My best night ever, theater and gloryholes


My best night ever, theater and gloryholesHello, this is an account of what I consider my best night of my life; I was living in Baltimore, MD, Essex area at the time. A little background on me is that I am married now and at the time of this night but not that happy at the time. I was married for about 8 years and my wife and I decide to find a girl to have a relationship with, I was happy to hear that but how dumb was I. After she found someone I was told I would not be involved in any sexual way so deal with it, after a big fight, I dealt with in a big way. I was always Bi and I always wanted to be a girl so I set out on my own to suck all the cock I could at that point. Oh by-the-way I am still married, lol. I did suck a lot of cock before I got married but I stop when we started dating.After that night I found Bush River back in 1998 and I would go there 4 or 5 nights a week and I loved every cock I sucked. After a while I started to dress up as a girl and started going to other places also. I would go to an adult theater on either Belair rd or Hartford rd (it slips my mind after all these years) and then I would go up to Bush River and then if I felt like it I would go to Pulaski Video. That was my usual routine for years.In March of 2002 I went out like normal, dressed in a red bursa escort dress with stocking and high heels on, went to the theater first. Always parked on the side of the building in the back, my car was to noticeable (yellow corvette) but I did like to walk a little to show off. As I entered the theater there was about 20 guys in there so I walk to the front and there was a Black guy with his cock out half hard just playing with it. I asked him “may I” and he said “go right ahead” I slipped my dress off dropped to my knees and started sucking. Little did I know where this was going to lead! After ten minutes of enjoying his cock, he says to me “the only way I am going to cum is to fuck you”. Naturally I said Ok, so he took my hand and took up under the movie screen, bent me over a bench there and lubed me up. At that point he pushed that big cock in me and as I was almost screaming I notice the whole theater starting gathering around. As that BBC was starting to pump me harder and harder all of a sudden I had a cock in my mouth and hands. No one cared if I wanted it or not, they were going to give it to me. After each person would cum on me or in me the next guy just stepped up and shoved his cock in my mouth. The BBC must have pumped me for 30 min until he unloaded a big load bursa escort bayan in my ass. And to my enjoyment as soon as he stepped away another cock was in my ass and then another load was in me. I love every second of this, as soon as one was done another cock was in my mouth or ass, I lost count but it must have been at least 30 guys in me. It was about 2 hrs of being used and never felt better about myself up to that point. All that cum that was on me felt so good, as I looked around and the place was mostly empty at that point around midnight. So I found my dress and shoes, got dressed and stumbled out to my car and sat there for a few minutes. I then decided to drive up to the gloryholes at Bush River and Yes I was still covered in Cum that was drying at this time.As I entered Bush River there it was packed at that time, I went in and almost everyone there was looking at me covered in cum. I went back to the gloryhole in that back booth as soon as I sat down a cock came through the hole and I did what a good girl would do; suck it until I got my surprise. Unlike other nights the cocks keep coming through the hole and I keep sucking, I drained 23 cocks that night at the gloryhole. I never even had half that many cocks on any one night I went there for all the time escort bursa I went to bush river. After a few hours of that I decide to leave and when I did I walked out of there with my head held up high, I was a fucking whore just like I always wanted. But I was not done yet for the night.I decide to stop in to Pulaski Video since I had to drive by it anyways but there were only two cars at this time. I went in anyways and there was a chubby Black guy in the back and he seen I was covered in cum so we talked for a few minutes. He asked if he could fuck me so I said yes, he shove his cock in me and pump only a couple of time and then pulled out, shoved me to the ground and cummed all over my face. That was the biggest load I took all night and maybe to date. We then went outside with all that cum dripping from my face and mouth, he gave me his number, talked for a few minutes and then I left. On the ride home I would pass McDonalds on rt 40 so I always wanted to stop there covered in cum. So I did and the girl just looked at me and smiled, she asked if I had a good night and I just said you should be able to tell I had a great fucking night, with cum all over my face and her. Well my wife can have her girlfriend and I don’t need to be involved one bit because I love sucking cock. Yes I am married to her still but I live in upstate NY so the area I live in now stinks for things like this. The two pictures in my profile of me sucking cock are at Bush River many years ago. I miss those days a lot but I do have the memories.

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