James and Melanie spend an intense evening at the


James and Melanie spend an intense evening at theI felt as if my heart was going to beat out of my chest as James and I drove west on route 95 towards Summerlin. Had I been alone in the SUV, I would have texted Gianna to let her know that James and I would be dining in the restaurant this evening. However, with James sitting next to me, giving her an advanced warning didn’t feel appropriate. I tried everything I could to hide my nervousness, but I felt as if James could see right through me. Did he know what a nervous wreck I was? Normally his hand on my thigh had a calming effect, but tonight, it didn’t help.It felt like the powers of the universe were conspiring against me. James insisted that we dine at his restaurant so we could sample entrees which would help him to decide who to hire as his new executive chef. This would have been fine on any other night, but tonight, my girlfriend Gianna was finishing her shift as a server in James’ restaurant.It had been a difficult twenty-four hours and nothing seemed to help soothe my guilty conscience. I had participated in a threesome with James and Megyn and I tried to reassure myself that because of James’ dominant nature, I didn’t have a choice. However, I had chosen to spend the remainder of the evening having sex with Megyn once James had fallen asleep, and that was impossible to justify to myself and even more difficult to explain to Gianna. Like James, she evoked so many complex emotions within me. Part of me missed her terribly and couldn’t wait to see her. The other part of me dreaded the thought of being in the same room with her.About twenty minutes later we pulled up in front of the restaurant. A valet opened the passenger door and greeted me with a warm smile. I stepped out and walked around the Escalade just as James was handing the keys to the young valet. James pulled me to him and possessively put his arm around me.He leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Stop fidgeting, you look beautiful.”u*********sly, I was pulling at the short hem of the neon yellow, scrunch halter dress that James had chosen for me to wear for the evening. When he pointed out what I was doing, I immediately released the hem, letting it fall on my upper thighs. I couldn’t remember a time when I was so nervous, but I tried desperately not to show it.We walked into the restaurant and we were met immediately by David, the manager, who I recognized from our last visit a month ago.“Good evening Mr. Moretti,” David said, as the men vigorously shook hands.David appeared to be much more relaxed than the last time I had met him when he and James were dealing with financial issues that arose when an assistant manager was stealing from the restaurant.“Good evening David,” James said smiling. “You remember Melanie.”“I do. It’s a pleasure to see you again Ma’am,” David said, as we shook hands.David released my hand and then turned towards James and began to speak. “As you requested, I set up the banquet room and I will direct our three candidates to begin preparing their appetizers if you’ll both follow me.”David led us through the restaurant and I scanned the area looking for Gianna but I didn’t see her. Just like last month, the restaurant was packed and there were even people waiting to be seated in the sitting area. As we entered the large dining room, I could tell that David had done some decorating since we had been there last. There were several new Italian fresco’s prominently displayed, and in the middle of the dining room, there was a large fountain that really added to the cozy, romantic ambiance.Almost immediately, I felt hundreds of eyes on me. The elegant aesthetic of the decadent Italian décor was a glaring contrast to the bright, neon yellow club dress that I was wearing and the snide and jeering looks I was getting from many of the older women, reminded me of it. The vast majority of them were wearing longer, more formal and conservative looking dresses and skirts. It reminded me of when my older brother used to tease his girlfriend by saying that she dressed like a ‘whore in church.’ That was definitely how I felt in the dress that James had chosen for me to wear that evening.As we walked through the restaurant towards the banquet room, I clung to James and I tried my best to look forward and ignore the rude sneers of the people we were walking past. To make matters worse, James seemed to be walking at such a slow pace. It felt like we were taking a leisurely stroll and I knew it had to be about half the speed of his normal quick-paced gate. Then I realized it wasn’t just happenstance, he was doing it on purpose! He had to know how mortifying this was for me, getting these nasty looks from these women, and he was actually trying to prolong this horrible experience by walking slowly, so everyone had a chance to visually insult me.By the time we reached the banquet room I was seething from what James had just done to me. I knew I probably looked visibly shaken and I needed to calm myself down.“If you’ll both excuse me, I need to use the ladies room,” I said sweetly, trying to hide the utter turmoil I was feeling inside.James gave me a tender smile and a soft kiss on the cheek.“Of course darling, there is a matter I need to discuss with David anyway.”I forced the best smile I could and turned and walked towards the restroom. Thankfully, it was just off of the banquet room and I wouldn’t have to suffer the humiliation of walking through the main dining area again. Just as I stepped out of the banquet room, I saw Gianna. She was delivering food to one of the tables in her section and almost immediately, she saw me. Her warm smile turned into a look of shock when she saw what I was wearing. I pointed at the restroom door motioning for her to meet me in there if she could, and she slowly nodded her head in affirmation.I walked into the bathroom and thankfully, two women were just leaving as I was entering. I first quickly checked my look in the mirror. My hair was holding up really well and my makeup still looked good. I was looking much better outwardly than how I was feeling inwardly. I walked over to the large wheelchair stall, sat down on the toilet and locked the door.Why would James do that to me? Why would he put me through that? I couldn’t believe he would knowingly make me wear something so inappropriate, and then make it worse by intentionally walking slowly, so all of the old people in the dining room would have plenty of time to gawk and sneer. Was this some type of punishment for something I’d done?I heard the bathroom door open which me broke me out of my thoughts.“Mel?” I heard a voice say, softly.“I’m in here Gianna,” I said quietly and unlocked the door to the stall.She walked into the stall and we quickly embraced, our lips touching as we shared a tender kiss. It felt so good to be with her and just being in her presence immediately calmed me down.“How are you, honey?” She said softly.“I’m doing okay, I think.”“Well, I have to give it to you, you really know how to make a grand entrance.” Oh God, did she really see me walking through the dining room?“This is James’ idea of keeping a low profile,” I said jokingly, trying to make light of what he had just put me through.She gave me a puzzled look.“I think it’s more of his way of showing you off or announcing to everyone in the restaurant the ‘eye candy’ on his arm,” she said in a serious tone.I looked down, feeling deeply embarrassed by her statement. I had never thought of myself in that way: ‘eye candy’ to be displayed in front of others. Of course, I loved dressing in sexy clothes and showing off a bit, however, only when it was appropriate and when I fitted in with everyone else, such as when I went clubbing. Gianna was right. Making me wear this bright yellow club dress was James’ way of making sure I’d stand out from everyone else in the restaurant, and when he walked slowly, that was him making sure everyone had the opportunity to see me.That realization made me feel sick to my stomach.“Mel listen, I’m sorry,” she said in a soft tone. “It’s not my place to say anything about how you choose to dress. I’m just happy to see you.”I pulled her in tight and we kissed passionately, our tongues lightly touched in our romantic embrace. Amidst all of the chaos and upheaval that James was putting me through, Gianna was my rock and I honestly didn’t know what I’d do without her.We broke our kiss, “I have to get back out onto the floor honey, and you had better get back to that crazy man of yours,” she said, keeping her voice low.We smiled at each other as I watched her turn and open the door to the stall and then exit the bathroom.I took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom and back into the spacious banquet room where I saw James seated at a large table in the middle of the room. It felt strange, the two of us alone in such an expansive space that was designed to seat at least a hundred people. James rose when he saw me approach the table, and pulled out my chair to assist me in taking my seat. Like the rest of the restaurant, the banquet room was beautifully decorated in a classic Italian theme with intricate crown moldings and large paintings which displayed different scenes from Italy. There were several crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling which gave the room an elegant, romantic ambiance. The large table was set with a sparkling white linen tablecloth, fine china, intricately designed stemware, and three different crystal glasses for beverages. They had obviously made a lot of upgrades since we had been here last month because I couldn’t remember the restaurant being nearly this elegant.Talking with Gianna had helped settle my nerves and as I felt James put his hand on my thigh, I started to feel relaxed and comfortable. I was still upset at the whole ‘yellow dress’ incident, but I decided to let it drop, at least for now.It was so wonderful being alone with James as we sipped our wine and he told me about the various upgrades that they were doing to the restaurant, most of which I’d already noticed.Several minutes later, David entered the room.“The appetizers will arrive shortly Mr. Moretti and I located the server you wished to speak to, she will be here momentarily as well.”“Thank you, David,” James said nonchalantly, as he turned and quickly left the room.Before I had a chance to ask James what was going on, Gianna appeared and was walking towards us.My mouth opened in complete surprise. Gianna was the server that James wanted to speak to? She had changed out of her server’s uniform and was now wearing a short, white jean skirt and a pretty pink lace top with sandals; presumably, the clothes she wore to work before she changed into her uniform.Once she reached our table she hesitantly began to speak. “David said that you wanted to speak with me.”She looked so nervous, I was sure that she thought she was somehow in trouble.James stood and extended his hand. “I’m James Moretti, and it’s very nice to make your acquaintance.”I watched as they shook hands. Gianna’s expression softened as she started to realize that her boss wasn’t upset with her.”I’m Gianna Fiscella, and it’s nice to meet you too.”“Am I correct in assuming that you are Italian?”She smiled, “Yes, Sicilian actually, my family is originally from Palermo.”“I have a favor to ask of you. Melanie and I would love it if you would join us for dinner. I’m in the process of hiring a new executive chef and we are going to be sampling various Italian dishes and I’d appreciate if you’d give me your expert opinion.”I watched as Gianna blushed slightly. James could be so charming and smooth. Their interaction reminded me of the first night we met when it felt as if he had swept me off of my feet.“I’d love to have dinner with you both,” she said warmly.“Please sit here,” James said, as he slid one chair to the left so Gianna could sit in-between us.Over the next two hours, we sampled some of the most delicious Italian food that I had ever eaten. All three chefs were at the top of their game as they prepared amazing Italian dishes for us to eat. We must have tried at least fifty appetizers, entrees, and desserts.While we enjoyed the delicious dishes, David sat with us and was relegated to the role of secretary, jotting down which entrees and appetizers we liked best and the ones that we felt weren’t as good as the others.While we ate, Gianna gave James her impression of each dish. Once James learned that she had been to Italy several times with her parents and traveled extensively through the country visiting her relatives, he really listened to and valued her opinion on the various dishes that we sampled. He seemed very interested to know which entrees she thought tasted authentically Italian compared to the ones that had been ‘Americanized,’ as she called it. James also asked Gianna about her coursework and what type of nursing specialization she planned to pursue once she graduated. She told him that she had narrowed her choice of specializations down to emergency room or inpatient care. He also mentioned how impressed he was with her ability to hold down a full-time job at the restaurant while taking a full-time course load.I marveled at how well they seemed to hit it off. James appeared to be very interested in everything Gianna had to say, and throughout the evening, he always kept their conversations professional, or at the very least, casual. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but James was a perfect, charming gentleman throughout the entire meal.Once we had finished sampling all of the amazing dishes and enjoyed bites of very decadent desserts, James spoke.“If you’ll both excuse me, David and I need to confer in the office and make a decision concerning our new executive illegal bahis chef, it shouldn’t take too long.”James rose, gently kissed my cheek, turned, and then walked out of the banquet room with David.Gianna and I watched the men exit the room, and she slid her chair up against mine.“God, he’s so handsome isn’t he?” She said, enthusiastically.“He is,” I said, quietly.“To be honest Mel, the first night we met, and I saw both of you together, he looked so gruff and mean, I really didn’t know what you saw in him, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why you were with him. But now, I think I have a better appreciation of him.”I thought back to the evening a month ago when I had first met Gianna. James was so upset that night with David concerning the assistant manager, who had been stealing money. I could see her point, he had made such a bad impression, and she must have thought she was working for some sort of monster. Thankfully, she got to see a better side of him this evening. Even though I had only been seeing Gianna for about a month, we never talked about what our sex lives were like outside of each other. I honestly didn’t want to know what she did with her boyfriend because I knew I was developing serious feelings for her. Also, I reasoned that if she shared that intimate knowledge with me, I’d then be obliged to reciprocate, and I wasn’t ready to reveal to her what I let James do in the bedroom. His smooth, charming, jovial nature she saw this evening was a stark contrast to the demanding and dominant man he could be when we had sex.“Mel, are you happy with him?” her words bringing me back to the now.I took her hand and kissed it softly.“Yes, he makes me happy honey, just like you.”We leaned in and shared a soft, romantic kiss.Have you ever looked back on a relationship and tried to pinpoint the exact moment when you fell in love with someone? For me, that moment was that night at James’ restaurant with Gianna. She was so kind, loving, and nurturing. She could have been furious with me about the yellow club dress that James had made me wear. Instead, she could see how upset I was over it and offered nothing but support and encouragement. I was so apprehensive when James told me we’d be eating dinner at his restaurant that evening because I didn’t want him anywhere near Gianna. However, she helped me get through a very traumatic event and being with her that evening was exactly what I needed.Just as we were breaking our soft kiss, James entered the room. When I looked up, I saw him smiling as he witnessed our embrace. Gianna and I held hands as he approached the table and sat back down next to us.“I want to thank you again for your help tonight Gianna, your input was invaluable in my decision concerning who to hire, and I really appreciate it,” he said sincerely.“You’re very welcome James, she said, blushing slightly, “I’m glad I could help you.”James looked at both of us thoughtfully.“Ladies, I feel like celebrating. If you’re interested in joining us Gianna, you two can decide where you’d like to go. Perhaps we could take in a show or…”Gianna and I smiled at each other, both of us simultaneously thinking the same thing.“James, we’d love to go clubbing, if that would be okay,” I said excitedly.His eyes got wide and slight grin crossed his face.“I’ve never been much of a dancer, but I did say it was ladies choice, so clubbing is fine with me,” he said, giving us a mock-apprehensive grin.It was about a half hour drive from James’ restaurant in Summerlin to the nightclub ‘Rain’ at the Palms casino. Gianna and I loved to dance and we had been there one other time since we had been seeing each other. I was so excited about getting an unexpected evening out with her that I was very easily able to ignore the hurtful stares, gawking, and sneering from many of the older women as we exited the restaurant.James was in such a good mood as we drove down Summerlin Parkway towards Paradise Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas where the Palms is located. I could tell that he was relieved to hire a new executive chef and I was so happy that Gianna was able to assist him. The mood was light and jovial as Gianna and I gently teased each other about the rather heavy meal we had just consumed. Even though we had only taken a bite or two out of each dish the chefs had prepared, it was still very filling and we’d joked that we probably wouldn’t be able to get out of our seats at the club, much less be able to dance.The three of us were having so much fun laughing and joking with each other, but inwardly, I was concerned that James might try to orchestrate a threesome like he had the night before. He had given me his word earlier that there wouldn’t be a repeat of the previous night’s activities. But still, I couldn’t help feeling apprehensive because I knew how much James had loved having sex with Megyn and me. I started to get a queasy feeling in my stomach, Gianna was so beautiful, and they were getting on so well, this was going to be a real test of whether or not James would keep his word.I heard the pounding, hypnotic beat of the house music as we approached the entrance to ‘Rain’ nightclub at the Palms. I was holding Gianna’s hand and I felt James’ arm wrapped securely around my waist. I was with the two people who I loved, and the world felt perfect.We were met at the door by a young man dressed smartly in a very stylish black suit.“How may I help you Sir?” he asked.James took a few seconds to read over the Club’s amenities list.“I’d like a VIP Skybox, and am I correct in assuming you have bottle service?” he asked.“We do have one skybox left Sir, and we do offer bottle service,” the young man stated, “if you’ll please follow me.”We followed the young man into the club. The music was thumping loudly and the hundreds of lights were changing color in time to the beat of the music. I felt like I was home. The enormous club could accommodate nearly two-thousand people and had two levels. There were booths and tables on the lower level that surrounded the massive dance floor, and an upper VIP level that had six skyboxes that featured balconies which overlooked the entire club below. I had been to Rain many times, but never to the upper VIP level. It wasn’t uncommon to see celebrities, from actors to hip-hop artists, on the second level.We climbed the stairs and the host seated us in the skybox. Almost immediately, a pretty server approached the table to take our drink order. James ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon, a bottle of Patron tequila, and three bottles of water.It was one of the most amazing nights of my life. Gianna and I hit the floor and danced to several songs, bumping and grinding seductively against each other while occasionally making out a bit. When we needed a break, we’d return to the booth and laugh and joke with James. He was in such a great mood after concluding the business of hiring a chef. It was so nice to listen to him laugh and joke with us and see him so relaxed and happy.After spending fifteen or twenty minutes with James, we’d return to the dance floor again. While I was dancing with Gianna, I’d sporadically look up into the skybox and peer into James’ haunting blue eyes as he kept constant surveillance over us as we danced. It’s a difficult feeling to describe, but just having James there with us and watching over us gave me a feeling of contentment.The more that Gianna and I drank, the more risqué our dancing became. Light touching turned into full-on gropes and subtle kisses transmogrified into lingering make-out sessions, bumping and grinding on the dance floor. I have to admit that it got me hot seeing and feeling the numerous eyes on us, that outwardly I pretended to be oblivious to, as we put on our little public display.It was approaching 1 a.m. and I could tell that Gianna was slowing down and starting to get drowsy. We were both pretty buzzed from the alcohol and I couldn’t blame her for being worn out since she worked a full eight-hour shift at the restaurant. After dancing for several songs, Gianna and I returned to James at the table in our skybox.“Gianna, it looks like you are getting tired,” James said.“I am, it’s been a long day,” she replied.He smiled sympathetically, “We had better get you home.”We left the club and drove silently towards my apartment, so we could drop Gianna off. I was so proud of James, he didn’t bring up Gianna staying with us and he acted like a perfect gentleman the entire night. It was truly one of the best nights of my life. I had spent the evening with the two people that I was crazy about, we had eaten amazing food, drank, and danced in one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas. The perfect end to my magical evening was when I kissed Gianna outside my apartment building and watched her walk towards the elevator. While James pulled the Escalade away from the curb and we headed back to our suite at the Bellagio, I started to reflect on the only negative incident that occurred.This damn yellow scrunch dress. Why the hell did James make me wear it? I was reluctant to broach the subject with him, and perhaps it was the alcohol that gave me the courage.“Can I ask you something?” I said hesitantly.“Of course, you can Melanie,” James said, keeping his eyes on the road as we headed back to the Bellagio.“Why did you choose this dress for me to wear tonight?”“Did you not like it?”“It’s a beautiful dress, it’s not that but…..”James cut me off.“You wore something very similar to it last evening,” he said, a slight smile curling on the edges of his lips.“We went to a trendy Gastropub and then a strip club when I wore that lace corset dress James, not an elegant Italian restaurant.”What you chose for me to wear this evening was exceptionally inappropriate,” I said, trying to keep my voice calm and even.“How did you feel when those old women looked at you while we were walking through my restaurant?” he said, taking his eyes off of the road for the first time since we’d begun this conversation and looking directly into mine.“I felt mortified,” I said, looking down, feeling deeply embarrassed at my admission.“You have a beautiful body Melanie, you work out, and you take care of yourself, why would you feel mortified because of that?” he said teasingly.I could feel myself start to seethe in anger. His condescending tone spoke volumes, he wasn’t taking me seriously.“It has nothing to do with how much I work out James. I’m concerned with wearing appropriate clothing for a given situation,” I said, the anger rising slightly in my voice.He looked at me with a gleam in his eyes; I could tell he was enjoying our little verbal exchange.“The situations I put you in Melanie and how you dress for those situations will be left entirely to my discretion, do you understand that?” he said curtly.“Yes I do,” I said quietly.“Good,” he said, which ended the conversation.We drove silently for a few minutes. Dressing inappropriately was going to be something that I’d just have to deal with if I was going to be with him. I mentally added it to the list of things that he obviously needed from me that I just had to be willing to accept.We continued to drive silently down the Las Vegas strip. Even though it was the middle of the night, thousands of people strolled the sidewalks traveling from casino to casino, and as I played the events of the evening back in my mind, one question still lingered.“Why did you ask Gianna to dine with us?” I said, breaking the silence. “I told you earlier, I needed her help in choosing an executive chef,” he said, in a playful tone.He was still toying with me. I knew that James owned f******n Italian restaurants and he had probably hired dozens of Italian chefs throughout the years. Additionally, he had told me before that he had traveled to Italy several times so he could sample genuine Italian food, so I knew he didn’t need Gianna’s help figuring out what authentic Italian cuisine was.I shot him a disgusted look and turned my head forward. It was obvious that I wasn’t going to get a straight answer from him tonight about anything.He gently rubbed my thigh sending shivers throughout my entire body.“I wanted to learn more about the woman you fell for,” he said softly. “Parts of you are an open book, and other parts of you are still a mystery to me.”I could feel myself blushing. I would have told him anything he would have wanted to know about Gianna, but that wouldn’t have been enough. He had to meet her and find out what she was like for himself, he had to have that control. It always came back to control.“I loved watching you interact with Gianna. How you talked with her, how you danced with her. It was nothing like how you acted with Flame, ummm… Megyn. There was a sexual passion with Megyn, but there wasn’t the romantic passion I saw tonight. It gave me more insight into what you are like around the people you love.”It felt as if my life was a Petri dish that James could put under a microscope for his perusal. He had done so much for me financially; did that give him the right to peer into the intimate details of my life like this? Instead of that negative perspective, I chose to put a positive spin on it: He cared about me, at least on some level, and wanted to know more of what I was like.I watched as James used the keycard to open door to our suite. I had slept in so late, I still felt wide awake. Dancing with Gianna all night had got me very worked up and I couldn’t wait to be with James so I could get some sexual release to all of this pent up frustration I was feeling.“Get ready for bed; I’ll be in there in a few minutes,” he said, as he trailed soft, hot kisses down my cheek and neck.He broke that soft, romantic, lingering kiss as we separated and James went into his bathroom illegal bahis siteleri and I went into the walk-in closet to pick out some lingerie. After rummaging around for a few minutes, I decided on a light blue, babydoll, silk nightie. It had intricately designed lace cups and matching see through thong lace panties.I walked into the bathroom and began brushing my teeth and hair. I then scrubbed my face, removing the makeup that I had put on earlier that day. I took a final look in the mirror and once I was satisfied with my appearance, I undressed, taking off the now infamous yellow scrunch dress. Just as I was about to put on the sexy lingerie I had picked out, I noticed movement at the bathroom door in my peripheral vision. I wasn’t sure how long James had been watching me, and I turned to face him. He was wearing only a pair of dark blue, boxer shorts.“You won’t need to wear that tonight Melanie.”I gave him a puzzled look; he always loved it when I wore sexy lingerie like this. His expression was calm and even as he silently extended his hand. I couldn’t place it, but somehow his mood had changed and he somehow seemed darker, more ominous.We walked silently, hand in hand, into the master bedroom. At first glance, nothing was different; the giant four post oak bed was still in the middle of the room, the upper posts extending nearly to the ceiling. Then my jaw dropped as I noticed the cable ties hanging down from each upper post. Instinctively, I looked down at the floor and noticed two more cables attached to the bottom posts with thick, Velcro bindings affixed to each end of the four cables. My stomach instantly felt sick.“Oh God, James no I… I…”“Melanie,” he said calmly, “do you trust me?” his hand squeezing mine reassuringly.I could feel myself start to gently tremble.“Yes James, I do,” I said, in a voice barely above a whisper.“Good, now relax.”I took a deep breath, desperately willing my body to calm down with every ounce of strength I had. He took a step, pulling me with him as we walked forward towards the bed, and once we reached it, he turned me around to face him. I felt the back of my thighs touch the mattress as I faced away from the foot of the bed. He reached into the back of the elastic waistband of his boxers and produced a black blindfold.“I want you to concentrate on the sound of my voice,” he said softly.My world went black as he secured the blindfold to my head, covering my eyes. A nanosecond before my world went dark, I noticed a cluster of various sexual devices on the table at the foot of the bed; unfortunately, I didn’t have time to see exactly what they were.“Raise your arms above your head,” he ordered.I complied while he continued to speak.“Everything we do tonight is consensual Melanie. If at any time you want me to slow down what I’m doing, you will say the word ‘yellow’,” he said, as I felt a fuzzy cuff wrap around one of my wrists. He continued, “If what I’m doing is too intense and you want me to stop completely, you will say the word ‘red’,” he said, as I felt my other wrist being secured in another fuzzy cuff.Oh God, I’ve read about this, these are safe words, what the hell is he going to do to me?“Repeat what I’ve told you back to me Melanie so I know that you completely and fully understand,” his voice said out of the darkness, over my hyperventilation.I took a deep breath, trying again unsuccessfully to calm down.“If I want you to slow down, I need to say the word ‘yellow’, and if I want you to stop completely, I say the word ‘red’,” I said, in a voice barely above a whisper.The darkness was terrifying, but somehow, also peaceful and liberating. I could feel myself begin to calm down somewhat as James’ smooth, even voice seemed to steady me.“Good,” he said, his voice now below me as I felt him secure another fuzzy cuff around one of my ankles.I shivered as I felt his hand slowly move up the calf of my leg, while he secured my other ankle into the last fuzzy cuff. I pulled against the restraints with my arms and legs and even though there was some play in the cable lines, it felt solid and unmovable.In the darkness, I heard the click of a button on a remote control and then the whine of little motors as I felt the slack being taken out of the restraints, pulling me taught. Another click of the button and then the sound of the little motors whining released some of the tension as my limbs were given more play in the restraint.In the dark, I heard his soft steps around me. My breathing was still heavier than normal, but I continued to try to calm myself down so I could rely on my hearing to have some sort of clue as to what he was doing.“You have such a beautiful body Melanie, do you know that?” he said, as I continued to hear his gentle footsteps around me.Oh God, he was inspecting me, like I was some sort of livestock a****l. I felt his hands gently cup each of my breasts, causing my breath to quicken. Then, his hands sensually and gently began to roam and explore my body, touching my stomach, my thighs, and then back up to the molten hot center between my legs.I gasped and groaned, feeling his finger lasciviously move over the lips of my vagina. Listening intently, I heard him move around behind me as he gently licked and kissed the nape of my neck while simultaneously inserting his fingers inside me. The dual onslaught of pleasure from his mouth and fingers caused me to tug hard against the restraints which continued to hold me tight. Suddenly and unexpectedly, his fingers on his other hand closed tightly around my nipple and I felt a sharp pain radiate through my body. I pulled hard on the tight cable ties trying to get away from the disagreeable sensation, but I couldn’t. I was bound tight and there was very little give in the restraints. Thankfully, he released my nipple from his rough grasp and I let out a low moan. I shivered as his hands sensually roamed up and down my stomach, causing my muscles to involuntarily twitch at his gentle, soothing touch.“I love how your body reacts to me,” he said tenderly, his voice seeming to impossibly come from all around me.I felt lost and delirious, relying only on my sense of hearing to pull in information from around me as to what he was doing, or might do next.His hands continued to explore my torso and then moved, to my navel, and then back to my vagina. The cables held my legs open so wide and in such a wanton, slutty pose, that I was unable to close them when I felt his fingers brush over the soft lips of my sex.“Do you know how wet you are Melanie?” he said, his voice coming from below me.I felt him rub his fingers over my inner thigh collecting the secretions from my vagina. He made a loud, pronounced slurping sound as he licked my wetness off of his fingers.“Do you have any idea how good you taste?” he said smoothly.I could feel my face flush a bright ember as he taunted me with his sensuous words.“I can understand now why Gianna loves spending hours between your legs.”My face turned to deep, scarlet red as he used the very personal information I had previously told him to taunt and embarrass me.His fingers rubbed against my other inner thigh collecting more of my sticky wetness.Without warning, he plunged his wet fingers into my mouth and I had no choice but to taste myself from his fingers.“Tell me what you taste like Melanie.”I felt mortified at his words and remained silent. How could he possibly expect an answer to that question?Without warning, he swung his open hand hard until it made contact with my ass, making a loud, cracking sound which echoed throughout the suite causing me to cry out in pain.“It’s a simple question Melanie, tell me what your hot, wet pussy tastes like,” he said in a playful, teasing tone.I pulled against the restraints and then relented, giving into him.“I taste tangy and sweet,” I said, mortified.I couldn’t have described it any better myself,” he said. Concentrating, I heard his soft steps, walking around me as if stalking me. I was so hot and wet, I wanted his hands touching my vagina, giving me any type of release from this maddening torment. He must have somehow sensed what I wanted because he returned to my nipples, flicking them with his tongue and then taking them into his mouth, as he sucked, and then gently bit them, causing a low moan to escape my lips.“Your nipples, they’re so hard Melanie,” he said, in a soft, sensual, carnal tone.Listening intently, I heard him pick up something metallic from the table. I had no clue what it was until something clamped around my nipple causing me to gasp in a sharp, intense pain. Seconds later, that sensation was replaced by a throbbing, dull, numbness. I felt a chain go across my chest, between my breasts and then another clamp locked onto my other nipple. The pain wasn’t nearly as intense, I think because I knew it was coming, but it seemed to heighten every sensation I was feeling.“Your big breasts look so good with nipple clamps on them Melanie. I can’t even begin to describe how sexy they look,” he said“I wonder what would happen if I were to do this…”I cried out as he pulled the chain holding the two clamps together which pulled at my tender nipples.“I know you like a little pain don’t you?” he said playfully. “I remember how much you moaned when I spanked you, I could see the pleasure I was giving you, and how you gave yourself to me. You’ve always been that submissive little girl Melanie; you just needed someone strong enough to pull it out of you.”Hearing his words, I pulled hard against the restraints, but they wouldn’t give. His voice and his words were breaking me down, and I could feel myself surrendering to him.His footsteps moved away from me as he walked over to the table and picked something else up. I heard a hissing sound by my face and then the noise moved lower, around my breasts and torso. He was waving something around near me and I had no idea what it was until it made contact with my stomach causing me to cry out.“It’s a leather flogger Melanie. I know you’ve never been spanked with anything other than a hand so I wanted to expand your horizons a bit.”The small pieces of leather were produced a numbing, dull, aching sensation as opposed to the sharp, cracking pain of a hand. I gasped and winced as he moved the flogger upwards as the small pieces of leather made contact with my nipples within the clamps.“You take pain so well Melanie, I’m so impressed with you,” he said, as he brought down the flogger on my vagina.I cried out and tensed up as I felt the leather make contact with my sensitive lips and clit. Every nerve in my body seemed to be at its apex as I pulled hard against the restraints. The room seemed to spin and heat up when the flogger made contact with my stomach, my breasts, the inside of my thighs, and finally, my bottom as he spanked me over and over. I was sweating profusely, as much as I ever did while working out or running, as he rained down blows on my ass. I was getting close to how much pain I could take when the blows suddenly stopped.I was gasping, panting hard, trying desperately to catch my breath. Again, I pulled hard at the restraints but they wouldn’t budge.I could sense he was near me more than I could hear his footsteps as I felt his hand cup my vagina while a couple of his fingers slipped easily inside of me.“You’re so wet Melanie, much more so than I’ve ever seen you. I think you like pain and being spanked more than you even know,” he said smoothly. His words continued to break me down emotionally as much as the flogger broke me down physically. God, was he right? Did I like the pain as much as he said I did? It was a thought so foreign and terrifying that I had to quickly push it out of my mind. I could tell that he was walking away from me. Then, a few moments later, I heard something electronic click on and a low, humming sound filled the room.“You handled the pain so well honey, I want to give you a reward.”Seconds later, I gasped as a very powerful vibrator made contact with my vulva. I had used toys before, but God, nothing even close to one as powerful as this one. My knees instantly went weak as James rubbed the powerful vibrating head against my lips and clit.The currents of pleasure were so strong that I didn’t think my legs would be able to support me as they started to buckle and I was held up only by the cables attached to my arms.My orgasm was approaching like a runaway train until he withdrew the head of the toy from my pussy. Instantly, the waves of pleasure stopped and I was left gasping and panting for breath.“You seem to like that,” he said tauntingly.I was so consumed with trying to catch my breath from the pain of the flogger and the intense pleasure from the powerful vibrating toy that I couldn’t speak.“I’m betting you’d like another dimension of sensations added to the feeling of that Hitachi as well, though.”Seconds later I heard him click the Hitachi back on and push it up against my clit, causing my knees to go weak again; then, almost immediately, I heard the swishing sound of the flogger make painful contact with my ass again.It was sensory overload and it was as if my body didn’t know which powerful sensation to react to. In the front the Hitachi, put directly on my clit, was causing my knees to buckle as the pleasurable shock waves coursed through my body. In the back, the numb, dull, stinging sensation of the flogger was causing intense charges of pain to shoot through my body.I gasped and cried out as my orgasm was rapidly approaching. Seconds before my release, James threw the flogger down to the ground and pulled the chain between my breasts, ripping the clamps off my nipples. The blood rushing back into my hyper-sensitive nubs intensified the orgasm that wracked my body. canlı bahis siteleri The powerful, orgasmic shock waves were just too much and I passed out for a few seconds until I could regain control again.Just as I was gaining my senses, I felt James’ breath on my face. I felt his tongue lick over my cheek as he used his teeth to pull the blindfold off of me, returning my sight. My mouth dropped open in shock as I looked over my body. My normally pink nipples were red and swollen from the clamps, sweat was dripping from my head, and there was a heavy coat of perspiration on my entire body.James had removed his boxers and his large erection was proudly on display in front of him. I watched as he slid in behind me and sat on the edge of the bed. He used the remote control to loosen the cables which held my arms and allowed me to be lowered on top of him, as he sat on the edge of the bed behind me.I could feel him rub the head of his penis up and down my wet slit. I pulled at my restraints again as he easily pushed himself into my soaked vagina. In one hard thrust, he opened and filled me causing me to gasp and cry out. He immediately began to push himself in and out of me from behind, in long, solid, thrusts and each time his thighs made contact with my ass, I winced in pain. Because I was still restrained, I couldn’t get the right angle to see my bottom, but from the intense pain I was feeling, I knew his spanking with that flogger must have had a dramatic effect on my ass.It was such a different feeling as he pounded me hard while being restrained. I felt so helpless and I had absolutely no control over anything he did. I couldn’t control the angle, the pace, the position, I controlled nothing. I was his, and he had total dominion over me and I knew that was exactly how he wanted it. While feeling his powerful thrusts, I felt him start to work his thumb into my rectum. It felt greasy and slippery so I knew he must have been using lube to help open me like he had done previously.He was pounding me so hard and fast that I barely felt his hands slip around to my breasts. I cried out and winced in pain as he ran my incredibly sensitive nipples through his fingertips. I had never felt anything like it before, those clamps had made my nipples almost raw to the touch.James continued to powerfully plunge in and out of me, and I could feel another orgasm building deep inside of me. He could tell I was getting close from the change in my breathing. is hand moved down from my breast to my vagina and he gently rubbed his fingertips in a slow circular motion over my clit, which caused me to cry out as another orgasm washed over me.I was getting my senses back about me and coming back down when I felt him withdraw his cock from my vagina. Almost immediately after, he picked up the remote control and used it to pull the restraints on my arms tight, which raised me up and off of him and allowed him to get in behind me easier.James was rubbing his cock through my wet lips and slit, lubricating the head. I wanted so bad to see what he was doing, but the restraints were preventing me from making any such observation. I gasped and tensed up when I felt one of his fingers rub along my anus.“Relax,” he growled into my ear.I inhaled deeply, willing my body to settle down as much as possible. Being restrained seemed to add another dimension to everything that we did. I was amazed how not being able to move changed everything. There was no pulling away from him, or changing to a different position if something was uncomfortable. It changed the whole sexual dynamic between us because he was in control of everything we did and I either had to accept it or use a safe word to ‘tap out’. I vowed to myself that my safe words were going to be a last resort.His finger pushed inside of my ass rather easily and with little discomfort due to the large amount of lube that he used. It still felt so forbidden and naughty to feel him touch me in this way, especially while being restrained.He always made me feel so many contradictions, and it was like the yellow club dress all over again. I loved dressing up and wearing sexy clothes, but not to a place where it would be considered inappropriate. Similarly, I loved the intense orgasm I had when we had anal sex previously, but feeling him probe me, while restrained no less, in such a verboten location just felt so wrong and inappropriate. I found it very difficult adjusting to that part of the process of giving myself to him in the ways that he wanted.Once his finger moved in and out of me smoothly he added a second, opening me up further. There was a bit of increased discomfort and a little pain, but after everything I had just been through with the flogger, it didn’t really compare. Once he had two fingers moving in and out of my easily, he withdrew them and I felt him press his body into me and he moved behind me.I took another deep breath and tried to relax my body for what I knew was coming. I felt him press the head of his cock gently inside my rectum. There was a bit of pain, but nothing as bad as what it had felt like the day before. He had me, as well as himself, very well lubricated and while there was some discomfort, I could tell that slowly, my body was adjusting to anal sex. James moved at an incredibly slow pace, inching himself into me gradually and giving me plenty of time to adjust to the feeling of being opened and filled. He felt so big inside of me and the erotic nature of the act itself, felt magnified exponentially by the restraints. As he pushed forward into me, I felt the cables tighten until I could no longer move forward and I was compelled to accept him inside.After only a minute or so, I felt his torso push up against my bottom and I knew he had completely impaled me. James stood motionless for a few seconds and let me adjust to the feeling of having him inside me. It was such an amazing feeling, I felt so full, so sated, so roused by this man. He placed his hands on my hips and very slowly began moving in and out of me. There was just a bit of discomfort and slight pain for a few seconds, but that quickly passed and what was left was such an intense, pleasurable feeling that completely seemed to consume my body.James knew from my loud moans and grunts that I wasn’t in any type of peril, and I felt him begin to pick up the pace. I pulled hard against the restraints as his thrusts increased in voracity. After only about a minute, the gloves were off and he used my body for leverage which allowed him to hammer into me harder.Being in the restraints made me feel like an a****l in a trap, pinned and helpless. However, it just seemed to multiply every erotic sensation that was going through my body. I longed to be able to reach down and touch my clit, but I couldn’t, which made it more difficult to reach orgasm. I knew that if my hand would have been free to reach my clit, I would have instantly orgasmed. Because I couldn’t, I had to concentrate on him being inside of me, thrusting into me, and the feeling of the restraints as it limited my movement.I heard his breathing start to change and I knew his orgasm was upon him and I wanted to release with him. I squeezed the muscles in my rectum slightly, which caused a groan to escape his lips and an intense feeling of pleasure to explode through my body, as the waves of my orgasm washed over me. Almost simultaneously, I heard him gasp and felt his semen squirt deep inside my bowels.Once we had both recovered, James pressed the button on the remote control and the cable restraints loosened so I was able to sit down on the bed. I was totally spent and didn’t even feel that I had the strength to hold myself up in a sitting position. Carefully, he knelt in front of me and loosened the four Velcro cuffs around my wrists and ankles. Once I was free, he lifted me into his arms.“Do you want to take a shower, or bath?” he said softly.“No James, please, just put me into bed.”I felt so sore, so exhausted, so totally spent. I didn’t even feel like I had the energy to hold my eyes open. He laid me down in bed and then snuggled up against me, spooning me tight against him.“You did so well Melanie and I’m so proud of you,” he said softly into my ear.Those were the last words I heard as I drifted off into a deep, restful sleep.**********In my deep, dark dreams, a phone was ringing somewhere in the distance. I searched desperately to locate the source of the irritating noise that was reverberating in my head, but I couldn’t find it. Suddenly, the ringing stopped and I heard a voice… the voice of James. Slowly, I opened one eye and realized I wasn’t dreaming, after all, James’ cell phone rang and he answered it. It was early, way too early to be awake, given the late hour that we went to bed.Slowly, I came into consciousness and listened as James spoke into the phone.“Is he okay?”“Does he need an ambulance?”“Of course, I’ll be there.”“As soon as I get off the phone with the airline and change my flight I’ll text you the information, I shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours at most.”“I love you too, goodbye.”I watched as James pressed more buttons on his phone. I was awake enough now that I started to feel guilty about eavesdropping on his conversation. As I started to slide out of bed, I instantly felt pain all over my body. My joints, my muscles, God, everything hurt. As I slid out of bed and the sheets made contact with my ass, a searing pain shot through me and I quickly lifted my bottom up off the mattress. I knew this feeling from when he had spanked me before. But this pain, this felt much, much worse.I crept into the bathroom and used the toilet, trying to be as quiet as I could. From what little of the conversation I could hear, James was on the phone to the airlines changing his flight schedule. He wasn’t supposed to leave until tomorrow, Monday morning. Obviously, that had changed.I stood up from the toilet and looked into the mirror and my jaw dropped open. My normally pink nipples were still red and swollen from the nipple clamps and, Fuck! My eyes started to well up with tears as I examined the repercussions of that damn flogger.There were red marks on my breasts, stomach, and thighs. When I turned around, I also noticed a few red marks on my back as well. That, unfortunately, wasn’t my primary concern. What took the prize was my ass. There were also red marks on it, in addition to some striped welts, which I knew were going to take much longer to heal. I also noticed the remnants of some type of white cream on the portions of my ass that had welts, so obviously James had already begun treating my war wounds last night after I fell asleep.I felt like such a disgusting mess. My whole body felt sticky from the profuse sweating of the previous evenings, do I call it, activities? James’ dried semen was in places that it didn’t need to be and what made matters worse, it sounded as though he was going to be leaving for Los Angeles as quickly as he could.I sat back down on the toilet having no idea how to process any of this. It was consensual, right? I did agree to let him do this to me right? He did give me safe words, even though I didn’t use them. I had to talk to him, he had to help me process this and make some sort of sense out of it.James’ voice broke me out of my tearful reflection.“Melanie, when you are done in the bathroom, could you come out here.”I stood up and put on a bathrobe that was hanging up by the door and quickly wiped away any sign of tears on my face. I walked back into the bedroom of the suite and saw that James was already dressed and his bags were packed. The cable restraints were no longer on the posts of the bed and all of the sexual ‘implements’ that had been on the table, were also nowhere in sight. An eerie feeling came over me as I surveyed the clean and tidy master bedroom. It almost felt like a crime scene had been swept clean, leaving no evidence of what had previously occurred. It was almost as if everything we had done was a dream and had never really happened.“Come, sit with me,” he said gently.We both sat down at the small table.“My son Jon has asthma and his doctor gave him a new medication two days ago to which has had a severe reaction. My wife is taking him to the Emergency Room and they might admit him to the hospital. Needless to say, I have to cut this trip short and get back to Los Angeles to be with my family.”I looked at James sympathetically. I needed him here with me, especially after everything we had done the night before. But obviously, his son needed him much, much more than I did.“I understand, when do you have to go?” I said, solemnly.“The bell captain is on his way up to our room now. My flight leaves in just a little over an hour, and if I hurry, I think I’ll be able to make it.”I forced the best smile I could.“I know we have a lot to talk about Melanie, especially after last night, and we will. However, this can’t be helped. I hope you understand.”“I do James. Everything is fine, we are fine, just go take care of your son,” I said in a confident voice, that I very clearly wasn’t feeling inside.He looked a little relieved and smiled at me.“The room is paid for tonight, so if you want to stay here you can.” Just then, there was a loud knock on the front door of the suite. We both stood up and I followed James into the great room so he could let the bell captain in to retrieve the luggage and take it down to the valet station.Once the luggage was collected and we were alone, James turned and faced me.“I won’t forget this Melanie, and I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”He kissed me softly and walked out the door and shut it behind him.Once I was alone, the room started spinning and it felt like my world was crashing down around me. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I just knew I couldn’t be alone. I looked at the time, it was early, almost seven o’clock.I picked up my cell phone, dialed, and heard a very groggy voice answer, “Hello?” “Gianna, I need you.”

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