Late Night Movies (chapter one)


Late Night Movies (chapter one)It was late and I couldn’t sleep. I had to go to the bathroom so I opened my bedroom door and set foot that way. The moment my door swung open my dads voice called out from the living room down the hall, “Robbie? What’re you doing?” This was expected and had become somewhat of a routine, whenever I would come out of my room this late at night my father always called out from a distance to see what I was up to. It was well past my bedtime and daddy didn’t like to be disturbed late at night. He made sure of this by making a rule that any television shows that we watched as a family had to be over by 9:00 at which time he would put on one of his war movies. Being a Navy veteran my dad LOVED classic war movies like ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ and ‘Twelve O’clock High’. These movies bored the hell out of the rest of us and the living room usually bahis şirketleri cleared when he did this. He would stay up into the wee hours of the morning. In fact I don’t ever recall seeing him go to bed, he was just there in the morning. If we just had to go to the bathroom it was okay because it was right next to my bedroom and daddy didn’t have to be interrupted. If we were hungry or thirsty though then daddy would sometimes get annoyed, telling us to wait before coming down the hall. When daddy gave permission we had to hurry passed the living room and into the kitchen, fetch what we wanted then hurry back down the hall. “Robbie?” daddy called out again, growing impatient.”I just have to go to the bathroom.” I called out in response down the dark hallway toward the living room that glowed blue.”Okay well hurry up!” He replied, yelling from illegal bahis around the corner. I did just that, hurrying into the bathroom and quickly going. The harsh light stung my eyes and made it hard to see when I turned it off but I made my way back to my room, hands outstretched. When I got to my door I yelled goodnight and went back inside my room.After stirring around a bit I found myself wide awake. I could hear my dad cough down the hall. The walls of our home were very thin and closing the door didn’t accomplish much more than shutting a curtain. I could hear my Dad laughing, a lighter sparking off, more coughs etc. Often I would hear him get into the cabinet that the TV sat on. This always intrigued me because normally the cabinet was locked. I could hear him crack a beer, more lighters… More coughs… Heard him make his way to the bathroom illegal bahis siteleri to drain then back out, more lighters, more coughs, more beers and a LOT of changing the tapes in the VCR. I may in bed, trying to sleep through my curiosity but that was a battle I was losing… Losing bad…why was daddy always up so late? What was he doing out there? Why’d he get so upset when I interrupted him? My curiosity burned. I resolved to sneak out there without Daddy knowing. I would have to be silent. I tried turning the knob slowly… Only a little bit every other second. But when the knob could turn no more the latch sprung free with a loud click. I pushed the door open slightly and saw the flashing from the living room go from indecipherable colors to the familiar blue. It looked hazy, a thick cloud of smoke hovering in the air.”Robbie!?” my dad called out.”yeah?” I responded hesitantly…”Get in bed.” he commanded.”okay…” I got back in bed thinking I would try again soon. Maybe he’d forget I was up. I lay there waiting it out. Waiting for my chance to get the answers I sought. I waited… And drifted off…

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