My first time with Leather (true story)


My first time with Leather (true story)one day i came home and needed some release. i saw Leatherjunky and decited to go try out my jacket and go see what it feels like. i walked through my house naked, got the jacket in karşıyaka escort my room and put it on. it felt ssssssooooooo GOOD. i wanted to cum right there, just where i was standing, but i held out just a karşıyaka escort bayan little bit longer. i went to the bathroom and decited to looks at my self in the mirror. now i’n not really that fit but escort karşıyaka i thought i looked HOW w/ nothing but my jacket on. i turned around and see my ass and it was fucking sexy as hell it turned me on so much i just had to let it go. since i was a frequent masterbater, i didn’t shoot off a think load. but i did shoot all the way to the bath tub! that’s more than 3 feet! then i was done for the day and just gone to sleep with my jacket on. nothing butt of course. (lol)

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