How my pal fucked my wife


How my pal fucked my wifeFrank was a friend of mine & his nickname was donkey cock & my wife knew this. He used to come down to our House & whenever se was knitting he’d ask her to knit him a Will Warmer as a joke. She used to k** him on saying how long do you want it & he’d say over 9 inches & she’d laugh & say ‘You wish’. Whenever we were having sex I’d mention how he fancied her & mention his nickname. She enjoyed me describing it cos I’d seen it when we’d been watching Porn at his place. Me & him used to go for a few pints at my local pub & as we talked after a few pints he always steered the conversation to discuss my wife. He wanted to know any thing about her aslong as it was naughty stuff.He knew she liked to keep her fanny shaved & loved her nipples sucked & how she was a great cock sucker etc etc etc. He used to tell me fancied a fuck of her so I enjoyed teasing him about her. I told him how an old friend (who had now emigrated) used to come up to our House & we’d go for a drink & leave her to get tipsy for us. Then on returning she’d be lying as if she was asleep so we could help ourselves to her. The friend had fucked her on loads of occasions over the years & she enjoyed it. When he emigrated she missed those nights. She only acted asleep because she was very shy having been brought up by a church going family .. She loved cock every day but she thought it was a sin to let another man into her. She even told me she’d have loved to have the nerve to let another man fuck her wide awake but she just couldn’t.. One night over a drink Frank suggested we should bring her with us sometime & try & get her drunk & he’d tap her. I knew she wouldnt come out with muğla escort us so he suggested a plan .The plan was to tell her the four of us (Me & Her & Frank and his wife) would go for a meal at the weekend but he said when we get to his house his wife wont be there. He said we’ll have an empty house to take her to. I thought it was worth trying this idea so we arranged to go up to his place on the Saturday night. When me & my wife got to the door he was already standing waiting for us. Straight away Frank told us his wife was away for the weekend so we’ll just go to the local Pub. Before my wife could object I said OK. The Pub was just up the little path at the side of this field leading to the top of the Estate . The three of us walked up to the pub only a few hundred yards away & picked a quiet corner where later he could try tapping her. He got the drinks in first (As I was driving I had ashandy) but he got her a double whisky & lemonade with plenty of lemonade . I got the next ones in & it was another large one for my wife .She isn’t a big drinker so it wasn’t long before she was getting a bit tipsy & enjoying being out with two men. She’d never have came out with two of us normally, so our plan was a good idea. . During our chatting Frank talked about his teenage days & about all the girls he’d been out with etc. Then he reminded us he was nicknamed donkey cock.My wife didn’t bat an eyelid as the talk got more and more dirty.When I went to the toilet he followed me & standing alongside him at the urinal I could see his cock was semi stiff. He then said do you think I’ll get a chance to shove this up her later? I said shes in a good mood & the talk is turning escort muğla her on. I said have a bit flirt & tell her how lovely she looks & see what happens. He said when we get back to his place I have to sit on the easy chair so my wife will have to sit on the two seater settee. He can then sit next to her & flirt. I had an idea by now that she was game & we were going to have some fun with her. when we left the pub she was in a giggly mood & on the way down the dark path she nearly fell over and Frank grabbed hold of her. The horny bugger had his hands all over saving her from falling. She was tipsy by now she was giggling & laughing as if they were a couple and I was the friend. When we got to the house I sat straight down in the chair as arranged & she sat on the Sofa. He nipped to the Loo then came back & sat next to her. My wife’s not daft and she knew what we were up to. He was complimenting her all the time letting her know he’s always liked her then he said ‘Are those tits real cos they look bigger than last time I saw you. She said of course they’re real, why would I wear falsies’. Frank knew she was enjoying him flirting with her so said gis a feel & he made a grab for them as she tried to put her arms over them. They were laughing & carrying on like a married couple & I was amazed & had a hard on watching. He managed to get a feel even though her arms were partially across them. Then a bit struggle & suddenly he had her blouse wide open showing her sexy platform bra which was the type where the tits sit on top. .What a turnon that was for him seeing her bare tits & hard nipples. .. I was so horny watching I pulled my cock out & sat stroking muğla escort bayan it . She looked over to me as if to say ‘Are you allowing this’ & when she saw my cock out that was her permission to continue. Then Frank pulled her back on the Sofa so she was lying along it with her feet on the floor & he started sucking her tits. As he sucked them his hand was pulling her skirt right up. . She had stockings and suspenders and tiny little panties which she knows I like her to wear for when we come home horny after a night out. She even opened her legs wide so he could kneel between them & push her panties to the side. What a sight seeing her bare cunt & him looking at it. I then went over & stood beside her & she took hold of my cock & started to suck it but I was so excited I was nearly cuminng & had to take it off her or I’d have spunked & spoilt the night.. I just knelt beside her & watched him fingering her cunt & sucking her tits..He then started to put his cock into her so I held her fanny open for him. We’d arranged to do it that way so she couldn’t complain he’d fucked her without permission later. Frank was one of these men who used to brag he had great self control & could make it last longer. For all his bragging he didnt last long up my wife. He spunked up her in about two minutes & she came almost at the same time as him. Once he pulled out of her & also cos she’d cum she was very embarrassed lying there with her tits out & her fanny bare with spunk trickling out of it so Frank being a gentleman got out of the way for her. We then made a quick exit but once in the carI found out how much she’d enjoyed it because all the way home she sucked my cock . Once in the house she was insatiable & wanted me to talk about the night. She wanted to hear me say I’d enjoyed it so I told her .That was the one and only time she let Frank fuck her & we lost touch not long afterwards when he moved away.

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