My Uncles Ranch


My Uncles RanchIts late May and school is getting out for summer break finally next year marks the start of college but who cares about that. I’m excited to do the basic summer fun like hangout with my friends go to movies and of course get in touch with my shemale side. When I get home my parents right away tell me how my father’s friend’s wife and daughter are going to Europe for the summer and how he would love to have me up there to keep company. Now I’ve known and grown up to view him like an uncle but COME ON I don’t want to waste my whole break at some stupid ranch. So I pouted and complained making my father very angry. He yelled at me to go up stairs, get dressed and meet in his room. Now when I was about 13 my parents resorted to spanking as the form of punishment thinking it’ll embarrass me to never want to talk back again, well it didn’t work so they started making me dress up like a girl corsets, garter straps, stocking, heels, g-strings, etc they thought it would work and did for awhile only I really liked it. Now after my father’s hands slapped my ass silly I complied and agreed to go.As the plane arrived I got off I waited for my luggage to come off but it never came? My daddy’s friend was like him broad, strong, a mechanic of some kind. We waited together and waited but still no bag. Evidently the airline told us it had been put on the wrong flight and they would kütahya escort try to get it as soon as possible. I was like, “well that’s great” but on the drive to my uncles place which by the way was in B.F.E my uncle became infuriated and yelled how I should be more responsible. As we pulled up he ordered me out and told me that my father had given him permission to spank me for any misbehavior. He then grabbed me bent me over the tail gate and paddled me good. After that he told me I would have to wear his daughters clothes(the small part she didn’t take to Europe) cause we were about the same height and I was a little more plump than her at 5’10 160lbs.So over the next few days thing were pretty normal only I was dressed like a girl, which made me feel kind of embarrassed. Her clothes fit a little snug especially her underwear she left only thongs which were super tight! When my uncle saw me he complimented me on what a beautiful girl I became I would just giggle. He then came up with the idea to have a photo shot to pass the time, I was curious so I said okay. I started with shorts and t shirts, but then he gave me some of his wife make up and heels and every time I refused to pose in a position he would playful tug my thong so Id squeal!, so after an hour he had me in spaghetti straps and a tight thong posing on the bed but it felt so good and I felt malatya escort so sexy. Now being he was a mechanic he had this amazing sports car but told me I was too inexperienced to drive it. One night when he went into town I took the chance to take it for a spin but lost track of time and when I got back he was already home. I was nervous he looked pissed, when I stepped out he grabbed me flung me over his shoulder and took me inside. He barked at me to go put on one of his daughters school girl outfits and come back immediately! As soon as I returned he bent me over hicked up the skirt and stated smacking my ass uncontrollably, it got to the point I lost touch with reality. Suddenly he pulled me up unzipped his pants and forced his cock into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do but I was afraid I had seen videos of girls sucking cock so I started giving him a blowjob. He kept rubbing my ass squeezing my plump cheeks as I was on the couch next to him on my hands and knees, as he was sqeezing my ass I felt his middle finger start to rub and push at my tight ass cherry but I didn’t stop, then he pulled me off. Alas it wasn’t over, he shoved me into his bed room and told me to get on the bed and stick my ass up. He grabbed some bottle from the drawer and squeezed a little into his hand. He penetrated me with one finger then two, I let out a small moan, escort bayan if that was only two fingers how am I going to handle his huge cock it must and been 8 inches. He made me suck it once more and despite my pleading he cut my words in half when he penetrated me. I PANICKED he was so thick!! I tried to crawl away but his rough hands dug into my love handles pulling me back. I moaned and moaned begging him to slow down but he replied, “you need to be fucked like a real girl tonight”. I was GRUNTING and SQUEALING has he was splitting me open, he started calling me his plump fat PIGGY while he would smack my cheeks to make me SNORT!! After what seemed like forever I felt his balls press against my butt checks, he was in all the way. Then he grabbed my pony tail pulling it back and started with a steady pace of sliding in and out, at first it hurt like hell but after a little bit it started feeling good but I didn’t want him to see me enjoying any of this! Of course he noticed my 3 inch clitty getting hard then he started getting rougher shouting, “this slutty PIG loves a hard cock”. He grabbed my cock and started stroking it as he was fucking me, that’s when my whole world started turning upside down it all felt so good. After about 20 minutes he had me grunting and squealing to go deeper and faster finally he was stroking my cock so hard I blew a huge load all over the sheets then he cummed in my ass squirting his juices into me! He held me down thrusting in every last drop, after he laughed and smacked my red ass saying, “Your cherry is popped now you plump sissyboy”. I laid on the bed for what seemed like forever going over what had just happened…..

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