It was a Dream, Wasn’t It?


“Why do we have to go out with them?” I complained to Laura, my wife, “It makes me mad to see how he orders her around.”

“First of all, Lisa doesn’t seem to mind how he talks to her. Secondly it’s none of your business how they conduct their relationship and third, she’s my friend. We have lunch together almost every day and I like her and him too. I made this date over a week ago so that’s what we’re doing tonight, whether you like it or not, that’s final.”

Wow, I thought to myself, That was a pretty snippy answer. I wonder what bee got into her bonnet?

“OK dear,” I replied, “I didn’t mean to get you angry. Let’s not have a fight.”

“Then don’t complain about my friends.” was her sharp retort.

“OK, OK,” I agreed, trying to pour a little oil on the angry waters, “Forget what I just said and I’ll try to have a good time.” Lately it seems that I am always trying to placate her.

The silence in our car was deafening by the time I pulled up in front of the Baker’s house. Charlie and Lisa must have been watching for us because they were out the door before I shifted in to park. They piled into the back seat and after all the greetings were exchanged, I asked, “So where am I taking us?”

Laura asked, “Where would you like to go Charlie?”

And he answered, “To the Hilton, I made reservations. I heard they have a four piece band and we can have dinner and dancing all in one place tonight. No worries about driving drunk.”

Again I thought to myself, doesn’t anyone else get to express their opinion here? What am I, chopped liver? No one asked me where I wanted to go. But I didn’t have any better suggestion so I just let it go by and drove to the Hilton. We ate dinner and drank three bottles of wine. When the band started playing at nine o’clock, I asked Laura to dance and half way through the first number she said to me, “I’m still pissed at you. Take me back to the table.”

When we got back she said to Charlie, who was seated in the booth next to Lisa, “Come on Charlie, I’d rather dance with you tonight. “And you,” she said to me, “can dance with Lisa.” Then off they went as Charlie gathered her in his arms and whisked her onto the dance floor.

Now I was beginning to get pissed. Where the hell does she come off talking to me like this? I’m no door mat to take this kind of crap from her. My temper was beginning to build and I slid back into the booth across from Lisa. She looked at me in a plaintive way and asked, “Don’t you want to dance with me?”

“No,” was my sharp rejoinder. A stricken look came over her face and she looked like she was ready to cry. I realized my blunder and corrected myself with, “Oh, I didn’t mean it that way. I’m sorry, come on let’s dance.”

Laura, in heels, is almost eye to eye with me at 5′ 10″. Lisa couldn’t be more than 5′ 2″ and had to be at least a foot shorter than Charlie and she is well proportioned accordingly. She felt like an elf in my arms as she snuggled into me. She also pushed her pussy against my thigh. That, coupled with the way she pressed her pointy tits against my chest, did not go unnoticed by my cock.

She giggled when she felt my tumescence and whispered, “I wasn’t sure you wanted to dance with me, but now I believe you do Steve. At least it feels like you do.” She gave a little sigh of contentment and rubbed her body against mine. My cock just got stiffer.

When we got back to the booth, Laura and Charlie were seated side by side, so Lisa slipped in opposite them and I followed in next her. Laura and I stared at each other, she defiantly as if to say, ‘Don’t piss me off any more’, and my stare in return saying, ‘Fuck you, I’m going to have a good time no matter what you say or do’.

Lisa gave another little sigh next to me and she leaned against my arm. Her head fell onto my shoulder and her hand fell onto my thigh. I felt it crawling up towards my crotch. I glanced guiltily at Laura and saw her expression change, first to startled, then to acceptance and then to bliss. Just as I realized that Charlie must be fingering her, Lisa opened my fly and stroked my cock. When I saw Laura shudder, I knew she had climaxed and then I came too. Fortunately Lisa had wrapped my cock in a napkin.

The evening progressed in much the same manner, effectively we had changed partners. We had also finished off two more bottles of wine. I was smashed and I didn’t think any one of us was feeling any pain so I said, “I think we better stay here tonight. I’m in no condition to drive and I don’t think any of you could either.”

Charlie said, “I’ll get us a room.”

I was really woozy when I entered the room and I flopped into the only easy chair there. Little Lisa followed me and settled onto my lap. She buried her face into my shoulder and whispered as she kissed my neck, “I really like you Steve.” I just grunted in return, my eyes were fixed on my wife.

She seemed to be completely entranced by Charlie. Her arms were loosely around his neck, her lips loosely, against his. I could see their tongues Gaziantep Oral Escort dueling. He was stripping the clothing from her body and she did nothing to stop him. She offered no resistance when he lifted her and put her down her on one of the queen sized beds. She eagerly accepted him into her when he laid on top of her and slid his cock into her pussy. She turned her head and smiled at me just before she began meeting his thrusts and almost immediately convulsed from her second orgasm.

“Don’t they make a beautiful couple Steve?” Lisa whispered to me, “Did you see how hard she came? Did she ever cum so hard for you? I’ll bet she hasn’t lately, certainly not since he started fucking her.”

Since he started fucking her? When did he start? Is this why she has been so bitchy lately? What the hell has been going on? Oh, what’s Lisa doing to me?

As she was taunting me and reciting this monolog, Lisa had slipped off my lap and opened my fly. My ridged cock sprang free for just a moment before her small hands captured it. They stroked and caressed it along its entire length. I never knew fingers could be so talented. She could have been a concert pianist playing a concerto on my cock. And her tongue was like a butterfly on the cap.

Laura and I were watching each other. She saw what Lisa was doing to me. I saw the look on her face change from surprise to anger, then from realization to acceptance followed by that glazed stare she gets just before she cums. Charlie had resumed his thrusting, her body moved every time he bottomed out. I watched her cum again as he filled her with his more of his seed. His body stiffened and hers arched and lifted him up although he must have weighed almost a hundred pounds more than she did.

Her eyes had left mine when she climaxed and then her arms went around his neck. I could see her kissing him all over his face and I could hear her murmuring, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You always make me come hard. Steve can never make me cum anywhere near the way you just did.”

Lisa whispered in my ear, “Did you hear what she said Steve? Did you hear that? She said you never got her off like he just did. You’re going to have to live with that from now on you know. Now cum for me the way she came for him.”

I did cum. I came as she gave me a hand job and she caught most of it on her face, the rest went into her mouth. Then she kissed me and fed me what she had not swallowed. It was the first time I had ever tasted my cum. She kissed me all over my face and in so doing, transferred more of my cum to me. Then she licked me clean and in the spirit of the moment, I did the same for her.

When we finished our mutual clean up I looked up and saw Laura looking at me. She was smiling but somehow I didn’t get the feeling that the smile meant she was happy. There was something about it that left me with an unsettled feeling in my gut. But then the booze and the sex got to me and I fell asleep with Lisa in my arms.

I woke sometime in the wee hours, my bladder was bursting. I was in my bed alone; Lisa had moved to the other bed and was snuggled against Charlie’s back. Laura was spooned into his front; his hand was cupping her breast. When I finished my piss and returned to my bed Laura was in it. She put her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine.

“Are we all right Baby? Things have happened recently that never happened before. I love you, you know that don’t you? Nothing can change that.”

“I saw you let him fuck you. I saw you cum for him.”

“I saw you cum for Lisa,” was her retort, “I saw you lick your cum off of her face. Yes, I let him fuck me and it wasn’t the first time. But that’s all that it was, just a fuck. Now I want you to make love to me. Fuck my ass, you’ve wanted it for the longest time, You can have it now. Make me cum, make me cum better than he did.” She was stroking my cock; just as Lisa had done, all the while kissing me with plenty of tongue. I wasn’t sure if I could taste him in her mouth or not.

When she had me good and hard she threw her leg over me and guided my cock into her anus. She felt so slick and wet, I slipped right in. She teased me as she slowly rocked her hips. “He’s bigger than you Stevie, fatter and longer. He fills my pussy better than you do and he made me cum harder than you ever did. He fucked my ass a little while ago so I’m nice and ready for your first time. I love you Stevie and I don’t love him. I want to live the rest of my life with you but I have to admit that he fucks me better than you ever could. Cum in my ass now, cum in me and fill me with your cum. Prove to me you still love me.”

Her rotating hips did their job and I have to admit her taunts inflamed me too. My thrusts matched her rotations, we were in perfect sync when I came, I think she did too. At least she acted like she did. Then she fell forward mashing her tits against my chest.

“I love you Stevie, I love you, I really do. Now show me that you love me too.”

As she was declaring her love she was moving up my body. Her knees were straddling my head now. “Eat me Stevie, Eat your cum out of my ass just like you ate your cum off of Lisa’s face. Show me that you’ll do more for me than you did for her. Make me cum with your tongue, Lover”

“But it’s his cum is in your ass too……..” The rest of my reply was smothered by her leaking ass. Well I have gone down on her plenty of times before this but only as foreplay, never after hers or my orgasms. It was Charlie’s cum that was in her ass along with mine. What other humiliation is she going to impose on me? So what the hell, I thought, I tasted my cum off Lisa’s face, why not his out of my wife’s ass. So I licked and I could tell the effect it had on her by the way her breathing changed. Then she came. She came hard. Her body vibrated on top of me and she flooded my face faster than I could swallow. Her cum, mine and what was left of Charlie’s cum, overflowed my gapping mouth. I could even feel it running in and out of my ears.

We fell asleep holding each other in our arms, each of us murmuring our “I love you,” to the other. When we awoke we were alone. Charlie and Lisa had left silently, never making a sound to wake us. Our drive home was just as silent, both of us ruminating over the night’s activities.

That silence on the subject continued through out the following week with no sex occurring between us. It wasn’t until I came into the house Saturday afternoon, after I finished my yard work, when I got the command, “Shower and put on something casual, we’re going to the Baker’s for dinner tonight.”

“I don’t want to go there.” I protested.”

“Why not?” she asked. “You liked what Lisa did for you.”

“I didn’t like what happened between you and Charlie.”

“Oh, that was nothing to be concerned about,” she flippantly dismissed it with a wave of her hand. “There’s going to be another couple there tonight, some newly weds that moved in next door to them. So I seriously doubt a repeat of last week.”

“I still don’t want to go.”

“Ok by me, I’ll go by myself and you will just have to wonder if anything did happen, because I’m not going to tell you if it did or not.”

“Ok, I’ll go.” I had cravenly surrendered again.

“Smart choice,” was her repost. “Be ready by a quarter to seven.”

We had just settled into our chairs in the Baker’s family room when the newly weds walked in. Melissa and Phil, she looked to be no more than twenty and he no more than twenty five. She was slender, blonde and bubbly and he, quieter, stocky and muscular, taller than me but shorter than Charlie. The hello kiss Mel gave to Charlie was much the same as Laura’s, too long and more intense than a simple greeting.


Drinks were passed and canapés served and I began feeling pretty good, almost like I was floating in the air. What was floating was Melissa’s shoulder length hair, all around her face and in my groin, as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. She kept impatiently brushing it back when it got in her way. How and when did she get here? I must have dozed off. What a lovely way to wake up. Laura’s hair used to get in the way too, until a few months ago when she cut it shorter into that pixie style she wears now. Oh God, Laura! What if she sees Mel sucking on my cock?

I looked up and saw Laura similarly involved with Phil’s cock, her short hair not giving her any problem as her lips slid up and down on his thick shaft. She was naked and enthusiastic as she happily serviced him. Just as happy as Lisa, who was blowing Charlie and Melissa who was gobbling me. All three women were as naked as jaybirds. When did all this happen? Why is Laura winking at me like that?

Melissa released my cock from between her lips and looked up at me with the most innocent look in her eyes. “I’d love to have you fuck my ass, Stevie. Laura told me that you always asked her for that and she never let you do it until last week. I love to be fucked there. Please do it to me.”

With that statement she slid off my lap and positioned herself on all fours on the sheep skin rug in front of the fireplace. I couldn’t resist an offer like that. Not from a woman with an ass like hers, especially since my own wife had denied me that pleasure for so long. So I knelt down behind her, straddling her legs, and just as I was about to insert my cock into her, I felt a heavy hand on my neck and heard Charlie’s voice in my ear.

“Be careful where you put your pecker, her pussy belongs to me, just like Lisa’s and Laura’s do. Their pussies are forbidden territory for you now.” His thumb and forefinger had closed on two pressure points just below my ears and I saw stars. The pain was so intense that I hardly understood what he was saying to me. Melissa had stretched out flat on the rug and my face was now pressed into the small of her back, just above her ass and I felt Phil’s hands holding my ankles. I was immobilized, folded almost in half, with my ass up in the air.

But I understood Laura when she said, “That’s right Stevie, my pussy belongs to Charlie now, just like Lisa’s and Melissa’s does. You can’t fuck my pussy anymore, Charlie owns it.” Then in a softly whispered after thought she added, “Hopefully after tonight, he will own your ass along with it.” I didn’t think I was supposed to hear that.

The words penetrated the haze in my mind and I started to protest, “But……”

“That’s right,” she interrupted, “That’s how it’s going to be Stevie, you get my butt instead. You’ve been begging for it for years, so now you can have it whenever you want and not only mine but Lisa’s and Mel’s also. Anytime Charlie or Phil are keeping me busy you can have anything you want from either of the other girls. Well, except that no pussy from any of us.”

“But, you’re my wife…….ohhhhhh! What’s happening back there?” I was still groggy but I knew somebody was poking my asshole.

“That’s Lisa, she’s lubing you up. She’s got three fingers inside of you already. Since you seem to be so eager to fuck us in the ass we figured that we had to demonstrate to you what it feels like. She’s just getting you ready for Phil. Oh yeah; I can tell by your face she’s making a fist in you.”

“For Phil? What’s he gonna………..Oh god……her fist?….Ooooohhhhh.” I never felt anything like this. She was splitting me, it hurt. Damn, ooohhh, it eased up, mmmmmmmmm, not so bad now. She’s still got those magic fingers. What’s this? Phil? It feels like a log. Jesus, he’s fucking me. I can feel his balls hitting my ass. “What’s happening now?”

“He’s all the way in you now Stevie, slow fucking your ass while Lisa’s slippery hand is stroking your cock. Now you know what I feel when you fuck my ass. Charlie taught me to love it; I should have let you do it years ago. You will love it too when he reaches your prostate. You’re going to cum like you never did before.” Lisa’s hands are so good on my cock; I wonder what concerto she’s playing? Oh, what’s he doing inside me? Ooooh, my GOD!

She was right, when he hit my prostate, I came and so did he. Fuck, I’m cummiggggg! I came in one continuous stream, not pulses like usually I do and I felt him pulse in my bowel and that stimulated me even more. My cum poured out onto Melissa’s back, more in that one shot than I ever did in pulses at any one time before. It was all too much for me, the liquor, whatever drug they gave me, being fucked, and cumming so hard. I collapsed on top of her, bathing myself in my own ejaculate.

When I regained my senses, it was morning; I must have slept the night through. I was wrapped in a blanket and the hair on my belly was crusted with my dried cum. I heard voices in the kitchen, so keeping the blanket wrapped around me I followed them and came upon Charlie, dressed in a golf shirt and chinos, carrying on a conversation with two naked women, Lisa and Laura.

“Good morning husband mine.” was Laura’s cheery greeting as I walked in, “You really passed out last night so we let you sleep most of the morning away. You really ought to take a shower though, you’re covered with dried cum. That blanket too, ugh, take it off!”

“But where are my clothes, I’ll be naked.”

“So what, so are we.” she was indicating Lisa and herself. “And us too.” Mel added as she and a naked Phil entered from outside.

“But why are you naked?”

“Because Charlie wants us that way, silly,” Laura was beginning to sound exasperated with me.

“But why do you have to do what he wants? What about what I want?”

“He told you why last night.”

“He did?”

“Yes, he told you my pussy belongs to him and since it is not detachable he gets the whole package. We all belong to him now, he just let’s you use the rest of me.

“Why, for Gods sake? You’re my wife.”

“I’ll still be your wife in every other way and so will Lisa and Mel. You lose one pussy and gain three asses and the use of all the rest of each of us. Not a bad trade. You can even have Phil’s ass if you want it, I know he swings both ways. After all he owes you, he had yours last night. Come to think of it, you looked like you enjoyed last night just as much as he did.”

I was having trouble absorbing what was happening to me, to us, and then Laura hit me with the final blow. “All you have left to do,” she said, “is acknowledge that Charlie is the leader of this group. You have to show him that he is the alpha male.”

“And how do I do that,” I asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

“You have to suck my cock,” Charlie answered for her.

“What? First you have Phil fuck me and now you want me to……….I never…….”

“Come over here Stevie and watch me.” Commanded Laura as she knelt between Charlie’s thighs. “Watch how I do this.” Her mouth formed a perfect O and her head bobbed up and down the length of his shaft. I could see her throat bulge when she took him in deep.”

“See how it’s done Stevie.” Lisa chimed in, “He taught her real good and Mel is even better. I’m not so bad either. Laura never liked to suck you off before this and now she will swallow for you too. Your sex life is going to be so much better if you’re smart enough to suck him.”

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