Hunting at a friend’s wedding


Hunting at a friend’s weddingSarah, and old friend of Judy’s and mine had a son getting married recently. I asked Judy if I could go with her to the wedding and reception because my husband was going hunting for the weekend and begged off going. I k**ded Jack telling him I might be “hunting” as well that weekend. Truth is I was really horny at the thought of being able to go to a wedding and have fun with my friend’s and have Jack gone till Monday. Judy’s husband was a hunter as well wasn’t going either so it would be “single” girls weekend for us. We decided to kick it off on Friday night by dressing up and going out to dinner and relaxing with drinks and music. I wore my “little black dress” with sheer beige silky pantyhose and black designer pumps. Judy had on a black leather mini skirt, nude pantyhose and heels. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed showing our pantyhose legs while dangling our high heels. We were hit on few times but we were really saving ourselves for Saturday night. We went home early alone and got some much needed rest. On Saturday I had my hair and nails done then went home to get ready. I wore a multi colored silk dress at least 6″ above the knee with a slit up the side and a V-neck showing cleavage, fashionable but sexy. I wore my Victoria’s Secret beige silk pantyhose of which I had carefully cut out the cotton panel. I had my nails done in a light pink color to match my glossy lipstick. Finally a pair of high heel spiked thin strapped sandals showing my painted toes, toe rings and ankle bracelet. I was ready for action and had decided if the right guy came along I would give him a weekend to remember. Judy came to pick me up and she went with the tan two-piece suit-skirt short with side vent, tan pantyhose and matching heels. This would work out great since we didn’t know hardly anyone except our old friend and her husband, so we could move around without creating a stir. When the music started and we had our drinks I suddenly saw a young man I knew. I hadn’t seen Bobby for years since he and my son hung around until he was a junior in high school and his family moved away. We hugged hello and started catching up with each other, I found out Bob as he was now called was working construction and living in the same city he had moved to with his parents. My pussy tingled looking at this hunk of a man, I always thought he was cute when he growing up and now, a handsome young hard bodied man. He was 26 yrs. old and stood 6’5 over 200 lb. of adorable muscles with long blonde shaggy hair. He was even more handsome as a man and I told him so. He was very complimentary istanbul escort to me as well telling me I looked so different since he last saw me, younger and more beautiful even sexy, then he apologized for saying sexy, don’t I told him a girl likes to hear nice things. I blushed and thanked him, and I could also tell he liked my legs for he would stare at them whenever he thought I wasn’t looking. I made sure I had my legs crossed showing my pantyhose all the way up my thigh near my pussy with the slit opened up. I asked him to get us a drink as I dangled my high heel letting it dance on the end of my toe. When he returned I had him sit across from me. Perfect I thought as I slid off my heels and started rubbing my silk pantyhose foot up his pants leg. The look on his face said it all as I licked my glossy lips staring at him while I drank my wine. I was gently rubbing my pantyhose foot up his shin when I decided to see if I could reach his cock. Bullseye, and was it hard and big. I knew when I felt his thick large cock that I was going to fuck him tonight. After footsie for a while everyone got pulled out onto the dance floor for the conga dance. I loved it and I know he loved it, holding my ass as we danced. He kept feeling my nylons thru the silk of my dress and I know it was driving him nuts. I hadn’t had a chance to put my heels back on for the dance so I was in my stocking feet. Even though I’m 5’8 in stocking feet, he towered over me and I melted in his thick muscular arms. We stayed out there for several more dances, the final one was slow dance and he engineered me to a darker corner on the dance floor, where he was feeling me up rubbing my nylon thighs under my dress as we danced. In the end we were grinding each other with me holding his ass while I drove my hot dripping pussy against his large cock. We kissed at the end of the dance, then he whispered we should go outside and get some air. I grabbed my purse and put my heels on, he didn’t know it yet but we were leaving and I was going to have that cock in me soon. We were outside he kissed me again and this time I pumped hard into his cock. I looked at him and said; “Bob do you want to take me home?” He looked stunned and nervous as he asked about Jack, I explained our lifestyle as well as Jack being gone till Monday, then I k**ded him telling him he would only had me for two days. I said good-bye to Judy and we left. In the car I made sure I crossed my legs with my pantyhose showing up my thighs. When I got him to my house I put him in our leather chair took off his pants to see what I had feeling zonguldak escort all night. Wow!! smoothest cock I had ever seen almost perfectly shaped, long as and thick with virtually no hair. I got on my knees and reverently put my mouth on his cock. I swallowed as much as I could slowly coming up to the top of his pole leaving my saliva and lipstick all over it. I looked at it lustfully almost in a trance a I grabbed it with both hands and jacked it off gently. I licked his beautiful cock like a popsicle. I licked it length wise and tried to put my tongue in the slit telling him I would soon taste him. I went down and sucked his balls commenting to him how much I wanted him to cum in mouth. I must have licked, sucked and masturbated him for quite a few minutes when I saw the sign I was looking for, he was going to explode. I placed my mouth open near his cock as the first shots of his seed went directly into my mouth and down my throat I almost gagged as I swallowed his first shots of sperm. I kept jacking him pulling more cum into my mouth and finally placed my mouth over his cock to suck him completely off. I was a bitch in heat as I looked at as I swallowed wishing Jack was here to see the beautiful cock on this young stud I had just sucked off. I got up and he pulled me into his lap kissing me and rubbing my pantyhose legs. I was on fire as he kept rubbing my pantyhose thighs up to my pussy. When he realized my pantyhose was open in crotch he stuck cock like finger in fucking me with it. I was nearing an orgasm and he kept it up. He pulled his finger out and smelled it then licked it. Bob picked me up and carried me to the bed where he took my dress and bra off but left my pantyhose and heels on. He laid me on the bed kissing me from my toes up to my pussy. He kissed every inch of my nylon toes, ankles and behind my knees, (my weakness) I had a massive orgasm when he was licking my pantyhose behind my knees while fingering me. After a short rest I was ready and so was he. I gently grabbed his cock guiding into my velvet pussy smiling at him wantonly the whole time. He pushed his massive cock in me all the way and I stretched my pussy wider than ever to accommodate him, I wanted him in more than I ever have wanted a man in me before. I sighed and told him he was deeper than any man has ever been. He smiled as he slowly pumped me picking up the tempo as he went along driving me into a frenzy. My hips were undulating keeping up with his thrusts, I was trying to get him deeper with each push. I was a possessed women yelling out to him; “fuck me harder, escort bayan faster, harder, faster, deeper, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh God I love it, pour your sperm in me lover, fill me up, fuck me, you”re your the fucking best ever, keep fucking me, come on stud fill it, fill it with your manhood don’t ever fuckin quit. I love your cock, ooooh, aaahhhh” with that I had another massive orgasm. He exploded in me and with every shot my womb vibrated throughout my insides. I swear I could feel him all the way up in my belly. As he was coming down my pussy muscles clamped on and milked the remaining sperm out of him until he went limp and fell out. I held him tight kissing him enjoying my climax. We slept for a while until I woke first. I went right down to that cock and sucked on it until it was fully hard. When he was ready I climbed on of him taking my time to let my pussy adjust again to his size. It felt so good him going deeper in me. While I was riding him like a bull while he rubbed my nylons. He was like a bull and I told him to “stud” me. I got even more vocal than before telling him I loved his cock. When I could feel him tensing up getting ready to fill me up I pushed down hard onto him to have him in me as deep as possible when he came. He finally came in me again I thought I was in heaven. I stayed on top as long as I could until I slumped off of him and fell asleep again. I must have slept for hours it seemed when I felt some ticking on my feet. It was Bob sucking my pantyhose toes and licking my pantyhose legs. Then came what I also love-he put his tongue in me and sucked my hard clit. I loved the way he stuck his tongue in my pussy like it was a mini cock. Bob knew how to pleasure a women with his tongue taking long licks up and down while gently nibbling on my clit. He grabbed my pantyhose legs and wrapped them around his face and head as he ate me to an orgasm. All together we spent the weekend fucking and sucking our way thru my house. I fucked or sucked him in every room of the house it seemed. I modeled all of his favorite colors of pantyhose, combined with heels and boots. I even masturbated him Sunday morning wearing tan pantyhose like I do my husband. The difference he got laid afterwards. He loved cumming all over my nylons just like my husband does. The final fuck came with me wearing tan pantyhose tan spiked high heel sandals. He took me from behind while I was on all fours filling me up one more time before he had to go. I put on a fresh pair of pantyhose afterwards telling him I wanted to keep as much of him in me as possible. We made a pact to see each other from time to time with me going to see him for weekend visits. We also decided not to tell anyone what we did all weekend since he was friends with my son. I had to take Monday off so I could recover. I was so sore I couldn’t fuck Jack for a few days. Telling him why, now that is another story.

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