Lesbian teen mom’s lust


Lesbian teen mom’s lustHi all enjoy this lusty story. Susan’s pager beeped its distinct tone as she came out of a business meeting in Zurich, signaling that one of “her girls” had left a message on the hot line she set up in case they ever got in trouble, or needed help. Once back in the hotel she immediately made the call.“Hi Susan, this is Kara. I’m all right,” the message on the machine back in California began. Smart Kara – to state that important fact first, so that Susan would not suffer unnecessary anxiety. Kara was a sweet 18-year-old who, along with another young girl, had been introduced to Sapphic sex during one of the multi-day lesbian trysts that Susan carried on in her secluded mansion (see “Susan’s Teen Lust Satisfied,” also on Literotica). She found the experience positive and enriching. Not to mention hot and sexually satisfying! She was regularly attending the life skills program that Susan underwrote for her “graduates.”“Susan, I’m sorry to call this number for a non-emergency,” the message continued. “I just don’t know what else to do, and I’m so confused . . . I don’t know how you could help, but I need to talk to someone at least, and you’re the only person in the world I could say this to: Susan – I think I’m in love with my mother. Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m even saying those words. Susan, please contact me!”“Well, this is certainly interesting,” Susan thought, relieved that nothing bad had happened to the girl. At least she didn’t think anything bad had happened. Was this bad? She honestly did not know. Well, there would be time to figure that out later. The first thing was to get word to Kara that the message had been received and that Susan would “be there for her” whatever happened. And secondly – to check out this mother. Susan actually knew less about Kara than most of the young girls she hosted in her lesbian trysts. For reasons she would not explain the girl had been extremely reticent with both herself and with Jinna, the proprietress of “Lez! Productions,” the adult film studio Susan had bankrolled, and through which she was introduced to young women seeking sexual excitement, and usually an escape from unsatisfactory life situations.Which most of the time included rotten mothers who failed to provide their daughters with the emotional support a c***d deserves? So she was very suspicious, and concerned that some manipulating bitch was playing evil games with poor Kara’s psyche. She made two calls immediately. The first was to “Mrs. Higgins,” as Susan thought of her, the woman who ran the life skills training or “charm school” for Susan’s modern day Pygmalion’s. She asked the woman to get word to Kara right away that her message had been received, that help would be forthcoming, and that Susan would meet her Saturday after the day’s training sessions. Kara could tell her all about it over dinner. The second call was to Pamela, a private investigator she knew, a capable woman whose veneer of hard-boiled toughness covered a sympathetic soul. She gave instructions to run a background check on Kara’s mom, and to unobtrusively get some kind of read on the woman’s character. And with that Susan put the matter out of her mind until she was back in the country and meeting with Kara, which would be four days hence.It was late Saturday afternoon, and Susan was waiting in her car outside “Mrs. Higgins’s” place when Kara came out. She caught the girl’s attention, and Kara came running over and got in.“Susan! Thank you so much! It’s great to see you,” the girl effused.“Thanks, sweetie – give me a hug,” the older woman responded. The two embraced warmly. “Do you like Chinese?” she asked. Kara did, and Susan drove to a comfortable and very good Chinese restaurant. They were seated, and chatted amiably while ordering and getting settled. The food came quickly, so Susan put off the main business until they had eaten, and were able to relax. She had received a preliminary report on Kara’s mom. The woman’s name was Joyce, and on the surface she did not appear to be a bad person. She was just 36 years old; having been the same age Kara was now when her only c***d was born. The pregnancy was accidental, the result of youthful lust gone wrong. Joyce married the boy, who had apparently been a sweet and amiable loser, not very bright, and totally incapable of supporting a family. He left before a year was out, drifted for a number of years, and actually committed suicide when Kara was just eight years old. The girl was manisa escort an infant when he left, and had no memory of the man. Joyce never remarried. Joyce received some help from her family, but they were people of limited means, so she was almost entirely on her own. The woman had a strong work ethic but no skills, and struggled to keep body and soul together for herself and her daughter by working a series of low-pay jobs.About five years earlier she managed to sc**** up enough money to buy a small “starter home” – a dump, actually – with a subsidized no-down payment loan. At the moment, however, she was two payments behind on the mortgage, despite working one full-time and two part-time jobs, and was in danger of losing the home. It sounded as if Joyce was not a bad person, but the investigator had not had a chance yet to look beneath that surface. It was still possible that the woman was a d**g abuser or alcoholic or subject to some other character flaw that held her down – and now put her daughter at severe emotional risk. Then there was the fact that just one week after her 18th birthday Kara had shown up at Lez! Productions looking for a chance to enter the adult film industry – not a good sign in it. Jinna sensed the girl’s inner sweetness and had sent her to Susan rather than allowing her to enter the potentially soul-destroying “industry.” Beyond that Jinna was unable to provide any details about Kara’s background. Therefore, Susan withheld judgment, but given Kara’s sweet nature, untainted by any apparent hardness or bitterness, she was inclined to think that the girl’s mom really might be alright.“OK, Kara, let’s hear it,” Susan began. “You think you ‘might be in love with’ your mom. I don’t know what that means. Whatever it means, you know I will be there for you, sweetie, and you know I won’t pass judgment on you, either. So hopefully ‘the cavalry has arrived.’ But what does ‘I think I’m in love with my mom’ mean?”Kara’s face turned red with embarrassment. She really was confused, and couldn’t believe that she had actually spoken those words out loud – but she did not regret them, or retract them, and she felt immensely reassured that Susan was there to listen, and maybe help.“Susan, let me tell you about my mom,” Kara began. “I know she’s my mom, so I’m biased, but I have never met anyone nearly as good as she is. She works so hard, and tries so hard, and although she’s tired all the time she always has time for me, no matter what.” Kara recounted her family history, confirming many of the things Susan already knew, and filling in details.“Susan, I never would have thought of this if it wasn’t for the time I spent with you, and the – things we did together, along with Stacy.”Have lesbian sex together, that is. In a three day tryst in Susan’s secluded mansion, along with another young woman that Jinna had deemed unprepared for the realities of the adult film business, but who like Kara would probably have unwilling to take “no” for an answer, and gone instead to a less humane producer if not offered some “third way.”A “third way” represented by the multi-millionaire Susan Smith, lesbian epicure, with her lust and love for the sweetness of very young women, and her ability to compensate the girls not only with good loving and hot sex, but with scholarships and other life-enhancing opportunities. Such as the “charm school.”Kara continued. “I loved it, Susan. Really loved it. I don’t know if that means I’m a lesbian, or if I will also meet some boy someday and love that, too. But right now I don’t care about that. Because, having – had sex – with you and Stacy, made me look at women and other girls differently. And – that included my mom. I know that is wrong. So wrong.“But I don’t care about that, either. My mom is beautiful, and good, and she deserves good things, and – thanks to you I know how to give her a good thing, Susan. And I want to . . .”Kara trailed off, and for a moment Susan was speechless. “i’ve created a monster,” she thought, and yet – she could find no flaw with what the girl had said. Other than the fact that she wanted to break what was perhaps the most universal human taboo of all, that is, and wanted her, Susan Smith, to somehow help her do so. Susan cleared her throat, which had gone dry, and took a sip of green tea. She looked closely at Kara, and could sense nothing dark or “broken” in the girl, just sincerity, goodwill and, of course, confusion. Because although she said she escort manisa “didn’t care,” it was clear that Kara also understood that she was mentioning the unmentionable. Finally Susan spoke.“i’ll be honest, Kara – I’m confused too. I need to think about it, and check up on some things.” She wanted the rest of the investigator’s report, for one thing, so she could determine for sure that Kara was not the victim of some kind of mind control. “But whatever happens, one way or another I will help you, sweetie, you know that. I need to find out first what ‘help you’ means in this instance.” Susan reached across the table and took Kara’s hand in her own, giving it a reassuring squeeze.“Oh thank you, Susan – I knew you would help. And – I’m not sure either what ‘help’ means either, right now.” Susan was impressed at the maturity and level of introspection that this statement demonstrated, and that made her feel less uncomfortable. Clearly Kara was not a fluttering bubblehead in the grip of some shallow enthusiasm. Not that she had ever considered that likely, but still, having it confirmed was reassuring. There wasn’t much left to say, so Susan paid the bill and gave Kara a ride home. She was tied up with business for several days. However, by the time her friend Pamela the investigator called with the full report on Joyce she was able to focus on the issue. The report was, in essence, that Joyce was every bit the paragon she appeared and that Kara had made her out to be. She had lived an almost monkish life of work and sacrifice. The woman had no bad habits or character flaws, with the possible exception of being too proud to take full advantage of the network of social services available to someone in her position – including cash welfare payments. In fact, the subsidized home loan was the only example of Joyce ever coming close to taking any form of welfare.There were personal reports as well, from neighbors and former employers who had been painfully forced to lay off Joyce, not for any fault in the woman, but only because they just did not have work for her at the moment. Each recognized that they had let go of a gem, and sought to rehire her when conditions allowed, but in almost every case Joyce had found new work, and was loyal to her current employer. And one more thing: The reason Kara had approached Jinna about entering the adult film business was because she wanted to help her mom. Susan knew first hand that Kara had a “sex-positive” personality, so it was not hard to imagine the girl considering this a likely possibility, without fully understanding the often seamy reality of the profession. Susan was delighted. Not that Joyce had had a hard life, but that the woman deserved better, and that she, richer-than-Croesus Susan Smith, had the means, opportunity and motive to turn it all around for Kara’s mother. Which she joyfully resolved to do. She still had no idea what to make of Kara’s being “in love with” her mom to the point of wanting to have sex with her, but that could be dealt with later. In the meantime Susan got busy planning a series of big surprises for the virtuous Joyce. You are aware that your daughter has acquired a benefactress, who has made it possible for Kara to participate in a life skills training program. You may not be aware that Kara is also eligible for a full college or vocational training scholarship from the same source.“Kara’s benefactress has become aware that you yourself are a woman of high virtue who has struggled to raise a c***d in the face of very difficult challenges. And that notwithstanding those challenges you have nevertheless succeeded in raising, in the words of her benefactress, ‘a wonderful daughter who is bright, generous, devoted, and as full of virtue as her mother.’“Therefore, Kara’s benefactress proposes to become your benefactress. The benefits will be in the form of financial assistance, job training, and the opportunity to participate in the ‘life skills’ training course your daughter is now engaged in. However, your benefactress suggests that you might not have much to learn in that respect, but indeed, may have much to teach. She has requested the proprietress of the ‘academy’ to discuss this with you at an appropriate time.“In the short term, your benefactress requests that you give notice to your current employers, and prepare yourself and Kara to join her for a three week vacation in a tropical location six weeks hence, which will be in mid-May. This will manisa escort bayan give you an opportunity to tie up lose ends, and let Kara complete her final semester of high school.“No other preparations will be necessary – your benefactress advises that you bring nothing, and a complete wardrobe will be provided upon your arrival. Further details will be forthcoming under separate cover.“As a token of good faith from your benefactress, enclosed find a check for $25,000, this will allow you to make arrangements to be away for several weeks, etc. Further, you will find the note on your mortgage, which has been discharged as paid-in-full. Congratulations – you now own your home free and clear. Because this gift will be considered as ‘income’ by the IRS, an additional check will be forthcoming to discharge the tax liability.”“Your benefactress predicts that you will reject this offer as charity. She assures you that it is not charity, but an honest trade, which she offers in exchange for the virtue that you have demonstrated, and the service that you have already provided to the world, and to herself. To wit, in the words of your benefactress, ‘raising the most lovely, generous and wonderful daughter in the world’.”The very formal letter was from a law firm, and was on expensive letterhead stationary. It had arrived in the mail with a passel of bills, and Joyce opened it first expecting the worst she knew she was behind on the mortgage, and was terrified. The fist time she read the document though, the words did not make sense. It was as if they were written in a foreign language, foreign at least to all her previous life experience. She tried reading it a second time, and as the meaning penetrated her ears began to ring and her head spin – this can’t be happening! She found herself short of breath, and sat down hard on the dilapidated living room sofa. The third time through she grew angry that someone was playing cruel trick. But that didn’t make sense either – the help Kara was getting was real – no cruel trick. That check looked very real, too. It was a fancy bank check with the dollar figure embossed, not handwritten. And the mortgage note – that was definitely real – it was the original copy from five years ago, with her own signature in ink. Her next reaction was regret that of course she could not accept such a gift. But there was that paragraph about the “benefactress” predicting this and insisting it was “an honest trade.” Joyce had a feeling that she would have no choice about whether to accept or not.When the letter’s full import finally sank in Joyce began to weep. Deeply and inconsolably. For her daughter’s sake she had dammed up all the pain and heartache the struggle to preserve their little family had caused, and now that dam broke, with nothing to hold back the flood. This is how Kara found her mother when she arrived home from school a few minutes later. The girl was terrified – she had never seen Joyce this way. Kara’s fear was all Joyce needed to get control of herself – the habit of protecting her daughter kicked in. She stopped crying, but could find no words to speak, and started to panic that Kara still had no idea of why she had been weeping. Finally she saw the letter on the couch, and without saying anything handed it to the girl. Kara read it. “Susan,” she whispered. Joyce looked up with a question in her eyes. “My ‘benefactress’ – it’s Susan. It’s real, mom. Every word. Susan is like a billionaire, and she has – um, reasons – to really want to help me. And now you too. Mom? I think we’re going to have a great vacation in six weeks.”With that Kara also sat down hard on the couch beside her mother. They embraced, and wept together – Kara for pure joy, Joyce for happiness too, but this was mixed with that flood of pent-up pain, undimmed by this magnificent act of generosity. Joyce had tried to meet with Susan through “Mrs. Higgins,” but the woman had no contact information, or at least none that she would share. So she had no choice but to just “go with the flow,” which after all, was moving in a very favorable direction. Joyce definitely had that streak of pride and independence – but she wasn’t a fool, either. Neither was she a fool about the nature of the relationship between her daughter and this “mystery woman.” Joyce knew that Kara had a strong libido, and suspected something sexual was involved. But she could sense nothing dark or exploitative there. Indeed, Kara had been extremely happy and satisfied with life in general since that mysterious three-day disappearance not long after the girl’s 18th birthday. Kara had informed Joyce then that she would be away, and told her not to worry, but had given no other information. Do u liked the story???

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