Ice Maiden Ch. 02


Here’s the next part of our summer encampment story. I think I was 23, and Sashi was 19 at the time…

Now, an Eskimo tribe is a pretty free society, and I wasn’t shy about being nude: heck, everybody in our tribe has seen me naked and I have personal experience with many of the boys in my age group. Also, a firelight orgy was all but tradition on this, the first evening of our spring encampment, but here was somebody I didn’t even know watching me fuck, and it was a little embarrassing. This guy was actually getting a blow job from my best friend and watching me intently at the same time, basically ignoring his own dick and the girl attached to it, like they were just a background event.

I was the main event. Eddie was putting his dick in me and he was on a roll. I was on all fours and getting rammed hard enough that my tits were swinging every which way, slapping me in the face. It was going to be a while so I decided to strike up a conversation, cut the ice, so to speak: “Know Sorkai?”

New guy said, “Yep, we met last year. He said I should come and stay by your tribe this summer, meet his sister, Sasha.”

“So, did you meet her yet?”

“Actually no; he said she was going to be here tonight, so I don’t know what happened. I suppose I’m not likely to find her now!”

I laughed. “Actually, that’s her, sucking your cock right now!” I said, and with that, Sashi popped off, looked up at him, gave a big smile and a little wave and then got back to Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort business.

“Oh God! Well, nice to meet you!”

“Nieh ou mee woo nhoo, …Boris.” she hummed back, electing to talk with her mouth full this time, coming off just long enough to say his name, probably for my benefit. She pulled a hair off her tongue, licked her lips and continued: “Yikes, where are my manners? Boris,” (and with this, she addressed his wet meat, like it could understand her), “…meet Umaiapik. Umi, meet my new boyfriend Boris. And that’s Eddie, back there. Now…” …and she returned her attention to her favorite piece of Boris.

Sashi was really good, better than me. I was pretty sure she’d finish him, but not for a long time. At the first sign of eruption, she’d slow way down, so she could play with it for the longest possible time. Several guys I knew had a love/hate relationship with Sashi’s blowjobs, because they knew she’d torture them for an hour. Pretty nice torture though. Right now Boris was getting the high suction treatment and he thought he was probably going to finish any second.

Sashi wasn’t having any of that: she pulled off and took a long hard look at the wet member, palming it from underneath with her hand splayed out flat, like she was carrying a tray of drinks. It looked red-purple and ready to fire, twitched once…

“Nuht-ah.” Sasha said flicking the tip, hard, with three fingernails of her other hand, intending to slow him down with a little pain. I knew from past demonstrations that he’d better behave or she’d do worse, mercilessly. But Boris was with the program. He took a couple of deep breaths and squnched his eyes shut for a moment, calming down.

“That’s better, gooood.” she approved, running one finger back and forth behind the corona. “C’mere, so Umi can see better.” She popped up to a stand, closing her hand to a tourniquet grip, and sashaying over to right in front of me, leaving Boris to waddle frantically after her as best he could, to keep his dick from leaving without him. Sasha lay down on her side, fadcing away from me, and pulled Boris to his knees.

Now I was staring right down the barrel of his gun, where I could see every vein. I noticed his balls were wet with Sashi’s spit, and sweat slicking down the fine hair on his stomach. Up on one elbow, Sashi could reach his cock, and she was after it again. She would bob down on it deep, suck slowly off, pulling hard, her cheeks hollow, then off with an audible “plup” and lick around underneath, where she could look over at me, eyes laughing. I was wrong, she was gonna finish him soon, and make sure he came all over my face. Eddie could tell it too, I knew, because he sped up from my favorite rhythm to his, hoping to encourage his orgasm right away.

At first that might not seem generous of Eddie, but this was a familiar pattern, a game. Sashi and I used to “race boys,” to see who could squirt cum on the other girl first. In fact, we did it sort of a lot! The boys figured out the game quickly enough, and did their best to participate. Of course Eddie knew the game and Sash & I both knew when he pulled out that she’d lost. He lurched up beside me, gasping, and straddled Sashi’s waist, sitting on her hip and stroking his flailing cock, leaning back and spurting right onto her breasts. Sashi squealed and tried to squirm away, but it was in jest: rules were she had to sit there and take it. Eddie rose up to his knees so he could finish right in her face, and I laughed, sorta. That dick was supposed to be in ME right now.

Sashi fought through the sleetstorm and kept stroking, using one hand to transfer cum from her face to Boris’ dick, and the other to milk out the rest of what Eddie had left. Now what was I supposed to do? I never did like this game, all that much. Boris started to cum, but he’d lost the race, so I didn’t *have* to let him spray it on me and I didn’t much feel like it, so I got weakly to my feet and stepped over a little closer to the fire, arms wrapped around my chest, not so much because I was cold. The other three were laughing, Eddie not so much and looking at me sideways: he knew I’d been cheated and was plotting how to make it up to me, probably.

I looked across the fire, saw another couple humping away, and a couple of boys drinking quietly and trying hard not to look like they were paying all their attention to the sexplay, but they were of course: boys after all…

A wide red-black shadow caught my eye at the perimeter of the firelight, Sorkai…

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