I am her sex slave


I am her sex slaveI sat naked on that hard wooden chair; totally blind by a black hood; the acrid smell of leather engulfing my nose, with the bite of the clamps on my hardened nipples and the restriction of the handcuffs on my wrists. There I was inside of that dark room; waiting for my mistress and her lover to come into there. I heard them outside; they were moaning as they were getting ready to pleasure themselves. I could feel the steel rings around my cock as I throb with the prospect of being humiliated by her…Last time she called me dirty names as she caught her breath in between her lover’s hard thrusts. The thought of his cock deep inside her cunt made me throb in anticipation; I swallowed hard underneath my collar which was tightly fastened around my neck. But my mistress had warned me this time it would be different.I would feel the heat of his hard cock in my mouth and in my ass…This time I would become their cum slut and sex slave.I would take his cock and his semen without hesitation, or question.They finally came into the room and she grabbed my balls illegal bahis in her hand; asking me if I was ready to become her slut…She hissed in my ear and I just nodded a yes.Her lover put the head of his hardened cock in my mouth and I sucked and licked it eagerly. My mistress told me I was a good sucker and I kept satisfying her lover as he moaned.But suddenly she ordered him to come over her. I felt the cock left my mouth without any warning. I heard him moving over her and she cried loud when he buried that hard cock all the way deep in her cunt.They began to fuck in front of me. I could hear the wetness of her cunt as he slid his dick in and out of her. The bitch was enjoying it.I was also enjoying it. I knew she would squirt and it would be all over his cock. I would taste it later as I cleaned it with my mouth. The man fucked her relentlessly; my mistress struggled to issue her humiliation towards me as his thrusts took the breath out of her.It made me more excited, knowing she was being fucked so hard. Her pussy juice stopped squelching and her heavy illegal bahis siteleri breathing became less. Then he approached me and asked if I wanted to taste his squirt covered cock or if I preferred to ask him to fuck my mistress even harder.I did not hesitate for a second and I begged him to fuck that bitch as hard as he could. But he laughed and placed his cock on my lips.I just opened my mouth accepting his hard drenched cock eagerly.Then he mounted her again and the slapping of skin was even louder than before. Her moaning turned from muffled screams to another orgasm as he thrust into her cunt as hard as he could.But he made come her screaming like a bitch in heat and then he withdrew from her stretched and drenched cunt.Again he made me open my mouth. I sucked hard on his cock.I managed to take about five inches into my mouth before gagging.Then I felt him tremble only a few more times and the first spurts of his salty semen hit the back of my throat. The bastard made me swallow the entire amount of cum before taking his dick out…He moaned loudly canlı bahis siteleri and grunted as the orgasm came through him. The man withdrew and my mistress ordered me to swallow all…She kissed me deeply and told me they were leaving again.I stood there, sitting on that wooden chair in the dark room.My cock was aching hard against its cold steel cage.Suddenly the door was open again; but I could hear them outside at the hallway. My mistress stared to cry in pain. She yelled in a wild way and I knew she was being sodomized by her screams…I could imagine she was being held against the door and he was impaling his hard cock from behind into her tight anus. She used to cry the same way every time I fucked her in the ass…My slutty mistress could not wait to be pounded so I heard her feeling the intense pleasure of squirting her juice over his lover`s throbbing cock as he relentlessly fucked her tight asshole. I was brought back to reality as she again entered the room; she finally took off my mask; my mistress smiled at me, as she showed me her round beautiful boobs hanging out from her tight corset. I saw her erect nipples were close to explode…The bitch sat on my hard dick grinding as she did before, smiling as she moved; knowing how uncomfortable it was for me….Then she warned it was time to get my ass opened…

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