My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 13


My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 13My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 13 – The New Dawn – Part 1I awoke early the next morning, Beth was beside me in bed still wearing her lucid dreaming mask and headphones. I got up and put on my robe and went to the bathroom. I then went to the kitchen to get some orange juice and swallow a Viagra. The only person up was Laurie, she was dressed in sweats and getting a bottle of water out of the refrigerator.“Good morning Master! I thought I would go for a power walk, it’s so nice with the snowfall!” she said.“That’s a good girl! I’ll take a shower with you when you get back, and then I want you to wear the special outfit I’m going to give you.” I replied.As she went out the front door, the others slowly started to filter in to the kitchenWhen Beth, Cindy, Tricia and Chad were there I said, “the party is really going to start now!”With this trigger phrase my obedient slaves were ready for commands.“This is silly, we’re all family! Let’s get rid of all this cumbersome clothing and get comfortable!” I told everyone. Everyone happily agreed and got undressed, the sight of the six nude girls was having the desired effect on my cock! Fueled by the Viagra, I would be having fun all morning!“Tricia, go to the closet and get the bags for everyone, they’re all labeled,Put them in the appropriate rooms for each person. I want everyone to put on the outfits contained in their number one bags and be back here in 15 minutes,.” I instructed. “Chad, Danny, Joe, Brad and Dillon. You will go to the recreation room and await your Mistresses!” I told the men.Laurie came back in from her power walk and started heading to the first floor bathroom for her shower. “Laurie, I’ve gotten you a new outfit for Christmas! Get your number one bag from Tricia and join me in the bathroom.” I told her.I then went to the first floor bathroom and got in the shower. Laurie came in carrying her bag a minute later. I told her to get undressed and join me in the shower. “Laurie my slave, I want you to clean your Master. Scrub me clean my dirty little whore.”Laurie stood in front of me and soaped up a loofah and reached around me and started scrubbing my back. She also put liquid soap on her breasts and began to slide them all over my chest. She then knelt down and put my cock into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around the head of my cockand stopped at my frenulum and licked it intensely.“Does my little slave want a protein shake after her power walk?” I asked her. “I would love one Master, I can only swallow you right now though, I am in my fertility cycle and would most likely become pregnant if you cum in my pussy!” Said Laurie.“After having the two boys, you never gut your tubes tied?” I asked.“Joe had no interest in me after the boys were born, so I never bothered.” Replied Laurie. A devilish thought came to mind, I just had to start the ball rolling.“But you have two teenage sons, I’m sure they could satisfy your needs!” I told her.“I could never use my sons that way! I’m their mother!” Laurie said.“But what better way to humiliate Joe then letting his sons impregnate you! To feel their hot loads in your pussy! To turn them into men before his very eyes! Be honest, you love the thought of them fucking you! To feel their young cocks penetrating ever hole in your body. You want your boys to make you a mother again!” I instructed her.“Oh God! Yes, I want them to fuck me! To make their mommy a mommy once more! Laurie exclaimed.“Then lets go, güvenilir casino I’ll give you a protein shake after! Put on the outfit I got you and let’s go get you pregnant!” I told her.We jumped out of the shower and dried off, Laurie put on her Domma outfit contained in her bag and we went back into the kitchen.Tricia, Stacy and Laurie all had on their domma outfits, Cindy, Beth, Amy and Jen were all still nude at this point.“Cindy and Beth, take Amy and Jen upstairs and instruct them in the ways of pleasure. Tricia, Stacy and Laurie follow me to the recreation room and we willteach your slaves how to please their Mistresses!” I said.The girls went upstairs and Tricia, Stacy and Laurie followed me downstairs.The men were all nude, Chad was already wearing his cock cage. I instructed Tricia to shackle Danny and Joe to the support columns.“Your activities have become blatantly obvious, you will now only be allowed sexual gratification if your Mistresses allow it. To make sure you behave Stacy and Laurie will now put cock cages on you. You will serve your Mistresses with FULL devotion and never question their actions or orders. Danny and Joe, you are nothing more than fuck puppets now. You live for cock and cum, you are male cock whores but can only have sex with people your Mistresses approve of. Do you understand these commands?” I asked.“Yes Master”. They both replied.Stacy and Laurie then put on their slaves cock cages while Tricia unlocked Chad’s cock cage. Laurie lubricated Joe’s asshole and Tricia guided Chad’s cock into his anus.Joe, your sons will now provide your wife with what she so desperately needs. This will make you very happy to know that your sons are going to make Laurie a fulfilled woman. That they will impregnate your wife and become men, while with each thrust into your ass, Chad is making you the happy faggot you truly want to be. If he cums in your ass you will forever only desire cock. Would you like Chad to cum in your ass?” I asked“Oh Master, he feels so good in my ass! Yes, Yes! I want his hot load in my ass!” Replied Joe.“You heard him Chad, give the man what he wants!” I replied.“Stacy, help Laurie get undressed. Tricia, prepare Brad and Dillon to become men.” I instructed the girls.Stacy started helping Laurie remove her outfit, Tricia grabbed a tube of desensitizing cream and started massaging it into the two boys cocks.“Brad and Dillon, you are going to get to fulfill your wildest fantasy. You are going to get to fuck your mother. One of you is even going to get to be a father! To make things more pleasurable for your mom, Tricia is desensitizing your cocks so you don’t cum too fast your first times! Do you want to fuck your mom and make a baby?” I asked.The boys were practically drooling at the sight of their naked mother. Tricia was applying the desensitizing cream but both boys had raging hard-ons.Dillon replied, “I’m really going to get to fuck you mom?”Laurie replied, “Yes Dillon dear, Mommy wants you to fuck her and make a baby!”With that comment, Brad and Dillon got up from the couch and started caressing their mothers body. They were rubbing their cocks against her stomach and ass. Each boy had a nipple in his mouth and were sucking like proverbial vampires.Laurie dropped to the floor and guided Dillon’s cock to her pussy. He entered her and started fucking her wildly. Brad shoved his cock into his mother’s mouth. As the three of them were lost in their world of lust, Stacy, Tricia and I turned our internet casino attention back to Danny, Chad and Joe. Chad was fucking Joe’s ass with long powerful strokes.“So Danny, you are surrounded by beautiful women yet you choose to fuck Joe, Why is this?”After Jen was born, Stacy had me get a vasectomy and I felt I lost my manhood. She wouldn’t let me fuck her up the ass and Joe would let me do it to him. So I lost interest in sex with her.” Danny said.“So Stacy, you’re still fertile too?”, I asked.“Yes Master!” Stacy said.“So Danny, you wouldn’t mind if I knock up your wife would you?” I asked“No Master, I wouldn’t mind, I would consider it an honor!” Replied Danny.“But Master, I’m too old to have another c***d.” Stacy said.“You’re not too old Stacy, you want to have my c***d , you want me to fill your womb with my potent seed and create our love c***d.” I instructed her.“Yes Master! Fill me with your seed! I want you to make me pregnant!” Said Stacy.“Tricia, you and your mother undress” I told them.Chad was close, I could tell by the look on his face. Dillon was crying out, “here it comes Mom! I can’t stop it!” As Dillon blasted his hot youngload into his mother, Chad came in Dillon’s father’s ass! Brad quickly switched places with Dillon and started humping his mother without mercy. Chad withdrew from Joes ass and went around in front of him and stuck his deflated cock in Joe’s mouth. Tricia lowered her undressed mother to the floor and spread Stacy’s legs. I lowered myself on top of her and pushed my cock in her vagina. Tricia stood over her mother and lowered her pussy on to her face. With each thrust into her pussy, I could see Stacy’s tongue shoot into her daughters pussy in unison.Tricia said, “Chad when you’re ready, fuck my fathers ass! We don’t want him to feel left out!”Laurie had sucked Dillon back to hardness, she stopped and said, “Dillon. Get ready to switch with your brother!” Brad cried out, “Mommy, I’m going to cum!”“That’s a good boy! Give mommy your cum! Shoot it in my pussy!” Laurie told him.This was all the encouragement he needed, his body tensed as he came in Laurie. “Oh mommy, it feels so good! I love you!” Brad said.Dillon once again traded places with Brad and guided his cock into her frothy pussy! Laurie said, “ Brad, go have your father get you ready again while Dillonfucks me.Joe had worked Chad back to hardness, he withdrew his cock from Joe’s mouth and walked behind Danny. He picked up his tube of lube and prepared Danny’s asshole, coating his own dick also.Tricia stood up and walked over to her father and said, “Daddy, Chad has asked me to marry him. You’re now going to bless this union by giving Chad your ass!Would you like that?”Danny said, “Anything for you Mistress, whatever makes you happy! Fuck me Chad! Let me bless this union!”Chad began to push himself into Danny’s ass. Danny’s cock was fully engorged inside its cage. Pre-cum was leaking out of his cock. Tricia put some on her fingertip and stuck it in his mouth, “Bad Daddy! I’ll tell you when you may cum! Keep those balls full for now!”Brad had walked over to his father and Joe had taken his sons cock into his mouth, cleaning off the combined juices of Laurie, Brad and Dillon. He was quickly sucking the boy back to firmness.Stacy had begun moaning uncontrollably, “Oh god, its been so long! Oh god…..yes, yes, yes. Mark, I’ve wanted this for so long! Ugh…. pound my pussy! Pound it! Shit….I’m going to cum! Ughhh…..”Jeezus, I’m going to cum. That’s canlı poker oyna it…oh god…oh…oh…ughhhhh!” I didn’t stop, I rode her through her orgasm. Like a pile driver I kept pumping her vagina. Her pussy was begging for cum, sucking me deeper and deeper inside her. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “are you ready for what you want Stacy?”Stacy replied, “Cum inside me Master! I want to be your baby maker!”I shot my load deep inside her saying, “take it all Stacy!” I felt Tricia’s soft hands squeezing my balls gently, maximizing the amount of sperm being pumped into her mother.“Oh my God Mark, your cum is so hot inside me! I can feel it flowing through my system. I’ve never felt this way before, my sister is a lucky woman!” cried out Stacy.“I’m not done with you yet!” I told Stacy as I pulled out of her pussy. I rolled her over and grabbed a tube of lube and coated Stacy’s sphincter. My cock was already lubed by her juices and was still rock hard fueled by the Viagra.I guided my cock to her anus and gently pushed it in. Stacy gasped as I was about two inches inside her, I stopped and let her relax. When she regained her composure I pressed in two more inches. Tricia had slid underneath her and was licking her clit. As she was starting to enjoy the feeling, I pushed my cock all the way inside her ass.Her near virgin ass was tight! She had clamped down on my cock as if trying to shit out the intruder. I started to pump her ass in a slow steady motion. And combined with Tricia’s clit licking she was moaning loudly.“Would you like to feel my cum in your ass Stacy?” I asked.”Oh God Master, your cock feels so good in my ass! Yes, shoot your cum in my ass!” Said Stacy.I couldn’t help but compare the two sisters. Stacy had a much tighter asshole but lacked Beth’s ability to control her anal muscles. She started convulsing as Tricia licked her clit to ecstasy. Her ass started goimg up and down on my cock as Tricia brought her over the edge. Her moaning and humping made me pound her ass wildly. I heard Chad grunt as he erupted in Danny’s ass. This caused me to erupt into Stacy’s ass! I had grabbed her hips and pumped it as far into her colon as I could.As I withdrew my cock from Stacy’s ass, cum started to flow out after thirty seconds or so. It dribbled down her ass crack to her pussy and Tricia’s eager tongue”Save some for your Dad Tricia!’ I said. I backed up Stacy’s ass to Danny’s face.Tricia got up on her knees and started sucking my still Viagra hardened cock.”If you would be so kind Danny, clean up your wife’s rectum!” I instructed him.Danny started tonguing and sucking his wife’s asshole, trying desperately to get every last drop of my cum from her anus.By this time, Joe had worked Brad back to a full erection. “Brad, how would you like to fuck your Uncle?” I asked the young man.”I don’t know if I will like it.” Said Brad.”You will like it, in fact next to fucking your mom, it’s your most favorite thing to do!” I instructed Brad. Brad walked behind Danny and rubbed his ass. He slowly inserted his cock into Danny’s ass which was fully lubricated by Chad’s load.In the meantime, Chad had walked over to Joe and had stuck his cock into his mouth to get hard again.As Danny had sucked Stacy’s asshole clean and Tricia had sucked me clean also, I told Stacy and Tricia to follow me upstairs to the first floor shower.I instructed Danny, Joe, Brad and Dillon to follow any command their Mistress Laurie gave them and to have Laurie make them fuck till dinner time.I jumped in the shower with Stacy and Tricia and had them scrub me down fully.I had Stacy and Tricia clean themselves thoroughly and we went upstairs to join the girls.By: [email protected] Next Chapter: “The New Dawn – Part 2”

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