My wif and I with Holiday Neighbours, part 2


My wif and I with Holiday Neighbours, part 2Holiday Fun with Wife and Neighbours, Part 2I should probably title this differently because what I am about to tell you happened a month or so after we returned home.At some point while away either my wife Jane or myself had given Victoria an email address and so we weren’t that surprised when we got a message. She had a weekend coming up and asked if she could take us up on our offer of coming down to visit for a couple of days. Her husband was going to be away on some business trip and their daughter was going away with friends. Victoria wanted to come alone but her controlling bastard of a husband (her words) would only let her if she agreed to take their son Matthew with her. Presumably he thought that would mean she had to behave herself. Anyway, I think Jane was quite pleased Matthew was coming as I am sure she thought she would find some time somehow to carry on her little exhibitionist adventure. We certainly had some great sex leading up to the weekend. I loved the way she got really turned on when I teased her about his cock and how much she would love to have it inside her various holes. I teased her to the point she was orgasming almost continually while I fucked her.When the weekend came and Victoria and Matthew arrived, there was strange tense atmosphere. I don’t know if it was the expectation of what anyone thought might happen, slight embarrassment at what happened before or what. It was clear that we really didn’t know each other that well. In any case we put Victoria in the large spare room with the double bed that backed on to our bedroom and Mathew was given one of the single rooms further down the hall. They had arrived late and after a couple of wines and innocent chat, which seemed to relax everyone, Victoria confessed to being very tired after the long drive and took herself off to bed. That left Matthew, Jane and myself sat in the lounge. My wife asked Mathew how he had been since they he last saw her. He blushed and said okay.Jane couldn’t help herself “Did you miss me Matthew?”“Yes Mrs F, I did”“I’m pleased Matthew, I missed you too”“Can we um, you know, do something now?” Mrs F “Please”“What Mathew? What do you want to do?” Obviously she knew but my wife loved teasing the poor lad.“You know, like on holiday” He said.“Oh, that. You mean you want me to get naked so you can look at my body while you wank yourself off. Is that right?”“Well, yes. Please can we?” he asked again.“No, Mathew, don’t you think that would be a bit dangerous with you mum in the house? What if she came in and caught us?”“I am sure she won’t, Oh, please, please” Now he was begging.“I’ll tell you what, Mathew” said my wife, “You go get ready for bed and I’ll think about it”Off he went, and I looked at my wife>“What are you up to?” I asked her“Look, I am a little uneasy about doing stuff with him while his Mum is in the house.”“But you want to, right?” I asked“Yes, of course, my pussy is drenched at the thought of his spurting young cock. I probably need it as much as him.We heard the bathroom door open and close and the sound of running water. Jane got up and walked in the direction of the bathroom. When we passed the door to Victoria’s room she told me to stand there and warn her if I heard any movement.With that she went off to the bathroom. Knocked and seconds later disappeared inside.After what could only have been around 5 minutes, certainly less than 10. My wife reappeared, still fully clothed in her top and jeans. She walked past me into our bedroom and told me to come to bed.“Come on, Jane, what happened? Tell me.” I demanded, as I started to get undressed.Jane also started undressing as she explained:“Well, when he let me in he had just finished brushing his teeth. He was stood there in his boxers with the biggest bulge I’ve ever seen. I asked him what he wanted to see and he said my tits and my pussy. So I lifted my top up and pulled my tits out of my bra. Then undid my jeans and slid them down to my ankles along with my panties. I sat back on the bath, opened my legs and asked him what he was going to do now. He simply pulled his shorts down and I swear he has grown in the past couple of months. His cock was massive and throbbing. I spread my cunt open for him and in no more than a few strokes he erupted, cumming all over my pussy.”By now Jane was naked except for her panties.“Look” she said, and peeled her panties down. I hadn’t noticed but they were soaked through, but had still kept most of Mathews cum in place. Her pussy was a mess of sticky spunk, which started to dribble down her thighs as she peeled the sodden panties off. She turned around and knelt on the bed. “Fuck me Si, I need to cum”I did and was soon pumping my seed into her as we came together. We cleaned up and turned in for the night, looking forward to what the morning might bring.The morning came and I woke up as horny as hell, and judging by the way Jane grabbed my cock I could tell she was too. It wasn’t easy, but I stopped her saying that I needed to save it for later. She feigned disappointment but I think she knew there was fun to be had later.My wife and I made our way to the kitchen in our robes and found Victoria already there. She was also wearing a robe which did little to hide her magnificent curves and I couldn’t help but remember her lovely breasts and nipples from the holiday. I felt my cock starting to stiffen as thought about the body under that robe. Victoria asked what time Matthew had gone to bed and Jane said it was soon after she had retired.“What, just like that?” she asked.“Well almost” answered Jane.“What does “almost” mean?” asked Victoria“Well he was a bit excited and asked if I could help him out, so after he started begging I thought it might help him sleep so I let him see me naked while he took care of his not so little problem”“Oh my god, Jane, I am so sorry. Was he a real pest?”“It was fine. It only took a few minutes and it was over and in any case it’s still a real turn on to know that young lads find my body so irresistible” We had a good laugh about young lads and their lack of control.We sat and chatted for a while and discussed what we would do for the day. It was such a lovely sunny morning and the forecast was good that the two ladies decided they’d like to stay at the house and top up their tans out on the deck.“Wow, I said, with you two out there sunbathing all day I’m likely to have a fucking heart attack!” I joked.We didn’t see Mathew for a while. Typical teenager, lying in bed rather than enjoying the day.By the time gaziemir escort he appeared Jane had stripped down to her bikini bottoms and we eventually managed to persuade Victoria to do the same. Victoria was still uncomfortable about exposing anything to her son. “Look” I explained “You know he has seen you naked before and so what’s the problem? It’s not like he will be offended” “It’s not that, it’s more like I will be embarrassed” She replied.“Don’t worry, when he comes out, if he comes out, just pretend to be asleep and after a while you’ll get used to it.”A while later Matthew appeared out on the deck and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw Jane and his mum topless.Victoria just lay there with her eyes closed.“Good morning Matthew” said Jane “Did you sleep well?” “Yes thankyou Mrs F” he replied.“Were you nicely relaxed when you went to bed” she asked, with a big smile.“Mmmm, yes, thanks” he replied while looking to see if his Mum was listening.“Come and sit down here between your mum and me” suggested Jane “and would you mind putting some cream on my back please?” My wife could be a real teasing bitch sometimes!Jane turned over onto her front and handed Matthew the tube of sun cream. He dutifully rubbed it into her back, working down very low. Jane reached down and eased her skimpy bottoms about half way down her cheeks saying she didn’t want to risk being burnt and invited Mathew to rub it into her buttocks.After a while she turned over. “Would you mind doing my front while you are at it?” she askedMatthew looked at me as if checking for permission and then over at his mum whose eyes were still shut. Then he started to apply the cream to Jane’s breasts. I watched as he gently caressed and stroked the cream into her skin making her nipples erect in the process. It took a lot longer than it should have and finally Jane thanked him.As he sat back on the sun bed his shorts were doing a good impression of a tent curtesy of the erection he had.The tension in the garden was intense,I just wanted to fuck both these women, Matthew didn’t know where to look, trying not to make it too obvious he was staring at his mum’s tits, Victoria was clearly not sleeping, but pretending too and I suspect Jane just wanted to get a hold of Matthew’s hard cock.I needed a drink, well it was just about mid-day.I offered Matthew a beer and Jane said she’d have a wine. I went over to Victoria and gently shook her by the shoulder. God her tits were impressive close up, and they wobbled provocatively as I moved her. She pretended to wake from her slumber, saw her son and said good morning and sorry as she grabbed her bikini top and quickly put it on.I asked her about a drink and she said she’d come and help me.While we were getting the wine and beer I asked Victoria how it felt exposing her breasts to her son. “Weird” she said “sort of scary but embarrassingly exciting too”“Your wife is such a tease” she said “getting the poor lad to rub her tits with cream!”“I Know”, I answered “but I bet you wished that was you”“No way!” she rather unconvincingly replied “He’s my son for god’s sake”Victoria took a huge swig of wine and I topped her up.“I dare you to go back out topless” I saidShe said nothing and removed her top. I couldn’t resist a feel and I leant forward for a suck on her nipples, each in turn before we returned to the others.Jane and Matthew were sat chatting as we reappeared on the deck.When he saw his mum, his exclaimed “Mum?”“What?” was the reply “You’ve seen them before young man” she teased and shook her magnificent breasts from side to side, “and don’t pretend you haven’t ‘cos I’ve seen you looking, so now you can have a proper look without trying to hide it”Matthew went bright red, but wasn’t going to pass up on that invitation and his eyes were glued to his mum’s tits as she sat back down and took another large slurp of her wine.Victoria seemed to relax now, glad that this was now out in the open, as were her breasts! Jane then asked Matthew whose breasts were best.The poor lad did not know how to answer that as he stared at both magnificent pairs in turn.To make his situation worse, I suggested that it was unfair to ask him to tell by sight alone! “surely he would have to feel them to be able to just correctly”?“Absolutely no way”! Was Victoria’s immediate response. “My son is not touching my breasts”.I wasn’t expecting it, but Matthew did offer an opinion, stating that he liked the shape of Jane’s breasts, but preferred his Mum’s nipples which as I have already noted are magnificent and now with the sun and sexual tension were quite erect.Victoria realised the effect this was having, and that Matthew was transfixed by her nipples and turned over onto her stomach.I turned to my wife and suggested she stop teasing Matthew for a while. “Otherwise he is going to have a mess inside those shorts”.“Okay”, she said. “You’re no fun”. And with that, she laid back and closed her eyes.Mathew wandered off inside and I settled back to enjoy the sun and promptly dozed off.I woke later to the sound of the girls giggling. I think some more wine had been consumed. My wife had discarded her bikini bottoms and was trying to get Victoria to do the same. Matthew was nowhere in sight and so Victoria was soon naked as well. They were both reclined with their feet either side of their sunbeds. The result was that I had a clear view of their pussies. Jane’s was well trimmed giving a view of her pink lips, but Victoria had quite a thick bush.Fuck this! I thought to myself and took off my shorts. My erection sprang out and made Victoria gasp.“I need to do something about this. Anyone want to help? I asked as I walked over to where the girls were sat staring at me.”I stood between their sun beds and Jane took my cock and took my cock in her hand. She soon leant forward and slipped her mouth over my head. At this point Victoria had just been just watching, but now grabbed my balls and caressed them as my wife worked her magic with her mouth. I was in heaven. My wife took a break from blowing me to comment about how hard I was:“You must be really turned on Si”“I am, and I am not the only one” I remarked as I pointed out Matthew stood watching from inside the patio windows with his cock in hand”Jane beckoned him to come and join us, which he did. She turned to take care of the lad and told his mum to take care of me. I stepped around to the other side of Victoria, so I could also watch my wife with Matthew. This also allowed Victoria a clear view of them.Victoria was wanking gaziemir escort bayan my cock but couldn’t take her eyes away from the sight of my wife sucking her son’s big young cock.I knew neither of us would last long, so there was no surprise when Matthew blew his load, taking my wife by surprise. The first spurt must have hit the back of her throat hard as she pulled back from his cock and subsequent spurts hit her full in the face and then the final few spurts landing on her breasts. She was covered and the sight of her licking her lips and swallowing took me over too. Not as much volume as Matthew but I still managed to coat his mum’s breasts. Victoria watched as Jane licked Matthews cock clean and to my surprise she followed suit, sucking my clean in front of her son. I knew by now that my wife would be desperate for an orgasm and she held out her hand to Victoria, telling us boys to wait outside while they went and cleaned themselves up. As she led Victoria indoors she turned and winked at me. We watched as their arse’s wiggled away from us. I looked down at my flaccid cock and then across at the boner that Matthew was still sporting. “Oh, to be so young”, I thought.After a few minutes I told Matthew to follow me indoors. We made our way to the master bedroom where the door was slightly ajar. Through the gap we could see Jane and Victoria 69ing. I could tell by my wives moans that she was close to orgasm and they soon both shuddered to cimax. Matt and I quickly went back outside and waited for the girls. They returned stark naked and arm in arm. We spent the rest of the afternoon laying naked in the sun. Mat finally got used to seeing his Mum’s naked body and his erection finally subsided. Mind you, I am not sure how often he went inside for a wank!Eventually the afternoon came to an end and we all showered before dinner. In the shower with Jane I couldn’t keep my hands off her, but she wouldn’t let me fuck her. Said she was saving herself for later! Over dinner we drank more wine. Mat was allowed some also. Jane had put on a skirt and blouse and I knew she had stockings and suspenders on underneath. Victoria was wearing a summer dress buttoned up down the front and looked stunning. It was quite transparent and her low cut bra was very visible underneath. There was plenty of cleavage on show.The topic over dinner got more and more risqué and both Mat and Victoria spent plenty of time blushing. We teased Mat a lot, asking him what his favourite fantasies were and what images he liked to wank over. Not surprisingly it liked older mature women, like most young lads. He had crushes on a few of his school teachers. Jane asked him if he liked women wearing stocking and when he said yes, he loved it, she raised her skirt and showed him what she had on. She took his hand and rubbed it up and down her thighs before leading him off to the lounge. Victoria and I watched as my wife seduced the boy, not that it took any effort. She soon had her skirt and blouse off and was sat back on the couch, legs open and asked Mat if he had ever tasted a womans pussy. He said no, but would love to.Victoria and I were stood in the doorway watching, my hand was up her dress feeling her buttocks. She had my cock out and slowly wanked it. Her eyes were glued to her son.“Come on” said Jane “Let’s see if you can do it better than your mum” . Jane looked at us as she said it knowing this would shock Victoria. I know it did as she grabbed my cock even tighter. Mat soon had his head between my wife’s legs and was lapping away, doing an okay job by the sound of it.I laid Victoria down on the floor and spread her legs and treated her to the same treatment her son was giving my wife. I think her inhibitions were drifting away as she didn’t seem to mind her son seeing her getting licked out. She came very loudly at about the same time as my wife. When they had both relaxed we all got undressed. Mat looked fit to burst, as was I. We were all mellowing out and feeling relaxed in each other’s naked company. While Mat was out of the room, Jane said she would like to let Mat fuck her and asked Victoria if that was okay and if she would like to watch her son lose his Virginity. She answered yes and I agreed as long as I got to fuck Victoria while we watched.When Mat returned, Jane told him he could fuck her if he wanted to. He didn’t need another invitation and so Jane positioned herself on the edge of the sofa and pulled the young lad into her. He was big, but she was very wet and took him without any problem. She was telling him what to do. I had Victoria on all fours as I entered her from behind. We were both watching Mat fuck Jane, his tight young bum thrusting toward her. Victoria’s head was very close to him and she could see his cock entering my wife. I was fucking Victoria slowly as I didn’t want to cum too soon. I didn’t take long for Mat to say he was cumming and my wife grabbed his arse and pulled him into her as deep as she could. I felt Victoria shudder to a climax as her son shot his load into my wife. Mat pulled out and sat in a chair to recover. Jane told Victoria she needed to cum and asked her to lick her clit. Victoria crawled forward and started to lick Jane’s clit. I could see some of mat’s spunk starting to seep from my wife and slowly my wife moved Victoria’s head until she was licking her whole pussy, including the parts soaked in her son’s cum. Soon she was lapping away and I looked over to see Mat stroking his cock to another erection. Whether he had figured out that his Mum was eating his cum or just enjoyed watching her suck another woman’s cunt I don’t know, but he was clearly enjoying it. My wife reached the climax she needed and as I had yet to cum I asked Victoria to sit on my cock. She was happy to do this in the centre of the room with her son watching while he stroked himself. Victoria rode me for 10 minutes or so until I came inside her. As she stood up my cum dribbled out and she happily knelt down to suck my cock clean, swallowing my seed.Mat just stared, sat in the chair with a massive erection. Victoria said she was going to bed and as she passed her son she leant down and gave him a hug and a kiss. Somehow she avoided his cock. She asked him to join her as they needed to chat so off they went.Jane and I followed soon after and when back in our room we could here lowered voices through the wall. We wanted to know what was being said but they were too quiet. After a while we heard Mat make his way back to his own room and everything was escort gaziemir quiet. It had been quite a day.The following morning I woke up to find Jane was not in the bed next to me. Once I was properly awake I went to find her. Victoria’s room door was closed and there was no sound from inside.I got to the room Mat was using and the door was wide open. He was lying on his back on the bed and my horny wife was sat on top, impaled on his cock. She looked up and me and apologised saying she was horny and didn’t want to disturb me and knew Mat would be up for a quick fuck. I said no problem and just watched as my wife fucked this young stud until he came inside her. As she got off him a huge stream of cum poured from her cunt. She just walked past me saying she needed a shower. I said good morning to Mat and left him with a huge smile on his face and went to make coffee. I had no idea what was going to happen that day, but knew it would be horny.I took a cup of coffee in to Victoria who was just stirring. I was only wearing shorts and as she sat up revealing her gorgeous breasts, my cock stirred. Watching my wife fuck her young lover had got me horny already. Victoria looked at my cock and smiled saying she always woke up horny too. Well I needed no more invitation, so I got into bed with her. We started kissing and stroking, making love rather than the rampant fucking off the previous evening. Soon I was on top off her burying my cock deep in her cunt while we kissed deeply. I soon came inside her. As we lay there she asked me if I had seen Mat yet this morning. I told her I had. When she asked if he was okay, I told her he ought to have been as Jane was riding him at the time! She laughed. That’s good she said.She told me about the chat they had the previous evening after we had gone to bed.It centred around this being a secret and no one could know what had happened here. She told her son that his dad was not interested in sex and she had needs. She said it was her fault that things had got out of hand and he should never have seen her having sex with others. She hoped he would forget about it and it wouldn’t happen again.I asked her if she enjoyed watching her son fuck my wife. She admitted that she did. She even admitted to being slightly jealous.“So you want to feel that wonderful young cock inside you?” I asked,“No” she said “He is my son”“What if he wasn’t your son?” I asked.“If he wasn’t then of course I would love to have him, but he is my son”“Well I don’t see what the difference is” I said. I left her with her coffee and went to shower. I told Jane about the conversation and she just winked at me. What was she up too?The weather wasn’t quite so good this day so we took a walk to the pub across the country. We had a few drinks and as we knew a few locals we were on our best behaviour. The walk home was a different matter. We were crossing a field when Jane announced she was really horny and grabbed Mat by the hand. There was no one around and she pushed him against a tree and expertly unzipped him and got his cock out. She soon had him deep in her throat. Once he was hard, which took a few seconds, she bent over and lifted her skirt inviting him to fuck her. It was a horny sight as she braced against the tree and I wanted some of the same from Victoria and bent her over, pulled her jeans down and entered her. We were both still watching the others and when Mat said he was cumming, Jane pulled away from him and pushed him towards his Mums face just as he came. His spunk shot all over his mum’s face. She was shocked but just starting her own orgasm as I too came inside her.She started to say something as she stood up but before she could my wife kissed her hard and deep, getting as muck of Mat’s cum into their mouths as she could. This seemed to diffuse the situation as she kissed and hugged my wife.When we got home, Jane took Victoria into the main bedroom and told me to bring Mat in after 15 minutes. We waited and tried to hear what was being said.When we got into the room at the scheduled time, I was a little surprised to see Victoria stark naked laying on the bed. She was wearing a blind fold and her arms were tied in a spread-eagled position. Her legs were untied but spread open. Jane pulled Mat over so that he was standing between his mum’s legs. He could see her open cunt in all its glory. I noticed his cock twitch and Jane took his hand and put it on his cock inviting him to wank while looking at his displayed mum. He started stroking, not taking his eyes of her.I was a little slower to get hard so Jane helped me out taking my cock in her mouth. When I was hard she told me to fuck Mat’s mum. I got between her legs and slid into her. Jane was making sure Mat had a great view of his Mum’s cunt being penetrated while he wanked. She then got on the bed and straddled his Mum’s face, making her suck on her pussy. She beckoned Mat over so he got a good view of that too, pulling her lips open so he could see his Mum’s tongue licking another woman’s cunt. Whenever Mat looked like he was about to cum, Jane grabbed his hand and stopped him.Then Jane got off Victoira’s face, untied her hands and got her up onto her hands and knees.Then rather than me re-enter her, Jane pulled Mat up behind his mum and positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy. Slowly she pushed his arse until he was inside his mum, further and further until every inch was buried. Jane put her finger to her lips gesturing for Mat to stay silent. The Jane let Mat fuck his mum at his own pace. Victoria was moaning. I think she knew what was happening; Mat’s cock must have felt bigger than mine. Anyway, Jane was still in control. She whispered in Mat’s ear not to cum until she said.She slowly turned Victoria onto her back, Mat managing to stay inside her. Then off came the blindfold. Victoria looked up at her son, not looking too surprised. She reached round behind him, grabbing his buttocks and pulling him deep into her. He started fucking harder, before looking at Jane. She nodded. He increased his pace , thrusting into his mother. She was reaching an orgasm too and pulled her son down so they were embracing. Her mouth found his and they kissed, tenderly at first and then passionately. It was so erotic. I was wanking at one side of the bed and Jane was finger fucking herself the other side, watching this beautiful couple fuck. Their joint orgasm was amazing and they lay in each other arms for quite a while.Jane led me out of the room into the spare room. She lay on the bed and spread her legs, the invitation obvious so I fucked her long and hard until we were spent.Our visitors had to leave shortly after that, but not before we all showered together, cocks pussies and breasts all getting soaped by whoever was close enough. Watching Victoria clean her son’s throbbing cock was so erotic.The end!

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