My best friend and my dad


My best friend and my dadAs I snuck into the corridor I saw my best friend enter the washing room.”Hi Mr. Smythe-Hobson.” She said. “Could I ask you a favor?””Sure, Vanessa.” My dad responded.”Lucy has asked me to sleepover, but I hadn’t really foreseen it. I’d love to stay, but I didn’t bring any clothes for tomorrow…””I see.” Said my dad. I just bet he could see the little hussy naked! She was such a slut, with long legs, a pert ass, a long, lean body and tits her daddy bought her two years ago for her sweet sixteen. Right up my dad’s alley.”So, I was wondering, could you wash my panties?” She asked. “My dress will be fine, but they- um…””Oh. Oh, uhm I guess so. Sure. I’m just about to put my wife’s in.”Vanessa giggled.”Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to fish mine out. She’ll never know… Her stuff is so much sexier than mine. You must feel lucky to have such a hot wife. Not that you’re not hot, of course!” The way it came out, I was surprised Dad didn’t offer to swap her for mom on the spot.I snuck closer, and peered through the gap. They were standing close together of necessity, the room being small and filled with the machines and washing products. Vanessa, naturally, still managed to push her tits in his face even more. He had his shorts on, and his shirt unbuttoned, and she was idly running one hand over his six-pack. I’m not sure he noticed. Her bright yellow sundress set of her tan and pushed her boobs up magnificently, and I’m sure my dad got a good view of her areolas through the light fabric.”Well, I’m nearly done, so just leave them here later, perhaps. ” My dad suggested nervously. Mom was away for a month, and he’d always fancied that hussy Vanessa, but I could tell he was reluctant to start something.Vanessa flashed her sluttiest smile at him.”Oh no, Mr. Smythe-Hobson! Please do finish. Just turn around and I’ll have them off.” My vision turned red. How dare she! And the room with a huge mirror, at the other end, too. She’d be showing my dad everything!My dad nodded, then turned sideways, trying not too conspicuously to look in the mirror.Vanessa lifted her dress sheer over her head and off. Her lithe, muscled form was covered with a thin layer of fat, making her sleek and feminine rather than athletic. She was bursa escort shining with a sheen of sweat. u*********sly, I started rubbing my panties.”Can you hold this for me?” She asked my dad innocently, handing him the thin yellow fabric of the dress. He couldn’t help glancing her over as she passed it. And I could see his boner sprouting in his pants- sooo big! I salivated a bit in my mouth, licked my lips. That bitch! No way was Vanessa getting her hands on my daddy!She then wriggled excessively to work her panties over her ass. Bending over, she pushed her ass against him. “Oops.” She said. “It’s so difficult getting them over my heels.” It seemed so as she made a spectacle of herself, pushing her pussy all the way round against his big, rough hands I’m sure. I was going to get her back for this! I realised my hand was now down my panties and spreading my lips. I bit my lip again, and moved my other hand to my nipple. As much as I hated her, this was turning hot.Then she pushed back for real, putting her whole weight against him. Rubbing!”Sorry!” She moaned. “Nearly there.” And with that she straightened so clumsily he had to grab her to keep from falling. She deftly pushed his hand up over her breast.”Sorry!” They both said. “Don’t look.” Vanessa added. Then she giggled, and I nearly stepped in to kill her. I also came, quietly.”Here they are.” She said, pressing the panties against the hand that held her dress. My dad hadn’t moved his other hand, which was still holding her boob, just as her butt was still rubbing up against his hardon.Vanessa took the dress from him, and quasi-covered her front, trapping his hand on her boob.”I’m sorry they’re so smelly, Mr. Smythe-Hobson.” She said. “I’m sure you can smell me all over them. I’m just so terribly sweaty with this heat.”Instinctively, my dad smelled her panties. Realising what he’d done, he then stepped back. “Uhm.” He said. Vanessa lifted the dress over her head, twisting to give him a nice profile view of her boobs. I swear her nipples were the size of pencil erasers”What’s the matter?” She asked. “Are they too sweaty? Maybe you shouldn’t put it in the laundry. After all, I’ll be staying here tomorrow. You won’t leer at me, will you mr. Smythe-Hobson?””Er. No. bursa escort bayan no.” He stammered, the panties still at his nose. “But-“”Just put it out of the way and I’ll take it home to wash tomorrow.” She continued, dropping the dress down, writhing as if it was a hula hoop.I quietly made my way to the kitchen. Vanessa came in just as I pretended to walk in through the garden door. She was smiling like the cat who swallowed the bird. I hoped that was all she’d swallowed- but there hadn’t been enough time.”Can you pour me an orange juice?” I asked sweetly. “I’m going to check on daddy.”And I walked back into the hall, this time stepping loud enough to be heard.”Lucy!” Shouted my dad, caught red-handed. He was wanking off, Vanessa’s panties pressed up against his face. His huge red dick was sleek with pre-cum already.”Oh daddy.” I moaned. “Are you missing mom so much already?” “I…” He mumbled.”Don’t mind me.” I said cheerfully. “Just putting my clothes in the washing. I’m going to put a bikini on and trap the last rays. “I unbuttoned my hotpants, turning so his big red dick was pointed at my ass.I might not have Vanessa’s plastic tits, but I easily beat her on all other physical attributes. Plus, I knew I reminded my daddy sooo much of my mom…”I’ll be right gone.” I continued, bending over as I slowly stepped out of the hotpants. I steadied myself against the washing machine with one hand so I could stick my ass way out. He’d have to notice the bright cyan panties accentuating my luscious round buns.”I think it’s sweet how in love you still are.” I said, as my ass made contact with his dick.”Daddy? Is that you?”Before he could respond I turned around, starting to pull off my tight tank top. “Just a second!” I promised innocently, displaying nipples the size of wine corks. Beat that, Vanessa. “Let me just put this in, too.” And I squatted down slowly.”Oh.” I said. “You’re doing underwear.” I turned around, still squatting, and looked up at him. His cock was nearly on my lips. He was still stroking it, slowly, probably without realising it.My daddy was staring at my nipples and had forgotten all about Vannessa’s panties. I licked my lips, fake-nervously.”Oh I’m sorry, daddy. I forgot you were occupied.” I stood escort bursa up, put the hotpants and the tank on the washing machine, again turning my back to him. This time his dick jammed in my buttcleft, but neither of us said anything. “Let’s just put this in, too.” I said, bending over again. I rose on my toes so his dick slid all the way down my crack. Then I bent deeper to pull my panties off one leg, lifting that leg sideways to fully expose my pussy. It was still glistening from my orgasm five minutes earlier.Instinctively, daddy moved his cock, pushing it against my nether lips. I moaned, “Daa-dee…”As I wriggled to take the panties off the other leg, his cock head parted my lips. I brought my leg back down, trapping him there a moment before I stepped out of my panties;Then I bent over slowly, letting him slide out and back up through my ass crack. I could feel his precum run down.I bent at the knees, letting his dick slide along my spine as I squatted down. I then put the panties in the washing machine and turned round and took Vanessa’s from him. I heard a sharp exhalation from behind the door- so the little tramp was spying on us! I put them up to my nose, huffing deep, then making a a face.Then I stood back up, licking his dick as I passed, grabbing his ass, rubbing my tits across his belly. I pushed my own belly against his cock, hugging him tight as I stood on tiptoe.”Daddy.” I whispered in his ear.”Photos”I bet mommy misses you, too. I would. I would, daddy.”And I grabbed his ass, and felt it clench as he shot his hot sperm between us, covering my belly all the way up to my tits.”Daddy!” I said, mock-outraged, bringing up a dollop and tasting it.”What is this?!”He went very pale, started stammering.”If it’s boy juice, I hear that it’s very good for the skin.” I added; leaning back a bit so he could see me rubbing it into my apple-sized, firm tits.”Lucy.” He said, weakly.”Daddy, I understand. Accidents happen.” I stepped back and took a big dollop from his dripping dick, licking my fingers with gusto, smiling innocently.”But I have to go now.” I continued, rubbing the remainder of his sperm down my belly and onto my pussy lips.”Or the sun will be gone.”And with a little ballerina hop, I left the washing room. Vanessa was outside, leaning against the wall and very much still in the throes of her orgasm. She looked at me wide-eyed as I grabbed her arm.”Let’s put on those bikinis.” I told her. “The day isn’t over yet!”

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