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i fucked my sisterHi people this is a story on how ended in a sexual relationship with a Malayalam girl from my guitar class who is also my neigbour. I am Kiran this story happened when I was studying in my college. Going to the story this girls name is Janani she has huge boobs and a fluffy body and average looking face, she is elder than me and she is from Kerala her house is also in the adjacent street.I met her first in the guitar class she was a better guitar player than me, I was just a beginner. While other students always admired her music all my concentration was only to her boobs. One fine day the music teacher told her personally to teach me guitar lessons. From that day she would come and sit next to me to teach guitar. I kept constantly staring at her boobs, no wonder she would have noticed. I will touch her boobs whenever i get my chance and act as I if I had done it unknowingly. Days went like this one fine day as usual when I touched her boobs she became angry and called me a pervert in front of the class I was embarrassed. I stopped going to the guitar classes.Like this few months went buy she was adjacent to my house also i couldn’t face her . her mom and my mom are friends. I got a text message saying “sorry” from an unknown number, it was Janani. I was very happy. Then we started chatting day and night continuously, kars escort the topic of our chatting slowly changed towards love, porn sites, kamasutra, sex positions etc. After many days like this , She called me for a Malayalam film .We went to the theatre we had a corner seat; I was not interested in watching the film. Slowly I touched her hands she also surprisingly she also grabbed my hand we were hand in hand. After the second half i had an idea i bought popcorn. the movie again started i kept the popcorn in her lap , so as i was taking popcorn i touched her boob , hips, thighs. She acted as if she was not noticing. This was my green signal i slowly kept my hands on her thighs she didn’t say any thing slowly i moved upward and presses there was a jerk in her face still she was acting un bothered , suddenly she turned toward me and came near me we kissed lip to lip and stated smooching, the film got over we went back home. After this incident it was awkward both for me as well as for her we didn’t chat . the next day my parents were leaving for native i was home alone . Janani mom had prepared food for me , it was her duty to bring the food to my home . i heard the calling bell , I opened the door she was in front of the door. I told her to keep the food in the kitchen . as she was in the kastamonu escort kitchen slowly closed the the main door and she cam out of the kitchen i grabbed by the ass lifted and placed in the bedroom adjacent to the kitchen.I was kissed her she hesitated in the beginning but slowly we started smooching in the bed . after sometime she was completely horny, she unbuttoned my shirt and i laid hand on her top and removed it . she had what a beautiful body and her bra was red in colour so attractive . i slowly unhooked her bra she had brown and massive tits i started licking it . she was completely aroused and was moaning . Slowly she kept her hand son my pants and removed them no we were equal she was in her panties and me on my underwear. Slowly she took out my erected penis and inserted it in her mouth she was stroking it was the best feeling, it was the first time I was experiencing blowjob before I was going to cum I told her to stop now . i grabbed her by the hip and removed her skirt she had white panties I started licking above her panties. Slowly I i removed her panties i was surprised she had a very hairy pussy slowly I started fingering her she was shouting “faster faster”. Now i starting licking her pussy very fast she was moaning in pleasure. Abruptly she squirted on my face and escort bayan she started laughing.I grabbed her and put her in the bed and she said get inside me, we decided to make out in the doggy style . I have to say she had huge bumps and was very sexy .I started to smoothly inserting my penis inside her vagina and slowly started stroking she was moaning , slowly I started increasing the pace by this time I was fucking her very fast it was heaven. We both were enjoying it was her first time as wellThen we both hugged and i was lying over her and I inserted my penis inside her pussy and stated stroking her very slowly she was moaning. We were smooching and fucking the same time the expression in her face was priceless then slowly she got over me , now she was in the riding position and she started riding the started moving up and down her hand on chest for balancing her body. Slowly even i started stroking her and by this time she was shouting she was experiencing orgasm, now we were crazy we both were moaning. We were fucking now in very high speed, she again squirted on me. Before I could i cum i removed my dick because we were not using condom.Now slowly we smooched and she came below me took my dick and started licking it it was the best. She slowly started increasing the pace and i couldn’t control moaning i ejaculated in her mouth . She smiled and swallowed it. From that day whenever we got the opportunity we had sex .so myslef kiran all those desperate aunties and girls espicially in chennai wanna have some fun watch some movies ..sex chatting etc etc inbox me [email protected]

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