Nasty Granny


It was a very hot day in Guatemala. The invisible God Sun was scorching relentlessly the arid land and the hapless citizens, who were running panic-stricken, desperately seeking a shady refuge. Even the dogs in the streets had withdrawn long time ago, lugging slowly their tired limbs, one after another, carrying away the burden of their existence.

Veronica was sitting on her brown leather armchair, sweating and breathing heavily. Her tiny peacock-blue bikini was soaking wet and her black stiletto high heels reflected the sunlight which was coming through the blinds. Thick beads of sweat had taken shape on her face and perspiration was trickling down her freckled cleavage. She was working on her laptop and speaking at the same time to her friend Carolina on Msn messenger.

They had been friends and lovers for many years and used to share their sexual fantasies both on bed and online. Hardcore lesbians as they were, they had tried every fetish you could imagine. However, the only thing that could turn them on so hard and absolute had been and was anal fisting.

Veronica would never forget the first time Carolina had fisted her tight ass. The pain had been so intense and immense that she had been crying her heart out for hours. Once Carolina had inserted two fingers in her rear end and started pushing them inside, it felt good-at that moment. Her husband used to abuse her dark hole when she had her period and two fingers inside her butt had never been a problem. Actually, she always enjoyed having her hubby’s thick tool deep inside her “forbidden path”; she would never stop rocking her pelvis very fast up and down, roughly milking, that way, his stiff mast with her muscular fatless buttocks, even after his orgasm, until it waned into nothing more than a drained innocuous small worm. But when Carolina managed to add a third and forth finger inside, she had screamed and almost passed out.

Carolina had never been a person who would take a “no” for answer and therefore, she had proceeded in shoving her right palm in Veronica’s overstretched rectum, despite her pathetic cries for help. Veronica remembered very well the way she had been squirming in agony like an impaled snake, clenching the sheets with her fists and banging her head on the pillow, for many minutes, until a thunderous orgasm knocked her out unconscious.

Veronica at her 55 looked no more than 35 years old. Of course the wrinkles on her face, hands and neck would definitely betray her true age; nevertheless the sight of her firm fatless body would send any previous impressions to the litter-bin in a fraction of a second. She was 5’2” tall, with 32 C cup size and weighed 128 pounds. The features of her face were rather classical for her nationality, reminiscent of Incas; her hawkish eyes were black and sharp, her hunched nose was thin and she had a boyish haircut-the hair was dyed red. Her figure was slim and athletic and her legs were rather short in comparison with her body. She had divorced her husband a few years ago and had a daughter-36 years old Carolyn-and two granddaughters-13 years old Amber and 9 years old Vero.

Carolina had come across some incest pictures in the net and was showing them to Veronica. Veronica had stopped her work and was looking at them while still chatting with her. There were various poses with older females involved in oral action with young men, two of which had attracted Veronica’s attention.

The first one had a totally surprised 19 years old naked man standing up with hands on the waist. His 35 years old mommy, with eyes closed and hands on her knees, was knelt before him-her straight brown shoulder length hair was parted in the middle; she had a pearl necklace around her neck and was dressed in a black evening gown-and had sweetly trapped the tip of her son’s erected small dick between her scarlet lips.

The other one was the close-up of a 18 years old boy’s crotch who was laid on a carpet. His legs were spread apart and the pelvis was lifted 3 inches above the ground. His 40 years old blonde mommy-completely naked, Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort with eyes half closed and her sweaty matted hair disturbed and messy-was laid on her right side and had her head rested on his tummy. Her right hand -very inconvenient; someone would expect the other one- had cupped his testicles and the super red bulge of the very well-salivated pole was leaned lazily towards her wide opened mouth, while a thick crust of musky milky semen covered her lips and the tip of the nose.

Veronica had already placed her right hand inside her bikini and was rubbing slowly her shaved slit when the door bell rang. At first she tried to ignore it but the bell-sound kept piercing her ears and nerves. Upset and furious to the highest degree she got up and went to answer the door. At the door stood a 18 years old girl dressed in white t-shirt and shorts.

Veronica: “What do you want Marietta?”

Marietta: “I am very sorry Miss Veronica. I didn’t mean to bother you but my mother sent me to ask you if you could give us a cup of sugar. She is making a cake and unfortunately we run out of it.”

Veronica: “You always find the right moment to disturb me Marietta. You could have come an hour later than that. Can’t you see I am busy?…Damn!…Step inside young lady.”

Marietta: “It isn’t my fault Miss. My mother sent me and…”

Veronica: “I know very well you and your mother, Marietta. You are always bugging me with your nonsense. I wonder what you mother told you this time.”

Marietta: “Eeeemm…She said: “Why don’t you go to that old lady and bring me some sugar for my cake?” That was exactly her words.”

Veronica: “OLD LADY? OLD? Did she say that?”

Marietta: “Exactly Miss.”

Veronica: “The filthy bitch! She always envied my class and body. She may be younger than me but never took care of her body and now looks like a fat cow. She never believed that I would have the guts to divorce my husband and live my life the way I wanted. Tell me Marietta, does your mother have the body I got? Are her tits firm and bulky as mine? Tell me the truth. I have noticed the way you are looking at my breasts.”

Having said that Veronica lifted her arms and entwined her fingers behind her head, forcing her breasts to perk up and show their true power. She sucked her tummy in and her hands slowly traced the curves of her bulky breasts and then continued down along her stomach and around her wide hips. After that, she turned around, straddling her legs for better balance, and flexed the muscles of her back and ass. Her hands stroked many times her hard-as-rock muscular back orbs and then her agile fingers tucked the rest of her bikini into her back slit, leaving only a thick line of fabric to protrude. As if it wasn’t enough, she began-teasingly-bending over very slowly, exposing and parting her magnificent ass and crotch inch by inch. By the time she completed her movement her hands were touching her ankles. She, then, slid her palms along her stringy calves, fondled the back of her thighs and went on to part wide her “muzzled”-the fabric had split it in two-labia, constantly looking at Marietta through her straddled legs.

Veronica: “What do you say now, young lady?”

Marietta: “Miss Veronica you make me blush! Ummm…what I should say?…I suppose you have…”

Veronica: “I see that you are a doubting Thomas. So, you don’t believe me…Come on now and touch them! Feel them and tell me your opinion or else I wont give you the sugar.”

Marietta: “But…but…”

Veronica: ‘Shut up girl and do as I tell you. I’ll make it easy for you.”

Veronica leaned forward and protruded the bulk of her breasts with a teasing smile on her face. Marietta had frozen in her position and couldn’t move a muscle as the image of the horny old lady, being scantily dressed and drenched in sweet glistening sweat, was absolutely irresistible. Veronica uncovered her nipples, by dragging the fabric of the bra underneath her breasts, and began stroking and rubbing them slowly.

Marietta, as if she were in trance, raised her hands in slow motion and cupped Veronica’s erected nipples. Veronica let out a soft moan and put her own hands on Marietta’s and started to move them in lingering circles. Marietta expected to find them shaggy and very soft but she got surprised by the fact that besides being shapely, they were firm too-in some degree of course. They were slippery, fleshy and very warm and she could feel the engorged nipples poking the soft flesh of her palms like ultra sharp arrowheads.

Veronica placed her hands on Marietta’s head and began to caress her curly shoulder length black hair. Marietta was gradually putting aside her earlier inhibitions and started to get bolder as the scene had stimulated her senses to the highest degree. It was as if she were in heaven; she couldn’t stop weighing those severely used balloons on her hands, kneading, massaging and squeezing at her heart’s content. She even found the courage to roll Veronica’s brown swollen nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, over and over, not missing the opportunity to pinch them hard each time.

Veronica: “Ohhh God!!!…You are a little animal, aren’t you?…Mmmm…I like it rough…Don’t stop please…Put them in your mouth, you hungry beast…Come on now…Don’t be afraid to hurt me…Suck my inflamed nipples…Bite them!…You naughty girl…show mommy how you do it…Aouch!!…Keep on…If you stop now, I’ll strangle you…I swear…Aaaah…”

Marietta couldn’t believe in her ears but she had no reason to protest. The moans, coming out from Veronica’s semi opened mouth, the scent of her sweaty body, along with the desperate pleas to abuse her sensitive spots without remorse, had resulted in Marietta’s wildest arousal. An arousal so undeniable and imperative that the cells inside her sopping little slit were whimpering their urgent need for immediate relief like forsaken babies.

She opened her baby mouth and stuck out her little red tongue, while Veronica was pulling impatiently the head on her naked breasts. Marietta, hesitatingly, licked the skin around Veronica’s left aureole and tasted the salty flavor of her sweat. She, shyly, passed her tongue over the engorged nipple and then she tickled it with the tip of her tongue. Veronica was too aroused to withstand such a timid treatment and immediately she grabbed her left tit, from under, and forced it into Marietta’s half-opened mouth. She started feeding the hapless teen with her breast, by shoving it deep into her mouth.

Marietta closed her lips around the basis of the nipple and started sucking it as if she were a sex-starved leech. Veronica was moaning and groaning like a pregnant mother who is expecting her child in any moment, as her right hand was working overtime over the fabric of her crotch. Marietta couldn’t help herself and she bit the nipple hard. Veronica cursed her fate; nevertheless she urged her not to stop.

Having stabilized the grip of her teeth around Veronica’s abused nipple, Marietta, started to flick her tongue over the tip of the nipple like a humming bird. Veronica was shaking her body like a spoilt fidgety child and when Marietta bit the nipple harder and pulled her head away, without leaving it, she threw back her head and screamed her orgasm out.

Marietta: “Are…are you…alright Miss Veronica? I didn’t mean to hurt you…I swear God!…but…you kept provoking me to do so…Oh my God…I hope you are alright…”

Veronica: “Oh my God…Oh my God…I have never felt like this in my whole life…Look at my hands…I’m still shaking…I see exploding stars everywhere…Dammit girl… you are very good…Now its my turn…”

Marietta: “Oh no! Please let me go. My mother will be looking for me right now…Give me the cup of sugar and please don’t tell mommy…”

Veronica: “No way! You’ll do as I say or else I’ll tell your mom what you did to me. Take off your clothes and underwear, straddle your legs and look at the wall over there. Support yourself with hands on the wall…NOW!”

Marietta: “Oh no…Nooo…What are you going to do to me?…You are scaring me…”

Veronica: “You are really silly, aren’t you? I’m going to give you a very exquisite treatment… You are going to love it…Don’t you think that I know exactly what is happening inside your pants right now?”

Marietta: “I don’t want it! I’m leaving right now!”

Veronica: “As you like. I’m picking up the phone…”

Marietta stared Veronica in the eyes, with her puppy eyes full of tears, for quite some time and realized that her appeal wouldn’t stand a chance. She let out a deep sigh and took off her white t-shirt. Veronica put down the phone and waited there, looking hungrily at her prey.

Marietta unclasped her 32A cup bra and put it on a chair, exposing her aroused small breasts, whose nipples, strangely, stuck out like small cherries. Veronica passed her tongue over her upper lip, sweeping the beads of sweat which had collected there, and pinched her aching nipples hard, once more.

Marietta dragged her shorts down to the floor and stepped out of them. She turned around, bent over and slipped her pants down to her ankles, exposing her boyish-butt and tight-lipped vulva. After getting rid of the last trace of her dignity, she faced the nearest wall, straddled her legs and supported herself by putting her palms there.

Veronica approached her from behind and kissed her magnificent hair, inhaling their aroma as deep as she could. Her hands went on Marietta’s breasts and cupped them carefully. Using her nose and chin, she put aside Marietta’s curly hair, exposing her right ear and side-neck. She kissed the right-shoulder tenderly, while her hands were running along Marietta’s nipples, tummy and hips.

Marietta shuddered with delight and closed her eyes, as she was enjoying the feeling of being there, totally naked and helpless in the hands of that weird mature woman, who, obviously, knew exactly what to do. Veronica nibbled her way around Marietta’s little red ear and then put the earlobe between her lips. She trapped Marietta’s nipples between the intersection of her index and middle fingers and squeezed them hard, forcing them to bulge above her knuckles, swallowing, at the same time, the earlobe deep in her mouth.

Marietta moaned loudly and immediately felt a velvet stream of honey juices trickling down her inner thighs and along her calves; she just couldn’t quit scratching the surface of her lower lip with her white teeth, as she had never been so wet and aroused throughout her entire life.

Veronica stuck her body on Marietta’s, pressing her breasts against her back, and plunged her experienced tongue inside the ear-hole. She started moving it inside out the hole, kneading Marietta’s left breast with the left hand and rubbing her wet crotch with the other. Marietta was trembling and wriggling furiously as if she was following the rhythm of some kind of an exotic dance, twisting her upper body left and right in sharp turns, swaying her hips like a belly-dancer and bucking her bum like an untamed mare.

Suddenly, Veronica knelt down and positioned herself between Marietta’s straddled legs, right under her crotch. She raised her head and put her wide tongue on the bottom of Marietta’s wet slit. By pressing her tongue against the hairy pussylips, she proceeded in sliding it upwards, slowly separating the burning lips, going all the way up to the clit.

Marietta: “Aaaaah…What are you doing to me Miss Veronica?…My God…I can’t control myself…Be careful Miss…I’m going to cum…You must take your mouth away from cunnie…I…I don’t want…to flood your mouth with my “dirty” juices…Please Miss…I’m so close…HURRY UP!…”

Veronica: “Shut up young lady…I have been doing this in all my life…I know what I’m doing…Let me see what you are made of…Give it to me…Surprise me…Don’t keep it for yourself…Share it with me…Come on now…CUM NOW!…”

Veronica stuck her lips on Marietta’s exploding vulva as if she were kissing her lover, mouth to mouth, and waited for the inevitable cataclysm of celestial bliss…


Written by Christy Mars copyright © 2006

Especially made for 55 years old Veronica (Guatemala)

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