Innocent Beauty


Innocent BeautyI was wet and horny…..i was seeing my school friend and putting my finger in mouth……i was waiting the snack break during classes….my name is Lisa, my school mate is Alana.I´m blond, blue eyes, long hair and Alana is brunette, green eyes, long hair also.Our school uniform is mini skirt and white shirt, we upskirt and open our shirt because the weather is so hot…i´m not wearing panties and i´m dripping wet…on volleyball game i see Alana moves and how she is sexy in her colant…I had sexy dreams of we fucking lately….I bought to school a strap on and thinking of her all the moments..When volleyball class fiinished i said hey there Alana, she said hey Lisa, i was staring her body eating her with my eyes…I asked her for a walk before return from the volleyball class to classroom….we were passing along the corridor and i kissed Alana, so she said: WOW Lisa…..and i said, bahis firmaları yes, i was to do this and waited for now…Alana looked surprised at me and after staring me and my slim body for a minute, slowly approached me and kissed me back…I help Alana on her neck and touched her lips with mine and gave her a tongue kiss, pulled her to me closer, slide my hand over her shirt noticed her nipples hard…so she does want me too…huuummmm…i´ve thought a couple of minutes…….i opened one of her shirt buttoms with my hand and the others, slowly with my teeth…….Alana was moaning…huuummmm….i held her hand and touched my clit……asked her…do you like ????? she didn´t say a word but looked at me wild and naughty with a little smile…i got that a yes….she touched my clit and i moan a little also and crossed my legs pressing her hand between my legs and into my pussy…….when kaçak iddaa i open i put her finger inside her mouth and made her suck for a bit….was juicy….she liked…at the moment i was feeling hot my nipples hard…..huuummmmm…i opened Alana´s shirt and started caressing her nipples and boobs….me and her was kissing each other and touching our boobs one another…..Alana pulled me by my hand and we lie down on the floor close to the tree under the tree next to school corridor…..i opened my legs and Alana started licking my pussy and i moan loud and louder and bite my own mouth lips….Alana was eating me out i dreamed that in long and couldn´t enjoy more and that was the best time…….i was moaning and saying fuck me fuck me……Alana slowly dressed up with the strap on she got on my purse….a long and black latex strap on….she moved over my body and started to insert kaçak bahis into my pussy i was whispering noises and moaning and Alana called me slut……i said: don´t stop……Alana keep me fucking for like 15 to 20 minutes and i cummed and when i cum she pulled off the strap on and started licking again my pussy i was dripping of cum…..and i have squirted also…….she keep licking me for like five minutes till dry all my juices and after she stopped we hug each other and covered with our shirts still there…we lost the english class…i guess i have better time than learning words and phrases and grammar..if exist a tongue i like is Alana´s, better than english or whatever…the teacher could notice we were not there in the class..when the teacher came after us we were already dressed up and returning to the class…the teacher asked what happened…i responded that i fell….and that my ankle was hurt…obviously that was a lie…but an excuse to say to the teacher that was not her business because i had the great fuck in a long….the teacher bought the bait and so i looked to Alana with a naughty look and she smiled….

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