My First Time


My First TimeMy first time wasn’t as bad as some of the girls in school said it would be. I was 17 with a guy named Tyrone. He was the cutest boy in school. I remember my first day at that school and the first time I saw him, it was gym and the boys were playing football I got soooo wet watching him. Thing was he was a BHM, I always liked my guys kind of chunky(just how I like my ladies). Because of that he didn’t get the attention he should’ve from the other girls. I look past all that superficial bullshit, so all I saw was a hottie. Me and Leah, but I have nicer tits, she has an incredible ass though. That ass was the cause of my first lesbian experience, but that’s a story for another time. Leah would always flirt with him, but I was not gonna loose my man to the that green haired goth slut. Truth be told I don’t know how but she pulled off the green hair. She was hot, that’s why I ate her bursa escort pussy. So I decided to make my move at homecoming. Tyrone is great dancer, I’d never seen someone pop n lock. Plus he did this one called the big wiggle, lets just say if your a virgin craving to have it popped the Big Wiggle is not your best friend. Throwing a guy on the floor and mounting him is frowned upon at school dances. Knowing that Leah hates to dance I made my move I asked him to dance knowing the song was gonna be a slow song. When the song came on I pulled in close, that’s when I felt it and figured out it is true what they say about black guys. So put his hand on my ass and told him to squeeze. I could feel his not so little buddy wiggle, and I started to grind on him some. When the song was over Leah was pissed but was to too late. I told him if he left with me right then I’d fuck him. It was escort bursa perfect cause my parents left for the weekend and my sister was more preoccupied with sucking her boyfriend’s cock than what I was doing. We went to my room he was a great kisser, most guys try to swallow your chin. He undressed me so sensually, once he got my bra he undid the clasp very easlly. I told him I was a virgin and he froze. Then he said the sweetest thing, “So am I. I never thought in a million years I’d loose my virginity to someone as unbelievably gorgeous as you. Are you sure you want to do this, thought of hurting you.” I cut him off cause at that point I was ready to fuck his brains out. I pulled out his 10 inch dick(I measured it), scared to suck it I stroked it nice and slow. The more pleasure I gave him the wetter I got. Then he picked me up(fellas if you want to seal the deal, pick your lady bursa escort bayan up and carry her. Odds are she’ll soak herself on the spot I always do)and I starred into his sexy dark eyes he laid me gently on the bed and proceded to eat my pussy. He was so hot and sweet and strong, after alittle bit he got better and it felt phenomenal. His tounge like a warm wet probe on my clit. I came so hard he had pussy cream in his goatee, which tasted great. I told him I was ready, he was as gentle as he could be, but it was a thick 10 inch cock going to a not at all ready hole. Once it was in I was clawing the sheets. He told me to look into his eyes and kissed me. That made much better, it still hurt but hurt alot less. As he thrusted alittle deeper each time eventually I stared to moan from pleasure not pain. After awhile it got too intense and I had to ask Ty to pull out. Realzing he didn’t come I attempted my first blowjob. I got the head in and started to suck and tasted good. Thats when he came without warning, I had to swallow some it was good so I swallowed the rest. My first time was with my first love and was beyond special

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