My first time


My first timeBack in college I had tickets to two Grateful Dead concerts, one in Syracuse, one in Rochester. My girlfriend at the time was going to the concert in Syracuse but had something else to do for the second concert. Still, I figured I would get some after the first concert, since it was never really a problem for her. When we got back to the room after the concert she was tired, so we went to sleep. The next morning I tried again, but she still was not in the mood.As we said goodbye that morning I thought about selling her ticket to one of those ‘Dead heads’ that went to every concert. “They’ll do anything for a ticket,” I thought to myself. Travelling between the two cities, though, I ran into a hitchiker with a big bottle of wine and a sign that simply read “Dead Rochester.” giresun escort I picked him up and he offered me some wine as he settled in.As we arrived in Rochester I stopped at the hotel and grabbed the room. I invited my new friend into the room (with the wine). Once inside I told him I needed to take a quick shower and he asked if he could as well. “Sure, no problem.” I replied. I was ready first and was in the shower when I heard a tap, tap on the door.”I didn’t mean at the same time,” I told him sternly. “I did,” he said in a matter of fact voice as he walked into the stall, “Let me soap you up.”My mind was racing and I could not speak as he grabbed the soap I had opened up only moments before. I guess he took my silence as agreement. He soaped my chest first, escort giresun playing with my nipples fairly roughly. I have to admit I was turned on. From my nipples he moved to my cock, which had been hard since he started playing with my nipples.After soaping and rinsing my cock I figured he would suck it, but this guy went for my lips and gave me a kiss. I had been thinking something along the lines of “What to I care if its a blowjob from a guy or a girl, I get a mouth on my dick,” so I was not ready for the kiss. His second one was a french kiss. I was horrified, but I did not stop him.Now he took my penis in his mouth. I have had probably 10 different girls suck my cock, but this guy was as good or better than the best of them, taking my dick all the way into giresun escort bayan his mouth, moving his tongue around and then releasing it. After a couple of these sucks he stood up, erect, and said “Now you try.””I hadn’t really thought of doing that,” I told him.”You enjoyed the kissing, didn’t you?” he asked. “Now get you mouth on my dick and see if you like that,” he said in a much more authoratarian tone. I did what he told me, bending at the waist and taking just his head in my mouth. After a minute he said “Take the shaft, too.” I went as deep as I could.He pulled his dick out of my mouth and went back to sucking mine. Soon I warned him “I going to cum,” and he gobbled my whole cock deep in his mouth. It seemed as though every muscle in his mouth was trying to pull the sperm into his throat and when I did cum a few seconds later I could feel his throat swallowing the cum. After a couple of minutes I was back sucking his cock, but when he started to cum I gagged. I gave him the second ticket to the Dead concert.

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