Miri Miri on the wall


Miri Miri on the wallBy WilliacjAs I made my morning cup of hazelnut coffee my phone rang,I picked it up.”hey Mirian how’s it goin” I said.”you’re k**ding, so it’s over between you and Prust huh? Well sorry to hear that you’ve been together for so long, well, If you need someone to talk to I’m here all day Miri, yeah thanks you too bye!” I decided to keep my distance, she’s vulnerable right now so I needed to give her time to assess the damage. a week later Mirian asked me if she could stop by my place to my surprise. we got together and planned it out, a dinner and a movie, well the movie part never happened, we were watching TV on the couch after dinner and we looked at each other and began to kiss passionately,”hon I have a surprise for you” she says getting up off the couch,she went into the spare bedroom and closed the door.The door to the bedroom opened a few minutes later.”hey there handsome”she says walking up to me in a black velvet bathrobe.”how do i look?”she asks “damn mirian I’m speechless whatever you do don’t unloosen that robe” i say to her playfully. She gives me that look then struts over to the stereo in the corner of the room and turns it on,demolition man by the police starts playing. I’ve always wanted to grind on her to this song! she tells me to have a seat and i sit on a chair in the corner of the room she loosened her robe then comes over and tugs on my belt”get ready for me hon” she demands.I’m sitting there hard dick pre-cum oozing out can’t wait to see what’s under that robe! i pull my sweater off yanked down my jeans and underwear. she sits on my lap she puts her arms around my neck. I wrap my arms around her, we start tongue kissing each other we swap spit for about 5 minutes feeling all over each other she starts bouncing up sakarya escort and down in my lap to the song and i’m looking into her eyes”i can’t wait to get up in that wet pussy, I’ma demolish your pussy”i whispered into her ear. I nudge her off my lap, I held my dick as she sat on top of me again she took my dick and guided it into her pussy.”ride that dick mirian” i exclaimed she started rocking back and forth on my dick in that chair i sang the song to her with made up lyrics I wish i could keep my dick from cummin i gotta make sure to get your engine runnin fuckin you good is part of my plan you’re gonna get fucked by the demolition man I sang she looked me in the eyes.”you fuck me, don’t you cum until you get me off!”she demanded. if I don’t make her orgasm I’m a total failure i slip my hands into her bathrobe and grab her plump ass.”let me get up in that bathrobe mirian!” i demanded softly. I was so excited to be fucking her i started feeling myself about to cum! no not now damn it i thought to myself I’m not having it tonight gotta slow down mirian i whispered in her ear if i bust too quick I’m gonna be so disappointed I’ve been waiting to fuck her for so long daydreaming about it i wanna make this shit last!We sat there in the chair holding each other she stood up and freed herself from that bathrobe she struck a sexy pose for me as she let her bathrobe fall to the floor” i wish you still had your panties on so you could perform a strip tease for me,god you look so good” i told her. I got up off the chair and she lay on her back on my bed. I immediately planted my face between her thighs i placed my tongue between her pussy lips and began to lick it slowly”ggggg” she stammered she grabbed my head and held it against her pussy i flicked my tongue escort sakarya against her pussy folds back and forth round and round her thighs quivered”uhh mmm!” she whimpered pp-lease that feels incred-” her eyes closed she nudged me away from her “oh my god” she gasped you just made me cum” she looked into my eyes i reached over and kissed her hand.”i wanna satisfy you ” i told her.”thank you thank you so much” she said breathlessly. she grabbed me kissed me passionately i grabbed her ass and held it smacking her butt cheeks a few times.”get on top of me and fuck me” she demanded. i grabbed her pressed my lips against hers and i kissed her we fell on the bed i reached down and began fingering her soft pink pussy. she reached down and tugged gently on my dick. i gave her nipples a soft nibble and i kissed her bellybutton, i parked myself between her legs and she wrapped her arms around my neck. i took my dick pressed it gently against her pussy lips and with one push plunged right into her pussy.”uhhhhhhhh”i mumbled as i began to drive myself in her. demolition man began playing in my head and i began rammin that pussy to the rhythm of the song.”aww shit mirian umrrpffff!” i muttered.Mirian looked into my eyes.”yes ohhhh honey mmm give it to me,demolish me dammit!”she urged. i lay there my face buried in the pillow just rocking gently on top of her she runs her fingers all over my body. she squeezed my ass and i began working it into her clockwise.”mmmmmm deeper!”she whispered i pinned her to the bed and grabbed the edge of the mattress and lunged froward into her,my nuts started to slap against her pussy.”ohhhhhhh urmmmmmf!”she hissed i kissed her on her nipples and kissed her lips.”ohhhhh” she moaned as i probed her mercilessly on the bed here sakarya escort bayan i was laying on top of her naked drumming away up in that warm shaved pussy of hers.she called my name out urging me to fuck her harder i held her in my arms as she breathed heavily. i closed my eyes just fucking her as she held on to me i plunged my dick into her sticky pink crack prompting her to whimper and mutter out several profanities i’m the demolition man and she wasn’t in any position to argue that declaration either, I’m demolishing her building I wonder if prost never got this deep in her with his dick before! She began to feel the effects of getting stretched open by a relentless brown dick she rubbed her plump shaved pussy as I buried myself into her. I fastened my arms around her waist and kept fucking her my balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips,mirian was gettin stuffed beyond her capacity. “umpfffff hurghh hhff up in you with this fuckin dick!” i grunted. she cradled my head”ooh my god!”she whispered she wrapped her legs around my waist. my dick began to open that plump pussy wide i could feel mirian’s pussy wetness as i stuffed her with dick.” all up in you mirian feel it?” i asked her she held on to my ass firmly.”omigod fuck me fuck me damn it lease don’t take it out until you-” she demanded i barreled away in between her thighs.”uhhhh mirian I’m about to bust i’m about to shoot off this nut” i gasped then i worked my dick in her pussy a few times can’t take it out can’t take it out can’t take it out out out out murghhhhhh!” I growled I leaned forward and exploded inside her pussy mirannnnnn!”i exclaimed it was so intense i lay there trying to catch my breath i looked up at her and planted a kiss on her lips” damn it woman, that was both nut sacks too!” i sighed she lay there breathing hard.”i demolished you mirian fucking you is a task.” I exclaimed. “Prust and I are no longer in a relationship, he will never know our little secret,our naughty dirty little secret” she says as she kissed me.

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