Joy Of Anal Sex


Joy Of Anal SexJoy Of Anal SexBy: Londebaaz chohan I consider myself very lucky that in the very early days of my freshman year, I found Jessica as my girl for keeping and now sometimes when I think back; I do find myself as guilty as her for ending the relationship after 3 years although; she decided to end it all and go with someone else. At 5’ 7”, she was a bit tall girl than most other girls, with a very fair colored skin. Of course she was beautiful with very sharp and attractive features; particularly her full lips, hazel eyes and shiny black hair. Her breasts were large but very well suited for her tall frame and I loved them naked with the large almost dark black areolas and swollen nipples fitting so well in my mouth. Perhaps she had the longest legs, I had ever seen so far on a girl ever. Though sometimes we joked ourselves for being overly horny and sexy but our sex life was not aggressively active but healthy and pleasantly active during all those years, we were together. There were many things we would joke or tease each other when in the perky mood. One thing that came up more often was the anal sex. We had not tried it but as we discussed it for the first or second time, none of us was very keen or overly interested in it. To us it seemed a lot more of hassle against some gain of varied pleasure. We finally proved ourselves to be very wrong. While being naked and fooling around in our almost daily routine; I would push the tip of my uncut penis on her ass hole and make some very cute and subtle remarks about fucking her in the ass. So much so that rarely she would make a mock pleading with me to be the first man to fuck her in the ass and take her cherry. It remained as a joke and nothing ever resulted in happening of this blessed activity but I realized that all of this teasing had actually flared my interest in doing this and really fucking Jessi in her ass. Soon after, when I made up my mind, I walked into a Pharmacy to buy one of those special lubricants tekirdağ escort bayan used by men mostly for their special joy. That night, I was charged different and driven too. I had planned the show in my mind and had to be acted on it as best. In the bed, she was on her back and I had one hand playing with her boobs and nipples while her one hand was death gripping my hair to keep me close as I lapped her clitoris and pussy folds vehemently. Jessi was loving her cunt and clitoris being eaten and approving it with moans and sighs. She was crying, “Oh, my God, Oh Fred; yes, yes” as I brought her to orgasm. After she was massacred by her gushing orgasm, now fading; I pulled my all drenched wet face away from her soppy cunt. Separating her legs apart; I rolled her to be on her stomach. She looked over her shoulder, worried a little about; what I was up to and got satisfied seeing me licking her still throbbing clitoris and engorged pussy lips along with the young taint from behind. Slowly my tongue swirled around her very pink ass hole and began to softly flick at the edges of her hole, purposely staying away from the pigpen for a while. She giggled and looked over once again as if waiting for the final step. She was showing a sure greed and desire of feeling good in her eyes. I decided to go ahead.With my tongue spiraling towards her balloon knotted, tight puckered ass hole, breathing warm air on it and also pushed in a little with the tip of the tongue, making her gasp. To be safe, I also shoved a finger in her honey pot sweet pussy, making her body jolt with joy running in her body from both sides. I kept repeating this over and again, noting that she was very comfortable. Judging fit; I removed my finger from her cooze and inserted the first digit in her tight ass. She let out a loud growl and looked a bit concerned when she turned once again to know, what I was doing. I assured her of everything being fine and asked her to relax and enjoy it. She was escort tekirdağ surely skeptical as she turned her head once again.Gently, I started to push my finger in and out of her ass hole making it go in even beyond the second knuckle. Now the sounds produced by Jessi, confirmed me that everything was really going fine. Slowly, I pulled out my finger from her soppy ass hole, wiped it clean with the rag we always kept handy and inserted 2 fingers much deeper in her cunt. Her cunt was well dilated by now and there was no problem for my both fingers to slip glide in her pussy easily. She was very wet, even more than when she was being fucked in her pussy.I had a winner’s smile on my face as I took out both the fingers from her doused cunt and softly pushed in her slightly less tight ass by now. This time, of course her cry was louder but she moved her hips, though slowly but very much in rhythm with my thrusting hand. With the other hand, I reached for the lube, I had brought from the Pharmacy for the purpose and poured a generous amount on my stiff cock. Feeling her sphincter, a bit loose on the fingers of the other hand, I took out my fingers from her ass cunt to be replaced by my fat dick, much too larger than only 2 fingers. Yeah, I was obviously being overzealous in taking her ass and taking it right now and pushed my cock head on her dirt hole. Feeling the torching pain, she suddenly realized what I was attempting to do and turned her head again to me behind her. The looks on her face told me; she was about to say something but then only gave me a big smile and turned her head away once again. I smiled even bigger and proceeded to finish the task, I had started. It took me some time to the soaring helmet edges of my dick wedged in her ass. I had to push in a little and pull out a little, a few times to be there successfully. I decided better to pause and let her ass feel used to and comfortable with whatever little I was in her ass, finally, pulling out tekirdağ escort of her completely and poured some more lube on my cock and this time, I put some on her ass hole as well.Now, with a renewed vigor, I pushed my cock head back inside her tight and pink ass hole countering much less resistance, making me to keep pushing harder. This helped at least half of my 8” length to disappear in her ass. Once again feeling some resistance, I pulled out of her beautifully enveloped “O” around my shaft completely to apply more lube to it. Now without any hindrance, I gripped her hips with both hands and making her still for proper thrashing; I plunged all of my 8” into her caboose making her gasp but muffled. Having read somewhere to stay in, once gone in to the hilt; I did not want her any unnecessary pain or discomfort and stayed still in her. I swear, feeling her hole move, relax and adjust on my thick and long bamboo for the penis. Her softer breathing was my cue finally to start fucking her and began moving my rock hard piston in her tight cylinder building the momentum upwards with each thrust and finally fucking her with a fervor, pace and range of motion. Jessi was loving it now as it was obvious from her very loud moans and even pushing herself back to be flung onto my flag pole. One of her hand had a solid grip on the bed post while the other slipped beneath her to get to her clitoris for masturbation as my cock appeared and disappeared in her clenching ass hole. Her screams were getting louder and louder.I could see her milky white neck and ears turn deep red with flushing of the hot blood. I could feel her ass muscles flexing, starting to soak with her oozing juices. It did me in too and I also began to shoot my juices in her ass canal. Finally done, I plopped my still hard cock out of her ass grip and laid next to her witnessing a trail of my nectar flow out of her overfilled ass hole. Both of us breathed heavily when she reached up to kiss me and biting my lips as an expression of thanks. She finally, confessed that it was wonderful experience and she never was sure for it to be this amazing and ecstatic and we both promised to do it more often.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Nov. 21/ 2019.

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