MY sister’S “WET PATCH”


MY sister’S “WET PATCH”How do you measure whether a sex session has really been a success or not? Personally, I’ve always been a “wet patch” man. I’m really turned on by the sight of a wet stain on the sheets before I cum. I make a point of feeling for it, or looking down as we change position. A wife or girlfriend can always fake an orgasm, as we all know, but those wet stains are tangible proof of success: the juices having silently, slowly and secretly trickled down between her bum cheeks onto the white sheets of the love bed. I’m disappointed if the sheets are still dry when I’m ready to cum.I’ve long had this particular fetish. I don’t know whether other men share it. I remember seeing those stains in Mum and Dad’s bed many years ago: proof that despite Mum’s prudery, she was enjoying sex as much as anyone else. Then when my sister got her first boyfriend, the stains on her sheets became an obsession of mine. I’d go into her room not just to seek out her soiled knickers but to pull back the covers and look at the stains left by her and her lover. The lighter marks from her own vaginal secretions, the darker one’s from their fluids mixed together after he’d cum inside her – the flow having trickled out as they slept together afterwards. And sometimes there were the pinkish fluids after they’d enjoyed that first eager fuck after her heavier days. And since Sally – my step-sister arrived for Christmas vacation – I’m back to my old habits again. I had hoped to be telling you in this story about my success with her. So sure was I that I would be inside her knickers before Christmas, I’d posted an introductory episode to this adventure. Instead, after just five mersin escort days here, a guy turned up at the house. I know now that he’s some man she knows at university: I suppose he’s followed her here because he can’t bear to be away from her pussy over the vacation. Perhaps I hesitated to make a move on her myself. Perhaps that was where I went wrong. I had had my chance after literally bumping into her in her undies as she came out of the bathroom in one night. He who hesitates is lost…Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, Sally and her boyfriend came round to the house for lunch. I was jealous and I was dreading Mum and Dad going out shopping, as it was obvious that Sally wanted this guy, and that this guy wanted Sally. I glanced across when they into the kitchen and could see him pressed up against her as she washed some dishes. He was biting her neck and thrusting forward into her jeans, and she was responding by pushing her bum towards him.I don’t know whether Sally had told her Mum what she wanted: my step-Mum is modern when it comes to sex, and understands that her daughter needs satisfying regularly, but within minutes of Sally and her boyfriend coming out of the kitchen, her Mum told me that my Dad and her were indeed going out shopping and suggested that I go out as well. I’d seen Sally whisper something to her Mum, so I guess she’d told him that she wanted her boyfriend in bed. I was mad with jealousy by this time, and certainly wasn’t going to leave the house just because some guy had a hard cock in his pants and wanted to fuck.Sure enough, within a couple of minutes of Mom and Dad leaving the house, Sally disappeared up the stairs with escort mersin her boyfriend. My heart was pounding because I knew what was going to happen and I was strangely excited. Even the sound of the curtains being drawn and the water tap running sounded erotic. I knew that meant she was probably washing her pussy in readiness. I slammed the front door, as I wanted them to think they had the house to themselves, and then I waited…and waited…and waited. I stood at the foot of the stairs and the complete silence seemed to go on forever, then suddenly I heard the sound of her bed creak as the two of them getting into it tested its strength.I slowly crept up the stairs, knowing that their lust would make it unlikely they would hear me. But by the time I got to the top, all was quiet again. I just knew he’d now got her knickers off – the prize that I thought would be mine – and was probably busy nuzzling into her wet pussy lips. I stopped on the landing, just in case the loose floorboards there might alert them, but when I heard the first quiet moan coming from her, my desire to see her be fucked drove me on again. Sure enough, when I got near the back bedroom, the door had been left just wide enough ajar for me to see them reflected in the tall mirror at the foot of Sally’s bed, and he was on his knees with her on the edge of the bed. Her legs were raised to give him easy access. Given their obvious ease with each other, this was obviously not their first sex together.I masturbated long and hard that afternoon. Although I couldn’t see them too well, especially as the light faded, I could certainly hear them. The creaking of the bed becoming louder mersin escort bayan and more urgent and more rhythmic, and her moans and his grunts louder and more eager as they communicated their lust for each other. I could even catch the occasional smell of her pussy as it became wider and looser under this thrusting. All I could think about as I rubbed my cock was why on earch I’d missed the chance to give her a good fucking.And then quite suddenly they were done. They left the house with their arms around each other and I couldn’t resist going into her room to look for her knickers and pull back the covers to look at the wet patch on the sheets. And it was a big wet patch – the kind left when a girl urinates in her excitement, or her boyfriend won’t stop to let her go to the bathroom. And there at the foot of the bed were her knickers which I sniffed in my excitement, and there also was her t-shirt with cum stains on it, perhaps where he’d cum for a second time: withdrawing and coming over her breasts. By the time Sally’s Mum got home, I was desperate for sex. I followed her into the garage as she was unloading the car and pushed my hands up her skirt. I was so thankful when she responded and whispered, “…wait, wait, your Dad’s going out in a minute”. He was going to the fuel station and we had just twenty minutes to satisfy ourselves. I nearly tore her knickers off and licked at her like an a****l. Having just come in from her shopping trip her pussy was sweaty and so were her underarms: but the smell just turned me on even more. I pushed into her perhaps a little too soon and found that she was still a bit dry and tight, and to my disappointment there was no wet patch on her bed sheets afterwards, just the tell-tale circular brown patches where Dad had fucked her the previous night.So my perfect Christmas present would be a big wet patch….preferably one in Sally’s bed.TO BE CONTINUED.

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