Kelly and Beckys weekend – Part 3


Kelly and Beckys weekend – Part 3Kelly and Becky were both wearing the babydolls they bought earlier. Edward and Marcus started to remove Kellys and Norris and I started removing Beckys. Once both were undressed, Edward looked at Kellys bare cunt and then at Beckys bare cunt and remarked “Holy shit! Nothing to catch the jizz as it leaks out! You are going to let me fill that sweet pussy aren’t you?” Little did he know that Kelly wouldn’t need hair to catch anything and Becky was just a small dribbler! (at least so far) Kelly said “I don’t know about letting anyone except for my husband cum inside of me!” She winked at Marcus and smiled at me. She never really said to pull it out when he cums, so Edward just took that since she didn’t tell him to pull it out, he wasn’t going to tell her until he is already cumming and hope she would let him finish! I would like to have seem him try to pull it out! Kelly does not like to waste a perfectly good load of cum and I don’t think tonight would be different! Edward started to oil his cock up to get him ready for Kellys cunt and she poured some in his hands and started to rub it all over Kellys cunt. She hadn’t really started giving Marcus head yet, because she didn’t want him cumming before Edward was even inside of her. Norris and I and Becky were on the side of the bed and Norris was going to sit on the edge of the bed and I was going to come up from behind Becky and fuck her hot cunt! I had a bottle of oil and so did Norris. I was rubbing oil all over Beckys lower back and would run my hand from underneath, along her cunt. Becky was watching Norris rubbing oil all over his cock and the damn thing seemed to keep growing in front of her! Becky turned and cupped her hands over my ears and whispered “I am not sure I can even get any of him in my mouth!” I whispered back “Would you rather him fuck you and you give me head?” Beckys eyes got wide and she whispered “No fucking way I could do that!” Norris leaned back on his arm and with his free hand, he was holding his cock up to show Becky what she will have. Kelly was still holding Marcus in her hands and said to Becky “If it doesn’t fit in your mouth, at least take the head and jack him off.” And as she said that, with no warning, Edward stuffed his cock halfway into Kelly! She turned around and said “Slow down! I’m going to do it! Try to hurt me and you can go home with nothing!” Edward said he was sorry and begin to slowly start fucking her. Kelly took Marcus in her mouth and started giving him head.Becky bent over and put one hand on the bed next to Norris and giving me a perfect view of her cunt! Becky took his cock in her free hand and said “Well, here it goes!” and she took the head into her mouth. Becky was only able to take just a couple of inches of this huge cock in her mouth and she was giving head to just a hint of what this guy really had between his legs. I started running my hands along Beckys waist and would dip my finger in her cunt and I would feel her wiggle against my hand. I put my hands on each side of her ass and then took one hand and started guiding my cock to her cunt and slowly slid my cock into her. I always enjoy cumming inside of Becky, but my plan for the night would be to see just how long I could keep fucking her alone in bed before exploding as hard as I could inside of her. Looks like I will be cumming now and even more later! There is no possible way I would be able to stop myself watching Becky suck this huge cock (Well both were huge, but Norris had a third leg growing!) and Kelly getting hammered with both of them as well. Norris was telling Becky how tight her mouth felt on his cock and this made Becky get turned on and her hand was really doing a job on his cock. Edward was fucking Kelly slower by now and had his head tilted up with his eyes closed, and Kelly had Marcus buried in her throat.Kelly pulled back from Marcus and looked back at Edward and said “That is much better. So now, if you want, when you push your cock in, push a little harder each time and lets see if I can’t take it all.” Marcus is big, but Edward was even bigger. Edward would push into Kelly and his cock was straining and bending as it hit her cervix. He was fucking her like this and kept pushing it to her cervix, and thought he was as deep as he could go. Kelly turned one more time and said “I told you that you could push it in all the way, so go ahead! I said I would take it all!” Kelly was getting ready for it and was afraid to put Marcus in her mouth in case she bit down! Edward pushed at Kellys cervix and then held the base of his bending cock and pushed. He pushed really hard and while I was enjoying fucking Becky and watching her with a huge cock in her mouth, I was more interested in what Kelly was taking. Edward was bucking his hips as he was holding his cock and then he really pushed with all he had and as his cock went all the way to his balls inside of Kelly, he shouted “Awwwwwww!” He held his cock all the way inside of Kelly and said “Fuck! No girl has done that!” Kelly relaxed after the initial pain of him sinking into her and took Marcus all the way down her throat. Edward looked like he was in his glory and had his eyes wide and was staring at his cock buried to his balls inside of Kelly!Edward started slow thrust into Kelly and started picking up his thrusts and started jack hammering her. Kelly kept jamming Marcus into her throat and I was fucking Becky slowly while watching her and Kelly. I think Becky had her eyes on Kelly and at the same time, trying to hatay escort make Norris pop with her hand and mouth! The way that Edward was hammering at Kellys cunt, I knew he wouldn’t last long. I also knew that Kelly would tighten her cunt muscles on him to make his cum deep. Marcus said he was cumming and Kelly took a quick breath and slammed his cock down her throat. Marcus was pumping deep into her throat and Edward said “Shit girl! Fucking go to town on him!” I seen Edwards face cringe and knew he was sending his hot cum into Kelly and after he thrust into her a couple of times, only then did he say “Fuck little baby girl… Lift off! Awww shit! Take it! Empty my sac!” Kelly continued to get her throat pumped full of cum from Marcus and after she finally finished Marcus off, Kelly looked up at Marcus and said to Edward “You didn’t tell me you were going to cum inside of me!” Edward said “I didn’t know, but it’s there now!” Kelly looked up and seen I was looking at her and she puffed her cheeks to let me know this guy was flooding her insides!I wanted to cum after watching this, but pulled my cock out of Becky and was just gliding along the outside of her cunt. Norris didn’t last much longer and wasn’t pulling on Beckys head, but had his hand resting on it, he said “You want that seed? If you want it, get ready! Last chance to pull away!” Becky jacked his cock harder and still kept the tip inside of her mouth and in about a minute, Norris started jetting his cum into her mouth. He must have been unloading too because I could hear Becky making gulping sounds as she would swallow his cum! I stopped even rubbing Beckys cunt with my cock because I was afraid I would be shooting cum all over the room if I didn’t do something to stop it! Edward still had his cock buried to his balls inside of Kelly and he was still shooting cum into her and when he finally finished cumming, he pulled his cock out and said “There. I pulled it out now!” Kelly said “A little late now isn’t it?” Edward said “Well, better late then never!” Becky was still swallowing cum in front of me too. I was holding my cock hard just to keep from losing it after watching them two taking their cocks!As Norris finished cumming, he stroked Beckys hair and said “Thank you doll. That was excellent!” Edward had his cock dangling and even limp, you could see that Kelly took a belly full! Kelly grabbed on to Marcus and held his cock against her face and asked him if he enjoyed seeing that. Marcus said “Yeah! But the one you wanted me to set you up with is what I am waiting for!” Kelly gave Marcus a dirty look and he caught himself. Kelly didn’t say this was set up before today. Kelly finally sat up and said “Okay babe! This was a surprise for you, but I have been talking to Marcus about finding a humongous cock to fuck in front of you and see if I could take it all. You always said that you dream of me taking such a huge cock and Marcus said he knew someone. And well, Now, you can see me take Norris! It’s okay that I set up this surprise for you isn’t it?” I told her I was happy so far. Becky stood up and turned around and put her arms around me and laid her head into my shoulder. I said “So, you just swallowed Norris, do you think Kelly’s going to enjoy it too?” She started nodding her head yes against my shoulder. Then, she turned to Kelly and said “Well you seen how big he is!” Kelly said “I had him in my throat, so I already know!”Kelly asked Norris if he was about ready and she reached out for his cock. He was about half limp and Kelly said “If you are going to get this inside of me, you had better use a lot of oil on yourself and me!” Norris was at the end of the bed and looked at Kellys cunt and then looked at Edward and said “What happened homeboy? I thought you busted a nut?” Edward said he did and Norris said “Don’t look like it man! There’s nothing there!” Kelly was looking at me and smiled. She knew he did and I know it is still inside of her! Kelly pulled Marcus close to her and started rubbing his cock down with oil and said “You ready for round two?” Marcus smiled and said he was. Edward was sitting on the edge of the bed and waved his cock at Becky and said “Get on it! Be my bitch girl!” I was getting ready to say something and Kelly stopped and sat up fast and said “Marcus, you better say something before Michael and I do, because everyone will go!” Marcus got up and pulled Edward into the hallway. We heard him telling Edward that if he didn’t cool his fucking jets, he could leave now. Edward said he didn’t mean anything by it and Marcus said “I don’t care! You don’t disrespect a woman in this house or you’re fucking gone! Got it?” Edward came back in and said he was sorry to Becky. Kelly told him if he wanted anything, he can’t go talking to either of them like he was. Norris said “Motherfucker, you better be cool or you can walk home and I’ll stay!” Edward reached over and rubbed Kellys cheek with the back of his hand and then did the same to Becky and said “I am sorry. You two are just the best and I got carried away.” He pulled Beckys chin up and looked her in the eyes and said “Do you accept my apology?” Becky nodded yes.Kelly laid back down and Norris poured another huge handful of oil in his hands and begin rubbing it all over his cock. He took some more and rubbed it on Kellys cunt. Becky in the meantime, had take the oil and started to rub it on Edwards cock. By now, Edward was afraid to say anything and was just enjoying it. Kelly got Marcus hard and started to kiss his cock up and down hatay escort bayan his shaft and whispered “Wait until he’s in me before I do anything. Don’t want to bite your cock off!” So far, I was the only that hasn’t cum and I was hoping I could hold it until later. I wanted Becky alone and I wanted to cum so hard in her and hopefully, she was still thinking about letting me be the first to fuck her ass. Norris stepped forward and climbed on the bed between Kellys legs and was guiding his cock to her cunt. Just the size of him aiming to her cunt almost made me explode in the air! Becky leaned down and took a few inches of Edwards cock in her mouth. Norris stuffed the head of his cock in and Kellys mouth flew open and she said “Oh my fucking God!” Norris asked if she was okay and Kelly said she was fine and just can’t believe how much he is spreading her. Norris started short thrusts with just the head of his cock and Kelly was still waiting for it before she took Marcus in her throat. Norris pushed a few more inches in Kelly and she puckered her lips like she was going to whistle and blew her air out! This guy was really parting her cunt and when he would pull back, the insides of Kellys cunt were stuck to his cock. Kelly said “Put more oil on us would you please?”Norris grabbed the oil that Becky was using and squirted it all over his cock and Kellys cunt, but he never pulled out of her. He sat the bottle down and then pushed just a little more inside of Kelly. And he still had more then half of his cock still waiting to enter her. Kelly raised her legs up and Norris gave Kelly a quick hard thrust and drove in up to her cervix and Kelly yelped. Norris stopped and Marcus asked if she was okay. Kelly said she was and said “He’s hitting that point!” Kelly has always enjoyed having cocks stuffed as deep into her as they can, but just watching this one, I think she has met her match. When Norris would thrust in, he was really spreading her out. When he would pull back, nearly a full inch of her cunt was being pulled along his shaft. I have seen her take on some amazingly big cocks before, but this topped them all! Kelly looked at Marcus and then at me and said “I said that I was going to do it and I’m going to!” She turned to Norris and said “Okay, It’s up to you to get the rest of it in me! Becky was sucking on Edward still, but I was mesmerized on Kelly and I still didn’t have my cock inside of Becky yet. I knew if I did, even without fucking her, I would cum! My cock was leaking precum and I did rub my cock acrossed the opening of her cunt. Kelly looked at Marcus and I and said “Okay you two. I know this is going to hurt, but don’t stop him even if I scream. If it gets to be too much, I will be the one to stop him okay?” I asked her if she was sure she was ready for that and she turned herself so she could see just how much more she would have to take and she looked back at me and said “Oh shit! That’s how much you still have? Well I guess I have to be ready!” Kelly told Norris to give his cock and her cunt another shot of oil and then give it to her.Norris took the bottle and just squirted his cock and Kellys cunt until it was dripping off of both of them. Norris asked if she was ready and Kelly said “Anytime you are!” Norris grabbed the shaft of his cock and started pushing. Harder and harder he pushed. Kelly had a handful of sheets wadded up in her hand and she was biting at the sheets. I knew it was hurting her, but she wasn’t stopping and she told us not to stop her, so I let Norris keep pushing. He was circling his hips and Kelly was gyrating her hips and lifting her ass to help him find the right position. Even supporting his cock with his hand, his cock was bending and straining against her cunt to get all the way into her and just as Norris found his opening, his cock rammed into Kelly balls deep and Kelly had the sheets shoved in her mouth and she was screaming “Oh Fuck! Fuck, that’s fucking huge! Oh God, you’re fucking splitting me in half!” Norris held himself inside of her as deep as he could. I have never seen Kelly take a cock so fucking huge and I had to grab my cock and squeeze hard just to keep from cumming! Becky was still sucking on Edward, but was staring at the huge cock Kelly had inside of her. When she seen it all the way inside of her, Becky started jack hammering her mouth on Edwards cock and was wiggling her hips for me to shove my cock into her.I still held myself from ramming Becky. As much as I wanted to fuck her and fill her with my cum, I knew the second I sent my cock into her, I would lose it. My cock was almost pouring with precum and I kept rubbing it all over Beckys cunt opening. Norris had his back arched at Kelly and was just holding himself very still inside of her. Kelly finally let go of the sheet and with one swoop, she took Marcus all the way into her throat and held him there. When she pulled back for air, she looked up at Marcus and said “Can you believe I have him all in me? Fuck! It felt like something was about to rip inside of me!” Norris started thrusting in and out of Kelly and each time, you could still see her cunt clinging tight against his shaft and he would push deep back into her. One time, he pulled back to the head of his cock and when he went back in, her cunt was not letting him back in. He grabbed the oil and squirted some more on him and on Kellys cunt and sat it back down. He grabbed his huge shaft and pushed hard. Kelly raised her ass up and Norris found his mark and slid all the way in again. escort hatay From there, he would only pull it out to about where he could send his cock balls deep into her. Kelly had Marcus deep into her throat and was holding his cock deep longer then ever and would wait until she was completely out of air before pulling back. Norris was grinding his cock in circles into Kelly and when every time he pulled back, her cunt followed. My cock was turning blue because I was squeezing so hard just to keep from cumming! Becky was pushing her ass against me wanting me to send it deep into, but I didn’t want to lose it this hard yet. Becky was working over Edwards cock and had about half of it in her mouth and was jacking him off by hand as well. Edward squirted some oil on Beckys hand and she started jacking him faster and harder. Norris was pulling his cock back a few inches and would ram it into Kellys cunt. Norris was saying “Your pussy is so tight and so damn hot! I feel your pussy squeezing me!” Marcus didn’t have any warning and just as he started to fill Kellys throat, he shouted “Here it is!!! Damn! Take me!” Kelly lifted up, inhaled and sank back over his cock and Marcus was shooting his hot cum far down her throat! Kellys throat was bulged and with Marcus holding his cock still in her throat, you could see Kellys throat bulge with each shot of cum he was pumping into her throat! I have never witnessed this, but I was able to see each time Marcus would shoot his cum into Kellys throat. Edward shouted “Shit girl! You’re going to make me jizz with that hot mouth!” Becky still had only about four inches in her mouth and she started sucking him hard and stroking his cock with her hand. I was choking my cock just trying to stop myself from cumming and had no feeling in my cock. I was rubbing my cock along Beckys cunt, but still did not want to bury it inside of her yet.Norris was thrusting and each time, his cock hit bottom and his hips were circling and Kelly was gyrating and raising her ass under his cock. Kelly started bucking faster and harder under Norris and it wasn’t long before she was saying “I’m going to cum! Yes! Make me cum! Fuck me with that big fat cock!” Hearing that Kelly was about to come, Norris started driving it hard and deep inside of her. He said “I’m almost there! Damn, you are so hot and feels like a glove on me! You want me to pull out?” Kelly was bucking wildly under his cock and each time, Norris would drive his cock in, Kelly was cramming her cunt against him and said “Oooh. Give it to me! Deep. I want it deep! So fucking deep! Yeeessss! I’m cumming!” Norris looked towards me and I smiled and he rammed his cock to his balls and said “I can’t stop! I’m there! Here comes that seed!” and he arched into Kelly and held himself. I hadn’t noticed that Edward was shooting his cum into Beckys mouth and she was swallowing as fast as she could. In real fast motions, Norris was pulling his cock back an inch and back in, back out an inch and back in and with each drive into Kelly, he was sending his hot cum deep inside of her. My guess is that he let much of his cum fly into Beckys mouth and Norris only lasted for just under about a minute and pushed deep into Kelly and held it as he sent the last shot of his cum into her.Kelly had her legs high into the air and was still cumming all over his cock and finally, she started slowing her pace. When Norris gave her the last of his cum, he just stopped with his cock still buried in Kelly. Kelly gyrated in small circles under his cock, but finally, she stopped too. Norris held himself in for about another minute and then started to withdraw from Kelly. His cock was falling limp, but still so big that her insides were following his cock out! When he finally got to the head and pulled it out, it made a low plopping sound. That was the first time I heard Kellys cunt make any sound as a guy pulled out of her. I was rubbing my cock along Beckys ass and cunt, but still squeezing it hard. Edward was finished giving his cum up to Beckys mouth and she lifted her mouth off of him and had dribbled a little cum from his cock on her chin. She wiped her mouth with her hand and licked it off. Kelly was laying quietly with a big smile and had her eyes closed. Norris was limp and hanging in front of Kellys cunt and he still looked larger then Marcus was hard! Kelly laid still for another minute or so and no one was saying a word. Marcus looked at Norris and said “Didn’t I tell you she was hot?” Norris leaned in and kissed Kellys knee and said “You are the best!” Norris looked at me and said “You have one fine lady here man!” I smiled. (I know that!) Edward leaned into Becky and kissed her cheek and said “Thank you! You are one hot woman! And again, I am very sorry for talking the way I did earlier. I mean that!” Norris and Edward got up and started getting dressed. I guess the plan was that Kelly would fuck both of them and Becky would get each of them head and when they were done, they would leave and we would go back to just us. All of us walked them to the door and Norris gave Kelly a hug and told her thank you for a great night, and then he gave Becky a hug and told her thank you. Edward gave Becky a hug and then looked at Becky and held his arms out and said “Forgive me pretty lady?” Kelly walked up and gave him a hug and said “I forgive you.” Edward told her thank you for a great night. And then they left and all of us just looked at each other in silence. Kelly said “Let’s go sit in the Jacuzzi for a few minutes. She looked at Marcus and said “And then, I am going to tear you up!” Becky turned to me and whispered “I wanted your cock so bad in there. I am going to get it when we get in bed! And then it hit me. Kelly wasn’t taking her birth control this weekend! Fuck!

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