally do, and it’s not like me but I continue to walk behind the throngs of people exiting the plane. I keep my sunglasses on so that I can spot him before he can spot me. That and he wouldn’t be able to see how nervous and excited I am to finally meet in person. I do spot him, holding a sign with my name on it, trying to peer over the shoulders of the people in front of him to see if I’ve exited the plane. I have a funny thought, and decide to walk to the left side, opposite of where he is, and then come up behind him rather than up front. The small trick eases my nerves a bit, and I walk slowly towards him, laughing at how anxious he looks trying to find me. I gingerly tap him softly on the shoulder, so light that I almost wonder if he felt it. But he turns around and realizes I’m right behind him. A big grin lights across his face and I shyly say, “Hi Ned.”

I go in for a handshake, but Ned goes straight for a hug. My hand awkwardly hits him in the stomach and he fumbles to shake my hand and leans in for a big hug. I silent mutter “awkward” and he laughs, saying “It’s ok” like he read my thoughts. We’ve talked enough that he can anticipate what I’m thinking or saying and how I’d react to certain situations.

“Let’s go pick up your luggage okay?” I nod and he puts his hand on the small of my back as if it’s the most natural thing in the world and guides me towards the baggage claim. “What does yours look like?” Ned asks, and I tell him it looks like every other black luggage out there. “Thanks, you’re a big help,” he smiles again and we look at the incoming carousel of luggage. I finally spot mine and he hoists it off the belt with ease. Ned walks me to his car and asks me, “Are you tired? Do you want to rest first or are you ready to check out my neck of woods?”

“I could use a shower. I’ve been on the plane for a long time so I feel a bit icky. Do you mind if I take a quick shower first and then we can head out?”

“Sure, no problem. Maybe a hot shower will help calm your nerves a bit.” He grins wide at me again, sensing my nervousness the whole time. “I don’t bite you know,” he adds quickly.

“I know. I’m just nervous is all. You’re not even a little?” I ask.

“If I was, I’d never tell you,” he says with a chuckle in his throat. “Could you please take off those sunglasses so I can see your eyes? I feel like you’re still behind a screen with those on.” And he reaches out to take them off my face. As he takes off the glasses, a wisp of hair becomes untucked and blows across my eyes. Ned gingerly tucks the strand of hair back behind my ear. The slight touch of his fingers touching my ears makes my face flush. I can clearly see he’s enjoying this as his smile grows even wider.

As we reach the car, he puts my luggage in the trunk and opens the passenger door for me. As the key turns in the ignition, we’re hit by a blast of country music. I face him with a mix of disapproval and amusement.

“What?” he exclaims and turns it louder and starts singing along.

“I can’t believe you like that stuff.”

“What? I can’t hear you. Ol’ McGraw here is serenading me with the sweet sound of his guitars.”

“I can’t believe a guy your age likes this kind of music!” I yell. He can obviously hear me and turns the music down and turns to look at me. “What music should I be listening to then, Miss Anti-America? Your nation is founded on good ol country music, so shouldn’t you show a little patriotism? Maybe I should be the American and you should be the ungrateful Brit.” He says teasingly.

But Ned promptly shuts off the music and turns his full attention on me. “Okay now that you’re successfully made fun of my music, you’ll have to entertain me until we get to your hotel.” He pats me on the back with assurance.

I know he’s putting me on the spot and I open my mouth to say something to retort, but he interrupts me and says “Do I meet all your expectations? Am I everything you thought I would be?”

“I didn’t expect you to have such a big mouth.”

“The bigger to kiss you with,” with a twinkle in his eye as he laughs at his own joke.

I laugh and flush again at the thought. I look away and point at some random building outside my window. “What’s that?” I ask.

“A pub and more pubs. But I can’t take you there since you don’t drink. But maybe I should get you super pissed so you’ll tell me all your dirty secret fantasies.”

“I have no such fantasies unlike you.”

“You have no idea,” and he glances at me with the corner of his eye. He finally stops trying to joke and points out more scenic points of Britain to me. I can see him sneak glances at me periodically as he drives and I pretend not to notice.

We finally reach the hotel and he asks, “Are you sure you don’t want to stay with me? I can take the couch and you can have my room.”

I tell him I don’t want to inconvenience him, knowing he has Gaziantep Anal Escort flatmates who might be intent on finding out how we met. “Okay well if you change your mind…”

“Thanks,” I replied, “but I think I’ll be ok.”

He collects my luggage again and I ask if he needs help, but he shoos me off. “I may not look very strong but I’m very resourceful” and he picks up my luggage with ease and we walk to the front lobby of the hotel to check-in. I walk a couple steps behind him and take a good look, which I hadn’t been able to do since I arrived. Being on the leaner side, he had a small frame for a guy, but with an athletic build from all the hiking and sports he played. His normally disheveled brown hair was combed, almost preppily. I hoped he hadn’t combed it for my benefit because I preferred his normal tousled hair. I also noticed he was clean shaven today and normally I don’t like guys with facial hair but I actually liked him with a little bit of stubble. Without it, it made him look too baby-faced and innocent, when I knew he was full of mischief.

I check in and we walk up to my room and slide my keycard in. Immediately he puts my luggage down and jumps onto the bed, getting comfortable. I tell him I just want a quick rinse and then I’ll be out shortly. He tells me that we’re in no rush so I can take my time.

I jump into the shower and am relieved for some alone time to collect my thoughts. Ned and I had met on Literotica and struck up a bit of a friendship over the years. I was attracted to the sweetness of his stories, which was nice in comparison to all the stories about guys ramming their cocks into girls mouths and spanking them as they came. Despite his jokey demeanor, I knew how much of a softie he could be than he let on. We spent a lot of nights talking about what we liked and wanted in the other sex, and analyzing and dissecting sex. I’m not sure why he chose to talk to me when he had countless of other fans who adored his stories, but maybe because I was still a virgin and he had a soft spot for me. I had had a boyfriend, but I never let it go all the way. I wasn’t saving myself for marriage, but I couldn’t bring myself to give him all of me. Ned was super patient with all my questions about sex, and even encouraged me, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Maybe it had been the way I’d been raised…that sex was dirty and bad, and for a girl to want it was a whore. I didn’t feel like I had a strong libido, but I was interested in learning about sex and how it felt to make love. Even though I never went all the way with my ex-boyfriend, he would still try to pleasure me, but could never bring me to orgasm. I could only reach a climax by myself and I knew it bothered him that he couldn’t be the one to make me orgasm.

Over the years, Ned and I talked about my fears and hesitance towards sex, and he would coax me gently by reenacting one of his stories over voice chat, and encourage me to touch myself until I came. I would close my eyes and just listen to the sound of his lovely, deep British accent, something that turned me on but I had never told him. At the end, he would always ask me softly if I was ok with concern in his voice. I usually told him I was sleepy and he would chuckle quietly and wish me a good night.

Bringing us to present day, I had enough money saved up to visit England. I had always wanted to visit the place prior to meeting Ned, but now was even a bigger reason to visit. We had exchanged photos and often went on video chat but this would be the first time meeting face to face. I didn’t really know where our relationship was going because even though we talked about everything else under the sun, we never discussed us. It’s the reason why I was so nervous getting off the plane and meeting him, not knowing how he would be in person, and how the days and nights would progress. Even though we could see each other through chat, there was still a barrier that prevented us from really getting too close but now all of that was out the door.

Like he had mentioned earlier, the shower did calm my nerves a bit and I convinced myself to just have a good time with him, regardless of what happened. We knew each other well enough that it shouldn’t be too awkward in person and he seemed like he wanted to keep the mood light whenever I tensed up.

I toweled off and put on a light yellow sundress with a gray cardigan in case it got chilly. Being a bit of a tomboy, this was very unusual for me to be wearing a dress but I wanted to appear somewhat feminine to him. When I got off the plane, I had been wearing a flannel shirt, making me feel like a lumberjack in his presence. I dried my hair with the blowdryer and gave a quick comb through my hair and exited the bathroom. Ned had been flipping through the channels and as he heard the click of the door, he turned off the TV and looked in my direction.

“Hi,” he said. I said “hey” back.

“You’re right, you are quick. Are you sure you really showered or just pretended? Coz I swear I just turned on the telly just now.”

“Yes, I did. My hair’s still wet.”

“Ah, the old wet hair trick.” And he grins and stares at me. “I thought you never wore dresses…?”

“I thought I would change it up, being in a foreign country and all.”

“Ah. Well you look nice. Cute, but very demure as expected. I thought I’d never see those legs of yours. For the longest time, I only thought you were a talking head.” Referring to our video chats.

“I know, my legs never see the light of day. I’m almost as pale as a vampire, which means I should fit right in, here in England.”

“Alrite, let’s head out, I’m getting a wee bit hungry. How about you?” I agree and we leave the hotel room and get back in his car. He seemed less jokey, and his mood had turned a bit serious. Maybe he had time to reflect too while I was showering. That or he rummaged through my underwear while I was showering, I’d never know, but always a possibility with Ned.

He asked me what I was in the mood for, and I told him to pick since he was the native. So he took me to a local fish and chips place. He wouldn’t let me pay for my order because he said I had already spent a lot of money just coming to visit so he said he would take care of everything. I protested but he was firm, and dropped my money in the back of my dress so that I would have a hard time getting it back and by that time, he had paid the bill.

With something in my stomach, I felt more relaxed and we settled into the usual rhythm of conversation we always had. After we ate, we walked around and he took me to a local pub. I looked at him with hesitance and he smiled his easy grin, and said “Don’t you want to get smashed with the likes of these?” motioning to the group of rugby players already drunk off their asses before 9pm. I shook my head no, and he took me into the back of the pub where a couple of foosball tables were set up. Ned saw my face light up, and he challenged me to a game.

“You talk a good game Chang, but let’s put your so-called ‘skills’ to the test.” I played often at work and I was known to have a mean curve shot that was hard to defend against. We played best of ten, and it was looking like I was annihilating him. A semi-crowd was gathering to watch me, a petite girl in a sundress beating a guy who was used to competition and sport. People cheered me on and at the end, many slapped Ned on the back telling him “Better luck next time, mate.” Though beaten badly, he looked impressed that I had played so well against him.

“How about we do something not so emasculating?” he teased.

“What else do you want to do? It’s getting kinda late and I’m not sure how much I’d get to see of England in this light.”

“Oh I’m sorry, you probably want to rest from your long flight. How about we watch a movie on the telly or something until you fall asleep?” It didn’t sound like a bad idea and I was feeling pretty exhausted from sitting so long in an uncomfortable position for so long that I yearned to lay down on a soft bed.

We went back to the hotel and he flipped through the channels to find a movie to watch.

“Want to watch this?” I could hear the smile forming in his voice and I knew that he had probably chosen something inappropriate.

“What is it?” I grabbed my glasses because it was hard to see in the dim hotel room and because I was nearsighted.

“Lady Chatterley’s Lover with Joely Richardson and Sean Bean. C’mon it’s a classic and you know you love Ken Russell.”

“But it’s 4 hours long! I thought we were watching a movie, not reading a novel.”

“Let’s just watch the sexy parts and skip the rest.” He pauses and says softly, “I know it’ll make you sleepy.” I look at him with uncertainty, but change into my pajamas and get ready for bed. When I come out of the bathroom, he’s already on the bed waiting for me to start the film. I sit on the edge of the bed, not even remotely close to where he’s laying down. I can feel the bed move, and he takes my hand and pulls me up to the head of the bed.

“Relax, I’m not going to bite. I just want you to relax so you can fall asleep and be rested for tomorrow. But I hope you don’t mind if I fall asleep here too. I’m not sure if I’m in any condition to drive back home either.” I told him it was fine, and I laid back on my side of the bed.

When it came to the first love scene, I looked over at him to see if he was feeling uncomfortable, but he didn’t give any indication. So I turned back to the screen, and he slowly crept his hand over mine and caressed the back of my hand softly, while his eyes were still glued to the movie. I trembled slightly and he must have felt it because he looked over at me and asked, “Are you ok? I didn’t mean to startle you. I thought it would help you relax. I’m sorry.” And he held his hands up to show me that he wasn’t going to touch me.

“No, it was fine, I just didn’t expect it.”

“Are you sure? I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable and more nervous. This vacation should be stress free and I don’t want to add to it.”

“No really it’s fine. If you really want to help me fall asleep, you can rub my forehead. Something about that just relaxes me a lot. Like rubbing all the troubled thoughts in my head away.”

“Ok. Well you’ll have to come closer to me so I can angle my hands to your head.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, so he pulled me towards him and laid my head on his shoulder and one arm wrapped around me, while the other gently caressed my forehead. I let out a small sigh, and he stopped his caress, asking again if I was sure it was fine. I nodded my head and closed my eyes.

After a little while, I did drift off. Some time later, I felt him gently shaking me awake.

“Hey, you missed all the good parts and almost made me miss them too with your snoring.”

“What, I snore?” I asked embarrassed.

“Yeah, just a little. It was a cute little snore. I think you’re just really tired. Well, I’ll just let you sleep properly.” He grabbed a pillow and a blanket and moved towards the floor.

“Wait, what are you doing?” I asked, still mildly half awake.

“I’m sleeping on the floor.”

“Why? You can just share with me. I fell asleep fine with you sharing the bed. I’m so sleepy that I’ll be too tired to be nervous.”

“Are you sure? I’d gladly take the floor. I don’t mind.”

“Yes, I mind. No worries.”

“Ok. Do you want to me rub your forehead again?” I mutter “yes please” and he cradles me in the same position again. While he strokes my forehead, my breathing becomes slower and he assumes I’ve fallen asleep but I’m still half awake. His hand moves down to stroke my cheek and then down to my chin. I breathe a sigh of contentment, and snuggle closer to him. I miss this.

He gently strokes my arm and I can feel him take a sharp intake of breath. He kisses my forehead and nose so imperceptibly soft, I almost don’t feel it. He still thinks I’m asleep and he whispers how precious I am to him. I hug him tighter and he stiffens a bit, realizing that maybe I’m not asleep as he thought.

“Hey,” he whispers. “Are you asleep?” In a sleepy voice, I say “nah uh” and laugh a little bit.

“You trickster. I thought you were asleep.” And he tickles my sides, knowing full well how extremely ticklish I am.

Now I am fully awake and batting his hands away and laughing hard at his tickles I tell him “Nooooo!” Out of breath from laughing, I yell uncle and he catches my hands together and stops. From all the shuffling around, he’s now on top of me and staring into my eyes. I can see his brown eyes from the light in the window, and he has such a soft expression to them that it instantly makes me feel weak. He looks at me with those doe-like eyes for a couple seconds before bringing his lips down and kissing me softly. I moan quietly, feeling his lips upon me for the first time and feeling how soft and delicious his lips are. All those nights where he would coax me to an orgasm, I imagined how his lips would feel like on me. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought of his lips kissing me everywhere and I let out a small whimper.

Ned, still staring at me with his eyes looking like they want to swallow me whole, whispers “Can I kiss you again? Are you ok with this?” I nod my head and smile at him. He kisses my forehead, moves down to my nose, then to my left cheek and then to my right cheek. He moves down to my chin and avoids my mouth, then slowly travels to my neck. He doesn’t know how sensitive my neck is but the instant his lips touch my neck, a shiver runs through my whole body. He looks up with concern in his eyes, and I tell him that I’m just super sensitive there. His eyes turn playful and he licks my neck slowly and deliberately. I grow uncomfortably wetter and it causes my hips to buck forward onto his bulging pants. It’s his turn to let out a moan and he rubs himself against me, and making me lose any self control I might have had. My breathing grows faster as his lips move further down my chest and he stops above my nipples, which are pointing hard through my shirt. He kisses my right nipple gently through my shirt and it’s too much for me. My nipples are usually too sensitive to touch, and I let out a gasp. Ned takes this as positive reinforcement and kisses the other nipple. I whisper that they’re too sensitive and so he moves on to slowly kiss my belly.

His hands are pulling at the waist band of my pajama bottoms and he hesitates by giving me a look to ask if its ok, and I just nod my head. He pulls my pants off and slowly kisses his way up from my ankles to my thighs. I’m sure he can smell my arousal that my underwear is so damp it’s clinging to my pussy lips. He takes a deep breath and uses his tongue to lick my pussy over my underwear. I shudder and his tongue pushes harder making me buck against his tongue. My hands are clenched and my eyes are tightly closed that the next thing I hear is him close in my ear, “Do you want me? Tell me how much you want me and I’ll make love to every inch of you. Please let me Joon, I’ve been dying to for years.”

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