My wife Lucia


My wife Lucia
It’s 10:30 am, and my stomach is doing backflips. I’m aboard a Northwest Airlines flight into Detroit Metro Airport after a one-week business trip to California, but I’m not airsick or white-knuckled. I’m thinking about my wife, who I will see in just a few minutes at the terminal.

I met Lucia at a party in college. She was a transfer student, a little bewildered and unsure of herself, a little lost and friendless at the big university. Her big, dark eyes appealed to me immediately. I wanted to get lost in that long, brown hair of hers, and to feel the big breasts I felt certain were hidden by her loose, puffy blouse.

I took her under my wing, helped her get established and settled in her new place. Pretty soon we were in her bed, our tongues searching each others’ mouths, my hands on her big, soft nipples. She was not technically a virgin, but she might as well have been; I brought her to the clinic to get her first birth control pills, and I was the first man to bring her to orgasm.

We were deeply in love (we’re STILL deeply in love!) and almost immediately we started making plans to spend our lives together. We were married right after graduation.

Along the way, since I wasn’t keeping secrets from her, I showed her my porn collection: three boxes of magazines I had accumulated over a number of years, six or seven videos, a few hundred jpegs. Most of these, including all the videos, featured black men fucking white women.

This surprised her a lot, but I explained that I found them exciting. We watched the videos together on our new big-screen TV: I had my arm around her and held her hand. Whenever a black man with a huge erect penis came into view, she clutched my hand tightly, and watched intently as the hard black cock slowly penetrated a pretty woman’s vagina or anus.

After just a few such scenes, I could smell her juices, and I knew they had soaked right through her panties. I reached for her cunt, and pretty soon we were engaged in incredibly passionate lovemaking.

It was obvious that she had never seen such a large penis before. What a contrast with my own little five-inch dick! I knew she wasn’t likely to express this, for fear of hurting my feelings, but I quietly encouraged her. And every week or so, we watched one of the interracial sex videos that we both found so exciting. It always led to very intense sex.

After we had seen all of them a few times, we decided that I should buy some more videos. I was afraid she’d suggest we get some with WHITE guys for a change, so I said, with feigned casualness, “More interracial ones like these?” “Oh, yes!” she said. I was suddenly hard as a rock.

I suppose it was pretty obvious what we were both thinking and fantasizing about, but we talked around it for quite a while. She began to talk admiringly about black men, including one of her co-workers, movie actors, guys we saw on the street.

We were resting on the beach one time at Lake Michigan when a middle-aged black guy flopped down on the blanket next to ours. He lay on his back for a while, resting, and the shape of his big penis was clearly outlined in the front of his bathing suit. Lucia was transfixed by the sight, and stared at it for at least ten minutes.

I took her back to the motel right after that, and we made lusty love. While I was on top, fucking her, I finally said it out loud. I kissed her hard and said, smiling, “You’d really like to have that beach guy’s huge cock inside you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” she cried out, and came immediately.

“I’d like to see it too,” I told her afterward. “That’s MY fantasy. I’d like you to get really well-fucked, by a big, black cock.” Her face registered surprise, but her head nodded rapidly.

Now we could openly discuss it. When we watched the porn videos after that, we visualized Lucia in the events onscreen, and we talked about how excited we got at each step. “Look at how that big dong is really stretching her! – I bet you’d like to feel that stretched.” The phrase we kept using was “well-fucked”, which implicitly meant, not by my little weenie, but by a long, thick, dark, black cock.

Lucia noticed that most of the white women who appeared in these interracial-sex movies had most or all of their pubic hair shaved off. Certainly a clean-shaven pubic area revealed more to the camera. Or possibly black men preferred women with hairless cunts. In some ways, pubic hair stood for “innocence” while clean-shaven meant “slut,” and the women in these movies are probably proud sluts.

Whatever the reason, Lucia began to consider the idea of shaving her own. Certainly it would make her more like the women in the videos. I asked her to hold off for a while to let me think about it.

It was inevitable that Lucia’s shy, giggling interest in black guys and their endowments would give her away. Her black co-worker, Derrick, big, handsome and muscular, began to spend more time with her, and took her to lunch one day. Lucia was so nervous and euphoric about this that she could hardly work all afternoon, and she told me all about it.

I encouraged her to keep this up, and pretty soon Lucia and Derrick were going to lunch together almost every day. They were becoming good friends – but Derrick didn’t make any sexual advances. Of course, he knew Lucia was married.

Derrick shared a house with several other guys. No doubt he would find it awkward to seduce a married white woman in front of his housemates. And he certainly didn’t want to come to our house while I was around. To help get this thing started, I needed to take myself out of the picture temporarily. Even then, it might not work, but it was worth a shot.

I arranged to go to a trade show in Los Angeles for a week, while Lucia stayed home. It would be a busy and productive week for me; I made plenty of contacts in advance.

But I needed to prepare Lucia as well. I didn’t intend to tell her the real reason I was traveling.

Before I left, I gave her a present – a “personal electric shaver” which was specially designed for a woman’s pubic region. She blushed and murmured, “I see you want me to go hairless!”

“Not yet,” I said. “I don’t want to see you hairless until you have taken a black cock in your pussy.”

She güvenilir bahis şirketleri gasped at that, but then we embraced, and kissed, and even before our clothes came off, she agreed.

Lucia’s soft brown pubic hair was now a tangible symbol of virginity, of a kind: that she had never been penetrated all the way in. I had plowed the first five inches, but beyond that, her pussy was virgin territory.

When that deepest part of her vagina was finally penetrated by a big, black penis, she would officially join the ranks of the proud, well-fucked sluts, like the female stars of the interracial-sex videos. And then, with the shaver I had given her, she would lose her baby muff.

Of course it could be years, if ever, before my shy wife opened her pretty legs to another guy.

I flew off to Los Angeles with my heart thumping, but soon I was deeply engaged in business, as I knew I would be. It was more than a day later when I phoned her to say hi.

When I heard her voice, I was raging to ask, how was it going? – has he fucked you? – has he even tried? But I kept my voice steady, avoided the direct questions, and she was noncommittal as always. Of course these conversations made me rock-hard, and I masturbated to fantasies of Lucia.

On the fifth evening, I called at 7:00 pm – that’s 10:00 pm Michigan time – and she wasn’t home. That was odd. But I was going out to dinner with a group, and then to a couple of parties, and didn’t get back to my hotel until 11:30 pm. I debated calling her then, but it was already 2:30 am her time, so I reluctantly refrained.

The next day, I called her at her office, but she wasn’t there. I tried her at home, and she answered the phone. She explained vaguely that she had gone out with some friends the night before, and she was taking the day off work. She was really looking forward to seeing me, and of course I was just crazy to see her again. We reconfirmed the flight and arrival time at the airport.

Okay, so now I’m getting off the plane, trying to remain calm and focused. Finally, there she is! I drop my bag. We have our traditional wild moment of greeting.

Then she presses a plastic ziploc bag into my hand. It contains a bunch of curly brown hair.

I am momentarily speechless. My plan worked – I am now a cuckold! My heart pounds. I feel green with jealousy, almost seasick, but my penis has never been this hard before. I look again at the precious baggie.

“You shaved your pubic hair!” I say unnecessarily.

“No,” she says, smiling. “HE did.”


Starting in the car on the way home, she told me what happened.

She and Derrick were already planning to go to lunch together. With great trepidation, she invited him to lunch at our house. Of course, he accepted.

Lucia prepared and served lunch in the kitchen. On the counter, in plain sight, within easy reach as he waited for lunch, was the “personal electric shaver” I had bought for her. It was pink and could hardly be mistaken for something a man would use on his own beard. It was plainly designed to get into narrow spaces. Lucia didn’t say whether she had left it out on purpose, but I certainly didn’t put it there.

Derrick picked up the shaver and looked at it. “You shave your pubes?” he said casually.

“I haven’t yet,” said Lucia.

“You just use this for the bikini line thing?” he asked.

“I haven’t used it at all.”

“Oh, you just now got it?”

“My husband gave it to me.” Lucia sank into the chair next to Derrick.

Derrick’s eyebrows went up. “Your husband wants you to shave?”

Lucia blushed. “Well, yeah. But not yet. Or-”

Derrick was a bit confused, but he persisted. “Do YOU want to be shaved down there?”

Lucia hesitated just a second, and nodded.

“Hairless cunts turn me on,” Derrick said.

Lucia smiled at him, unfazed by his blunt language.

“You need some help getting started?”

“Yes. But-”

“But what?”

“You have to go all the way.”

“You mean, shave off all your pubic hair?”

“Yeah – yeah – but I mean all the way after that.”

Derrick grinned widely. “No problem! But why are you bringing this up ahead of time?”

“My husband doesn’t want to see me shaved down there until I’ve been with a black guy.”

Derrick laughed heartily. “We can take care of that. Come on, let’s call in sick and go to bed.”

Lucia described the next part in vague, almost lyrical terms. But my imagination filled in the gaps. Derrick and Lucia with their mouths wide open and tightly together, tongue-wrestling. Derrick helping Lucia unbutton her blouse, unhook her bra. Derrick’s big black hands holding and squeezing my wife’s large, pale breasts, rolling the big pink nipples between his fingers. Lucia opening Derrick’s pants and releasing his hard penis, nine inches long and unbelievably thick. Lucia on her back on the bed, lifting her ass slightly to get her panties off. Derrick extending his tongue into the cleft of my wife’s cunt, tasting the abundant sweetness there, extending a large finger into her to test her tightness and wetness. She was very tight and very wet!

And then came the big event, Lucia’s interracial deflowerment. Lucia lay on her back and allowed Derrick to put a pillow under her ass. Derrick positioned the head of his weapon at the wet opening of my wife’s sweet pussy, moving it first up and down a bit to moisten his cockhead in her juices. Then he pushed, gently at first, but harder as his cockhead met slippery resistance from the tight vaginal walls. Slowly, inch by inch, her pussy yielded and opened up to the huge invader, and he slowly sank further and further into her. At times, she bit her lip from the pain of the stretching she was getting, but she never called a halt. Derrick pulled back just a bit and thrust forward some more, the pussy

yielded some more. Just as their pubic bones met – as his heavy ball sac bounced against her ass cheeks – the head of his cock, its pisshole tip, deep inside my wife’s vagina, kissed her cervix. He was all the way in.

They kissed hard to celebrate the moment, their tongues dancing together.

Derrick laughed. “This pussy ain’t never gonna be the same,” he said. “I stretched it wide open all the way down. I hope this is what your husband wants.”

“He wants me to be WELL FUCKED,” Lucia tipobet reassured him.

“Well, I’m the man for the job,” said Derrick.

Derrick started up the rhythm – thrust, pull, thrust, pull, gradually faster and harder. My wife’s pussy clung to his thick black shaft on the outstroke, as if unwilling to let it go. Below him, Lucia was meeting his thrusts with growing excitement, impaled on the biggest dick she had ever known. In a very short time, she was moaning in orgasm.

Derrick slowed his thrusts a little to let her recover, then resumed his pile-driver intensity. It didn’t take long before Lucia orgasmed again, and this time he was with her: one more deep thrust, and a colossal load of thick, white semen shot out from his pisshole, straight at and through my wife’s little cervix. The surplus semen pooled in the bottom of her vagina and, as his penis began to soften a bit, flowed into the tight space around it. Even after he withdrew, she was leaking semen for some time. Her once-tight pussy lips gaped limply apart.

Derrick led her into the bathroom, and had her sit atop the hard counter there. He turned on the little pink shaver, and with careful thoroughness, proceeded to remove all her front pubic hair. When that was done, she turned around, and he shaved off the back pubic hair, including all the hair around her anus.

Derrick swept all the hair into a baggie and gave it to her, saying, “Your pin-dick husband will really like this.”

Lucia admired her beautifully hairless cunt in the mirror. “I guess I’m a real slut now,” she said.

Derrick laughed. “If you really want to be a slut, you should meet my housemates. They’ll shoot you full of so much cum, it’ll come out your ears. But right now I want to myself again.”

Derrick spent, not only that afternoon, but that night, and most of the next day, and days after, screwing my bride silly. Once he had her pussy comfortably wide open, he started on her anus. Gradually over a number of sessions he was able to work that thick nine-inch cock all the way into her ass – and she loved it!

My little wife had been well-fucked many times. But Derrick had something more in mind for her. The night I didn’t find her at home, he took Lucia to see his housemates.

Derrick lived in a student house with four other black men, Quentin, Samuel, Kwame, and Joe. Derrick made the introductions, and said, “This little lady needs a gang-bang while her hubby’s away. Can we give it to her?” The others shouted enthusiastic assent.

Derrick, acting as Lucia’s escort for the evening, gently and carefully removed all of her clothes, while explaining the fine points of her body to his attentive colleagues.

“Take a look at these tits, gentlemen, they’re D cups, with fine big nipples and large auries. Now, isn’t this just the nicest cunt you ever saw? I shaved off all the hair at her husband’s request – isn’t that sweet? They have a rule: no hair on her cunt means she’s been fucked by a black cock. Tonight, we’ll make it FIVE black cocks.” The other guys were already shedding their clothes, and Lucia could see that all of them were well hung.

He continued: “Man! She’s so wet tonight, she could water lawns for a whole block. And feast your eyes on this gaping asshole, all open and ready and eager for big dicks. Hard to believe it was a tight little rosebud when I first saw it!”

Derrick led her to the double bed in Kwame’s room; at his direction, she lay on her back and spread her legs. She was already so wet, and the guys were so hard and impatient, that they dispensed with the preliminaries.

Kwame was her first lover of the evening; his penis was quite not as long or thick as Derrick’s, but he had a very large cockhead – Lucia could feel it moving back and forth inside her as they fucked. Finally Kwame thrust hard and spurted his cum inside her, and then it was Joe’s turn, and after that, Samuel’s turn. My wife was being well-fucked again and again. Derrick sat by her side. When she needed to pee, Derrick helped her to the toilet.

Lucia didn’t realize what was in store for her until she saw Quentin’s monster cock. Quentin was even thicker than Derrick, especially at the base, and two inches longer. She had not seen an organ this size even in porn films. Her pussy was already gaping wide open, and dripping wet from her plentiful juices and the loads of semen she had received, but she knew that taking Quentin was going to be a challenge.

Quentin looked at her and laughed. “Hey girl, are you ready to be dicked like never before?”

Nervous as she was, she nodded, and added softly, “Give it to me.”

Quentin climbed over her and let his huge, hard penis find its own way into her wet vagina. It sank in several inches before encountering some resistance. He pulled back and thrust in, hard. It hurt a lot, but he made it all the way to her cervix. He gently moved in and out a few times until she was comfortable.

Quentin embraced and kissed her, and said, “I got a couple more inches to go. Relax, baby, I want to be in your womb.”

He pulled back and rammed her again. This time, his cockhead popped right through her cervix, and lodged there. For Lucia, the pain was excruciating at first. But Quentin’s monster cock was all the way in – she had taken it all. She felt quietly proud of that. And there was something incredibly exhilarating about welcoming a black stranger’s cockhead right into her uterus. “I’m a slut now, for real,” she told herself.

Quentin hadn’t even started moving, and he was already coming. His semen flooded her most intimate places. But before he withdrew, he gave my wife a long, deep kiss and whispered, “I’ll be back!”

Lucia slept for a while, naked in Kwame’s bed, a big wad of kleenex between her legs to catch the drool of semen from her pussy.

When she awoke, Derrick was there. He led her into the bathroom; with her pink electric shaver, he trimmed off the small pubic hairs that had grown up since her last shaving. He suggested that she might want to look into getting her pubic hair permanently removed. A good idea, she thought. When he finished the shaving, he brought his mouth to her genitalia for a gentle licking, from clit to anus. Pretty soon she was shuddering tipobet giriş with a brief but powerful orgasm.

This time, instead of the bed, the five housemates spread sheets on the living room rug. Derrick, now naked, with a huge erection, lay on his back and opened his arms to her; she climbed over him, positioned her pussy over his cockhead, and speared herself, moaning as she sank wetly onto his hard pole. She leaned forward, and Derrick pulled her to him, embracing and caressing her.

Lucia was in bliss. She was oblivious to the other men in the room. Her pussy was completely filled by Derrick’s now familiar hard cock, and he was lovingly holding her close and safe, whispering words of reassurance and encouragement.

Just then, she felt something touch her anus. It was Samuel’s finger, with a big dollop of lubricating jelly. Lucia briefly tensed as she realized what was happening: they were going to gang-bang her ass. More than that, they were going to double penetrate her, fucking her up the ass while Derrick remained in her pussy.

She had seen double penetration in the porn videos, and had even fantasized about it, wondering what it would feel like to be taken by two cocks at once. Well, now she would know. She relaxed her ass, put her arms around Derrick, and gave him a big kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Samuel pressed his hard, well-greased penis against her anal opening; she could feel the “pop” as his cockhead got through. He pressed further, and gradually her rectum yielded to this new intruder. Below her, Derrick grimaced; he was trying to hold his cum for the entire gangbang, but the pressure from Samuel’s cock was making it hard for him.

Before long, Samuel had his penis all the way in, and paused to catch his breath and let Lucia get accustomed to the two big cocks inside her. “How do you feel?” asked Derrick, a little anxiously. “I’m okay,” she assured him.

But then the pressure on her bladder was just too much: without thinking, she started to pee. The piss flooded out from between her and Derrick, soaking them both and the sheet below them. Everyone laughed. Derrick hugged her, and suddenly she felt really, really good.

Samuel started fucking her ass, in and out, in and out, and Lucia flexing her abdomen in time with this thrusts. By the time he was coming, spraying his thick seed in her rectum, Lucia was coming too. Derrick just barely managed to hang on.

After Samuel came Joe, and then Kwame. Lucia was a bit concerned about Kwame’s big cockhead fitting through her anus, but all that fucking had widened it; Kwame slid in with only a soft “pop”.

Now it was Quentin’s turn.

Lucia was a little nervous, but she knew it was inevitable. She laid her cheek on Derrick’s chest and waited for the assault.

Quentin put plenty of lube on his monster cock and took his place behind her. By this time, her asshole was a gaping wet mess of cum and lubricant, but it had never been penetrated by anything as big as Quentin’s penis. Given his tapered, horn-like shape, thickest at the base, it would get harder as he went in.

He was only halfway in before it started to really hurt. Lucia didn’t cry out, but Quentin could feel how tight she was stretched, backed off, and pushed in more slowly and gently.

As Quentin worked his cock in, pushing in a bit, pulling out, pushing in a bit more, the pressure became too much for Derrick. With a loud moan, he came, filling her pussy with his cum; his exhausted penis quickly softened. Quentin’s cock took up the slack, and on the next thrust, he was all the way in: my wife’s anus was stretched tightly around the base of his huge phallus.

Once again, Lucia felt a mixture of pain and quiet pride.

By the time Quentin started thrusting, very gently at first, Derrick’s now-soft penis had slipped out. Gradually, he picked up the pace, fucking her ass with a steady rhythm. Then, he stopped, and pulled his huge cock all the way out. Lucia felt suddenly very empty.

“Sit up,” said Derrick, “Quentin has another new experience for you.”

Lucia was sitting in a pool of her own piss, her pussy and anus gaping wide and drooling with cum, but she already knew what the next step would be.

Quentin stepped over to her with his still very hard cock. The huge, dark phallus was shiny with lubricant and drenched from the pool of semen it had just visited in her bowels. It also had spots of brown shit – her own shit, Lucia reasoned, knowing where the big penis was going next. She took a deep breath, and took the tip of Quentin’s manhood into her mouth, cleaning it with her tongue. It wasn’t that bad, really; she tongued him up and down, washing off the dirt, and returned to the tip. She tongued his pisshole, and was soon rewarded with big spurts of ejaculate across her tongue, as Quentin groaned out loud and gripped her head.


Derrick helped her clean up, and took her home. “You know this is going to change your married life, forever,” he said.

“I know,” said Lucia.

“We ruined your pussy and asshole for your husband’s little pin-dick.”

“He wanted me to be well-fucked.”

“So how do you like being well-fucked?”

Rather than answering, Lucia threw her arms around Derrick; their lips met, and their tongues danced together.

But Derrick wasn’t through yet. “Do you want to stay with your husband? You guys are in love, right?”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

“Have you ever tongued his asshole?” he asked.

Lucia shook her head.

“Do it,” he urged. “He’ll love it. He deserves it.”

Lucia just looked at him.

“And next time, you’ll tongue my asshole, too.”


Lucia’s bottom was changed utterly since the last time I saw it: completely smooth and hairless from pubic mound to ass, with her two orifices gaping open in welcome. That very morning, before my arrival, Derrick had carefully shaved her again, and fucked her in both holes, just to make sure she was ready for me. Knowing that her vagina was wet with another man’s seed only made our lovemaking that much hotter.

As Derrick predicted, things changed a lot for us. But he was wrong about my dearest Lucia’s pussy and ass being ruined for me. Yes, they’re now pretty big and loose, sometimes gaping, but I find them more exciting than ever. The looseness means that my wife has been well-fucked, stretched wide by the big black phalluses that excite her (and me) so much. I gratefully deposit my own semen in her pussy, ass, and mouth, even though I can’t squirt it as deep inside her as Derrick or Quentin can.

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